tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 13

Sweet November Ch. 13


Tuesday, November 19th

I woke up this morning around nine with my jeans and sweater still on, lying on top of the covers of my hotel room bed. After lying there a couple more minutes, allowing my senses to come around, I pulled myself up and grabbed a bottle of water from the mini-fridge. I took a quick drink and then headed to the bathroom to relieve myself. On my way I noticed another crème colored envelope had been pushed under my door. I picked it up and continued to my original destination.


You will be picked up at 2:00 p.m. Your clothes are in the bottom drawer.

Be sure to eat lunch prior.

It was the same directions as the day before. I hoped it would not lead to the same outcome.

After reading the note I became completely aware of how bad I stunk. The smell of sweat and twenty different women stuck to me like paint. Even though I did not need to be anywhere for several hours, I had to get in the shower. I reached into the shower and turned it on, allowing it a little time to warm up while I stripped off my clothes. Looking in the mirror I could not believe the marks on my body. My ass was still marked with blotches of red from the flogging I had received. In addition, my back and chest had many short scratches in bunches of four from Laura's nails. While none of them were deep, they were easily noticeable.

I climbed in the shower and quickly lathered on the soap. Occasionally it found a deeper cut and made me more aware of my marks. After washing my body completely, I washed and conditioned my hair and did a quick once-over to make sure I still had no body hair. When that was all done I decided to have a seat in the bottom of the shower and just let the hot water and steam rush over me. It was very relaxing and I think I actually drifted off for a couple minutes. Eventually I pulled myself up and out of the shower and began to dry myself off.

Now that I was dry, I headed back into my room to see what clothes I would be wearing today. I opened the drawer and discovered clothing similar to what I was given to wear the day prior except for one detail. Everything was black. There were black shoes, jeans, t-shirt, and a black sweater. I had not worn that much black at once since I was in Junior High and went through a 'dark' stage in my life.

I pulled on the clothes and prepared myself for the day ahead. As I pulled the sweater over my head the phone rang and I quickly rushed over to grab it.

"Hello," I said, as I picked up the phone.

"Good morning, Slave," came the sultry response of the woman on the other end of the line.

"Who is this?" I asked.

"You don't know me," she responded, "but you soon will. I was the winning bidder for you, for today. I am calling to see if you would like to go to lunch in a little bit."

"I thought we weren't starting until two," I responded in confusion.

"That's right. My eight hours does not start until two. I just thought maybe you were sick of that hotel restaurant food and might like some company someplace different," she followed up.

I pondered it a minute and decided I really had nothing better to do and I would love to eat somewhere different. "Sure. Why not?" I answered.

"Wonderful! I will be waiting for you out front in about twenty minutes. See you then."

After we hung up I put on my shoes and finished getting ready. After I touched up my hair and brushed my teeth, I headed down to the lobby just as my clock read 11:30. As I reached the front door the black Town Car I had grown accustomed to seeing every time I came out of someplace was pulling up to the door. As I approached, the back passenger-side door opened to let me in.

As I stepped up to the car I saw the longest, most beautiful legs I had ever seen. They were encased in sexy black stockings with a black high-heeled shoe dangling from the toe of her right foot which was crossed provocatively over her left leg. A glimpse of her honey-colored skin could be seen at the top edge of her stockings as her magnificent legs disappeared beneath her short, tailored business suit. Her suit was black as the Indiana night as was her shoulder-length hair. They both contrasted nicely with the carnation pink blouse she wore. It was impossible to make out the exact size of her breasts beneath the silk blouse, but it was obvious they were magnificent.

As I crawled into the back seat next to her my eyes rose to meet hers. They were as bright and green as anything I had ever seen and seemed to sparkle in the shadows. Her upturned nose, round face, and full lips gave her the look of a model, although it was mildly apparent that she was well into her thirties and past her prime. I found out later that she had actually been Miss Ohio about seventeen years ago and missed being Miss USA by the smallest of margins. Needless to say, she was a knockout.

We sat quietly for a couple minutes as the Town Car glided down the street. "I hope you like Thai food," she said, breaking the silence.

