tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 20

Sweet November Ch. 20


Tuesday, November 26th

I woke up this morning in a bit of a daze. I would have thought falling asleep on the cot she left for me to sleep on would have been more difficult, but apparently the festivities of the night before coupled with a little manual labor and a long day at work really wore me out. Frankly, I do not even remember lying down.

Nevertheless, there I was, reaching to turn off the alarm at the start of another day. The only thing separating my naked body from the rough canvas of the cot was the thin blanket I had wrapped around me. I wanted to lie there for a few more minutes. I wanted desperately to get another hour or two of sleep, but I knew better. Jess expected certain things from me before I left for work, plus it looked as though I was going to have a big day at work anyway.

I rolled off the cot and landed on the floor with a thud. As I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I retrieved my suit, shirt, socks and panties of the day from the closet. They were conspicuously the only things in that closet. Then I headed off to the bathroom she had assigned me to and began my daily routine.

From the point I got into the shower to mid-morning are a bit of a blur. I am sure I prepared Jess the breakfast she required and I am sure I did a few things to prepare for my appointments, but all those details fade when I think about the sales appointments I had on this particular Tuesday.

Let me explain: Real Estate can be a funny world. No sale is ever the same as any before it. Every customer has different ideas of what they want, what is really important, and what they will compromise on. Some have to have a fireplace, others a laundry room and still others only seem to care about the proximity of the kitchen to the garage. The trick is to figure out what excites your client and then do your best to find properties that showcase those items.

Then there is the money. Some have a lot. Some do not. Some are flexible on what they will spend; others are not. Couple this with my earlier statements and you have a whirlwind of possibilities. And that is not to mention location, location, location.

When you put these variables together along with all the myriad of personalities we run into, Real Estate can be a very interesting yet frustrating business. Just when you think you have the perfect house, in the perfect place, for the perfect price, something else suddenly becomes more important. It is not unusual to invest a lot of time with a particular client with little or no pay-off.

Taking all this into consideration, this Tuesday was the strangest of my career. I had three appointments today. Each of them went perfectly. Each of the women showed up right on time. Each of them knew exactly what they wanted. Each of them had funding already in place. Each of them made a reasonable offer on the first house they looked at within an hour of looking at it. Each of the offers got accepted almost immediately.

I kept pinching myself. I kept looking around for hidden cameras. Could this be real?

The next thing I knew the time was approaching five o'clock. I had a busy, but incredibly prosperous day and I was going home on time.

When I arrived at home Jess was relaxing on the couch with her feet up, allowing her nail polish to dry. As I stepped through the door she immediately motioned me over. Bending down for what I expected to be her orders for the evening, she gently but potently grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers for a long, wet passionate kiss.

Initially I was caught off-guard, but I quickly got in the groove. My tongue danced with hers as our eyes closed together in unison. I could taste her martini on my lips and enjoyed its loitering on my tongue.

"I have a surprise for you," she smiled. "Go put on the outfit I have laid out for you and then come on back."

"Yes, mistress," I responded inquisitively and she slapped my butt playfully as I headed off to the room she had me set up in. I could not help but wonder what her fiendish mind had in store.

Upon entering the room I immediately came upon the clothes she had laid out for me. They were a bit different from most anything she had asked me to wear, so that made me a little more curious than usual. I quickly removed and dispensed of my work clothes and pulled on the black leather chaps and white ribbed t-shirt. It was obvious the shirt had been tailored specifically for me as it hugged me nicely in all the right places. I could not help but admire the way I looked in the mirror down the hall. In fact my ass cheeks looked downright spectacular encased in black leather.

I quickly headed back to the couch where Jess had been lounging and cleared my throat to announce my arrival. She laid her magazine down and turned to face me. "Ooh, don't you look...delicious," she cooed. "Come over here and let me get a closer look."

As I stood before her she motioned for me to spin. Slowly I turned until I was facing away from her. At this point she kindly ordered me to stop as she ran her nails up and down my cheeks. "Tell me about your day," she requested, as she continued to rake my behind gently.

