tagMatureSweet Quiet Janet - The Reckoning Pt. 01

Sweet Quiet Janet - The Reckoning Pt. 01


Every person has that instance in their life when they question their own sanity. They question whether or not that really have a solid grasp on reality or even have the slightest clue what is best for them. That instance when you just ask yourself "What in the fuck were you thinking?" Janet was having that moment right now.

She had just walked into the luxurious hotel room and heard the door close behind her. She dropped her bag to the floor and fell face first onto the comfy bed that was awash with sunlight through the floor to ceiling windows.

"You are out of your freaking mind!" she thought to herself. She shook her head in disgust.

She sat back up on the bed and started to think about how she got here. She and Amanda had planned this little trip months ago. This was before she had started to explore new levels of sexual pleasure with her friend and well before Amanda had found out about Janet's erotic indiscretions. So, when Amanda reminded her about the upcoming trip and seemed really excited about it, Janet did her level best to think of a way out but she just couldn't do it. She had been looking forward to this little getaway and honestly; she hated to waste the money she had already spent on the travel and accommodations.

She decided to go ahead with the plans despite the "undressing" she had received from Amanda the day after her secret became common knowledge. Janet still fumed over how Amanda had chastised her for having a physical relationship with someone significantly younger than she was and how she was appalled at the carnal lust Janet exhibited when Amanda spied her having a screaming orgasm while she had a house full of guests!

"You should be ashamed!" Janet remembered Amanda telling her.

Janet relaxed on the bed and thought about the past few months of her life. She had known her male friend from the pool for years. She had secretly lusted for him since the first time she saw him strip down to his tiny swimsuit. Still, she was in her 70's. She had raised several children and some of which were his age. Janet had changed significantly since they became intimate. Her thoughts rarely strayed from sex. Even before they became involved physically, she barely ever stopped thinking about sucking his dick or how it would feel to have it fill her hole. She longed to be pumped full of his semen or feel what it would be like to have his cock shoved down her throat. She wanted to be bent over and taken from behind. She wanted nothing more than to be mounted and fucked hard and fast. Where had these thoughts come from? She had been married but divorced several years ago. In all those years, sex rarely crossed her mind. She was too busy working, raising kids, and just trying to get by. Now...5 minutes barely passed between her thinking about what it would feel like to have a vibrator in her pussy while she was fucked up the ass and whether or not she would enjoy having him fuck her while complete strangers watched. She was pretty sure she would be into both of those scenarios actually.

Down deep, she was a bit shocked at what she had become. In her whole life, she had never acted this way. She had never begged for sex or begged for the kind of sex she had with her friend. It could be sweet and sensual but it could also be carnal and aggressive. Either way, she never wanted him to stop. She had resigned herself to submitting to any desire he had. The times when she awoke the next day and she could barely walk or when her jaw hurt from sucking his cock all night, none of these things ever discouraged her from doing it all over again.

Still, Amber's words hurt. She valued Amber's friendship and opinion. Now, her friend had admonished her behavior and questioned Janet's morality. These weren't things Janet took lightly. She had lived her whole life with respectability and never once had this been questioned. Now, one of her best friend's had stopped just short of calling her a "slut."

"How do you come to terms with that," she thought.

How do you justify such an abrupt change in how you live your life or how others perceive you? The thoughts raced through her head.

How do you explain to someone that the feelings you experience from another human being are just so intense and overwhelming that you are powerless against them? That you could try and resist but every fiber of your being longs for just the opposite, the body wants, no demands to be obeyed. The involuntary warming and rush of electricity that started deep within her sex and radiated out to the very tips of her fingers each time he inadvertently touched her bare skin.

Janet's mind raced back to when Amanda told her that she had seen her sprawled out with her legs spread in that chair and how her friend was shirtless and eagerly lapping at Janet's tender folds. How Janet had uttered such explicit language and had demanded satisfaction from her lover loud enough that Amber was sure the guests downstairs had to have heard. If they hadn't been such a loud bunch of clucking old hens, Janet was sure they would have heard her moans of pleasure as well. One moment, she experienced the ecstasy of having someone bring her such intense and intimate pleasure, unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life. Then, she was made to feel guilt and shame by a good friend for the very same experience. Her eyes filled with tears a little and she just felt more confused.

