tagMatureSweet, Quiet Janet Ch. 03 - The Luncheon

Sweet, Quiet Janet Ch. 03 - The Luncheon


The day was already into high gear and it was just going to get worse. A million thoughts and plans raced through Janet's mind as she stepped into the shower. She was expecting her closest friends coming to her home for an intimate little luncheon. As much trouble as these things were, she really looked forward to them and always insisted that she host. It wasn't because she wanted to show off her house or dazzle them with her hostess skills, no, she just really enjoyed having her friends close and staying involved in their lives. Janet realized early on that, the older she got, the more her friendships meant to her. Husbands come and go, Janet's had left years ago with some woman he met God knows where. Children were inconsistent and were at a point in their lives that their attention was limited. Coworkers, well...these are people you work with, they aren't necessarily friends besides, and Janet had "semi-retired" several years ago. It was her girlfriends that were the one's closest to her heart. She valued their friendship and loved to be part of their lives. As much as she dreaded all the work that was involved in this luncheon, she wouldn't have had it any other way?

She let the steaming hot water pour over her head and soak into her bones. She felt her stress melt away as the water streamed over her mature body. Her mind raced to other things she would have rather been doing that day. It had been too long since she had spent any time with her lover. She was getting to that desperate point where she needed to be filled with his rock hard, throbbing rod.

The fresh razor did the job efficiently as she shaved herself smooth between her lean legs. She made sure to leave the sexy "stripe" which now, was maybe a quarter inch in width. It was barely there but oh so sexy. She loved her new look. She couldn't believe how much she enjoyed being so well groomed down there. She had caught herself many times just staring at her shaved presentation in the full-length mirror that stood in her bedroom. As she would get dressed, she would watch herself in the mirror as her fingers found their way and slipped inside her moist center. She had even begun to go without panties on a regular basis because she found herself so aroused that it wasn't long before she soaked them through with her own lusty fluids.

Janet held the shower massager firm against her freshly shaved pussy. It had been a recent discovery that this practical item was in fact an amazing way to bring her self to a knee buckling orgasm. The first time she had attempted it, it had been at the insistence of her friend. Once again, he had sent her several erotic texts and urged her to take her aroused body into a hot, pleasurable shower. She was outrageously horny after his texts and, as always, would do anything he said. She had quickly stripped down, jumped in the shower and turned the shower massager directly to her waiting cunt. She took two fingers and spread back her labia to expose her swollen clitoris. The direct spray of water on this "pink bud" made her knees go week because the orgasm was almost immediate. She let out a primal moan as she held on tight to the "old lady bar" her kids insisted she had installed so she wouldn't fall. She laughed to herself thinking that this probably wasn't what they had in mind as she gripped the stainless steel bar tight and continued to ride a seemingly endless wave of orgasms that were like electricity racing through her whole body. I don't think they imagined "mom" would be masturbating like a teenager and holding onto the safety bar so she could enjoy it completely.

"Fuck!!" she thought to herself. He was right again! He's not even here and he has me moaning like a dirty slut.

Back to the present time, Janet with extensive experience now held fast to the "old lady bar" and once again, used the shower massager like a thousand little tongues lapping at her blossoming flower. She dared to let go of the handle only long enough to pinch one of her hard nipples and stretch out her small, pale breast. That did the trick, the pleasurable pain and the water trigger the energy starting deep inside her sex and sent shivers down her legs all the way to her curled toes.

Honestly, she lost count as to how many she had. They were just little seismic events compared to the earthquakes that she had with a hard cock pounding her hard. But hey, who's complaining, right?

Breathing a bit quick and finally turning off the water. She was glad she had found this release, it would make the day that much more manageable feeling the internal glow of a fantastic session of pleasuring herself. Also, she wasn't sure if she didn't ejaculate again but the shower certainly cleaned her completely if she did. Win/win!