"Excuse me?" I responded, thinking this was a curious question to ask.

"How was your day?" she followed up, sounding the slightest bit perturbed.

"Funny you should ask," I replied, as she spun me the rest of the way around and turned her attention to my boys and began fondling them gently. "The last couple days have been absolutely incredible. I have never sold so many houses in such a short period of time. Apparently I sold a few while I was out and a few more since my return. I really can't explain it."

"That's great," she responded calmly, and she turned her attention to my now semi-erect member. "So all your hard work is starting to pay off."

I could not tell for sure, but I felt like something bigger was going on, something she was not telling me. Nevertheless I just answered in the affirmative, "Yes, I guess so."

"Very good, now let me tell you about my day," she said, as she gently rubbed the head of my penis with the tips of her fingers with one hand and strummed the underside of my balls with the other.

"First off, you may have noticed, just about all the furniture has been moved in. All the TVs and stereos in the house have been set up the way you like them, including surround sound and cable. All but a couple rooms are painted the way I wanted them, and the kitchen has been fully stocked," Jess announced, proudly.

"Wow!" came my genuinely surprised and impressed response.

"Secondly, I decided to reward myself by giving myself a pedicure and procuring this here martini." She raised her glass and took another drink.

"Lastly, I have a couple surprises for you. The first is a sort of game room I have outfitted for some fun we can have together. The second is that I already got some playmates for you to try it out with," she smiled coyly, and took her last drink before placing the glass on the floor and rising to her feet.

"Follow me," she said invitingly and released my now fully-erect cock and walked towards the basement door. She was simply wearing a pink tank top and some running shorts, but the sway of her ass and the bounce of her tits took the hardness of my cock to another level.

As we walked down the stairs she began again, "The previous owner of the house had a theater room down here for watching movies, but when I learned about all the effort they went through to soundproof it I realized what a huge waste it was to leave it as a theater."

She led me to the door of the room and stopped just short of opening it and turned to face me once again. My curiosity was piqued. I wanted to know exactly what she had done to this room. I wanted to know who was waiting inside. I wanted to know what was next.

Jess stood up on her toes and grabbed me once again kissing me deeply. When she finally released me our eyes locked, "I love you," she said and then opened the door and led me inside the dimly-lit room.

As I looked around I began to put together her meaning of 'game room'. She had transformed it into a room dedicated to sexual exploration. There were cuffs, chains, and various lengths of rope hanging on one section of the red velvet draped walls. There were whips, paddles, and flogs at another spot. Vibrators, dildos, and strap-ons, were scattered across another section. In the corner there appeared to be some sort of dressing room where a glimpse of leather and lace was peaking out. In the center of the room sat a queen-size bed with a black cast-iron head and foot board. The sheets were a deep purple, almost black, and appeared to be satin. Sprinkled throughout the rest of the room were various devices that could be used for bondage or sexual gratification. Some I had seen before in recent days. Others I had not.

Finally Jess grabbed me by the hand. I felt like a kid in a candy shop trying to take it all in. It was both exciting and intimidating all at once. She led me to the farthest corner of the room where a black curtain concealed a small section of the room. Stopping just short she motioned for me to wait as she pulled back the curtain. With all that was going on in the room I had actually forgotten about the 'playmates'. That is until she began to pull back the curtain revealing them to me.

There on the floor bound with leather cuffs and chains were the two of the young women from the night before. They each wore only a plain white t-shirt that fell just below their crotch and cuffs on each wrist and ankles. A length of chain connected through the loops on the end of all their cuffs and was locked in place around one of the steel foundation pillars. In addition, they had a bandana tied around their heads and stuffed in their mouths. At this point I was unsure if that was for show or not.

Jess stood behind them with arms stretched out with a big smile on her face as if presenting them to me as presents. "They're all yours," she announced.

I was very confused. I am the slave. I still have a few more days.