Now, here she was. Staying at an exclusive resort with the same woman who had made her feel all these conflicted emotions. Before her friend had confronted her, Janet was experiencing a reawakening. This wasn't an exaggeration either or based strictly upon getting laid on a regular basis. The sex was great, no wait, it was mind blowing and left her breathless each and every time! Yes, the sex was beyond anything she ever thought it could be. Never before had her passions been stirred in such an intense way, her need and want for physical pleasure had never been to this level. Even when she was a teenager or in her 20's, she wasn't so single-mindedly focused on satisfying her most base desires.

When she wasn't thinking about sex, she was masturbating. It could be in the shower, in bed at night or sometimes just in the middle of the day she was stripping down to her panties and abusing her wet pussy. The methods involved shower massagers, fingers, a hot pink dildo she had received years ago as a gag gift, there was even that one time when she was grocery shopping and spied a very phallic looking cucumber. In the afternoon, the cucumber didn't end up in her salad; it was sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. For something she had hardly done in her life, Janet had become an expert in pleasuring herself. If she wasn't masturbating, she was arranging to meet her friend and ride him like a carnival pony. The places they fucked were as varied as the positions and techniques they employed. Who would have thought that a person could have enjoyed a church service so much? The choir loft hadn't heard such wild noises but the praise of "Oh God!" was used many, many times.

This reawakening involved lots and lots of sex; there was no denying it. It also involved having her heart warmed by the attention of a caring man. It had been decades since she had someone she felt really cared for her. Her husband had left over 20 years ago, chasing after some young thing in a short skirt. Work and kids took over the bulk of her life after that. There just wasn't time for men or a relationship during that time. After a while, she had come to terms that it just wasn't going to happen for her. She accepted that she had been out of the game for so long, her number had been retired. All of that changed that sunny day in June when a guy walked into the local pool. Janet was immersed in her daily mile of laps so she really didn't see him walk in.

The truth is, she didn't notice him at all. She just realized that there was another person in the lane over that was as much thought as she gave him. It wasn't until she sat on the side of the pool, letting herself warm in the sun when she saw this man swim past her toward the ladder. She still didn't give much thought but once he started to emerge from the cool, blue water he had her full attention. His muscular shoulders and broad back was first to appear, tan skin pulled tight over the rippling muscles. His arms were sinewy and just as developed as his shoulders and back. She couldn't believe her eyes when finally; his ass and legs stepped up out of the water. They were just as dark and muscled as the rest of him. What shocked her was the bright yellow thong he wore. Its neon color contrasting so drastically against his coffee colored, perfectly smooth skin. This wasn't the ridiculous board shorts most men wore, or even the occasional Speedo. This was tiny and barely covered him. His ass was perfectly round and flexed as he walked. She was mesmerized and knew she was staring as he walked to the outdoor shower. She just kept staring, as he showered to rinse off the chlorine. As the water rinsed over him, he turned and she caught site of the bulging front of his suit. The yellow fabric turned semi sheer and she could make out ever detail of his proud cock. She also noticed he didn't have a single strand of body hair anywhere on his body. He was golden bronze and perfectly smooth! She was just captivated watching this specimen glistening in the trickling water and sunlight. His body was amazing but it was also his confidence that drew her attention. He was so comfortable in his own skin. His confidence was unmistakable. Obviously, he worked very hard on his body. It was well built but not overly so. He wasn't bulky or ridiculous looking. It was sculpted and refined, big enough to demonstrate immense strength and power but, not cartoonish. Lean and muscular but, not in a freakish way that veins popped out of other veins. She had lost herself in watching and barely noticed when he had walked up to her and said "hello." He almost had to say it twice before she realized he was standing there right in front of her, cock stretching comfortably at the thin, yellow fabric.

