tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSweet Little Danielle Ch. 07

Sweet Little Danielle Ch. 07


The girls and I slept until noon the following day. Vicki and I are eighteen-year-old seniors in high school. Brooke is my stepmother, but she is only seven years older than me. Therefore, she is considered one of the girls.

It was hot outside so Brooke and I decided to wear as little as possible. Brooke wore a short denim skirt, white G-string panties and a white halter top with shoe-string straps tied over each shoulder. The top accentuated her large breasts by revealing quite a bit of cleavage and her round rosy nipples were faintly visible beneath the white cotton material.

I had on an old pair of cutoff denim shorts. They were very short, but they were also quite loose. The shorts were so worn-out that they had a silver dollar size hole over my right butt cheek, which revealed the color of my panties. However, I didn't bother to put on any panties since we were just lounging around the house.

I wasn't wearing a belt so I could feel the loose shorts slip down my hips as I walked. The jeans were low-cut to begin with so they didn't have very far to fall before revealing my butt crack to the world. If the slippage went unchecked, the shorts were also capable of sliding down so far that the upper portion of my pussy hair would show above the waistband in front. The shortness of the pant legs combined with the looseness of the pant legs offered onlookers a view of my neatly trimmed brunette bush from below.

On top I was wearing a light pink T-shirt that left my flat tummy exposed. The T-shirt was as worn out as my shorts so it was easy to see that I wasn't wearing a bra beneath the threadbare material. This was not an outfit that I would wear in public, but it was fine for relaxing at home.

When my cheerleader friend, Vicki, finally strolled into the kitchen, she didn't have a stitch of clothing on. Vicki's smallish breasts and shaved pussy were right out in the open for everyone to see. Brooke still had the camera handy from the night before so she quickly turned it on to capture a short video of Vicki in her birthday suit. Vicki seemed unfazed as she stood there yawning and stretching, so Brooke seized the opportunity and zoomed in to get a close-up of every square inch of Vicki's bare body.

Then Vicki rubbed her eyes, smiled and asked, "Has anyone seen my clothes?"

Brooke said, "Yeah. They're under the table."

Still half asleep, Vicki bent over to look for her clothes. Brooke wasted no time pointing the camera right at Vicki's smooth firm ass. From my vantage point, I could even see Vicki's pussy lips from behind. Since Brooke was even closer to Vicki than I was, she held the camera down low and it was obvious that Brooke was recording a beaver shot of Vicki's tight pussy.

Brooke finally put the camera down and said, "I'm sorry. Your clothes aren't under the table, they're on the table. I did a load of laundry and this is where I left them."

Vicki picked up her tiny halter dress, stepped into it and tied the straps around her neck. The dress was skimpy and only held on by the single bow tied behind her neck. One pull on the strap and the dress would instantly plummet to the floor. Vicki didn't mind though. She liked the constant threat of losing her clothes in public. It seemed to turn her on, whereas losing my clothes in public is probably my biggest fear.

Vicki was standing in front of the kitchen window. The light behind the window shined right through the feathery material of her halter dress and made it known to everyone that Vicki was not wearing anything underneath her dress. Our camera takes both videos and still images so Brooke grabbed the camera again and snapped off a few pictures.

I asked, "Where's your underwear?"

Vicki looked down, giggled and said, "Whoops, I guess I forgot something."

Then Brooke grabbed a pair of panties out of the dryer and tossed them to Vicki.

Vicki slowly slid the silky pink panties up her legs, and then she pulled her dress up in front to make sure that her underpants were positioned correctly. She even posed for a picture while holding her dress up, which seemed to thrill Brooke.

Vicki moaned, "Mmm, these panties are nice and warm."

Then Brooke announced, "Don't get too comfortable girls. We're all going out to get something to eat."

I said, "Okay. Let me run upstairs and change."

Brooke demanded, "No. You girls already slept half the day away. I'm hungry. Let's get moving now."

I said, "But Brooke, I feel naked in this outfit. I don't even have a bra on. What if somebody sees me?"

Brooke responded, "Don't worry. We'll just hit the drive-through. Besides, Vicki and I are braless, too."

I said, "Maybe so, but at least you're wearing underwear. I don't have any panties on, either."

Brooke said, "Just get in the car and quit complaining. We'll be home before you know it."