Sensing my confusion she began to speak, "They came to me impressed by the way I controlled you and longing to have what I have. I told them to come back today and I would teach them more. I decided that rather than teach them, you could show them. After all, who knows more than someone who has been through it like you have?"

I stood there a little while in stunned silence. On one hand I was intrigued by the idea, but on the other I was not prepared to do anything to them against their will.

Jess began again, "I told them, 'to become a good dominatrix you had to understand the limits of your counterpart.' I told them, 'you have to know how far you can go before you break them.' I told them, 'the only way to really understand is to experience it for yourself.' And then I told them, 'sometimes being the slave is twice the fun of being the master.' Then they both agreed to be yours for the evening."

That was all I needed to hear. "So who are they?" I asked as I began to stroke my cock slowly but methodically in anticipation.

Jess answered, "Their real names are not important. You can call this one Slut and this one Whore."

"Perfect," I responded. "Those fit them nicely."

"I am glad you approve." Jess responded. "Now I am going to bed. It took a lot of work getting this house ready and I am exhausted." Before pulling the door shut behind her as she exited the room, she let me know that when I was done with them I could simply "send them on their way".

As I heard the door close behind me I immediately shifted my attention back to the two girls in the corner. I had no idea where to begin, but I knew this was going to be a lot of fun. I stepped quickly over to where they were bound and realized I had forgotten to ask about the key to the handcuffs. Not wanting to bother Jess I determined it must be somewhere in the room and set out to find it.

As I searched the room it actually gave me some time to get my bearings and discover some of the amenities of the space. In addition it gave me some time to think about what I would do with my new 'toys'.

Finally I discovered the key hidden in plain sight on the center of a table placed near the corner of the room where the ladies were bound. Thinking back, they were making a bit of noise trying to get my attention. It is likely this was why.

As I unlocked their cuffs I began to go over some of the rules for the evening. I started with the simplest of instructions by informing them to speak only when spoken to and to call me Master. I also made sure they knew the importance of a quick response. Lastly, I gave them a safe word since I was confident this was their first encounter on the submissive end.

Now that they were free from their bondage I removed the bandanas from their mouths and instructed them to remove their t-shirts as well. They both complied quickly but I would not go so far as to say eagerly. The over-confident, sex-crazed women from last night were now much more timid and reserved.

"Okay, Slut, show me what you've got," I ordered.

They both stood motionless for a moment. "Oh, sorry, that's me isn't it?" she spat apologetically and then took a step forward and spun slowly for me to inspect.

Slut had very short fire red hair in a pixie cut. Her green eyes sparkled atop her thin pointed nose and pert lips. At 5'5" she was very cute with pale, soft skin and carnation pink nipples perched upon her small but perky tits. She was thin and had almost no ass at all, but I found myself mesmerized by the thin patch of red hair hovering above her tight little pussy. Under different circumstances I might have dove into it right then and there.

"Okay, that will do," I remarked curtly and motioned her back into place.

"Yes Master," she replied and quickly found her spot.

"Now it is your turn, Whore." I followed with arms crossed maintaining my composure and the illusion of control.

The second girl stepped forward and began to spin for me. Her shoulder-length chestnut hair was pulled back into a ponytail that swayed charismatically with her every movement. Without knowing anything about her I could tell she was the enthusiastic, go-big-or-go-home type. Her deep brown eyes were large and inviting and completed her sultry brows and luscious lips. Whore was an inch or two taller than Slut, but she seemed to be all legs. They were very shapely and though her feet were bare I could easily envision them in some black stilettos. Her fabulous legs crawled deliciously up to her pear-shaped bottom. It seemed a little large for her frame until you happened upon her salacious c-cup breasts with nipples the size and color of pencil erasers. Her shaved pussy was nice, but I kept coming back to those nipples as my mouth began to water.

"Good enough," I spoke without emotion and pointed for them to have a seat at the foot of the bed while I fetched a few items.

