Sweet November Ch. 02


Amber looked back at me over her shoulder with piercing green eyes and said, "I can't wait until you fuck my virgin ass," and then she winked.

That was all it took. I had held it off as long as I could, but I could not hold it any longer. I came harder and stronger that I can ever remember coming and filled her up and overflowing. I fell down on top of her as I came, driving her over the edge once more. Then I looked up to see Jess smiling, holding the timer with twenty three ticks left to go. At that moment I did not even care. That was spectacular.

I rolled off of Amber and she looked over at me and winked, "You know your ass is mine, don't you?"

"Yes, mistress" I answered, catching my breath.

We all took a few more minutes to catch our breath and then Jess suggested I go get lunch first. "After all, it is almost two," she said.

"Good, that will give me time to set up," Amber cheered.

I was not sure what that meant, but I had an idea. I also knew there was nothing I could do about it. So I got their orders, put on the clothes Jess allowed me to wear out, grabbed a sports drink from the garage, and went to get lunch.

I got there and back quicker than I expected and when I returned my mistresses were nowhere to be found. Then I heard the shower running.

Jess came out shortly thereafter with a towel wrapped around her, but Amber remained in the shower. I stood there a little in shock but with a smirk on my face.

"Wipe that grin off your face," Jess told me. "I don't have to explain anything to you, slave."

"Yes, mistress," I responded, following her into the kitchen with lunch in tow.

I was made to strip completely naked before we ate; I did not even wear restraints this time. By the time I was done putting my clothes away Amber had joined us.

As we began to eat our lunch, Jess and I noticed an almost perma-smile on Amber's face. Jess had to know why.

"I am having a blast," Amber responded. "I haven't cum this much in one day in my life and it's not even three yet. Not only that, but I get to try out some new 'toys'." Then she winked at me.

Several more minutes passed as the ladies ate their sandwiches and drank their wine while I finished my sub and second sports drink. The thought passed through my mind about how I would have never guessed in a million years that I would be eating lunch with two beautiful women wrapped only in bath towels while I sat there completely naked. My thoughts were soon interrupted as Amber chugged the last of her wine, stood up, and commanded me to stand.

"Jess and I made a little bet while you were gone," Amber snickered. "I asked her how big your cock was, and she said that she didn't know; she had never measured it. She guessed it was probably about seven-and-a-half to eight inches. I said it had to be at least 9" from what I could tell. So I wagered that if I was right I got to be completely in charge for the rest of the day, but if she was right I would be her slave for the rest of the day along with you. So let's find out who wins."

The idea of these two discussing my cock size was arousing, but Amber decided to give me a little help anyway. For the third time in one day Amber dropped to her knees in front of me and began sucking my rod. It did not take long for it to be at full attention. With that Amber rose to her feet and walked over to the counter where she already had a tape measure ready to go. Then she walked back over and started to measure me.

"Is this as hard as it gets? I would hate to lose because you were holding out on me," Amber asked, and then gave me a few more long, hard strokes for good measure. Jess giggled, shaking her head a little as she sipped the rest of her wine.

Finally Amber held the tape measure up to my now throbbing member. "Nine and one quarter inches," she exclaimed, as she began to jump around, almost losing her towel.

"You're lying," Jess accused. "That can't be right." Then she walked over and yanked the tape measure from her hand and measured it herself. "I can't believe it," she mumbled, as she confirmed the measurement and raised her eyes to glare at me.

I did not know what to think. I did not know if I should be proud that it was bigger or ashamed because she thought it was smaller. At the same time should I be worried that a woman I only met for the first time two weeks ago was now in charge for the rest of the day, and should I also be worried about what consequences might arise, based on the glare I was getting from my wife?

Amber did not allow me too much time to think about it as she told me to go throw on a t-shirt and shorts real quick. When I returned she threw me the keys to her car and told me to get the boxes out of the back of her SUV and bring them in along with the bag on the front seat.

"Don't open any of them," she instructed.

Two of the boxes were pretty big and heavy, and she told me to take one to the spare bedroom and one to the basement. The other boxes and bag were relatively light and easy to manage.

