Sweet November Ch. 02


Amber stood before me and placed a ball gag in mouth and pulled it tight around the back of my head. Then she told me, "Jess and I are going to take turns. She will do ten. Then I will do ten. Then she will do ten more. Then I will do ten more. Then we will each do our last three...I have a special paddle for those last few."

I watched as Jess looked through a box full of different spanking devices that Amber had brought with her, before she selected a handle with fifteen-to-twenty 18" leather cords coming off of it. Shortly after she stepped around back, she slapped my ass a couple times with it and paused. Then she really got the hang of it and started to lay into me. I was only slightly relieved when the tenth one hit, knowing I still had a ways to go.

Amber had already selected a wooden spatula as her tool of choice and quickly peppered my ass with swats all over. I could really feel it burning now.

Jess had disappeared for a minute when I heard her coming down the stairs. She had retrieved the paddle from the spare bedroom. It was about two-and-a-half feet long with holes drilled in it that allowed the air to flow through when she swung it. As bad as it looked; it hurt even worse. I was glad to have the ball gag at this point.

Amber smiled at me as she pulled a leather belt from the box. "All this B&D gets me so wet," she said, as she pushed two fingers in her snatch before holding them under my nose to smell. The burning of my ass subsided slightly as I took it in. Then she disappeared behind me once again and began to strike my already sore bottom.

This time there was only a short pause before I felt simultaneous slaps on each cheek three times in a row as they finished their barrage. I thought I was going to bite through the gag. "Perfect," I heard them say, as they were obviously admiring their work.

I felt Amber's leather-clad hand rub over my bottom and up my torso as she approached the front of the stocks. I looked to see she had a mirror in her hand. She raised it up for me to see. I saw in the reflection Jess holding a similar mirror in which I saw the reflection of my bright red bottom with the word "SLAVE" embossed 3 times on each cheek in an even brighter shade. I knew it would be some time before I could sit comfortably again.

Amber decided to give herself a little treat and lay down on the floor in front of me and told Jess to remove her panties and come sit on her face. It did not take long for her to decide that was not good enough and they switched to a 69 position and began to eat each other out.

I watched and recovered for twenty minutes while they went at it. Finally Amber pushed Jess off of her and stood up and removed the gag from my mouth while Jess replaced her panties. Then she released me from the stocks and led me by my leash to a spot on the floor to lie down and recover some more.

"It's nearly 8:30 and I am starving," Amber announced. "I am going to order some pizza. I will be right back. Sit here and keep an eye on him. Don't move and don't talk," she told Jess.

Several minutes passed before she returned and said to me, "I hope you didn't forget that you still owe me."

I looked at her a little puzzled.

"That ass is mine," she chimed, and then pulled the sheet off of the mystery contraption. "One of my suppliers just sent this to me for a trial run. I can't wait to test it out."

It looked kind of like two saw horses joined together with a square piece of wood to make a table, but there seemed to be some sort of hole at one end and hooks and loops scattered about.

Amber told Jess to bring me over. Jess grabbed my leash and stood me before Amber. Amber undid my leash from my collar and pushed me down on to the wooden platform. First she and Jess grabbed each of my wrists and stretched me as far as I could reach before hooking the cuffs in place. Then Amber grabbed my package and forced it through the hole in the table. After that, she pulled a small lever and I felt a guillotine-like piece drop down and lock my cock and balls in place. Amber crawled underneath and pulled a little on my boys to admire their new restraint.

Then Jess grabbed my collar, pulled my head down and fastened the collar to a clasp on the table. Finally my legs, which were practically dangling as I stood on the tips of my toes, were tied spread open to the legs of the contraption. This no longer allowed me to support myself and now my wrists, legs, neck, and cock and balls were bound to the extreme. Then, when I thought nothing else could be done, Amber stepped to the front of the contraption and began to turn a crank. This caused the front of the table to lower as it raised my ass in the air.

Amber clapped her hands as she admired her new toy, both me and the contraption. Then she told Jess, "Lube him up a little and rub a little lotion on his butt to ease the pain of the spankings while I go get ready." Then she grabbed a box and disappeared behind the curtain while Jess got me ready.

The lotion and the lube both felt good on my red-hot bottom, but knowing what was coming did not allow me to enjoy it much. Then Amber came around the curtain with her strap-on in place. It looked bigger than the others from last time and Amber must have seen that observation in my eyes.

"Last time I brought some mid-size ones with me, but this time I brought one that was just as long and thick as you. Now you can feel what we feel," she said, as she stroked it, taunting me.

Just as she was about to enter me, the doorbell rang. "Crap, I forgot about the pizza. Jess go answer the door and bring him here. I'll give him the money and maybe a tip," Amber sneered.

I did not like the sounds of that and started hoping maybe he would not come down. Then I realized what Jess was wearing and knew there was no chance of that. Moments later my fears were confirmed as Jess came down the stairs and around the curtain with the delivery guy. The look on his face was priceless. The kid couldn't have been a day over 17 and had certainly only seen this kind of thing on his computer while surfing porn and beating off.

I do not know if he was more turned on by the way the ladies were dressed or more terrified by seeing me strapped down with a crimson red ass and Amber's fake black cock perched at my back door.