"I've never had it," I admitted. "But I'll try anything once."

"It is so good to hear you say that," she responded coyly, as she cracked a bit of a smile. "I'm Gretchen, by the way."

"Pleased, to meet you," I followed, as I took her hand and pecked it lightly.

After exchanging pleasantries for several minutes we arrived at the restaurant and headed inside. There were only a handful of people at this place, but it was really rather nice. The walls were adorned with various forms of decoration to give the room the atmosphere of actually being in some Far-East locale. The tablecloths and hanging lights finished off the look and really brought the whole room together. We sat there only a couple minutes before the waitress brought us our food and drinks.

"I hope you don't mind," Gretchen said, as she picked up her utensils from the table. "I went ahead and ordered for us before I picked you up. I'm sure you will love it."

"That's cool," I responded, as I shrugged and took my first bite. It was a little hotter than I expected; I quickly understood why they had left the whole pitcher of water.

"What do you think?" she asked, giggling.

"It's...good..." I coughed. "Just a little spicier than I figured."

"Ha, ha, haaa..." she laughed. "Your eyes are watering."

As I wiped away the tears, I began to laugh as well. It almost felt like I was on an awkward first date with her and this was the point where all the walls came down and we began to enjoy each others' company. For the next hour-plus we sat, ate and talked as if we had known each other for years and were just catching up. Several minutes after we finished eating she looked down at her watch, picked up her purse from next to her seat and stood to leave.

"But...the bill?" I questioned.

"It's taken care of," she responded nonchalantly. "I own this place." And with that, she continued towards the door and I stepped quickly in place behind her.

Once we were back in the car she told me how her husband was a very rich businessman and he gave her whatever she wanted in order to keep her happy. She went on to tell me that they had a very open sex life, but up until now were too shy to really try many of the things they had fantasized about. That was where I came in. He had always wanted a threesome with two women, but she refused to allow it until she got one with two men. In addition she wanted to be the dominatrix in charge of two male subs who would strive to bring her continuous pleasure and entertainment.

"When we get to my house, things are going to change," she warned, as her tone turned serious. "The second you walk through that door your eight hours at my mercy begins and my cheery demeanor ends."

I got goose bumps as her words hit me. I had been through a lot, but I just met this woman for this first time less than two hours ago and I had no idea what she might be capable of.

At that moment, the Town Car pulled up to the gates of her home and we waited a brief moment for them to open before we proceeded to drive up the long drive to her secluded mansion hidden in the woods. We both got out of the car and she quickly stepped up the five steps and through her front door. I took a few deep breaths and followed her inside.

Once inside, I found myself standing in the middle of a foyer at the bottom of the most beautiful winding wooden staircase I had ever seen.

"Strip!" she hollered down from the top of the stairs. "I'll be back for you in a minute."

I removed all of my clothing and placed them neatly on a chair near the steps. Then I kneeled at the bottom with my head downcast, hoping to gain her approval when she returned.

Several more minutes passed until I heard the apparent sound of heels clicking on the hard wood floors behind me. Then a gasp and the clicking stopped.

I turned my head slightly to find what I would guess to be a middle-aged Hispanic-looking woman standing several yards back from me, having just entered the room through a side door. She wore a light-blue dress and white apron typical to what you would expect for a housekeeper. Her black hair was pulled back off of her heavily made-up face to reveal her intense look of shock as she stared at my naked form kneeling on the floor of her boss's home.

"Rose, get back to work," I heard, yelled down from the top of the stairs.

She stood there in stunned silence for a few more seconds.

"Rose!" Gretchen hollered once again.

The housekeeper jerked her head up to see Gretchen and awakened from her near-trance-like state. Then she continued her journey across the hardwood floor and disappeared behind another side door.

After she exited through the side door I turned my head back to see where the shouting came from. There at the top of the stairs stood Gretchen in a bodysuit like none I had ever seen before. I was completely mesmerized by her sexy saunter and tight-fitting outfit as she stepped slowly down the steps toward me.

