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Sweet Release


It all started with identities hidden behind pseudo names. Everyone feels the need to cover themselves in the beginning and we did as well. When I first met him I cared very little for him. His personality, the one he fronted for his audience, left me imagining a rather crude and immature person behind the name. In all honesty I cannot remember why we spoke at all. I remember there was an exchange of pictures, much hesitation on my part. To me he was the jock of the school while I was the lowly Band Geek who only knew him from the football games we were both attending but for different reasons. Then all contact was lost and I thought all was well. I thought wrong.

A few months down the road I caught up with him again, tossed into the same online group as he was in. Weeks went by when I was neither active or he was not active. Finally one day I realized we do have a thing or two in common and gave him another chance. After speaking with him for a few hours I realized we had a lot in common and the personality I had been given had been all for show. The person I was talking to now, and was getting to know, was actually nice, funny, caring in a sense.

The months rolled by after we finally got to know each other. His relationship took a turn for the worst and I felt there was nothing I could do to console him. Struggling with self-confidence and such we lost contact for a few weeks again. Late one night we got to talking again though. I learned that his relationship had not been as intense as I once thought it to be. That at the ripe age of eighteen he had not given himself to this girl that he dated. I myself being two years older them him was a bit startled that I had been more exposed to such activities at his age than he was. And he was the jock!

I realized there was something I could do for him, and for myself. The next day I planned a trip to his home town. I was going to show him how little he was missing with his ex and how much he truly did not know of. Perhaps I was in it a little for myself, finding my sex life to have run dry in the past months of my life. Breaking in a virgin seemed just the thing to jump start an adventure.

As my departure day arrived I found myself quite turned on by the idea of meeting this younger version of everything I had ever wanted. I had been sent plenty of pictures of him and knew quite a bit about him. He and I exchanged ideas of what we would want to do to each other once we met up but we had never seriously thought of meeting either. Now I let my fantasies free, let them flood my mind. I thought of his strong and muscular body. I thought of the different ways he had dressed for me, of the different expressions he had. Feeling the first signs of arousal running rampant through my body I carried on in my own thoughts. His playful way of showing off for me, the sweet words he said. I did not want to be involved, I just wanted to show him how to please a woman so that his next girlfriend would be more willing to stick around.

Sitting on the airplane I had mixed emotions. I wanted him to know what it was like to share something with someone...just as much as I wanted to tie him up and have my way with him. I could not wait to see him in real life, the anticipation making me wet already. My nipples hard beneath my thin white shirt. My silk panties causing quite a stir for me while I was confined to a single seat amongst strangers. Finally the plane landed. Now it was time to meet my friend, the object of my affection.

There in the terminal, sitting where he said he would be, wearing the beanie he knew I loved. He was hunched over some piece of literature and so I took my time looking him over. Adjusting my shorts a bit and making sure I looked fitting for a good time I strode over, standing in front of him so that his first line of view would be my tight thighs.

Suddenly he looked up, seeming a bit startled at someone in front of him and I feel apprehensive. Then a knowing smile came across his face and he stood, wrapping me up in a hug. His hug had been a bit more than I had ever expected, his arms strong around me, his height being just perfect that were he aroused as I was I would know in an instant. A bit disappointed that I did not feel any other part of him greet me in such fashion, granted he did not know the true reason behind my visit I was willing to forgive him.

Walking next to me I could feel his eyes staring at me and then running across my body. It seemed he did not know what to do and I felt like a young teenager again, walking next to the boy from Science class who had just asked me out but did not know what to do next. He nearly jumped when I pointed out my luggage coming around the carousel and snatched it all up quickly. I could not help but laugh at his eagerness, seeing the soft look in his eyes as he led me out to his car.

Opening the door for me I could see clearly his strong hands. How often I had imagined those hands across my body, taking of it what they wanted. I smiled at him and slipped in. As he drove I took time to study his face. I remembered thinking back to when I saw some of his first pictures thinking that he looked like he could be a musician. The way his dark green eyes reflected what he was thinking, his thoughtful expressions, and the devious looks he sometimes had. Right now though, all I could see was nervous on top of nervous on his face and I had to smile a bit.

When we got to my hotel I threw my luggage to the closet and flopped onto the bed. He watched carefully and stood rigid a step inside the room. I smiled coyly at him and began to unbutton my blouse a bit.

"..hot in here."

He answered with a nod, pulling the beanie from his head to reveal the dark hair that I had nearly come over when I was shown pictures of it spiked. My fingers pulled at the buttons and I finally slid my clothing from my shoulders. Still he stood motionless.