Amber turned around and pointed to the chair. "Put the pizza right there and I will have your money in a second. You don't mind getting your tip first. Do you?" she asked.

"I guess that depends," he stammered.

"Jess, take off his pants." Amber commanded. He put up a little fight, but Jess soon had them off and he stood there in just his delivery shirt. His hands were folded in front of him trying to hide his already rising penis. He was only about 5' 9" and maybe 120 lbs., soaking wet, and it was very obvious that he was uncomfortable as he rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet.

"Now, Jess, get him nice and hard while I get what I came for," Amber said, as she grabbed my waist and pushed her double-sided dildo into me. It took several thrusts before she got it most of the way in and decided that was as far as she should go. It did not take nearly as long for Jess to suck the young delivery boy's cock to attention. It was only about six inches long, but it appeared to have the thickness of a soup can. I could see from the look in Jess's eyes she really did not want to stop sucking on it, but she figured she should do as she was told.

"I'll be right back," Amber promised, as she pulled her dildo from my ass. "Good job," she told Jess. "Now lie down right there." Then she pulled Jess's hands over her head and tied them to the leg of the table that I was on. After that she slid Jess's panties off and told the kid she was going to give him a "tip" on pleasing the ladies. (I could not believe Amber was doing this, but at the same time part of me was glad it was not me she was giving the tip with.)

Then she told him to lick her pussy slowly top to bottom. While he started to follow his instructions, she walked back over and shoved her "cock" back in my ass and proceeded to go to town. She gave him a few more instructions while she continued to work on me and then told him that as soon as Jess came, then he could fuck her.

From the look on Jess's face he seemed to be doing a pretty good job and it would not be long now, but I did not see or hear her come because Amber began to climax right before, causing her to really start to ride me as she screamed out before she collapsed on top of me.

When I finally looked up the boy had just finished fucking my wife and they both lay there panting. Quickly he realized that he had to get back to work, pulled his pants back on and ran up the steps.

"You forgot your money," Amber called out.

"This one's on me," he called back, as he ran out the front door.

Amber picked herself up off of me, pulled her dildo and harness off, and knelt down next to Jess. Then she pried her legs open and began to lick out the most recent deposit. She dove into Jess's pussy like a hunger-driven wolf with a fresh kill. When she finished she untied Jess's hands and kissed her full on the mouth and thanked her for being a good sport.

"Yes, mistress," she said with her mouth, but "my pleasure," she said with the rest of her body.

Then the two ladies picked up the pizza and headed up the stairs. "We'll be back for you later," Amber called, as they left me bound helplessly.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I felt the tip of Amber's dildo being pushed to my lips. Only this time Jess was wearing it instead. Before I had full realization of what was going on, she was thrusting it in and out of my mouth.

"Suck her dick real good," Amber commanded me. "I'm not sure there's enough lube back there for another round. So you'd better do a good job. "

After a few more thrusts, Jess pulled it from my lips and stepped up behind me. She apparently still had some fire left in her because she reached forward and grabbed my hair as she pushed it into me. (She liked it when I pulled her hair when I took her from behind, so I can only assume she wanted to know what it was like.)

I did my best to take everything she could dish out, but she was really giving it to me and I soon found myself gripping the table with everything I had and wishing I had something to bite down on. Not much later I felt her smacking my ass as she began to talk dirty to me. Then she started moaning as she began to climax.

She released my hair, but grabbed my shoulders which gave her even better leverage as she drove toward the peak of her orgasm. Finally she cried out in ecstasy and fell down on top of me. My cock was now dripping with pre-come, but they did not seem to notice.

After she caught her breath the ladies released me and left me a couple pieces of pizza and a pop to enjoy when I was ready. Then Amber said, "There is one more thing you are going to do for me before I go, but you can take your time and join us in about twenty minutes."

I sat as comfortably as I could for several minutes, trying to relieve some of the pain in my ass, wrists, and legs before I finally began to eat. I must have been hungrier than I realized because I ate the pizza they gave me in no time flat. I rested for a couple minutes more before I made the trek up the stairs.

When I got to the top of the steps I heard some noise coming from the spare bedroom once again. I opened the door to find Amber and Jess were now both completely naked, just as I was. However, Amber was lying where Jess had been before. Her legs were spread wide and tied up to the vertical bars. She also had her hands tied down to her sides, but no rope around her torso.

"I wanted to try this out before I left," Amber told me. "So you are going to fuck me one last time while your wife straddles my face."

I was still pretty wound up from all the day's events so I was more than happy to end it on a good note. Jess positioned herself over Amber's face and I grabbed the bars and slammed my cock into Amber's pussy. All of the day's activities began to race through my mind as I looked down at her hot, young body and thrust over and over into her. It did not take long for me to come.

When I finished I looked to see Amber still licking voraciously at Jess's pussy. I watched for a while until I realized Amber could be doing this all night and Jess just might let her. I was exhausted, so I said good night, walked to my room, found my place on the floor and went to sleep.

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Was with you until the pizza boy. Totally ruined the story.

Aside from the fact a man would apparently be ok with a stranger fucking his wife in front of him. Aside from the fact the wife just startedmore...

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