On one of my final couple of trips back into the house I was surprised to find Amber had already given Jess her first orders. Amber was lying back comfortably in one of our family room chairs while Jess was obediently lapping away at her pussy. Neither was wearing the towels they had been earlier and it was quite the site to behold. Unfortunately, I did not get to watch long as Amber directed me into the master bedroom with the rest of the stuff and told me to wait there naked until she was ready.

Another twenty minutes passed before Amber appeared. "Jess doesn't have the magic tongue that you do, but there is just something about a woman's touch that does it for me," she said, as she began looking through boxes, obviously hunting something specific. "Here it is," she proclaimed. "Pick up that box and follow me. We are going to have some fun."

I followed Amber into the family room where Jess was kneeling on the floor waiting. Amber pulled a paper bag from the box, told me to set the box down, and then handed me the bag.

"Shave her," she told me. "I am going to set the rest of my stuff up while you do. When I get back I expect that to be as smooth and soft as can be. Do you understand, Slaves?"

"Yes, mistress," we responded, as she disappeared.

I opened the bag to find a small towel, some shaving gel, and a razor. Amber returned with a bowl of hot water almost immediately.

"If you get done before I return, open bag #2 and start on that. Oh, yeah. No talking." Then she disappeared again, but this time I could faintly hear her working on something in the spare bedroom so I knew she would not be back any time soon.

Jess lay back as I prepared to shave her already beautifully-trimmed pussy. I could not help but get excited as I took the towel and hot water and ran it up, down and around her slit. I enjoyed taking my time on this part. Then I coated her with the gel and dipped the razor in the water. My morning routine of shaving myself must have paid off because I had her pussy bare in just a few minutes. I took my time to wipe her off with the wet, hot towel once more and get any strays I might have missed. When I got done I think we were both impressed with my work.

After that I reached in the box to find bag #2. At first I thought it strange that she had this already worked out then I realized that there was only one more bag in the box along with several smaller boxes. I opened the bag to find eight Velcro fastening cuffs, two cross-shaped harnesses, three vibrators, two blindfolds, and some lube. Jess and I looked at each other in confusion.

Just then Amber stepped out of the spare bedroom. "Good, you're done," she chimed. "Let me inspect your work." She told Jess to lie back and spread her legs while she knelt down to check things out. Then she told Jess to hold her legs up. No sooner had she done this than Amber stuck out her tongue and licked her slowly from asshole to the top of her slit. Jess let out a little moan as Amber spoke once more.

"Now that you are both completely shaven, let me help you into your bondage. Jess we'll do you first."

We took four of the cuffs and attached them to her ankles and wrists. Then we took one of the cross-shaped harnesses and hogtied her ankles and wrists together behind her back. After that Amber put a blindfold on her and told me to lube up one of the vibrators. Then Amber grabbed one of the other vibrators and told Jess to lick it real good before she slid it into Jess's pussy. Finally she took the one I had lubed up and slowly pushed it into her ass and turned them both on their lowest setting. Jess began to moan immediately.

"Gosh, she looks sexy like that; doesn't she?" Amber commented.

"Yes, mistress," I answered.

"Now it's your turn," Amber turned to me and said and then fastened the four cuffs to my wrists and ankles. Then, just as she had with Jess, she hogtied them all together. This made me much more vulnerable than I realized. Then she lubed up the last vibrator. "Since you were so generous with the lube for your wife, I will show you the same courtesy," she whispered in my ear, as she inserted the already buzzing vibrator into my ass. My cock began to spring to life but was slightly inhibited by the carpet. When Amber saw this she flipped me onto my side saying, "It would be terrible to constrict such a beautiful cock as yours."

"What about my breasts?" Jess cried, after hearing Amber's comment.

"Ah, yes, your breasts, they are very nice. How could I forget?" she said, as she reached back into the box one last time. Then she rolled Jess over on her side and pinched each nipple. After that, she slid a clamp over each one and tightened them firmly as Jess gasped.

"I told you, 'no talking!'" Then she forced a ball gag into her mouth and clasped it around the back of her head. It was also attached by a chain to each clamp so that every time she moved her head it pulled even harder on her nipples. Then, to heighten her senses, she smacked her ass a couple times and turned the vibrators up to medium. Jess could not help but move about in both pain and pleasure.