Slowly standing I let me hands run across my stomach before lifting them behind him to unclasp my half cup lacy bra, letting it fall to the ground with little sound. His expression changed slowly and I saw him fidget for a moment, his eyes averting and then returning to me, falling into what could have been a stare had I not interrupted it.

I walked to him, running the palms of my hands lightly across my hard nipples to further stimulate them. Wrapping my arms around his neck I pressed myself to him, finally feeling the greeting I had flown for. Gazing into his eyes for a moment I felt a rush of excitement over me. It had been building in my stomach for quite a while and now it released, sending a chill down my spine. I put my mouth to his, feeling his soft lips beneath my own for the first time. Such a spark flew...I knew this was the beginning of something wonderful. Luckily for me he kissed back eagerly, having waken from his mild trance. Soon I was lost within his kiss. Taking his bottom lip between my own I sucked on it gently, feeling my muscles contract and loosen as I stood so turned on. I pressed my tongue inside of his mouth and it was greeted quickly, a roll of his own and then a flick to the tip. He had obviously been practicing or imagining for quite some while. Then I felt his arms wrap around me, pulling me into him.

Pulling from the kiss rather quickly I ran my fingers over his face, the small patch of soft hair beneath his mouth, running my fingers across his lips, up his jawline and wrapping to the back of his neck, leaning in to kiss him again, feeling lost in the moment. Needless to say I was a bit startled when he pulled from me. I could see him biting his lower lip, I could nearly hear him arguing with himself in his head. I slowly started backwards towards the bed again. Unfastening and dropping my shorts to the floor, standing before him in just my silk panties I smiled slyly, beckoning for him to come forth and take me.

Finally he removed his shirt, done rather quickly, revealing all that I thought his chest and stomach would be. This was the first time I had ever caught glimpse of the teal and grey serpent on his stomach and was a bit surprised by it, knowing it would be the object of my loving attention later. Sliding myself on to the bed I lay down and waited for him. He did not take long. His warm kisses started at my stomach and then he jumped to my neck. Soft and slow were his kisses and while I adored how sweet he was being, I knew I could not hold out for as long as this seemed like it was going to take.

Sitting up I pushed him down, straddling him and nipping at his neck quickly. My teeth pinched at his skin as I descended down from his ear to his shoulder. I replaced my nips with kisses and the kisses turned to long sucks against his neck. I took his earlobe in my mouth and sucked on it for a moment before releasing it and releasing a stream of warm air into his ear. I leaned over and kissed his mouth again, wanting to taste of his sweetness before I destroyed the innocence he still had.

My mouth travelled quickly down his neck and shoulders and stopped on his chest, my tongue teasing at his hard nipples, my breasts pressing against his abdomen. I gently bit at them and sucked them, the other one being rolled between my thumb and forefinger. I licked against his chest, long, hungry licks, until I slid far enough down to meet with his stomach. I could feel his cock pressing against his jeans, my tits settling on either side of it. I traced the serpent with the tip of my tongue and then sucked the pattern of the ink. Gently rocking against his body I could again see the expression on his face change, smiling to myself with his new look.

Kissing slowly from the serpent I let my hands quickly unfasten the button holding his jeans together, watching him as I did so. The familiar sound of metal running against metal as I unzipped him I tugged his jeans downward, him more willing than not to help. In front of me was this hard cock, just waiting to be handled from this handsome guy who was laying before me, quite nervously might I add.

I pressed my mouth to it through the cotton of his boxers, breathing hot air through the breathable fabric. My hands rubbed the length of it, admiring its size. I closed my eyes, fantasizing what was soon to come and feeling myself grow wetter with the more I thought. Soon I felt his hands on my shoulders and I pulled his cock from its prison. The skin to skin contact of it and my hands send a shiver down my spine and something through him as I felt him jerk from me momentarily. I glanced up at him and noted his smile before proceeding.

My hands rubbed gently at first, and then stroked upward in a hand over hand motion. I cupped the head of his cock in one hand and quickened my pace with the other, letting it rub in the palm of my hand for a moment. I could see his muscular stomach tighten every time I changed what I was doing to him. My thumb ran across his ridge and I felt him hold his breath. Lowering myself to him I slipped the head of his cock into my wet mouth, sucking softly. I continued stroking his shaft as I did so, increasing the pressure of my mouth, tightening my lips around his cock as my speed began to increase. My hand gripped him a bit harder and then stopped all movement. I allowed more into my mouth, sliding slowly down on it, sucking against it harder and harder as I went, careful to avoid using my teeth. After I had taken half of it in I retreated to just the head again and used my saliva as a lubricant, going back to slowly jerking him off. Pulling him from my mouth entirely I licked the length of him, making sure to flick my tongue against his ridge once more. Feeling him harden more in my hand seemed to have turned me on more than surprise me.

