tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSweet Petite Kate Ch. 01

Sweet Petite Kate Ch. 01


I'm a really nice guy, that's why my time with beautiful little Kate was so out of character, so bizarre. It all happened at a training conference. It was a multi-day affair and drew folks in our industry from all around the nation. There were a few from my agency in California out of the several hundred attendees, but nobody from my division. The first full day of training included a number of topics spread across the conference area of the hotel that most of us were staying at. I had seen a handful of people I knew from other events but no one close. I had resigned to eating dinner alone at the restaurant in the hotel following the last break-out session of the day.

I was standing in a short line waiting to be seated when I turned to look at those who were also waiting to see if I might get a reprieve and find some company to eat with. Directly behind me was a young lady also seemingly alone. Her small stature caught me off guard at first. It took me a moment to recognize that she was an adult; she could have easily been mistaken for a young teen. If she was five foot tall and hundred pounds, I would have been surprised. Once I paid her some more attention I found her exceedingly attractive. Pretty face, cute haircut, and a perfectly proportionate little body.

She acknowledged my looking her direction with a smile. "Are you attending the conference?" I asked.

She nodded while subtlety showing me the packet of training materials in her arms.

"Who are you here with?" I probed. She mentioned an agency I had never heard of so I just nodded.

"And you?"

We continued to make small talk while we waited until we were in the front of the line. When the maître d' return and asked if we wanted a table for two, I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and she nodded, so I responded "Yes, two please."

Once seated, we exchanged names and a few personal tidbits. Her name was Kate, she had been at the agency for less than a year since graduating college, and she was one of the prettiest people I had ever met. We had some drinks and a nice dinner. I paid of course because, in case you forgot, I'm a really nice guy. I was really enjoying her company and she seemed to appreciate the years that I had on her in the field. She had lots of good questions and my answers seemed to impress her accordingly. Whenever her face lit up in appreciation for my expertise, it made my heart leap.

Throughout our discussions, I had referred to various materials I had on my computer. Now that our dinner was coming to an end I asked if she wanted to come by my room so she could download a few things. I was trying not to sound too creepy because I was sincere, being a nice guy, there was no particular hidden agenda. Without hesitation she said, "Please, that would be so helpful."

Good, as I had hoped, she considered me safe. Maybe if I played my cards right, even though I was ten years her senior, I would get lucky and spend some more time with her over the week's training. As we walked from the restaurant, across the hotel lobby to the elevators I became completely enthralled with her movements. She was so feminine, almost feline, so graceful, so beautiful, so small. When we entered the elevator, we were pressed up against the rear of the car. Standing with her back to me, I was well over a foot taller. Looking down at her enjoying her fragrance, diminutive shoulders, flawless skin and perfectly lithe body, I was having a difficult time not getting hard. How "not nice" would that be, getting a boner right there in the elevator?

Most of the rooms in the hotel were nice suite-style with a front living room and a separated bedroom. From the elevator to my room, I tried my best to walk behind her more than alongside. I couldn't keep my eyes off her tiny ass. By the time we reached my door, my dick was raging out of control. Good and bad, my cock isn't something that I can hide with my hands in my pocket. In fact, I am the biggest dick that most of the women in my life had ever had.

We entered my room and I quickly excused myself to the restroom without being too conspicuous. By the time I relaxed and went back into the room, she was sitting on the couch in the front area. If it was possible, she was sitting absolutely perfectly, on the front edge of the couch, straight backed, with her hands folded in her lap. She seemed so small, so vulnerable.

I just stood there looking down at her when something inside me snapped. I had never felt anything like it, my dick grew and I didn't feel so "nice" anymore. She was just looking back at me, first with a smile until she realized something was different. Then her eyes drifted to my crouch and grew as big as saucers as she took in what was happening to me. I could see instant fear in her eyes as her body slumped a bit. My "nice guy" would have immediately felt bad for her and try to rescue from her discomfort, but that wasn't what was happening. It only made me feel more aggressive and more powerful over this small receptacle that I wanted for my cock.