When I met her for the first time just a couple hours earlier I recognized the fact that she was a beautiful woman, but I really had no idea how incredibly sexy she was until this moment. The bodysuit she wore was obviously custom made specifically for her. It was silver iridescent latex that hugged every inch of her perfect form almost as if it were her second skin. It covered nearly every inch of her body from her ankles, to her neck and wrists. Her only exposed areas were the diamond-shaped hole revealing her spectacular tits and nipples and a much smaller diamond-shaped hole revealing her expertly-manicured pussy. My cock instantly sprang to life and I began to lick my lips at the thought of plunging my tongue deep into her waiting twat.

"There will be plenty of time for that later," she responded, as if reading my mind. She reached the bottom of the steps and approached a trunk placed just a few feet away.

She reached into the trunk and gathered a few things and then quickly stood before me. As she placed a collar around my neck and attached a leash she began to remind me that she was in control and if I knew what was good for me I would respond quickly and without question. Then she stepped behind me and locked a pair of metal cuffs to my wrists, just tight enough to make them uncomfortable. Then, once again, she stood before me and took firm hold of my already raging erection with one hand as she squeezed my balls with her other. It took all the restraint I could muster to keep from crying out as she tightened her already surprisingly-strong grip on my boys.

Apparently this was some sort of test, as she never said a word, but I could feel her glaring eyes on me as I kept my eyes prostrate until she finally released me. Then, without allowing me so much as a second to catch my breath, she grabbed my leash and yanked it roughly to follow her up the stairs. I nearly fell as I stumbled to keep up, but managed to catch myself against the banister despite my hands being bound behind me. As we reached the top of the stairs she led me down a long hallway with a seemingly endless number of doors all of which remained closed. Finally we reached our destination and she opened the door to her chosen room.

Once she pulled me inside I saw that though the room was enormous there was almost nothing in it. That was until I noticed the man in the corner. The man I assumed to be her husband appeared to be in his mid-forties. He was a little overweight and graying slightly, but the most noticeable thing about him was that he was tied naked to a wooden chair with a ball gag in his mouth and some type of leather chastity device encasing his genitals. I found out later that she had also placed a plug up his ass as well.

Gretchen led me to an open area of the floor directly in front of her husband and commanded me to kneel. Then she removed my leash before pushing me onto my back, crushing my hands behind me. Next, she grabbed my already-softened member and balls and stuffed them into a leather chastity device matching that of her other captive. After that she grabbed a two-and-a-half foot spreader bar with leather cuffs and attached it to my ankles, as well as to a hook on the floor. Finally she walked over to a spot on the wall behind her husband and pressed an intercom button.

"Rose," she called, "I need you to come here in twenty minutes. Don't be late."

After Rose affirmed her understanding Gretchen stepped confidently over to me and lowered her pussy down to my lips. "Lick!" she barked, as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards her.

Without hesitation I began to lap at her delicious twat as if trying to discover exactly how many licks it took to get to the center of her tootsie pop. In a matter of minutes she was soaking wet and pulling my hair harder and harder with every orgasm she experienced. I was so turned on that my cock struggled to grow in spite of its bondage until it became apparent that the more it tried to grow the more painful it became and it finally gave up.

Suddenly I heard the door open and Rose walked in. Although I could not see what was going on I could hear Gretchen command her to release him and remove the ball gag. These events were obviously foreign to Rose, because Gretchen repeated herself several times as Rose apparently froze in her tracks.

During their communications I made the mistake of taking a second or two too long while taking a breath when I should have been providing her pleasure. She was quick to remind me of my purpose as she slapped my thigh with her open hand.

I vigorously returned to licking her dripping pussy as the other male slave was released from his bondage. Soon Gretchen was climaxing once more as she bucked up and down on my face. As her climax subsided I felt the strap holding my chastity device in place being loosened. Apparently I had missed that directive given to Rose before she left.