She stepped out into the steam filled bathroom and walked into her adjacent bedroom. On the bed lay her ensemble for the day. A very sleek linen pencil skirt and semi-sheer, navy blue silk blouse. It was entirely prim and respectable to be sure. However, underneath she had chosen a soft pink pair of lace panties that were the "cheeky" style that all the young women seemed to favor today. She also chose a matching lace camisole top that would be slightly visible through her blouse. It wasn't scandalously sheer, just a hint of it was seen. The reason she choose it, other than that it was a delicate lace pattern and baby soft pink, she loved the way it felt against her nipples. When she moved, the fabric felt like a tender tongue licking at her stiff pink erections. The camisole dropped down over her head; next she slid into the matching panties. They were just so drop-dead sexy and rode up her ass in the most enticing way. It was a shame nobody would see them but, she loved how she felt wearing them. Of course, they were a gift from her friend. He had the most exquisite taste in lingerie and an equally generous gift giving habit. She was almost embarrassed when another "pink" box showed up at her doorstep. Almost that is, she always rushed inside, stripped down and immediately put on whatever was in the box.

As she adjusted the panties a shiver went through her body. It was an "aftershock" from the shower massager. She must have abused herself more than she had intended, she was quite tender as the silk from the panties formed around her swollen labia. With a quick admiration in her full-length mirror, she quickly put on the rest of her uniform for the day and rushed downstairs. Her heels were maybe a bit high for somebody her age but, they made her slender legs that much longer and even sexier. She called them her "come fuck me" heels. They had earned that name quite a few times. Her guests would be arriving within the hour and a good hostess is never unprepared, even for the "rude" guest who arrived early.

All of a sudden the door chimed sounded.

"Oh for Pete's sake!!" Janet cried. "I know just who that is going to be!" She steamed as she marched to the door.

"Hi Janet!" a chipper voice said as the door swung open.

Sure enough, Janet wasn't surprised in the least. Her friend Amber stood there grinning from ear to ear. Janet secretly suspected that Amber arrived early just to piss her off and she succeeded each and every time.

"Hello Amber!" Janet said with honest enthusiasm. "Come on in!"

Amber walked through the door and Janet led her to the sunroom surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. It was tastefully decorated and understated. Janet was not about frivolous. Most likely a product of her Scandinavian heritage, things were clean and simple. That is not to say it wasn't beautiful, it certainly was, the room was decorated like Janet herself, clean and simple, just understated elegance.

Amber and Janet engaged in small talk as Janet proceeded to make all the remaining arrangements until all the other guests arrived. Amber continued to lament her lack of a partner and Janet did her best to not start bragging about her latest sexual exploits. They also danced around the latest political topic of the days. They also talked about the latest gossip from the pool. Who would think that a simple, local pool would be such a hot bed for gossip and intrigue? Amber also questioned Janet about her friendship their mutual friend. Amber suspected that Janet had taken things further with him and she was not supportive. She thought it was wrong for Janet to get involved with him. Even though, down deep Amber had longed to enjoy his attention and grab that bulging swimsuit herself. Janet gave vague answers and did her best to keep her secret conquests to herself. What Janet really wanted to say is how she had been having he most fantastic sex she had ever known and how it was all she could think about most of the time. She wanted to brag about her exploits and the public exhibitionism she had engaged in. She wanted to tell Amber what it was like to taste her friend's hard cock and swallow his cum. As much as she wanted to tell her every filthy detail, she kept it to herself for now. Some day she thought, some day she would tell her everything.

After a while, the doorbell sounded the official beginning of the day's events. More and more people arrived and before long the house was alive with several different conversations, popping from bottles of prosecco and the sound of general mayhem that only a group of older women can generate. The ages ranged from middle sixties and up from there. Nobody was going to offer who was the oldest so an accurate range can only be speculated.

The luncheon was well under way. The sunlight from a perfectly blue sky shone through the windows and lit the whole dining table with a magical, golden glow. Janet could not have been more pleased to be surrounded by so many people she cared about and enjoying the fact that everyone was having such a wonderful time. All of a sudden that bliss was dramatically interrupted when a full glass of prosecco dropped in Janet's lap. One of the catering staff stood back in horror as Janet at first looked shocked and then let loose with a full-bodied laugh.