She was having such an effect on me, I was on fire. I felt as if I was physically turning red with internal heat. We just stared at each other when I started taking off my tie trying to get a grip. Finally the animal was fully awake in me, the only control I cared about was over little Kate. I took a step to stand directly in front of her with my pants bulging. I reached down with my necktie and used it to tie her hands together. Kate just watched me with wide eyes as a tear began to form. In her powerlessness, she was the biggest turn-on I had ever experienced.

I was operating on pure lust as I stood above her, grabbing her small face in my hand, turning it up at me saying with an authority that even surprised me, "Suck my dick."

Without unlocking our stare, I took a step back to give her room on the floor in front of me. Now trembling but never taking her eyes off me, she slowly slid off the couch onto her knees. She brought her bound hands to my waist and began undoing my belt and my pants. I slipped my shoes off as she lower my pants over my raging hard-on. If she wasn't scared enough, when my oversized cock lunged out at her, she lurched back a gasp.

She took my pants and boxers down to my feet and off. By the time she brought herself back up on her knees, she was whimpering. The fear in her eyes as she stared at my dick almost made me cum right there, all over her face. This was a new feeling for me; I had never gotten off on control before. In fact, it had never even crossed my mind previously but her perfectly tiny body, quivering in fear of my dick was taking me over the top.

Finally, her bound hands reached up and touched my shaft. I ached as she ran them slowly back and forth like she was testing it . . . or maybe testing me. I quickly took her jaw in my hand, squeezing tightly, staring at her as I brought her face up close to my cock. She opened her mouth and slowing touched me with her tongue. Still holding her jaw, I forced the head of my dick into her mouth. Kate struggled to open wide enough to get me completely in. I let go of her face bringing my hands to my hips to watch. Her tongue tried to move around the underside of me but was pressed against her bottom jaw.

Kate slowly took a bit more of my cock into her mouth until it pressed to the back of her throat. On her knees, with my dick in her mouth was sexier than any porn I had ever seen. It took several minutes but Kate seemed to have grown more accustomed to her lips spread wide and she picked up some momentum. The ridge of my mushroom head spread her cheeks as it slid in and out. Her eyes were closed now as the cock in her mouth consumed her complete concentration. She looked so sweet, so pure with her beautiful facial features wrapped around my dick. She reminded me of the small, perfect sweeties in hot anime porn.

Her mouth was wonderful but I wanted more, I needed more, I was going to get more. I reached down and grabbed and handful of her hair. I held my cock tight against the back of her throat; she began to gag as I pressed harder. Her eyes shot open and looked up at me in a panic. I pulled her head off my cock for the moment and then drew her back tight onto my shaft. She gagged and choked as I pressed several inches further down her throat. Her eyes filled with tears and her face turned red before I pulled her off again. Without much time to recover, I forced myself back down her face. Again, coughing and choking, she took my cock down into her throat.

Watching her throat widen as I filled it was so erotic. Her hopeless attempts to capture a breath did nothing more than stimulating my cock to grow down her neck. With mascara tearing down her cheeks and saliva running out the corners of her mouth, she came off my dick with a gasped. She held her face at the end of my cock, recuperating from what I just put her through, but then opened her mouth and came back on by herself. She took as much as she could until I used force to push down into her throat. Pulling her back off by the hair, I turned Kate's face up to look me in the eyes. With my other hand, I slapped her across the face. Stunned, her mouth gaping, I pushed her down my dick again.

I had never stuck a female before in my life but it caused my cock to lunge down her throat. This time I fucked her little mouth with several full strokes down into her throat. There were strings of thick spittle from down deep stretching from my cock to her face. With another slap across the face, I forced my dick down her throat one last time. The head of my cock went from her lips to where her chin was pressing into my balls in one stroke. She was proficiently massaging my cock with her choking, swallowing and gagging. I felt my dick grow one last time as my dick began unloading it's cum down into her neck. Kate couldn't breathe at all now but I held her tight until I was done. When I finally released my handful of hair, she just slumped into a pile on the floor gasping for breath.

