Sweet Lucy



Hello everyone, first of all I'd like to say that English is not my first language so excuse the grammar. This is also the very first story I have written in my life. I know it is not perfect, it is missing structure etc., but really I have never written anything, erotic or not, so please be kind.

And to WARN you this story talks about non-consent intercourse, rape if you wish so if these things disturb you, stop reading right here.

Constructive critique is welcome, if it can help me improve my next stories (if there will be any) and if you only want to mock, then go somewhere else.


It was a usual boring workday for Lucy, ten hours to spend in the "tin", how she casually called her office, a passenger jet - Boeing 737. She was working as a flight attendant in a short haul company in Europe. First flight was to London, not her favorite, mostly due to operational reasons. Even though her crew were all friendly folks, she missed some eye candy, someone sexy that would make her day pass faster.

She wasn't disappointed... when boarding passengers in London for the flight back to Milan, her knees became wobbly as soon he entered the aircraft. Nearly two meters tall, he had to bend slightly forward not to hit his head at the entrance... He smirked at Lucy as she checked his boarding pass. His eyes were deep. So deep that she almost lost her breath. It seemed like he could read her mind. She blushed instantly.

This passenger was the embodiment of her fantasy, exactly how she imagined Sasha, the main character from her favorite story 'Hunted'. Strong and tall with tattoos and beard... simply VERY masculine. She has never felt so much attraction to anyone the same instant she'd meet him...

Lucy couldn't keep her eyes of him for the whole flight. She knew she would probably never see him again and wanted to keep his perfect features in memory for as long as she could.

After the flight, even though she knew she shouldn't and it was merely unprofessional, she was curious to know more about this stranger. She already knew his name from his boarding pass... A quick type in Google and there you go... A picture of a man with a big gun! It was definitely him!! Oh gosh, he was even closer to the fantasy of hers then she originally thought! She learned that his name was Juri and he served in Israel defense forces. In military service he had been with Special Operations unit, specializing in counter-terrorism and hostage rescue...

Definitely a man to at least fantasize about.

Finally her long day was over and she was slowly walking back to her car. It was about a kilometer of distance from the terminal and she was taking her time, trying to save her tired feet. When she was at the very far corner of the building, a dark range rover stopped by her side. Engine kept running, just the window rolled down. The driver, a handsome man in his thirties, was kindly asking for directions. He was a Scandinavian type, blonde with bright blue eyes, his only defect might have been the scar cutting through his left eyebrow. He apparently needed to get to a Palace hotel. Lucy leaned into the cars window and before she could start explaining the drive, the rear door opened and two men pushed her inside the car.

They tied her hands behind her back, blindfolded her with a dark fabric and whispered to her ear that she can try to scream, but it was useless as the car was soundproof. It would only annoy them and so they would have to put a gag in her mouth. She shuddered at the thought and nodded that she understood. She was too afraid to speak and the tears rolling from her eyes were sinking into the blindfold. After several long minutes of heavy silence in the car she asked silently: "where are you taking me?"

"Shhhhhsh!!" Was the only answer she got.

She eventually started to get her wits together and evaluate the situation. There were three men in the car, which was a dark SUV, but she couldn't make the model. She was trying to understand the direction they were driving but it was impossible as she was too upset to focus in the beginning of their drive...

With the silence she realized that she was absolutely unable to even estimate the duration of the journey when they stopped. She was ushered from the car and lead into a building.

As soon as they were in they threw her to the ground. She didn't expect that and nearly hit her face to the floor as her hands were still tied behind her back. The floor was harsh and a thought of her expensive tights flashed through her mind. She felt silly immediatelly, being in a life threatening situation and all she could think about were her broken stockings...

Then she heard a masculine voice: "Untie her."

When her hands were free she instinctively reached to the blindfold but then hesitated; 'if she had seen the kidnappers, she would be able to identify them later and therefore they will need to kill her...'

Her hands dropped along her body leaving the blindfold in its place.

The man who was obviously commanding the group chuckled: "yes, you can remove it now... even though I like it that you are waiting for my permission."

