Sweet Little Coed Ass


In the back of my mind I knew that Mary had agreed to do nothing...it was advertised only as a talk (at least to her).

Just as I am in mid-sentence about something medical...the door to the conference room opens and in walks Mary. Without missing a beat I point Mary to a chair and continue talking as she sat down. After a few minutes I wrap up my topic and proceed to introduce Mary to Jeff and Tony.

For the next 20 minutes we have a whole discussion about many issues facing doctors as they deal with their patients. Somehow, I am not sure exactly how...I brought up the little episode that happened with Mary and I in my office. At first Mary was a bit embarrassed by my detailed description of what happened. But after 10 minutes or so she started even giving her own thoughts about what happen. I mean this was very graphic stuff - like how my lotion coated finger felt against anal wall, how she managed to relax as my fingers rimed her asshole and how she enjoy being instructed by me since I exerted confidence during the whole process. Well that got me going...

Without speaking a word I got up from my chair walked over to Mary who was still sitting - still giving intimate details of my finger in her asshole. My friends were blown away.

"Mary can you stand up for a second?"

With a bit of a questioned look Mary got up from her chair. Pointing to a thermometer that was on the table I asked Mary to pick it up and hand it to me. As Mary bent forward over the table to retrieve the thermometer, her little ass was wrapped in jeans as before. With one hand I grabbed the back of her jeans and was somehow able to pull down her jeans exposing her cute little ass all in one motion. Mary looked just a bit dazed and startled, her white butt cheeks in view of everyone, but she still handed me the thermometer as I requested. With the slight encouragement of my hand against her back, Mary bent forward until her chest rested against the conference room table. Wow, what a sight!!! Mary's cute tight ass was now high in the air. I pulled one ass cheek aside to peer at her little asshole. This is where I wanted to be!!

I now told Tony and Jeff to gather around so that they could see first-hand how Mary's asshole reacted to my finger. For the last 15 minutes Mary had described in intimate detail what now my friends were to see for real. Though I could sense a bit of nervousness from Mary, she laid her head on the table allowing better access to her ass.

By now Tony and Jeff where on each side of me watching intently. This time I had brought some KY jelly to lube up Mary's asshole. Placing a small amount of jelly on my finger I moved it into my new playground - better known as Mary's asshole. Because everything was happening much faster than before, there was little time for conversation; for the most part Mary was emitting small groans from her lips. Mary had given me access to her inner world and I was enjoying every minute of it. To give Tony and Jeff something to do, I had each one of them grab one of Mary's ass checks so that they could be spread apart. With everyone having a delightful view of Mary's anal canal, I shifted Mary's legs slightly apart so that we also had a good view of her small pussy. Things couldn't have been better.

I was in no hurry. As far as I was concerned I was going to play with her ass for the whole afternoon. The sight was amazing. Mary's blond hair was draped halfway over her arched back. Her tight anus was graphically exposed due to both of my friend's hands pulling her ass cheeks apart. While I had one finger pressing slowly in and out of her asshole, I had my other hand now playing with her pussy. It did not take long for Mary's pussy to get a bit juicy.

It was Jeff who mentioned that he wanted to see the thermometer enter into Mary's asshole. By this time I had spent about 15 minutes with my finger in her anus...so it was about time we started to play around with something new. Slowly pulling out my finger I told Jeff that he could have the honors of inserting the thermometer into Mary's anus. Jeff took his time teasing Mary's asshole with the tip of the thermometer, just slightly poking the rim for effect. Mary was now horny as hell and we were all laughing up a storm. Finally Jeff pushed the thermometer in - Mary's tight little butt was the perfect place for this little device.

I then came upon the idea that we should try to guess the temperature reading - making a little game of our activities. After we discussed it amongst all of us, including Mary, it was decided the winner with the closest guess could have a picture taken of their dick pressing against Mary's asshole. These photos would just be close-up shots that would not show the faces of anyone. Tony had brought a digital camera, which allowed macro focus shots. Mary's one request was that we were not to penetrate into her anally - of course accidents can happen.

If I remember right, we all picked different numbers, but it was Jeff who picked 98.8 which turned out to be the exact temperature once we pulled the thermometer out of Mary's asshole. Jeff pulled down his pants, which exposed an already semi-hard dick. Rubbing a little KY jelly on his dick stiffen him up to full salute. At this time Mary was repeating "oh my god" in addition to her slight moans. Taking center stage Jeff approached Mary's upturned ass eagerly. Tony had the camera in a great position, about 8 inches away from Mary's pulsating anus. Gently Jeff moved his dick in slow circles as the head of his cock rimmed Mary's asshole. Damn that looked fun.

With the camera ready Jeff place the head of his cock dead center of Mary's very tight anus. While a finger could work its way into Mary's anal canal a large dick would be next to impossible. At this point Jeff pushed the head of his cock up against Mary's anus while Tony snapped a picture. For good measure Jeff left his cock pressed against Mary's anal canal giving her a little asshole massage. Looking at Tony's photo really showcased how tight Mary's ass really was.

After some good laughs Tony showed Mary the photo. The head of Jeff's cock was big and purple and dwarfed Mary's little asshole. Somehow this photo really excited her, as she requested that we get a photo with at least the tip of Jeff's cock halfway into her little hole. This would not be an easy task with a 23 year-old heart shaped butt that you could bounce a quarter off of. I reached over to grab the tube of KY jelly, but instead of just putting some on my fingers; I instead put the nozzle of the tube against Mary's asshole and squeezed the bottle. Quite a bit of it refused to go into Mary's entrance, so I used my fingers to force more lube into her butt. Damn, what a way to spend an afternoon!

