tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 04

Sweet November Ch. 04


Wednesday, November 6th.....

I awoke at 5:00 as normal and went about my usual duties. I spent a little extra time in the shower this morning grooming, just to make sure. Then I got my green "panties of the day" from the drawer and continued getting dressed. For breakfast I made cinnamon rolls. This is a pretty easy task since Jess prefers the ones from the tube that you just have to put on the pan and bake. I cleaned up a little while I waited for them and then headed off to work as soon as I had brought her breakfast to her. I was starting to get the hang of the routine, and parts of it I actually enjoyed.

When I got to work, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I made sure to send the pertinent information to Helen's attorney and followed up to make sure everything was in order. Then I followed up with some other clients, checked on some listings, and some other junk I had to take care of. The day had been relatively uneventful but had managed to be productive and quick at the same time. The next thing I knew I was headed home.

When I got home I changed like normal and headed inside. Jess told me it was time for another inspection and told me to come to the family room as soon as I finished dispensing of my clothes. As I approached the family room I thought to myself how glad I was that I spent the extra time in the shower this morning.

"Stand right there," Jess commanded as I walked in. Then she proceeded to walk around me and search for any signs of hair. "I am very impressed, slave," she commented as she finished her very thorough inspection. "After you make supper we may have to see about some kind of reward."

I pulled my panties back up and proceeded to the kitchen to make supper intrigued by the thought that I was actually going to get a reward. As I started to make the chicken pasta, dozens of ideas raced through my head as to what it could be, but I soon resigned myself to just finishing up knowing it could be anything. The way things have been going it could be an hour of TV, a hand job, a special dessert or a hundred other things. There was obviously no way of guessing so I finished up and called her to the table. As we ate I got the sense that she was not quite sure what it should be either. I could the wheels spinning in her head, but she was not saying anything.

After we were done she told me to clean up the dishes and meet me in the bedroom. When I got there I found her sitting on the bed with her feet up holding a deck of cards. Then she said, "I couldn't decide how to reward you so I thought I would let the cards decide. Here is how it will work. I am going to let you pull up to 5 cards from the deck. You can stop at anytime, but once you continue you cannot go back to a previous card. Here are what the cards are worth: twos- sevens = hand job, eights-jack = blow job, Queen = Sex w/ woman on top, King = Sex w/ man on top, Ace = anal sex, Joker = whatever you want.

"Wow," I though to myself, "this really is a reward." Then I reached to pull my first card. It was a six of diamonds so naturally I pulled another. I could not believe my luck. With my second pick I pulled a Joker. I looked it over for a second before turning it to show my wife. My cock instantly began to rise at the thoughts of what I could do.

"Ok, slave, a deal's a deal. What would you like?" Jess asked.

"You, naked, now," came my response.

She smiled as she stripped completely naked and stood before me. I licked the cute pink nipples on her voluptuous breasts before I pushed her to her knees to suck on my cock. She pleasured me for quite some time before I pulled her up and pushed her onto her back on the bed. Then I dove into her pussy licking and sucking until she screamed in orgasm and flooded my face. Then I stood and lifted her legs up over my shoulders and plunged my engorged cock into her over and over again until I shot my load deep inside her. As I lay on top of her catching my breath she asked, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes," I answered, "but I'm not done yet." I gave myself a few more minutes to catch my breath and then I rolled off of Jess pulling my now soft dick out of her. "Get me hard again." I told her grabbing her head and pushing it to my crotch.

Jess took my soft member and licked it clean before taking it completely into her mouth once more. Half of me was surprised that she was able to get me hard again so quickly, but half of me knew her expertise would overcome my exhaustion. Now that I was standing at full staff again I rose and bent her over the bed. I held her delicious ass in my hands as I slid my prick into her pussy once more. This time I moved in and out much slower and smacked her bottom at the same time.

Gradually I picked up the pace and the spanking until she was really moaning. Then, much to her dismay, I pulled my cock out denying her the pleasure she wanted so desperately. I struck her ass 4 more times in succession and then pressed my member to her puckered asshole. At this point she was so turned on she wanted it almost as bad as I did and pushed back into me as I entered her.

I slid in and out a few short strokes before pushing my cock almost all the way in and then I held it there. I leaned forward and began to play with her clit and tits while holding my cock firmly in place. She begged for me to fuck her ass, but I was having too much fun pinching her nipples and feeling her wet twat with my fingers. Finally, when I knew I had pushed her far enough, I grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out of her ass, harder and harder, faster and faster with each thrust until I came filling up her hole and driving her over the edge. Again, I gave myself a few minutes to recuperate and then I stood, smacked her bottom, and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When I came out, she was still lying on the bed catching her breath. As I lay down to go to sleep she walked by me to use the restroom to clean up and she flashed me a devilish grin of satisfaction. By the time she came out I must have fallen asleep.

Thursday, November 7th....

Another day, another dollar. This morning started out just like the others. My "Thursday" panties are pink, but other than that everything was relatively normal. Jess wanted muffins today so I made her blueberry ones and put some coffee on for her as well. While I waited I folded a load of laundry and picked up a thing or two around the house. When her muffins were done I buttered them and took them in to her before heading off to work.