Then Brooke, Vicki and I piled into the car. Seconds later, we were on our way. Brooke was driving, I was in the passenger seat and Vicki sat in the back seat behind me. When we got onto the highway, a carload of cute college guys drove up beside us and it was apparent that Vicki wanted to pick up where we'd left off the night before. As I smiled and waved to the guys, Vicki reached around from behind me and pulled up my little T-shirt, displaying my bare breasts to them.

I screamed, "Vicki, let go. They're all looking at my tits," but Vicki wouldn't release her grip on my T-shirt.

To make things even worse, Brooke made sure she maintained the same speed as the guys, allowing them to have a prolonged look at my exposed boobies.

I kept yelling, "Speed up, speed up," but Brooke sarcastically replied, "No, we have to obey the speed limit."

Then I really got embarrassed when Brooke picked up the camera.

I shouted, "Brooke, put that down. I don't want this on video!"

Brooke just ignored me and kept recording the whole incident as she drove. After I was totally mortified, Brooke finally put the camera down and exited the highway. One of the guys mooned us as they drove away, but no one could get to the camera in time to take a picture of him.

Then I shrieked, "Brooke, why are you pulling into the mall?"

Brooke replied, "The Food Court has a better selection, don't you agree Vicki?"

Vicki giggled and said, "The Food Court sounds good to me!"

I argued, "What's wrong with you girls? I'm not wearing a bra or panties and these shorts are so old, they're falling apart!"

Brooke said, "Maybe I'll buy you some new clothes...eventually."

Vicki reiterated, "Yeah, eventually!"

Then the girls pulled me out of the car and forced me into the mall. I was so embarrassed. Even though Brooke and Vicki were scantily clad, I felt like everyone was staring at me. The cold air conditioning in the mall didn't help matters. It just made my nipples harden and poke out against the front of my thin T-shirt.

Suddenly I saw myself in a mirror and I became even more self-conscious. I only have medium sized breasts, but they're round and firm, and they've obviously grown since I bought the T-shirt because I could see the undersides of my breasts peeking out from below the small shirt. Now I had to be careful not to reach up with my arms because I'd run the risk of raising up my T-shirt and exposing my titties to everyone.

As we walked towards the Food Court, Vicki made matters even worse by sticking her finger through the hole in the back of my jeans and tickling my butt. It made me giggle, but it also made me nervous because every time she stuck her finger inside of my cutoffs, it felt like she was making the hole bigger. From the way Vicki and Brooke were laughing at me, I sensed that making the hole bigger was Vicki's intent.

We went to a place that serves burgers and chili. A Mexican girl behind the counter looked at what I was wearing, and then she smirked at me as she took my order. There were some eighteen-year-old boys sitting at a table not far away and they were all looking at me. Nervously, I pulled up my shorts and yanked down on my shirt to make sure that I was covered. The girl sensed that I was self-conscious about my appearance and she sneered at me as she proceeded to put a burger and a cup of chili on three separate trays.

Brooke said to the girl, "We just need one tray."

As the girl put the food on a single tray, Brooke added, "Make those three sodas the largest ones you have. That chili will make us mighty thirsty."

Then a woman came out of the backroom. She was in her twenties and overweight. The woman looked at my outfit and shook her head in disgust.

After Brooke paid for the food, the Mexican girl came out from behind the counter carrying the heavy tray. The girl knew I wouldn't be able to carry the tray and adjust my clothes at the same time, so she walked right past Brooke and Vicki, and took the tray directly to me.

Brooke said, "Good Danielle. You take the tray, and Vicki and I will find a table."

Before I could say anything, Brooke and Vicki walked off leaving me alone with the girl. The tray was heavy and the girl made sure that the large sodas were placed at the edge of the tray to make it even harder for me to balance. Then the big woman came out from behind the counter and the two girls were well aware that I was having trouble holding onto the tray. They also knew that those boys at the nearby table had a watchful eye on the proceedings. Knowing how vulnerable I was, the girls decided to take advantage of the situation.

The Mexican girl, who was nineteen or twenty, said, "Look how short this girl's shirt is Martha," and then she delicately touched the underside of my breast with her finger.