"Well, looks like I've had enough! Bartender, no more for me!" she said as the rest of the guests laughed with delight.

Now, before you say it, "catering staff?"...Janet has several mantras in life and one was..."Why do the cooking if somebody else was willing to do it and, much better at it!" Besides, she understood, she could either spend her time cooking, running around filling glasses and making sure everybody got enough or...she could relax and hire somebody to fill the glasses, serve the food and sure as hell, clean the place up after it was over!

Janet looked down at her soaked skirt and knew she better get this off and taken care of before it was ruined.

She excused herself and immediately went upstairs to her bedroom and partially closed the door behind her.

She walked through the door and she immediately something was a little off. Her full-length mirror was moved slightly toward her windows and an armchair was moved slightly to be right in front of it. It wasn't a drastic change, she certainly didn't remember doing it her self. Regardless, she had to get this skirt off and try to clean it before it was lost. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall on the floor; it was then she immediately felt somebody else's presence in the room. From behind her, two very large and warm hands slid over her hips and pulled held her tight.

"Oh my God!" she breathed as she leaned back and felt her friends muscular chest wrapped in the softest, cashmere sweater.

"Where did you come from?" she said as she turned to see the radiant blue eyes and trouble-making smile cross his lips.

She completely forgot that she was standing there in just a blouse and panties and that she had a house full of guests downstairs. She looked up and kissed him deeply. Her tongue tasting his, savoring his flavor and squeezing his rock arms with both hands as she pulled him in close.

Without a word, he led her by the hand toward the misplaced chair.

"We can't do this!!" she protested. Her mind was already aware of where this was leading.

She protested by did nothing to resist. He led her to the chair and sat her down. Once she was seated, he took his place on his knees, in front of her. His warm hands sent tremors through her body as he gently spread her legs.

"Oh baby, no, we can't!" she said as she spread her legs wider.

She leaned forward and removed his luxurious sweater. His developed shoulders were still deeply tanned and were in strong contrast to her ivory pale legs. His smooth, unmarked skin just helped increase the lust that was filling her body at this moment. Sure, just downstairs were her best friends down stairs while between her legs was the man she never stopped fantasizing about. Masturbating was terrific, but was no substitute for a warm body doing the pleasuring.

Janet leaned back and pushed his head down to her smoldering core. Her back arched with a swift and sudden jolt as his tongue landed on the perfect spot. He didn't remove her panties instead he chose to pleasure her through the damp, silky smooth fabric. The indirect stimulation proved to be the perfect choice. Janet squirmed with delight as her lover's tongue drew tiny figure 8's on her swelling labia and stiffening clitoris.

"Oh God, yes! That is amazing! Lick my sweet cunny!" Uttered seductively from her lips.

She watched herself with lust in the full-length mirror. Her long legs spread wide and her friend's rippling back muscles flexing as he massaged her inner thighs. The "show" in the mirror was the ultimate in erotic pleasure. The view of her and him was almost enough to bring her to climax by itself.

Having a man go down on her was new to her, at least new until her friend had shown her just what she had been missing. Now, she didn't now how she would ever do without it. Before, few things could have convinced her that there was something better than a stiff cock but, now, a talented tongue was running a close second place and challenging for number 1. The sensations were just so varied, his tongue would taste the edges of her pussy in a teasing, almost cruel way then it would dive in deep and lick her furiously. A warm and aggressive invader in her most private places. She had no defenses for it and only wished him to never, ever stop. When he wasn't licking, he turned to sucking on the ultra sensitive clitoris that had arisen from her folds. The "little man in the boat" was standing at full attention. It used to surprise her to see it emerge but, since she met her friend, it had become its' normal state.

His attention to his work was without equal. The way he performed his services was focused and without distraction. His hands would massage her inner thighs, which elicited even louder moans and caused her to squirm deeper into the comfortable chair. Without even looking up, his hands sought out the buttons on her blouse and undid them. The delicate camisole revealed her hard nipples; bursting against the gossamer thin, pink fabric. He pinched them tenderly but firmness so the slight flash of pain increased her level of pleasure.