"I was going to put the other blindfold on you, but as long as you are good I will let you lie here and enjoy the show your wife is putting on." Then she reached back and raised the intensity on my vibrator, stroked my cock a few times, licked her lips teasingly and took off for the basement assumingly to set up her last contraption.

After several minutes passed, Amber returned. "I am almost ready, but I need to go get dressed. Would you like to see a good show while I am gone?"

I nodded.

Amber reached up behind Jess and turned both vibrators on full blast. This caused her to start moaning incredibly as she threw her head back in pleasure which, in turn, intensified the feeling in her now almost-white nipples. Within seconds she began to shake violently as an orgasm that had been welling up inside of her took over her body.

She began to gasp and moan like I had never heard as she seemed to come over and over again for what must have been at least fifteen minutes until finally she jerked her head so hard she pulled the clamps loose from her nipples and she erupted in one final, intense orgasm.

Soon after she finished I felt the blindfold being pulled over my eyes. Amber must have snuck in behind me while I was watching the show.

"The show's over," she said, then she removed the vibrator from me as well as the two from Jess and then she must have let her free because I heard Amber say, "Give him something to think about while we're gone." Then I felt Jess's fingers on my balls and her lips on my rock-hard dick. It only lasted a few seconds before Amber told her to stand and I heard them leave the room and go into the spare bedroom.

I heard a lot of clattering, something that sounded a lot like spanking with a paddle or small board, followed by short cries of pain from Jess after each swat, and then more clattering.

I did not have to wait long to find out what they were up to. Amber came in behind me a short time later and began to release me.

"This is so much fun," she giggled, as she removed the final section of the harness from my ankles. She left the cuffs on my wrists as well as the blindfold in place as she told me to stand. She gave me a minute after I stood to get my balance as the blood rushing to my head made me a little dizzy. Then she grabbed me around the base of my genitals and pulled me as she began to walk. After that she grabbed my hands and positioned them to hold onto two vertical bars that were about shoulders' width apart, but held about six inches lower. Then she hooked them to the bars and removed my blindfold.

As my sight returned to me I saw Jess strapped down to the same contraption my hands were now strapped to. It looked similar to the weight bench I had in the basement except her head was down where my legs would hang off while I bench pressed. I noticed Jess's hands had been pulled back over her head and tied with some rope to the bench. Another piece of rope was wrapped around her breasts and stomach several times holding her firmly to the bench.

Then I saw that Amber had tied Jess's legs to two vertical rising posts that jutted up beside me and held her legs wide open. Taking in the sight of my wife's naked, bound body in caused my cock to twitch. That is when I realized it was positioned right at the entrance to Jess's newly-shaven pussy. That is also when I noticed her crimson red ass with marks, obviously from the wooden paddle leaning against the wall. That was when Amber finally spoke from behind me.

"Your wife's pussy looks so delicious right now, but I thought it would be even better with your cream filling. So you are going to fill her up for me. If you take too long, I am going to have to spank you." With that she stepped around next to me and leaned over to pick up the large wooden paddle off the floor. That was the first time I had the chance to see the outfit she had put on, and my jaw nearly hit the floor when she turned back around.

The closest thing I can think of to describe it was Catwoman. To start things off she was wearing black patent leather boots with a 3-4" heel. They wrapped tightly around her sexy legs to the middle of her thigh and zipped up the back and accentuated her tight butt perfectly.

She wore no panties which drew my eyes right to the neatly-trimmed thin patch of red hair on her pussy before I raised my gaze to see a corset that looked as though it had been cut from the same piece of leather as the boots. It hugged her beautiful form and pushed up her perfect, milky white breasts giving me just the slightest peek of her pink nipples where the corset stopped.

She wore matching leather gloves that extended past her elbows and a simple black choker, which along with her upward drawn hair really set off her dominatrix look.

"You can stop drooling now," she ordered. "You have work to do. I will give you five minutes to fill your wife's pussy. After that you will receive five swats for every thirty seconds you go over." She paused just a couple of seconds to grab her timer from a box in the corner before shouting, "Go!" and starting the timer.