Deciding that he should have his fun too I went back to straddling him, watching as his hands were no long leaden and able to take part in doing to me as I had hoped he fantasized about prior to our meeting. He grabbed at my tits, a bit rough, not that I was one to complain. Pinching my nipples in his fingers I let out a low moan, they had been stimulated for so long it was wonderful to have a bit of relief. He continued to grab at my tits for a bit before leaning up to suck at a nipple, my eyes closing from pleasure. I ran my fingers though his hair and let out another moan, feeling his cock press against me, wanting to take him then, there, at that very instant. Leaning into him I felt as one of his hands slipped and fell between my legs. I could feel his hesitation before pressing his hand against my wet pussy. He dragged his finger lightly against the silk of my panties, driving me crazy and I let him know by digging my fingertips into his skin. It seemed only to drive him, applying a bit more pressure before poking his fingers into the silk. He probed about for a moment, pressing against my clit and sending a moan from my mouth again, one quite unexpected by me, and then sliding down and inserting a finger in me. I ached to have him, all of him, inside of me, fucking me wild but knew I had to wait, to practice patience. He seemed to be thrilled by the reaction I was giving him, making sure to draw everything out longer than anyone on earth. I put my mouth against his neck and sucked as hard as I could. He answered by pushing two fingers into me, sliding easily with as turned on as I was.

Finding I was quite patient, by my own standards that is, I stood from him abruptly and pulled my panties from my body. I sat again, pressing the head of his cock to my opening, letting it slip in just an inch, clenching my muscles around it and then pulling it back out again. I did so again, pushing him in a mere two inches, clenching, and removing. I could see the silent plea in his eyes and knowing I could not keep it up much longer I lowered myself to him, letting his full length inside, a small sigh escaping me, quite surprised by his size. I had seen it, felt it, sucked it, but when it went deep into me it was altogether different. I felt his hands back on my tits and I leaned forward a bit, letting my nipples rub against his chest and I slowly worked my way up and down his hard cock. I worked slowly, trying to let it all build for the both of us. I let all of my motion come from my pelvis alone, pressing into him, pulling a way from him. I felt my own climax build but knowing my first is always my greatest I wanted to hold onto it as long as I could so I pulled away from him far enough that he came out and rolled over beside him, kissing his chest and shoulders, glancing up at him with a playful smile.

Soon I found him on top of me. He had my hands pinned down over my head and in the pillows. He worked his way between my legs and slowly pushed into me. I closed my eyes once more, not believing I was truly here, truly feeling him inside of me. I wanted him to fuck me silly, waited for him to pound into me but he did to me as I did to him and teased me for a bit. Finally, after what seemed an eternity and as I clung to the last bit of restraint I had I felt him pick up his speed. Obviously he was not going to be able to hold out for much longer either. I arched my back a bit so that he had a grand view of my tits, the way they started to bounce against my chest when he increased his speed. He braced himself on his elbows, his hands beneath my shoulder blades and biting into his lower lip as he watched my face, perhaps wondering if this was really alright by me. I felt him watching me, rather than saw, and met my eyes to his.

"I want to be fucked by you, hard. I want to feel everything you have kept inside for as long as you have. I want your cock to explode inside of me...."

From there on out he did just as I had asked. He fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked. He rammed his cock in and out of me and I could hear his heavy breathing, occasionally taking in a sharp breath as he caught glimpse of my tits, or perhaps the look I was giving him. My sheer ecstasy, my orgasm having been built over months at first, and then days, and then hours and minutes, until now, when we were down to the final seconds for me. My hands were in his hair and on his back, my body being pressed up into him, he rubbed against me hard enough to stimulate my clit as well as thrust into me as well as he was doing and with a soft moan building into an audible shout of his name I let go, feeling the warm relief sweep over my body, sending a tingle down my spine, letting my nipples harden once more, my warm cum seeping out of me and just moments after letting go myself I felt him do the same. I felt his cock swell and shoot off inside of me, I felt him pound into me with such force I thought we were going to knock the bed through the wall. Nearly quiet for the entire episode I found myself thrilled at the sound of his own moan of pleasure. I basked in his face, the expression of relief and excitement all wrapped into one. I traced my fingers down his jawline and kissed him softly, glad that I had decided to take my trip.

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