Despite my efforts to maintain my edge and not show my enjoyment of the women displaying themselves before me, my dick was unwilling to cooperate and was rapidly working its way to complete rigidity. At this point I could only hope their nervousness outweighed their observation and deduction skills. I kept my back to them as I perused the room for my tools of tease and torment, in hopes that my erection would subside at least a little before I returned to them.

After several minutes of collecting I stood before my Slut and Whore once again. My cock was semi-erect, but I was okay with that especially considering the ideas that ran through my mind as planned the remainder of the evening.

"Alright Whore, let's go," I barked, as I motioned for her to follow me over to a large wooden X which I hear is called a St. Andrew's Cross.

"Yes, Master," she responded quickly, as she chased me over to the cross.

I turned her facing towards the device and fastened her wrists as high up as I could on the upper arms of the X. Then I began to fill her in on a little bit of my plan. "I hope you don't mind, but I am just going to lock you up here while I go play with that friend of yours." With both wrists locked tightly in place I moved down to her ankles. "I'll get back to you and that luscious ass of yours soon enough." Now that she was completely secured with arms and legs spread wide I gave her butt a nice hard smack and then walked away. She grunted just a little in time with the blow.

"Okay, Slut, now it's your turn," I announced as I walked quickly towards her and motioned for her to stand. Then I led her over to a contraption I had seen on the floor earlier and knew I wanted to try out the second I saw that little red landing strip of hers. The device was, in a sense, a set of stocks, but to leave it at that would not be doing it justice.

First off, I had her lie down on her back on a padded floor mat that was part the object in use. I locked her in place at one end by a stock around her neck and a simple hook pushed into place to keep it closed. Her hands were locked into the same board wrapped around her neck.

Now that her upper body was immobilized I moved onto the bottom half. For that her legs were locked into stocks just below her knees. Then the locked board was fastened to two risers at the edge of the mat in line with her waist. This pulled her legs back and slightly open, exposing her scrumptious pussy to me to use however I deemed fit.

Now that I had her in place I could not help but stand back and enjoy the view. Directly in front of me lay a spectacular specimen of a woman bound in such a way that her pussy practically begged to be devoured. Just a few more feet a way stood a voluptuous woman bound upright with her ass turned invitingly in my direction. My cock now stood at full attention.

After admiring my work for a moment or two, I went to retrieve a couple of the items I had set aside and then quickly returned to my Slut on the floor. "I love to eat pussy," I told her as I kneeled down at the base of her contraption, "I could eat it for hours, especially after it is sopping wet and dripping with satisfaction."

She began to squirm a bit as I spoke. Her anticipation and excitement was rising with every word I spoke.

"I am going to get you jump started," I whispered, "while I go torment that Whore for a little while."

I had selected a vibrator that was what I would have considered neither small nor large. It was only about 8" long and hummed nicely as I turned it on. I would have liked one with more pulsating action, but this would certainly do. I held the vibrator against her clit for a few seconds as I gave her a couple last second instructions.

"This better be in place when I get back," I started, "and I don't want to hear so much as a peep out of you while I am gone. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," she whined, and I pushed the vibrator into her pussy before rising to walk away.

As I stepped up behind Whore I rested my right hand on her left ass cheek. "Did you miss me?" I inquired as I gave it a good squeeze.

"Yes, Master," she cooed.

I leaned in close so that my lips brushed against her ear as I whispered, "You have an incredible ass."

"Thank you, Master," she replied, as I continued to rub my hand up and down her backside.

"I think it would look simply amazing in crimson," I continued. My hand wandered along the very bottom edge of her ass to the crease where it met the top of her legs. I simply love this area. I could never explain why, but I do.

"How does that idea strike you?" I asked, adding special emphasis to the word 'strike'.

She swallowed hard. It was obvious she was nervous or possibly even scared. "Whatever pleases you, Master," she responded.

"Very good," I replied, and my hand continued exploring her bottom and down her crack until I reached up underneath and found the gloriously soft entrance to her pussy. She moaned gently as my fingers slowly opened her up and slid up into her. She was getting wetter by the second and her smell, combined with Slut's, was delectable.

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