"No, please, it's okay... I haven't seen you... I... I won't tell anyone, I promise! Just let me go home!" A tear escaped the blindfold and started to roll down her cheek.

"I am afraid I can't do that just now. Why don't you tell me who do you work for instead?" He asked calmly.

Lucy was getting confused: "Ehm... I work for the airlines..." touching her uniform where the logo was embroidered.

"Hahahaha, I got it, good point. Now who do you really work for?!"

"I... I really don't know what you mean... I am a flight attendant..." she mumbled.

Slap! His hand hit her cheek which started to burn immediately, "Stop this bullshit!" he shouted at her.

At this point she started to sob and more tears were going down her face sliding over to her neck... She didn't understand why these men took her and now even hit her, they must have mistaken her for someone else.

After a moment he continued; "I will need you undressed now to check if you have any wire on you."

She stopped sobbing. In fact she stopped breathing and probably even her heart skipped a beat in the astonishment. "Pardon me? You need what?!"

"I believe you heard me well. You can start undressing yourself if you want to preserve the clothes. If you won't cooperate, I will help you with the task but I can guarantee I will rip your clothes of you."

Thoughts were rushing through her mind. They might not intend to kill her if they offer her to preserve the clothes, maybe she has a chance... but the idea of being naked in front of all the men... Suddenly she felt his breath on her ear, he was whispering to her: "What is your choice? Do you want me to rip it of? Cos I might really enjoy it..."

She stood there frozen while he was smelling her perfume alongside the hairline behind her ear and down her neck. She started to tremble and then said silently: "I will do it."

She was hesitant, wanted to gain some time and took the silk foulard off her neck first and let it drop to the floor. Her fingers travelled to the first button of her blouse, where they stopped. In some way it was a striptease and the heavy breathing of her audience just confirmed that they were enjoying this show very much.

Involuntarily she felt a wave of warmth between her legs. She realized that she was aroused and blushed shyly.

"Go on..." the main guy cleared his throat.

She unbuttoned the remaining buttons and exposed her plump breast in a lacy bra. After removing the shirt she continued to the well fitting skirt, which was hugging her hips tightly and finishing elegantly just above her knees. Her breathing was getting shallow and nipples were hard with excitement. She remembered she was not wearing a classic pantyhose but just a thigh high stockings with lace at the top... she feared what their reaction was gonna be. The skirt slipped to the floor and Lucy slowly stepped out of it.

She heard a whistle coming out from one of the men.

The girl was of an average height, about 5'5 tall, but with large firm breasts, narrow waist and taut stomach which she owed to the hard work in the gym every other day. Her hips were wider and her ass round, all resulting in a beautiful hour glass figure. Her blonde silky smooth hair were falling to her shoulders, framing her lovely face with lips so plump that Juri just wanted to bite them.

She was now standing there just in underwear, her breast wanting to escape the constrictive bra, she was still wearing her high heel shoes. She pressed her thighs together trying to hide the wet stain that was forming on her panties.

She was flushed and breathing fast...

"All of it." He said authoritatively.

"No, please!" She begged him... "can we do this somewhere more private?"

"This is the most private you can get." He hissed at her with a tiny trace of smile in his voice, she could not imagine how much he enjoyed her discomfort of being embarrassed.

He proceeded towards her to hand-search her body. His palms were rough and felt scorching on her body. She was trying to fight it fiercely but her body was betraying her, arching under each of his touch.

"Look at her! She likes it!! who would have thought so!" The boss called out amused... his men laughed, some of them nervously in anticipation.

He unhooked her bra and was no longer looking for wires when he cupped her breast. She moaned and curled her arms over his in poor attempt to stop him.

"Why did you keep looking at me on the plane?!" He asked coldly and retrieved his hands of her.

It took her a second to process the question... on the plane... what? She quickly pulled away the cloth that was covering her eyes.

As soon as her eyes got used to the bright light in the building that roughly resembled an old factory, she saw him gazing at her.

As incredible as it was, it was Juri that got her kidnapped!

"Why did you keep looking at me on the plane?" He repeated the question.

