tagMatureSweet, Quiet Janet Ch. 02 - The Hike

Sweet, Quiet Janet Ch. 02 - The Hike


Janet's breath came in heavy, labored gasps. She could hardly catch her breath but the exertion felt amazing. Her inner thighs were on fire, her ass was sore and a steady stream of sweat raced down her languid arched back. Despite her whole body begging for a brief second's rest, she persisted this latest test of her aged body and it continued to amaze her what it could do, always beyond her initial expectations. She wanted more and more, she had already had many but just one more was all she wanted at this moment. With one, final thrust she had arrived at her ultimate destination! Her hiking boots crunched on the gravel road that marked the edges of the campground in this secluded part of the Ozarks. She stopped, straightened her tall form and enjoyed the feeling of conquering a good 10-mile hike in a blistering pace that would have destroyed people less than half her age. Once again, she had proven that age was just a number to her. Her body and mind performed to the level that she set for each task. Never failing. Never faltering.

Janet walked slowly over to her little grey pickup that had served as her home for the past few days. She had decided to take some time for herself and a couple days camping and hiking in the beautiful fall colors of the Ozarks was just the ticket. She had loaded up the minimal supplies she needed for a long weekend of being one with nature. This was her idea of perfection. Never one to be a "fancy girl" she enjoyed a simple life and simple pleasures. A warm sun, blue sky and a sturdy pair of hiking boots were her idea of nirvana. Well, those things and a warm body to share them with that was the only thing missing that would have made this day completely perfect.

She had the campsite to herself, which surprised her since the weather was just spectacular. She remembered that school was back in session and there had been a forecast of rain for the weekend. Fortunately, the rain had held off and so had the screaming brats that usually terrorized the campgrounds on the weekends. She slipped off her well-worm hiking boots, wiggled out of her very fitted and quite short hiking shorts and pulled off the sweaty tank top she had worn during her arduous hike. She put some ridiculous pink flip flops on and walked to the outdoor showers in just her panties and a towel thrown over her shoulders.

The air had turned cooler so she was a little chilled but the water was hot from being stored in the sun all day. The sensation was nearly orgasmic as the hot water streamed down onto her breasts and between her very sore legs. She gave no thought to that she was completely nude, in public, and visible to anyone that was in the campground. She knew she was alone and besides, so what, she was proud of her body and enjoyed showing it off. She slowly soaped up every glorious inch of her body, delicate soap bubbles sliding over her erect nipples, racing over the curves of her ass and hips and disappearing between her long legs. The full, blond bush was no longer, she had decided that a very thin "stripe" of hair was the look she preferred now. Not completely smooth but almost, she appreciated the way it was a way of being like the young girls of today but still showing that she was a woman with vast experience.

Plus, her friend from the pool went absolutely wild when she told him what she had done. He still called her "Blondie" in tribute to her natural color but the bush was no more. She ran her fingers between her legs to wash away the efforts of the day but also to enjoy the feeling of being so smooth down there now. She was still getting used to the feeling of such a new sensation. Her generation never gave such things any thought. It was either "natural" or that' about it. Nobody worried about shaving, let alone shaving it into some unusual shape or anything. Yes, this was new but that's why she loved it. She embraced the "new," she wanted the "unexpected" and that's how she wanted the world to see her. Not as some "older" woman who's best years were well past her.

"Oh, hell no!" she thought to herself. Not me. Not ever! She always wanted to surprise and never be predictable. She had lived this way her whole life but, recently, it had become even more of a driving force in her life. She knew part of it was her relationship with her friend from the pool. He had awakened a part of her that was dormant for so long. She never thought that the sexual animal that lived in her could ever be brought back to life and in a way that was beyond anything she had ever known in her life. Even as a teenager, she hadn't had this rabid lust for someone like her friend, ever. Each time he was around her body just vibrated with passion. It was all she could do sometimes not to just push him to the ground and start humping him. She had masturbated more in the past few weeks since their last meeting than she had probably done in the past 10 years. Each night she would revisit their poolside rendezvous and find her fingers immediately searching out the top of her panties and aggressively rubbing her swollen clit. Each time led to a satisfying orgasm but she longed to feel his body fill hers once again.