It took her a good ten minutes to raise her head up. I had moved to the overstuffed chair that matched the couch, sitting there with my dick lying between my legs. She rose up into a sitting position on the floor, wiping her mouth with the back of her bound hands as she looked over at me. Her cheeks showed the evidence of my slaps on the one side of her pretty face. I told her, "Get up and come here."

She pushed herself up off the floor, a little worse for wear. Her make-up smeared and her clothing askew, which made her even more adorably small and weak. It dawned on me that I hadn't thought this through; fact is I hadn't thought at all, I was running on pure lust. This would be the time she could just step out the door and be gone, but she didn't. She took the few steps to stand right in front of me. I reached forward and untied her hands. "Get undressed!" I ordered.

Her skirt had little trouble falling to the floor once pushed passed the slight flare of her narrow hips. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall from her shoulders and down her arms. There she stood in her bra and panties. I motioned to her to continue; again a tear welled up in her eyes. She undid the clasp in front, between her breasts and let it fall. She looked at me and again I nodded, down came her panties. The sight of her made my limp dick jump, she was perfect. Kate's breasts were perfect, small mounds on even a smaller body. Her nipples were pretty pink and hardened as I watched. She had a nicely light-haired trimmed vee pointing towards her treasure. Her dreamily flawless porcelain white skin looked like my own little anime princess, perfectly fuckable. I needed . . . no, I "had" to stick my dick in every hole in her body.

I pointed to the necktie that had ended up on the floor; Kate looked, bent down and picked it up. She laid it in my outstretched hand. I motioned with my finger to turn around and Kate did. Her pert little ass was framed between smooth delectable thighs and two cute dimples sitting high on her bum. I reached up pulling her elbows together, tying them behind her back. I slowly took her by the waist, turning her back around to face me. With her shoulders pull back by her bounds, her chest was thrust forward and her flat tummy was even more slender. I just had to put her breast in my mouth. I scooted forward in the chair which brought my face in align with her titties. She watched me as I began to lick, suck and bite her picture-perfect nipples. My hands took the opportunity to roam from her ass to her tits, appropriately squeezing both. Kate had the softest and most supple body imaginable, her skin was velvety. Her eyes closed and she accepted her mauling. I could hear her trying not to moan as I licked her nipples and not gasp when I bit them, bouncing in between pain and pleasure.

I sat back into the chair and I pulled her along with me. I closed my knees and made her straddle me while I lifted one of her legs up by the knee and placed her foot on the seat of the chair. Taking her by the waist, I lifted her up to where she was standing on the seat of my chair. She was amazingly light and easy to manipulate. Pulling her close, my nose was now line up with her sweet little slit. Nuzzling in, I ran my tongue in between her legs and up to her clit. She exhaled a low groan. Once again I ran my nose and tongue up her sex but this time I had a cheek of her ass in each hand pressing Kate into my face. This caused her to lean back with a moan. With her arms tied together behind her back, my hands gripping her ass were the only things stopping her from falling back off the chair to the floor. She swayed back into me as I sucked her clit in between my lips.

Her legs quit being of any use quite quickly and were pinned on either side of my body. If she wasn't virtually sitting in my hands she would have toppled. My hands were mauling her ass cheeks, pulling and squeezing while not ignoring her crotch. With fingers entering her tiny twat and pressing against her small rosebud, I sucked and nibbled ruthlessly on her clit until she came in my mouth and down my fingers. With an "Oh, oh, oh my god" her body slumped backwards with her tied arms dangling behind and below her. She just hung there, bent over backwards breathing heavily in my hands with an ass cheek in each palm as her only support.

With her feet tucked into the seat of the chair on either side of my hips, I lowered my elbows to the armrests and marveled at her perfectly small porcelain white body. Her flawless thighs coming together at her sex, the sex that I will soon see straining to wrap itself around my dick. Stretched back over, I looked down Kate's body with her flat tummy becoming unimaginably small and her breasts pulled across her chest. Her nipples rose upward screaming to be bitten.

Her absolute vulnerability made me hard again. I could encase her tiny ass completely in my hands. It was almost unbearable waiting any longer to see the head of my cock disappearing inside her. With her body on the tripod between her pinned feet and my arms, I slid one hand up her lower back to free my other hand to position my cock. Pulling it up in between her legs, my dick looked too big to fit in this tiny space. It filled the area between her creamy thighs completely. I might hurt her, cause her pain, she'll probably scream. Oh shit, I couldn't believe how much I wanted to make her scream.