She blushed, realizing that she was standing there with nothing more on than her tiny panties and long sexy stockings, her nipples were hardened by excitement and the slightly cold air that was brushing them. She blushed even more at the memory of him on the plane, of her checking him up on the internet later...

She felt embarrassed to just admit openly in front of all that he was actually the man of her secret fantasies, No, it wasn't right... There was no answer to his question.

"You kept looking at me and my men discovered that you have searched some information about me on the internet. This makes me think you work for some organization. I need to figure out what kind to make sure there is no threat to our mission!"

"Stop it! You're insane!!" she gained some courage since she discovered who he was.

Another slap across her cheek. "You will not raise your voice at me. You do not realize the severity of this situation?!" He stared deep in her turquoise eyes.

Then he stepped towards her and took his knife out of the pocket.

His gaze was cold and she was utterly terrified. "I am sorry... I didn't mean to..." Lucy whispered and looked to the ground.

But he didn't put away the knife. Instead, with one quick motion, he cut her panties in two pieces and let them fall on the ground.

She gasped.

"I told you I would rip your clothes off if you didn't remove it by yourself. Underwear was included." Juri said ironically. "I need you to tell me what I need to know. And I will get the information from you at every cost. I cannot afford to put our operation at risk. It is a matter of international security."

He grabbed her and kneeled down on one knee and bent her over the other.

He slapped her across her buttcheeks as a punishment and continued: "I am gonna need to check you out more thoroughly", his palm caressed the red mark where he slapped her before and then stopped over her swollen cunt... "Holly cow, you're so fucking wet!" His fingers traced the opening between her lips before sliding one of his fingers inside her. He circled inside of her massaging her vaginal walls before inserted another one and his thumb caressed her clitoris. She was holding it, she didn't want to let them know how much she actually liked it, but Juri's hand squelching in Lucy's utterly wet pussy gave her out.

"Hey boss, maybe we can get our hands on the job too? Finally we took a big part in it, it would only be fair-" one of the guys asked to only be refused sharply by Juri: "Not now! This is not a game!" The guy murmured something to himself but backed off obediently. He was tanned, exotic looking, maybe of Mexican origins, Lucy thought.

"But... as a reward for your help in this matter, you can come here and have closer a look... anyway, it is for the good to check she is not hiding anything anywhere."

Juri knew it was only gonna embarrass Lucy even further and the idea was exciting him. He decided to make her cum in front of the audience. His two middle fingers were rhythmically pressing against the upper wall of her cunt and his thumb continued to massage her clit. She couldn't hold it no more and exploded in orgasm.

Juri opened opened her pussy wide to expose her sweet wet contracting hole. She moaned when realized that all the men, Juri included had a hard bulge formed in the crotch of their pants.

"You can come closer now, don't be shy. And you can also relax - you know release the tension in your pants guys." The men sighed and unzipped their pants in order to release their swollen dicks.

The youngest one, with sweet face and Harry Potter glasses, not more than 25 years old, came closer and smelled Lucy's pussy; "Oh gosh, this is intoxicating..." he started to stroke his shaft slowly as he moved aside.

When she recovered enough to support her own weight, Juri left Lucy on the ground on her knees and hands, ass and pussy exposed; "Don't you dare to move." He told her and sat on a chair two meters far just to enjoy the view of her humiliated.

The blonde driver approached Lucy... first he smelled her but a second later he buried his tongue deep inside her pussy willing to suck out all of her pussy juice... "she tastes exquisite too!... boss, please, can we have her? I just wanna empty my balls in her so bad!" And the Mexican looking guy added: "yeah boss! We could take turns with her and you don't need to pay our wage for today... how bout that?!"

Juri chuckled: "how about I pay you your wage and you go and buy some prostitutes for that? This one is not on sale. Not yet." He knew he was never gonna give her up to them, he was way too possessive and this one was his from the very moment she had cum - for HIM.