She lingered in her shower and her muscles slowly softened as the steaming hot water melted away her daylong exertions. She ran her fingers across her "stripe" a few more times and reluctantly turned off the water. The breeze cooled her body much to quick so she quickly toweled off the beads of water that covered her from head to toe. She wrapped the towel around her waist and let her breasts remain bare as she walked back to her temporary home.

She liked to feel the cool breeze on her breasts made warm from the hot water. Her nipples become like stiff, little pink buds at the ends of her small but attractive breasts. The gave a slight little bounce as she finished the journey back. Once back to the truck, she saw her choice of pajamas laid out on the down sleeping bag. A scandalously sheer, baby blue camisole that was cut midriff so it barely covered her breasts, also a matching pair of equally sheer bikini panties that rode up nicely into her ass. With the grace of a dancer, she dropped the camisole over her head and let it drop like a feather onto her breasts. One leg stepped into the outrageously sexy panties and then the other leg. She pulled them up past her hips so the back settled nicely into her ass. She ran both her hands over her taut stomach and admired how her new "stripe" was clearly visible in the sheer bits of nothing. These had been a gift from her friend and they made her feel as sexy as she had when she was in her 20's. She couldn't remember the last time a man had given her such an intimate gift, at first she was shocked but then so she was so excited to experience wearing something that was usually reserved for somebody in a Victoria's Secret catalog. They felt divine and she felt like a goddess wearing them. She only wished her friend could be there to appreciate his gift as much as she was.

Janet climbed up into the bed of the truck and snuggled into her luxurious sleeping bag. Somebody may not think that sleeping in the bed of a truck is comfortable but she felt as good as if she was in her bed at home. She had cool off quite a bit from her shower and the warmth of her cocoon was so welcoming and relaxing that she nearly dozed off right then and there. She laid awake and marveled at the sky full of stars that danced above her in the night sky. You couldn't see a sky like this at home she thought, this was only visible once you were completely removed from civilization. She lay transfixed by the millions of points of light so she didn't immediately her the vehicle approaching on the gravel road into the park grounds. She sat up a little and felt a small panic of fear start to take hold in her head. All at once she started regretting being by herself in such an isolated spot. Here she was alone in a secluded campground and wearing the costume of an exotic dancer. "Fuck!" she said to herself, "now what am I going to do?"

She reached for her cell phone and nearly screamed when it vibrated to life. She had turned off the ringer earlier in the day. She activated the phone and whispered "Hello?" so no one could hear.

"Janet?" "Are you here?"...she couldn't believe it at first but there was no mistaking it, it was the voice of her friend from the pool.

"Where are you?!?!" She said excitedly.

"I just drove up, it's me who pulled into the campground." The voice said over her phone.

Janet's heart finally stopped beating faster than a bunny's and she peaked out over the sides of her truck to see her friend pull into a space a little distance from her own.

"Thank God!" I thought I was in real trouble when I heard the car!" she told him.

"Oh, you might still be in trouble, you never know what kind of weirdo might drive up!" he teased her and clicked off the connection.

She turned off her phone and sat up right in her truck. Her friend stepped out of his SUV and finally noticed her sitting there. He was dressed in a simple black sweater and well-worn jeans. Everything was fitted to his sculpted body in a most pleasing way. As he walked over, she let the sleeping bag drop from her shoulder so her tiny, little camisole was in view.

"Oh my gosh, my present!" he exclaimed, "You look so beautiful!"

She blushed at his sincere compliment.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were away on business?" she asked.

He had been on a business trip but she had shared her plans for a nature getaway with him so somebody would know where to find the body : ).

"My work wrapped up early and I was on my way back when I started to worry about you being out here all by yourself!" His words and concern were genuine.

It warmed her heart that he cared so much about her. Other things were starting to warm as well.

"Besides, hot, sexy blonds shouldn't be out camping by themselves." He added.