Jeff got ready for another attempt. Positioning his cock against the entrance of Mary's anus, Tony and I started to massage Mary everywhere to help her relax her butt hole. We all watched Mary's pulsating asshole with satisfaction - it looked like it was winking at us. Somehow with all the sexual tension built up within Mary, her anus loosen up for just a moment – long enough to allow Jeff to push the head of his cock halfway inside the rim of her ass. Tony snapped a picture and just as quickly Mary's asshole clenched shut, popping out Jeff's cock. Wow, that was quite a sight!!

Not to be outdone, we all took turns pushing thermometers into Mary's anal canal, guess the right temperatures and taking pictures of the head of our cocks pressed against Mary's asshole. I am not sure how many times we repeated this process, but I had at least 3 goes of my cock against her anus. None of us succeeded penetrating her ass by more than 1 inch - but we had a hell of a good time trying.

Well if Mary's asshole was a bit to tight, her nice little pussy looked perfect. Having played with Mary's ass for the past couple hours we decided to change the game. By now Mary was so hot and horny that she would pretty much do anything. Her pussy was dripping with juices. I had her stand up so that we could removed the rest of her clothing. It was a great sight seeing her stark naked. Using her white t-shirt I was able to make a little blindfold, which we then positioned over her eyes. This I hoped, would help relieve her bashfulness as we took turns fucking her.

Our next game was simple. Each of us guys would roll a single dice and the guy with the highest number would proceed first with fucking her. After 5 minutes or so of us penetrating into her pussy Mary would then have to guess which guy it was. The game would stop after she made 5 correct choices. We were to all fuck her doggie-style so that she would be less likely to be able to cheat by somehow peeking through the edges of the blindfold. I led Mary to the center of the room where she proceeded to get on her hands and knees, lowering her head with her ass poking up in the air. At this point not only was Mary's pussy juicy for some cock, but she had totally relaxed into a fun-loving, young woman who wanted her body explored, poked, played with as she laughed at our stupid jokes. We were all having a great time.

Rolling the dice I was lucky enough to roll the number 6. My dick was already hard as a rock as I silently came up behind Mary, grabbed her little ass and pulled her juicy pussy towards my awaiting cock. Using my right hand I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet pussy lips. Once I had my cock nicely coated I proceeded to find her tight little love canal and pushed into her. Damn did she feel good!!! Her pussy was really wet but also very tight. Trying not to make any noise so as to prevent her from knowing who I was, I started to pound my cock up to my balls into her wonderful snatch. I was in heaven!!! Mary's blond hair bounced to the rhythm of my thrusts as she moaned in pleasure. Looking down at my cock was a wonderful sight - her little asshole was pulsating in happy delight. This little tight assed coed was having the time of her life - and we were lucky enough to be enjoying it with her.

I can't quite remember who went next, but for the next hour we each pounded into her multiple times. We probably could have gone on a bit longer but we all started to spill our loads of semen into her. By the time we had ended, Mary had only guess right 3 times. We all had been going full tilt for almost 4 hours of fantastic sexual exploration. Mary's sexy little body had opened up all of her holes for us to play in. Both of my friends were totally satisfied as they said their goodbyes allowing me to "wrap things up" with Mary.

After my friends left, Mary hopped onto the conference room table stark naked to stretch her tired body. I started to massage different parts of her body as she cooled down from her sexual high. Mary started to talk a bit about how much she enjoyed this whole new experience. She did say she was a bit shocked how it all started - with me pulling down her jeans and putting my finger into her ass without asking. We both laughed. For good measure I then flipped her onto her stomach and as I continued to massage her I again poked my finger into her well-lube asshole. Her sexy little smile said it all - she loved to have me poke into her. With my finger still in her sweet ass we started to talk about other "events" we could do. During the course of the next half hour we developed about a dozen playful scenarios. Happily to say, during the next few months we have gone on to experience quite a few of them.

As I have sat down to write this 5 months after my first little exploration of Mary's asshole in my office, Mary and I are still meeting 2 - 3 times a month for some fun-loving, playful action. Mary still allows me, along with some strangers that I invite from time to time, full access to her little anus and pussy. I once had a large canvas framed that we positioned in a large, upscale living room in one of those fancy homes located in the hills of San Diego. In the middle of the canvas we cut a hole just large enough for Mary to squeeze her head, shoulders and boobs through. On one side of the canvas was Mary's head, arms and boobs ready to be painted by the guests at the party. On the other side, with Mary on her knees, was her beautiful white ass sticking stark naked into the air. There were about 15 guests at the party - most of whom stayed on the side of the canvas where you could paint her boobs, arms, and the white canvas itself for some weird version of modern art. But I do know that sometime during the evening a couple of the older gentlemen spend a good deal of their time playing with Mary's ass and pussy. At least a half dozen times I saw one old guy - probably in his 50's - poke his finger deep inside Mary's asshole. Forever being the good sport, Mary let events continue at her back door while entertaining the guests who where painting her body. Surprisingly one of those old guys did manage to pop his dick into Mary's anus and unload a bunch of sperm - probably because during the course of the previous hour they had managed to somehow squirt a couple tubes of KY jelly into her asshole.

For the most part I only invite 3 or 4 guests - keeping it small makes it more fun. I still get a kick when everyone is gathered together having some wine and snacks - upon which Mary will walk into the room fully clothed in front of me. Then suddenly, in full view of everyone, I turn her around and grab her jeans pulling them off her pretty white butt. It's always quite a scene - Mary's asshole fully exposed to everyone. But it's only once I insert my finger into her little anus that the rest of the party crowd starts to realize it's going to be a very fun night!!!

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