It sent chills down my spine and almost caused me to drop the tray. Then she flicked her finger and the right side of my shirt flipped up and got stuck on my erect nipple. I tried to shake my upper body without spilling the sodas, but to my horror, it just made my boobies bounce and caused my shirt to inch up even higher. Now it felt like the bottom of my shirt had climbed up and was resting above both of my stiff nipples. I got really nervous because it meant that the lower portion of my breasts and half of both nipples were showing, and I was standing in the middle of the Food Court at the mall!

I said, "Excuse me, could you please hold the tray," but the girls refused and then they both laughed.

I asked, "Then could you please pull it down?"

The big woman stepped forward and said, "Sure, I'll pull it down," but instead of pulling my shirt down, she grabbed the bottom of my shorts.

I screeched, "No, please no...not my shorts," but she just smiled and gave them a little tug.

To my dismay, my loose shorts slipped down and I could feel that a good portion of my butt was hanging out in back.

I said, "That's just mean!"

The woman said, "Look girl, it's bad enough that us fat girls have to compete with you cute girls. We sure don't need you flaunting your bodies around and getting even more attention."

I tried to walk away, but the Mexican girl blocked my path. As I stood there balancing the heavy tray, I felt the woman behind me touch the exposed portion of my butt crack.

The woman said, "See how your ass is hanging out. Those pants are so loose they look like they could fall right off."

Then the Mexican girl slowly reached forward with a devilish grin and grabbed the bottom of my shorts.

I begged, "No, please don't pull my shorts down any further!"

She just laughed and said, "Limbo time! How low can you go!"

I pleaded, "I'm begging you. Please don't pull on my shorts. All those guys are looking at me."

She momentarily let go of the shorts and said, "Those guys right over there?"

I replied, "Yes, those guys!"

The Mexican girl continued, "Those boys are eighteen like you. Do you know them? Do you go to school with them? It would be pretty embarrassing if you know them and your shorts fall down."

I pleaded, "I don't know them."

Then Mexican girl waved and loudly called out, "Hi guys!"

The heavy woman chuckled and said, "Now everyone's looking at you! It'd really be a shame if you lost your shorts now."

The woman laughed and grabbed the bottom of my shorts, so I tried to pull away, but I almost dropped the tray. As I stopped to balance the sodas, the woman gave my shorts another tug and they slipped down even further. I looked for help from Vicki and Brooke, but they were simply standing next to a table behind the guys.

It was obvious that I wasn't going to get any help from Brooke. She was holding the camera and recording the whole thing. I could see from my reflection in the shiny side of the counter that my shorts had fallen far enough to expose about a third of my brown pussy hair in front of me and probably half of my butt crack behind me.

I yelped, "Oh no! Now look what you've done. You forced my shorts down far enough to show the guys that I don't have anything on underneath them."

The woman smirked, "Yep, you sure picked a bad day to forget your underwear!"

The Mexican girl said, "Maybe she has some real tiny panties on and we just can't see 'em."

The woman asked the Mexican girl, "Why don't you check?"

The girl said, "Okay" and then she reached for my pants.

I begged, "No, please don't. Please don't unsnap my pants. They'll fall down and all those guys are looking at me."

She said, "Not only am I going to unsnap them, I'm going to unzip them, too," and then she bent forward and reached for the snap on my shorts.

I tried to back away, but I had to move slowly because the heavy tray was awkward to hold so they knew that I was trapped. I looked over and I had the guys' undivided attention as the Mexican girl popped open the snap on my cutoffs. Then she slowly pulled the zipper all the way down.

The girl said, "You were right Martha...no underwear!"

As they laughed, the woman said, "You better get going. Your food's getting cold."

I yelped, "Get going? If I move, my pants will fall down!"

They just laughed louder and said, "Sorry, can't help you," and then my tormenters went back behind the counter.

I was now holding a heavy tray in the middle of the Food Court with my shirt up and my pants undone. I could feel that a lot of my bare butt was showing, so I had no choice. I turned and walk towards the guys until I got to a table. As I shuffled along with my legs spread to keep my pants up, I could feel that over half of my pussy hair was showing. I was able to use the edge of the tray to flip my shirt down, but my pants were still an issue.

As I got to a table at the front of the isle, I started to set the tray down, but Brooke came up and said, "We have a table in back."

I yelped, "In back! But Brooke..."

She said, "Come on, we're hungry."