At this, she let herself emerge from the sleeping bag completely. She stepped over to him and gave him a chance to see the rest of his "gift" and also to embrace him. His warm body radiated into her own, he seemed to always be warm, another part of him that she found so enticing.

"Aren't you just gorgeous!" he said as he turned her around like a dance spin so he could check out her ass in the very cheeky panties.

Teasingly, he gave her a little slap as she coquettishly stuck out her ass for him to spank. She embraced him once again, she was so happy to have him there. She immediately felt completely safe and excited to share some more time with the object of her erotic passions.

They walked back over to her truck where she sat back onto the tailgate where she had left her sleeping bag. She sat facing him with her legs slightly spread apart. He leaned down and with one hand brought her face up to meet his. His lips met hers and their tongues were quickly entwined and exploring each other's with warm passion. With his other hand he reached between her legs, which she immediately spread a little further. His fingers found the moist, delicate folds of her warming center. She shifted her body every so slightly to allow him easier access. The seductive kiss continued and his fingers awakened her body to start producing it's own lubrication with each time he circled her clit. His expert technique soon had her spreading herself wider and leaning back so she could enjoy this latest sexual adventure. Her nipples strained against the whisper thin fabric of her camisole, he licked each delicate pinkish nipple through the baby blue fabric.

She once again was startled at how this man could make her body respond to the most sensual of touches. Her breath quickened and her hips moved to the same motion of his strong fingers. His mouth once again met her and she felt the ecstasy-nearing climax as he kissed her deeply. She reached up and touched his cheek, at that moment she exploded and whispered "Holy Fuck!" into his ear as her pussy pulsed with a long, extended climax. Her aching legs accentuated the rapture that coursed through her body. The waves continued on for what seemed like hours. It was just a single orgasm but it felt like a dozen all bundled into one. She laid back with exhaustion as he slowly finished rubbing her cream soaked panties.

"God damn you're amazing!" she said as she just laid back reveling in the ecstasy that sent shock waves through her whole being. She was almost mad that he could make her cum so easily. It was like all he had to do was just look at her with those deep, blue eyes and she started to squirm.

She lay back, snuggled into her oh-so-comfortable sleeping bag. He knew she was exhausted from her hike and also from the mind-blowing orgasm he had just given her. With that he bent down and kissed her deeply once again.

"We've both had a long day, I'm going to get cleaned up and get some rest." He said.

She was a bit surprised but also grateful, she was exhausted and would rather enjoy his masterful skills when she was completely refreshed. He walked back to his vehicle and grabbed a small duffle bag from the front seat. He walked over to the outdoor showers and slowly removed his clothes. From the moonlight, she could see his muscular body glowing in the silvery light. His muscular chest, chiseled arms and legs and that perfect ass all on display for her. He slowly lathered up his physique. She could see his cock was completely erect. She was glad to see he was just as excited as she was from their fun a few moments ago. In the moonlight and glistening shower, he started to stroke his dick with very experienced motions. Janet had never seen such an erotic performance. She had seen dozens of pornographic videos but this made those look like a Saturday morning cartoons. She watched him stroke the full length of his shaft, his balls slapped against his legs.

He looked over to make sure she was watching. She certainly was watching, she could feel another orgasm building at her center. His pace quickened and without even touching herself her own climax was building. She could tell he was close to releasing his juices when his head leaned back. Her own climax was nearing when she saw a long, string of cum glisten in the moonlight as it shot from the swollen head of her favorite dick. The white cream shot out an incredible distance and just kept coming. Stream after stream shot from his stiff rod as his ass pulsed with each eruption. Her own orgasm came at the same time, it wasn't a huge one but she came regardless. She couldn't believe it, just by watching this man shoot his load she made herself cum (again!).

She continued to watch her friend in the misty steam of the shower. He reached into the small case he had taken with him and retrieved a razor. She watched as he proceeded to shave his entire body completely smooth. When she had first realized he did this, years ago, she didn't know what to think of it. Again, her generation of men never did such a thing. Men were hairy and gave no thought to being any other way. Well, Janet was now a complete fan of a smooth man. She loved how tan her friend's skin got and how silky smooth it was when she ran her hand over his body with suntan oil. It was just another part of the erotic appeal her friend had over her. She especially loved it when she gave him head, the velvety feel of his smooth skin on the shaft and his swollen balls. Her tongued loved his taste and the fact that he was so clean down there.