The day had been very similar to the day prior except today I had an appointment with a couple and a few houses lined up to show them. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, nothing unusual happened at these showings. The couple was very pleasant and I think they are going to make an offer on the second house we looked at, but they wanted to go home and talk about it some more. I encouraged them to do so. Then I headed back to the office to button up a couple things before I returned home once again.

As I pulled into the driveway Jess came out to greet me. Before I could even turn off the car she had jumped in the other side and fastened her seat belt. "Let's go out to eat tonight," she said, "I'm hungry for some seafood."

As I drove, part of me wondered what was in store for me when I got home since she never let me in the house. Finally I decided I would just have to wait and see, so I might as well enjoy the meal and this "normal" time with my wife. That was when it really hit me. This was too normal. What was she going to spring on me now? I really began to hope she would not do anything to embarrass me in public. These thoughts haunted me as we ate, and I think Jess knew it. She just smiled and continued to enjoy her lobster. We finished our meal and headed home with no fanfare.

When we got home I stripped like normal, but Jess told me not to bother with the cuffs. Once again I found myself wondering what to expect. As I walked inside I found my lovely wife sprawled out naked on the bed with a bottle of massage oil lying next to her. I put my clothes away and took my cue.

I poured the oil onto my hand and began to rub it into her back and shoulders. I took my time rubbing out any knots I found along the way. She lay there quietly as I massaged her arms, hands, legs, and feet. I poured a little more oil onto my hands before I began to knead her thighs and bottom. After several minutes she turned over for me to do the front. I rubbed her legs and feet once more and then her arms and hands. Then I gently massaged her temples, ears, cheeks, and face, before I poured some more oil on her breasts.

She sighed softly as I touched them for the first time and began to caress and knead them. I rolled my fingers back and forth around her nipples, much to her delight. Then I ran my fingers down her stomach to her pussy. She had continued to shave it since Amber's visit, much to my delight. Initially I massaged gently around her folds and slowly worked my way in until I began to rub gently on her clit with my thumb. In just a few minutes she began to squirm and flooded my fingers with her juices. Then I brought my fingers to my lips and licked them clean before my mistress dismissed me to my place on the floor to sleep.

Friday, November 8th................

Once again I woke at 5:00 a.m. and settled into my morning routine of getting ready, making breakfast, and getting a couple chores done before heading off to work. Today I made Jess a ham and cheese omelet and some toast. Then I grabbed my stuff and headed off to work.

My day at work was relatively uneventful. I followed up with the couple from yesterday and found out that they were probably going to make an offer on Monday. I spoke to Helen to confirm everything for next week. Then I talked with a couple clients about the possibility of setting up an open house for their listing after Thanksgiving. We set them up for early December and I advised them to go ahead and decorate for Christmas since it would help their house feel more like a home to potential buyers. Finally 5:00 p.m. rolled around and I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.

When I got home there was no hanger on the door or box on the floor. I stood there for a moment wondering what I should do. Just then Jess opened the door and told me to come in. "Tonight you are just going to be you." She said and then kissed me and gestured toward the bedroom. "I laid some clothes out for you on the bed. I was hoping we could go out to eat and then catch a movie. What do ya think?"

"Sounds great," I said, a bit puzzled. "What's the catch?"

"There is no catch. I promise." She crossed her heart. "I just want to be with you tonight as husband and wife, not slave and master."

"Okay," I shrugged and went off to change my clothes.

I was surprised to see that she had not only laid out jeans, a sweater, and shoes, but also my boxer briefs. Maybe she really meant it. I started to wonder if she was getting bored of our little game. I finished getting dressed and then met her in the living room where she already had her coat on, ready to go.

We got in the car and drove to our favorite steak house. We ate supper like a normal couple with normal couple conversation. It took me a little while to get into it because I kept waiting for the 'other boot to fall'. After assuring me several times that I should just relax and enjoy the evening, I finally did. We sat there for probably another half-an-hour after our meal just talking before we finally decided we better go if we were going to try to catch a movie.

We stood at the front of the theater for several minutes trying to decide what movie we wanted to see more, before we finally picked one we could both agree on. It was really nice sitting there eating popcorn with my wife as the screen flickered. Putting my arm around her during the movie somehow felt different. It felt almost as if we were dating all over again.

It did not seem to take long before the movie was over and we found ourselves driving home. Jess had her hand on my thigh and had scooted as close to me as the center console would allow her to scoot. When we got home we were like newlyweds. We started making out before we could even close the garage and get in the door to the house. We made our way into the bedroom we were tossing our clothes left and right as we continued to kiss and grope each other. It was not long before we found ourselves making love on our bed with a passion that we had not felt in I don't know how long.

The rest of the evening was so incredible that it was a blur to me and I would not even know where to begin. The last thing I remember was falling asleep wrapped in each others arms, thinking how lucky I was to be married to such a beautiful, sexy, fun woman.

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