"Come here, Slave," Gretchen called to her husband, as she rose from her seat on my face. Then she kissed him passionately as she squeezed the bondage holding his genitals. After that she whispered something in his ear before returning to me and helping me to a seated position and releasing one of my hands from its cuffs. Next she pushed me back down and locked the cuffs back on, but over my head this time. After that she attached them to another hook in the floor so that I was held tightly in place.

"Go ahead, slave," she directed. "I want him nice and hard when I fuck him."

Needless to say I was a bit confused, but I would not have to wait long to get the answers. Before I knew it he was kneeling in front of me preparing to suck my cock.

"Suck it now, Slave," she shouted, when he took too long. "Or you'll never touch this pussy again and I can guarantee you will never get that threesome you've been begging for."

That was all it took. He quickly grabbed my soft member and licked it slowly.

"Get him hard now," she followed, impatiently. "I need a cock in me so bad."

I looked up and caught her fingering herself as her husband slowly brought my cock to life. It was obvious he had not done this before, but I was surprisingly aroused by the idea of another man being forced to suck my cock so I could fuck his wife.

After a few short minutes my cock was relatively erect, but not to her liking so she decided to give him some first-hand direction. "Don't just lick it. Suck it. Take it all in," she taunted, as she pushed his head down on to my member causing him to choke a little

"I know it's huge compared to your tiny thing," she teased, "but you can do it." Again she pushed on the back of his head as he deep-throated my member.

I could feel my balls tensing up as my climax grew, but he was not slowing down. I winced uncontrollably as I tried to hold back my orgasm, but the pleasure was too immense and I shot my load straight down his throat.

Surprised by my sudden burst of come, he pulled back as my load shot across his face and chest.

"Oh, shit!" she yelled. "You weren't supposed to make him come. That was mine, you little slut."

Then she grabbed him by the back of his neck and pushed him down onto my cock and balls once more and said, "Clean up this mess you made while I decide how to punish you two."

Frustrated, she stomped over to the chair where her husband was bound earlier and took a seat. With her arms and legs crossed she pondered the best way to teach us a lesson while the truth of the matter hit me that a man was licking my genitals. Now that the pleasure had subsided I began to get very uncomfortable with the whole situation before me.

"I've got it," she announced, as she stood and pointed her determined finger my way. "Since you can't control that dick of yours, we're going to find out just how many times you can come in the next several hours you are under my control. As a matter of fact, if you don't come at least once every hour you will be severely punished."

"As for you," she jeered, shifting her attention towards her husband who was now sitting up to give her his undivided attention. "We'll talk about your punishment later. For now, you will do whatever I ask to make sure I experience the utmost pleasure and am entertained."

"Yes, Mistress," we answered in unison.

"Good," she responded. "Now, get him hard again. I will feel that beautiful cock inside me this time, so don't fuck it up."

With that he proceeded lick and suck my cock again and she strutted over and lowered her pussy down onto my face once more. Only this time she straddled me while facing towards my torso. I can only assume it was to make sure he did not "blow" it again.

I awaited no instruction and immediately began to point my tongue in the direction of her soaking pussy. It had only been a short while since I had tasted it last, but the deliciousness of it had me going full-force in no time. That, in turn, helped my cock return to a state of arousal quicker than I expected. Gretchen wasted no time and pushed her man-slave away from my crotch.

"Stop right there," she commanded, as he fell back catching himself on his palms. Then she jumped up from her position on top of me and stepped quickly to the corner of the room where a key hung on a hook on the wall. Next she threw the key to her slave and ordered him to release me. He fumbled with each cuff for a few seconds, but managed to get them all undone despite our mistress's chiding to hurry up.

As I stood to my feet she beckoned me to her. She had relocated to a mattress positioned in the far corner of the room. Lying flat on her back with her legs up and spread she ordered me to fuck her for all I was worth. I was more than happy to oblige.

My raging erection had no trouble penetrating her soaking slit and in no time I was pounding away as I fondled her incredible tits. Between moans she beckoned her husband to grab the chair and move closer. I cannot imagine what it was like to watch my own wife being fucked by another man even though it seemed obvious my wife did not mind seeing me with other women.

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