"Oh baby, you're killing me!" she mewed. "Mama needs to cum in your sweet face!" she added.

She did her best to keep her sounds of pleasure to a low level but she knew that she was being far louder than she would have liked. It's not like she had any control over it anyways. Having his tongue explore her so intimately was beyond her ability of rational thought. Once his tongue kissed her sex, her brain disengaged and it became pure, animalistic instinct at that point. She could hear the conversations downstairs, she could smell the food in the air, she heard laughter and clinking of wine glasses, but she also felt the irresistible urge to mount her friends face and demand the ultimate pleasure.

His face moved in and out from between her legs. The musk soaked panties had long been discarded and tossed to the floor. His tongue tasted her savory center and feasted on the torrent of juices that flowed from within.

From the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of movement at the door. A shadow passed by and was briefly visible at the slightly open doorway. He knew they were being watched and he knew who it was. Janet's eyes were closed as she rode the tsunami of pleasure so she saw nothing, plus her back was toward the door so she had no way to see. With his one free hand, he subtly motioned an "okay" to the mysterious figure and made a "come in" movement as well.

Amber pushed the door open a bit more, she knew he could see her now and she got an even better view of this beyond erotic scene. She had lusted after this man at the pool herself for years, his muscular form barely clothed in those tiny bikinis, here he was, shirtless and kneeling between the legs of her best friend.

Never losing concentration on the task at hand. He continued to pleasure this mature muse that was spread wide in the chair. Pinching her own bare nipples, she demanded him to finish her off.

"Eat my dripping cunt! Suck my swollen clit! Mama wants to soak your face with her cum!" raged from Janet's mouth.

Amber couldn't believe the explicit commands coming from the woman seated in the chair. Janet was just so sweet and innocent but, obviously, she under estimated her! She also found herself aroused in a way like no other. She had almost immediately followed Janet upstairs to help her with the stained skirt but immediately realized that Janet was not alone and the noises coming from the bedroom were the kind that were made by somebody experiencing intense, sexual pleasure. So she had watched through the slit in the doorway. Now, she had a full view and could see just how far Janet had succumbed to her pleasure. She saw Janet push her friends' hand hard between her legs, she saw her pinch her own nipples and stretch them from her tiny breasts. Amber felt her own juices start to flow from within. When she first started watching, she hadn't realized she had also slipped her hand under her own skirt and as pleasuring herself with experienced fingers. Now, as the mans tongue was tasting her friends sweet pleasures, his eyes were on Amber as she lifted her skirt and exposed her tiny black, silk panties. Her fingers worked furiously to match both the energy of this man's tongue on her friends cunt and the bucking frenzy of Janet's hips as he brought her to an unimaginable level of pleasure. Her eyes locked with his and Amber came with a quick, sudden jolt. She almost lost her balance as she erupted from within. Her fingers continued their labors as she reached a second then a third orgasm. He saw the glint of her juices racing down her tanned inner thighs. Without a sound, she smiled, mouthed a "thank you" to him and disappeared out the bedroom door. Maybe she wasn't as repressed as Janet said, he thought to himself.

Janet had climbed the mountain and was nearly the ultimate peak.

"Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!" she cried much too loudly as she finally had earth shattering orgasm she had demanded from her attentive lover.

"Oh baby, I'm cumming!!" she said just a second before his face was covered with a wave of her steaming hot juices. She never ceased to amaze him with the power with which she came. It wasn't just her pussy; she came with her whole body.

His face was covered as well as his developed chest. He was soaked with her cum. Janet immediately leaned forward and sucked one of his nipples and tasted her own flavors. She sucked and bit his tender nipple hard.

"Oh baby, you are just trying to kill me aren't you?" she growled in his ear.

"That tongue of yours is a deadly weapon! My poor pussy has no chance!" she added.

Janet's reality came rushing back. She once again heard the sounds of her houseguests downstairs. She jumped up and started to panic a little bit.

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