"But I might let you jerk off watching her and maybe even cum on her tits... Would you like that Lucy?! Or is that too much? You might also give me the answer already. Because if not, I will let them cum inside you. Every and each one of them again and again, until your pussy cannot take it no more. And then they will fuck your ass until you beg them to stop.

Lucy shivered, she definitely did not want to be raped by a band of gangsters. As much as her body needed a cock, her mind kept denying the fact she had just climaxed over a stranger's hand.

Juri was watching her as she was on the ground, doggy style, as sexy as ever with the legs spread and arse in the air. He had a hard on, she could tell from the bulge in his pants, but wasn't touching himself unlike his three soldiers. He was imagining himself burying his own veiny cock in her cunt, balls deep, making her scream for him.

The moans of the trio were becoming more and more hoarse as they were approaching their climax. The Mexican looked at Juri as if he was asking permission... Juri nodded and in a split second the guy's cum was shooting at Lucy's buttcheeks. Not too long after also Harry Potter guy and the car driver added their dose of sperm over her arse and the outer lips of her damp cunt. It was now all sliding down slowly, mixing with her own juice. She was again so turned on that she found it difficult to focus. This was surreal, she was being kidnapped and was frightened to death but at the same time she couldn't think of anything else than a cock throbbing in her cunt. Her body wanted it so much even though her mind was telling her it was completely wrong.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm and forced her to stand up. It was Juri that now was leading her somewhere at the back of the big old warehouse. He didn't say a word until they descended stairs to some sort of a cellar with no windows. There was a simple bed and a small bathroom in the corner, all lit by a pure bulb hanging on wires from the ceiling.

When they entered, he took her face into his hands and said:

"If you don't start talking, next time all of the cum will be inside you. And we will start with my cock...

It will hurt. I want to hurt you with my cock deep inside. I want you to scream in pain when your cunt can't take all of it."

She looked at him bewildered and whispered almost inaudibly; "I watched you on the plane because I liked you... There was something about you that dragged me to you..."

Juri was puzzled:

"You know this sounds now a bit silly, right?"

"It's true, I swear... I don't know who you're looking for, but it's not me, I can't give you any other answer" Lucy whined.

After this Juri left the room and locked the door behind.




"Hey Thomas, did you run a background check on her before you picked her at the airport???"

He turned to the blonde driver.

"Ehm, what do you mean by that? I hacked into the browser as you asked me and checked her viewing history. I discovered that she searched for you..."

"Is that it??! So you took her without having any suspicion about her work..." Juri stated incredulously.

"I'm so sorry boss, I will do a thorough check straight away."

He eventually zipped up his pants and took out a laptop from a small briefcase and put it on a metal table at the wall of the spacious factory.

"It looks like she is clean, sir..." Thomas said after couple of minutes almost apologetically.

"I know I fucked up..."

"I will debrief you on that later. Now I have to figure out what to do next. You're free for the evening guys, but please, try to behave for God's sake.

Juri released the squad and headed back towards the cellar where he kept her locked.

He can't let her go now. She knew too much. She saw the warehouse. And they kidnapped and molested her... She could ruin not only this operation, but the whole team's future. Thoughts were rushing through Juri's mind before he entered the room. He needed to release the pressure and there was only one way.

Regarding the girl, it wouldn't change anything now anyway.

He stepped in and locked the door behind. In silence he observed her. She was incredibly beautiful. Her now a bit messy blonde hair were falling to her beautiful face partially covering her eyes. Her lips were red and swollen after he had slapped her before... She was of a slender figure with long legs, she could have been a topmodel if she was taller, he thought. She was still wearing the stockings that were now ripped in several places.

"Did you bring me back my clothes?" She asked nervously.

"No." he replied from the darkness and she realized he was breathing heavily.

She started to tremble with fear. She knew that they could get rid of her. It would make sense, she was a witness, a victim of a series of crimes that night. But she hoped she could buy more time...

Her thinking was interrupted: "take those off." He pointed at her stockings. Or what was left of them. She obeyed him.

Juri proceeded to the shower and turned on the faucet. Soon the hot steam started to fill the tiny bathroom and Juri motioned to Lucy that she was meant to enter.

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