I lowered her tiny slit down to my cock, it was warm and moist. She was just held there with her head back, seemingly willing to take whatever came next. I sat her on my dick; she was now almost in a sitting position with her feet pinned on either side of me and my cock being her only seat. I allowed her weight, as little as it was, to force me against her sex. She began to squirm at the discomfort which only invited her intruder to press in further. I wanted to pull her down hard on my dick but waited, there would be plenty of time for that. Her small sex slowly opened and began receiving the tip of my dick. Her slender body started to squirm and respond, and she was softly mewing just before she dropped several inches completely engulfing the head of my cock. She yelped and spasmed and gushed her sexual juices around my dick. It was amazing, that tiny little body stretched around the head of my cock, it was the most erotic thing I've ever seen.

I could see her heart pounding, raising her perfect titties up and down, and her breath accelerating as she slowly slid further down my dick. Her eyes were closed facing the ceiling and her mouth was open in a silent scream. Kate was even more beautiful with her face contorted as she was on a frontier of ecstasy and/or agony; I didn't have to do anything other than watch. I could tell each fraction of an inch was pressing into a world that was yet to be discovered by this young sweet thing. Her pussy was being taken somewhere she had never been. At about six inches her pussy began pulsating and grabbing my penis tightly as she came again, loudly. At seven inches I was pushing against her cervix and she expressed a new sensation of pleasure and pain with a surprisingly animalistic groan.

I let her sit there with about two-thirds of my dick up inside her, her elbows still tied together behind her back while my free hand roamed from her clit to her breasts and back again. She was slowly sliding down and I could see my cock pressing out against the inside of her tummy. I couldn't really believe it, as she came to a stop at the base of my cock I could make out the outline of my mushroom head just below her bellybutton. Kate was moaning and groaning and I wasn't sure if she was fully conscious or not.

Her legs were doing her no good at all; she was powerless, which made her even sexier. With both hands at her waist I began lifting her up my cock. Kate was rolling her head back and forth as I moved up and down on the top few inches of my dick before letting her slide back down it base. She would gasp as the flared head of my dick would cross her sensitive g-spot. After a number of slow strokes I began lifting her and pulling her hard back down my cock. I became even more excited as she seemed to be rolling through orgasms one after another. By the end I was slamming her down on my dick as I pushed my hips up from underneath to meet with a slap in the middle. She couldn't help herself from bouncing around like a bareback rider as she gushed onto my dick. I finally came to a stop and Kate went limp. I chose to save myself; there was one more hole to fuck.

Kate slumped forward onto my chest trying to regain her breath. I held her close as I scooted forward in the chair and stood up. She couldn't hold on with her arms still tied so I just carried her over to the table across the room. My dick had held its place embedded deep within as her legs just dangled as I made my way. The table was clear as I turned her around and laid her face down. Her ass was at the edge and her feet hung down almost touching the floor. With her arms behind her back, her chest and face lay flat on the hard table. I half expected her to try and get up but she just laid there, having difficultly gathering herself.

We hadn't turned on any lights when we first arrived and now the outside light left a soft hue in the room. Kate's tiny body was so pure, so fresh, so vulnerable. I grabbed the small bottle of complementary lotion the hotel made available on the counter and as I was moving back to my prize when my belt caught my eye laying on the floor. With my belt in my hand I stood there studying her perfectly small ass. Again, I was consumed by this need to use and abuse this sweet thing that I didn't fully understand. I fed about eighteen inches of the belt through my hand and brought it down with a slap across her right ass cheek and thigh. With a startled yelp she whined. Through her whine there came some unintelligible words as the belt struck again across her thighs. Now she was just whining, her toes were trying unsuccessfully to touch the floor but coming up short. A quick third, fourth, and fifth strike seemed to satisfy my need to make red marks on her porcelain skin. So I crouched down behind her and softly kissed her reddening skin.

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