"Uh, hello!" she barely managed to stammer.

He turned and smiled as he proceeded to the lounge chair he had secured for himself. He knew full good and well she was checking him out. Her eyes barely moved from staring at his bulging swimsuit. "Fine by me" he thought as he stretched out and let the sun deepen his already coffee colored hue.

That was the moment her life changed. From that moment on, she always made sure to see when he was going to be there, what tiny suit he was wearing that day and she also started to take steps so he noticed her as well. Subconsciously, she started to choose suits that were a little higher cut on her hips that offered a little less coverage, even ones that were a little less opaque when wet. It was intentional; she knew she was doing everything she could to get his attention. So, when she finally got the nerve to talk to him, she was overwhelmed with joy when she realized he was just a very nice man and enjoyed her company a well. The intimidating body and revealing suit that scared off most people, was just a simple preference for him and not some sort of statement. He was quiet, almost shy and very self-deprecating. He made fun of himself and had a wonderful view on living life. She found him to be warm and inviting, he actually cared what she thought and what was going on in her life. What was initially a hot piece of eye candy, actually turned out to be a terrifically engaging and thoughtful individual who just happened to be nearly naked every time they talked? She wasn't the only one who noticed him either, nearly every woman at the pool took steps to get a good view or just happen to walk by his recliner when he lay out to tan. Janet heard all the comments and speculation about this simple man.

"He has to be gay!" was a common one.

"Oh, that is obscene!" was another one.

"Nobody's body looks like that!" was one she didn't quite understand. Who's body did they think it was?

Other comments were thoughts on how big his dick was, did he know we could all see it, or can you believe he's showing his ass?

Either way, her new friend was the talk of the pool but she seemed to be the only woman who had actually talked to him. He seemed to be content in just talking to her as well.

It didn't take long for Janet to recognize the changes in her body. Sensations and feelings started to stir in areas long since neglected. Her thoughts turned more and more explicit and downright filthy. She knew she wasn't being very discreet or even polite when they spoke and she constantly looked down to see how big his bulge was. After first she thought it was her imagination but she did notice it seemed to grow larger as she talked with him. She loved the idea that she was getting his dick hard; surely she didn't really believe that but, oh what an ego boost!

Janet's phone suddenly sprang to life and abruptly ended her walk down memory lane. The insistent chirp from her phone also ended her self-examination of where she was at in her life.

"Hey Amber!" Janet said as she activated her phone.

"Come on slow-poke, I'm down here waiting for you!" Amber cheerfully said.

They had come to this spa for a weekend of relaxation and specifically because it had a heated Olympic sized swimming pool. They had come here before and had a wonderful time. The resort also had wonderful walking trails, a gymnasium and every other sort of health related diversions you could think of.

Janet quickly threw open her suitcase and grabbed her swim bag. It contained all the necessary kit she needed for a swim and always kept it ready to go just in case she had the chance. It was her favorite past time and she never missed a chance to enjoy it.

Taking a deep breath and with swim bag in hand, Janet forgot about all the self reflection and hurt feelings she had been going over and headed to the pool. There was a locker room there and the most luxurious towels she had ever experienced. And they were always warm too, such a nice touch. There really wasn't much better than stepping out of a pool after a hard swim with a bit of a chill in the air then wrapping yourself in one of these huge blankets of warmth they called towels. It was heavenly. The pool was heated and surrounded by huge windows that could be opened all year round. Even in the winter. It gave swimmers the feeling of swimming outdoors but with the comfort of being inside.

"It's about time," Amber said as Janet walked in. "I was starting to worry." She added.

"Oh, sorry. Just lost track of time." Janet replied as they made their way to the locker rooms.

Janet was still angry about the exchange a few weeks ago in regards to what Amber had seen. She had to admit it; her feelings were more than bruised.

They both chose empty lockers and started to change into their suits. They had seen each other naked hundreds of times. This wasn't anything unusual.