Brooke acted like she didn't even notice my pants. Vicki was now manning the camera as Brooke put her hand on my back and guided me forward, which was leading me right past the guys. Brooke was also pushing me at a faster pace so I was now having difficulty keeping my pants up.

With each step, I could feel my shorts inching their way down further and further. When we got right in front of the guys, I got a glimpse of myself in the side of a shiny trash can. I was shocked because my shorts had slipped down to my upper thighs and my pussy was barely covered at all. I wanted to cry.

There was a table behind the boys and I wanted to set the tray down, but Brooke said, "Wait until Vicki cleans the table off."

I yelled, "Cleans off the table? Please Brooke, my shorts are falling..."

Brooke just said, "Shh. She'll be done in a second."

Vicki handed the camera to Brooke, and then Vicki grabbed a napkin and began wiping off the table. My reflection in the trashcan showed that almost my whole butt was hanging out and the guys were only a few feet behind me. Vicki was taking her good ole time cleaning the table. She was leaning way over in her short dress, giving the guys a clear view of her skimpy pink panties, but they were more interested in seeing my bare ass.

Brooke moved to a position where she could get Vicki, the boys and me all in the shot. Vicki began cleaning the seats, which forced her to lean over even further. Her tight pink panties were almost see-through, but the boys still seemed more interested in me.

I felt totally humiliated because a couple of the guys moved to a different table so they could see me from the front. I was mortified because so much of my hairy triangle was showing. Finally, Vicki finished the table and I stepped forward to put down the tray. I was going to quickly pull my pants up, but Vicki moved in front of me before I had a chance to grab them.

Vicki looked at my pants and acted surprised as she asked, "Danielle, did you know your shorts are open? They're about to fall off. Do you want me to pull them up for you?"

As the guys laughed, I said, "Yes! Up would be good."

Vicki slowly squatted down in front of me and when she leaned forward, it made a gap in the halter top of her small dress. That gave the guys a clear view of her puffy pink nipples. As the guys moved up to get a closer look, Vicki began to slowly pull my shorts up.

I sternly said, "The sooner, the better!"

Vicki paused and began to drag one of her fingers through my girl fur.

Then she continued, "Look at all the pussy hair that's showing. With these guys looking at you, I'll bet you want me to pull your shorts up really fast."

The guys had formed a half-circle around us and Brooke was still filming the event. With so much attention directed at my half-naked pussy, I panicked and stepped back from Vicki so that I could pull my shorts up by myself. Unfortunately, Vicki had a tight grip on my shorts and as I stepped back, she fell forward dragging my shorts all the way down to the floor.

I screeched, "Vicki, let go! Let go of my shorts!"

She just laid there on top of them, leaving my bare ass and neatly trimmed brunette bush out in the open for everyone to see.

I begged, "Please Vicki, get off my shorts so I can pull them up."

Vicki looked down at the shorts, looked around at the guys, and then she slowly turned her head towards me and replied, "Oops...Sorry."

I was now bottomless in front of a crowd of guys at the mall and my shorts were down around my ankles with Vicki still on top of them. Vicki finally moved and with the camera focused on me, I bent over to grab my shorts and when I did, my bare ass was pointed at a couple of guys right behind me. One of the guys even patted me on my bare butt.

I quickly yanked my shorts up and snapped them, but I had trouble pulling the zipper up because it snagged some of my pussy hair. As I struggled with the zipper, I could see my brown bush hanging out of the fly in the front of my shorts. This forced me to hurry and caused me to snag even more hair in the zipper. It actually hurt as I moved the zipper up and down, but I finally freed the zipper from my pussy hair and pulled it all the way up.

Vicki said, "Okay guys, the shows over," but I said, "No its not," and then I pulled the strap holding Vicki's skimpy halter dress up.

Vicki let out a gasp, but clamped both of her hands against her chest in time to grab the straps and keep her dress from falling off.

Vicki was much more comfortable with the situation that I was because she just turned her back to one of the guys and asked, "Would you mind helping me with my dress?"

The guy nervously took the two straps in his hands as Vicki used both of her hands to hold her blonde hair up off her neck. I don't think he did it on purpose, but as he tried to tie the bow he accidentally let go of the straps and her dress dropped like a rock down to the floor. Vicki let go of her hair and cupped her smallish breasts with her hands.

As she stood there in just a pair of silky pink panties, she turned to the guy and asked, "Well, aren't you going to pick it up?"

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