The first time she took him in her mouth, she immediately realized the appeal of him being so smooth down there. Her tongue just glided over every inch of his generous package. He finished his personal grooming and turned off the water. The steam rose from his muscular frame as he dried off in the cool night air. He gathered up his things and walked back to his vehicle. His softening cock swinging back and forth as he walked. She watched him rub moisturizer all over his body and she bit her lower lip to keep herself from moaning out loud so he could hear. Finally, he ducked into the spacious SUV he had driven and settled himself into the thick blankets he had stored in there for just such an occasion. Janet reached over for her phone and sent him a quick text...

"Thank you for the entertainment! That was a huge amount of cum you released across the campground!"

He smiled and returned the text..."I knew/hoped you were watching, don't worry...I have plenty more where that came from!"

She giggled to herself and texted again..."I hope so! I need to be filled!"

Well, obviously you see what you do to me!? It's all I think about...pumping you full of my cream! Good night now Blondie!" he texted one last time.

"Good night lover!" she sent in her final text.

The night grew quiet and they both drifted into a very, deep satisfying sleep. Basking in the after-glow of equally intense orgasms. They both looked forward to more of the same the next day.

The smell of coffee roused Janet from her erotic dreams. The sun was bright in the azure blue sky and there was a bit of chill in the morning air. At first, she thought she had just "dreamed" the smell of coffee but once again it teased her senses with its rich, tantalizing smell. She quickly checked her watch and saw that she had slept far longer than she would have normally liked, she thought she must have tired herself out more yesterday than she realized.

"It's about time Blondie!" she heard her friend say. "I thought you might sleep the whole day away." He teased.

He sat on the tailgate of her truck and looked fresh as the morning itself. Already cleaned up and dressed, she caught the scent of his subtle cologne. He handed her a steaming cup of coffee

"Oh, you are a God!" Janet said as she took the cup into her hands, she cradled it like it was a precious jewel and the heat warmed both her hands.

"Breakfast in bed" he said as he handed her a plate with some eggs, bacon and a warm biscuit just for her.

"How on Earth...? Did you make this?" she asked.

"Oh heck no! There's a greasy little diner just down the road!" He said.

She knew he was fibbing a little. There was a diner but it was a good 30 miles away. He had gotten up early and picked up breakfast for the both of them. He was more than capable of creating all of this himself but, he was also resourceful enough to let somebody else do the cooking. He was honestly too good to be true. The hot coffee brought Janet back into the land of the living and the food immediately nourished her growling stomach.

"What about you.?" She asked.

"Oh, I've been up for a while. Thought I heard a bear but it was just you snoring!" he teased her again. She playfully punched him in the stomach.

"I DO NOT!" she protested.

"Hate to tell you Blondie, I was a bit scared." He said.

She punched him again. Janet continued to enjoy her savory feast and her body warmed in the morning sun. She sat content and happy, wrapped in her sleeping bag, one hand with a cup of delicious coffee and the other finishing up an excellent breakfast. The sleeping bag slipped lower so her torso was completely visible. She offered up her partially covered ivory breasts to the glowing sun. The warmth filled her completely.

"Okay then Blondie, we need to get started on today's hike!" Her friend said as he started to gather things up for the days adventure.

She scowled at her friend and sipped the last bits of coffee. She slid out of the rest of the sleeping bag and let it fall to the ground. She stood there in her sheer lingerie and watched him as he gathered up supplies for the day's adventure. Quickly, she gathered up her own things and headed to the showers again. She walked over to the open air shower and saw a tiny, pink bag, which she immediately recognized from Victoria's Secret. She reached inside and wrapped in the pink tissue paper were the tiniest pair of panties she had ever seen. Her heart quickened when she saw this new gift from her friend. She turned to see him watching her. She twirled the panties around her fingers and shook her ass in a sign of approval of his purchase.

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