Amber was much shorter than Janet but equally fit. She had an athletic body, perhaps a bit bustier than Janet and a little curvier. Amber had a excellent body for somebody approaching their mid 60's. She had never had children so she never had to deal with the effects of childbirth on her body or the gain of 40 extra pounds over a nine-month period. Her legs were muscular and her torso was lean, her swimmer's shoulders gave evidence of how dedicated she was in the pool. Amber slipped out of her leggings and over sized sweatshirt and stood in just her bra and panties while she fished out her swimsuit from her own bag.

Janet took notice of how nice Amber's body was. Janet found herself checking out her friend's body in a way like she had never done before. She had never had a lesbian experience but, with the changing times, she could see how it could interest some people even if they weren't exclusively homosexual. It could be fun to just play with another woman some day; the thought teased her newly charged sexual mind. She wasn't sure if or when she would ever be ready for that but she knew better than to never say never.

Janet turned her attention to getting herself ready for the pool. She slipped out of her own leggings and unbuttoned her blouse and placed it on the hook in the locker. She wasn't wearing a bra but did have on a pair of black, boy-cut lace panties that fit her exquisitely.

"Oh! Those are so cute!" Amber said. "I love those panties!" Amber continued.

"Well, thank you!" Janet replied.

"So much better than the ones you usually wear." Amber added.

"I like these a lot, even though they do ride up a bit!" Janet said. She wasn't about to say that they had been one of the many gifts of lingerie that her friend had given her. She had received an entirely new wardrobe of just panties and sexy little tops from him. She loved his taste in lingerie and loved modeling them for him.

"Those are quite sexy as well." Janet said to Amber.

Amber had removed her bra and now stood there in just her pink, string bikini panties that were delicately lace and quite sheer.

Janet then noticed that Amber was quite smooth between her legs. It appeared she had no pubic hair to speak of. She didn't know if this was something new or if she had always been this well groomed. It was just one of those things that the old Janet wouldn't have paid any attention to. Now, she was quite aroused to see her friend completely shaved. Janet admired how Amber still had a deep tan and how sexy her tan lines were. Her dark skin only interrupted around her breasts by these pale triangles around her nipples and a smaller pale triangle around her freshly shorn pussy. Janet did notice that Amber's ass was mostly tanned though, except for a pale line that disappeared between her curvy ass cheeks. Janet was a bit shocked, she didn't think she ever saw her friend in a bikini let alone a thong or even consider swimming in one in public! Janet didn't remark on the obvious tan lines but did kick herself for not noticing these things about her friend. Geez, did she pay any attention to people and what they look like?

"Let's get going!" Amber cried as she adjusted the straps on her bikini bottoms that were a similar pale pink to her panties. Janet was a bit surprise that the top barely covered her friend's nipples. This was a tiny, tiny bikini to be sure. Once again, she didn't remember her friend wearing such a scanty suit to swim laps in.

"I'll see you out there." Amber said as she wrapped a towel around her waist and walked out to the pool deck.

"Right behind you!" Janet shouted as Amber disappeared out the door.

Janet rummaged around in her swim bag and picked out the suit that was in there.

"Shit!" she said a bit too loud.

She pulled out the black one-piece suit and held it up.

"Oh, shit." She said again.

She looked at the suit and just closed her eyes. It was a once piece swimsuit but, it as also black mesh. It was pretty much sheer, even when it was dry! She had grabbed a suit in a hurry when she packed and mistook this black suit for her usual black one-piece suit. This wasn't that one. This was the suit she wore while swimming with her friend one evening after they snuck in after hours to have a midnight swim. Technically it was lingerie but it doubled as a swimsuit that night. She remembered a very fun lap session followed by an equally fun session of him lapping at her pussy while she wore the suit. Oral sex by the edge of the pool was a new experience, one they both got to enjoy. She sucked him dry as well that night. She remembered his cum load being especially large that night; she almost couldn't swallow it all. Janet licked her lips out of reflex remembering that night, God he tasted good! She thought.

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