As hard as I was from looking at Amber in her new ensemble I knew I could get this done in no time. That was, until I realized Jess was not going to make this any easier on me. She had taken her swats, so as far as she was concerned I should get some too. Jess couldn't escape but the look on her face told me there probably was not going to be any dirty talk either. To make things even harder Amber must have wiped Jess clean and dry before I walked in, making penetration nearly impossible.

That was when I realized the cuffs were attached but not locked into place. So, I got down on my knees and dove in. I licked and sucked her just the way I knew she liked it to get the best results, but probably in my haste didn't go slow enough to be effective. Nevertheless I returned to my feet after what I deemed a reasonable effort and then slid my cock right in.

I tried talking to Jess hoping she would reciprocate, but I soon learned that I didn't stand a chance. Luckily Amber still was standing in my line of sight as she kept time. That, and my wife bound naked, was all the motivation I needed as I pounded away to the finish line and blew my load.

With no hesitation at all Amber stepped up and released my wrists, walked me over to a chair in the corner, and fastened them again to the chair.

"I like it fresh," she grinned, as she took her finger and slid it along the base of my cock wiping off the last of my come before putting her leather-bound finger to her lips. Then she quickly dove toward Jess.

It was like a whirlwind watching her lick and suck my wife like crazy. In almost no time at all I heard the familiar sound of Jess coming. This seemed to push Amber to an even higher gear as she continued. I sat and watched in awe as she drove my wife from one orgasm to another as Jess wrestled with the bindings that held her.

Finally Amber rose to her feet and stepped towards me. She grabbed my head and began to kiss me savagely. The taste of Jess's and my cum filled my mouth as her tongue danced with mine. When she finally released me from our lip lock she fell back on the floor in seeming exhaustion.

I watched her beautiful breasts rise and fall as she lay there, catching her breath. Then she rolled over to reach the spot on the floor where she dropped the timer when I finished. She held it up to me to show me the time. I could not believe the time: 9 minutes and 37 seconds.

"I told Jess that if she kept quiet and did not come, I would let her do half," Amber said. "By my calculations that is 45 swats—23 for each of us."

I started to correct her, but then thought better of it when I saw the gleam in her eye. She had thrown out the bait, but I was not biting.

Amber walked over to release Jess and told her to grab that box and go get dressed. I could not help but notice the rope marks on her body as she scampered out the door.

Then she walked over to me and said, "You do realize Jess blames you for this, so you are really going to get it when it is her turn." After that she released my hands and fastened them behind my back, attached a collar and leash around my neck, and led me down to the basement.

When we got down there I saw that there was a curtain up keeping me from seeing the rest of the room. The only thing on this side was a lone wooden chair which Amber sat down on and pointed for me to kneel beside. "We'll wait here for Jess," she told me. "No, I have a better idea. This chair is cold. You bend over and I will sit on you," she instructed.

This was especially hard with my hands still bound behind me, but I did as I was told and was rewarded by feeling her cool, tight ass on my back.

A few minutes more passed before Jess came prancing down the stairs. "You look delicious," Amber proclaimed licking her lips. "You are going to make a fine assistant with our next task."

"Thank you, mistress," Jess responded, as I raised my eyes to see her.

She was wearing a much simpler outfit than Amber but just as jaw-dropping. She wore no shoes but the top and panties looked as though they had been cut from the same piece of leather as Amber's. The panties were thongs, but seemed to dip lower in the front than normal drawing my attention to her luscious navel. The bra was very small and simple and pushed her ample breasts upward causing my mouth to water. Her hair was pulled back similarly to Ambers, but she wore a collar with a d-ring in place of the choker and no gloves.

Finally Amber stood, and pulled on my leash to make me stand and follow her and Jess to the other side of the curtain. There were two pieces of equipment this time: the stocks Amber had brought with her last time and another piece which was still covered by a sheet. Amber undid my hands and then pulled my head and hands into place and locked them in. Meanwhile Jess was adjusting the height forcing me to push my ass back further and bend over more giving them optimum ass paddling space.

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