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Sweet Revenge


Authors note: This is a story of loving wifes, in other words married women having sex with other men. If you can't handle it or the explicit language I suggest you don't read it and certainly don't send me any nasty e-mails. Not only will you not get a reply, it won't even be read. If you do however which to send me positive critique, I'll be glad to read your personal comments.

How shall I start this? I've been reading plenty of stories here on literotica, which have gotten me quite aroused and caused me to have some great fun the last year and a half. So it's time to return the pleasure with writing down a couple of stories which happen to me (and my hubby) since then. This is how it all started.

I'm Veronique, 30 years old and married to a wonderful hubby Bart. I'm actually pretty tall, around 6"0, which makes it that I have nice long legs (my favourite visible feature about myself). My eyes are brown, just like my hair, which is always between shoulder-length and waist length. I have a firm 85C cup and I'm not a fan of body hair, so I keep mine hair free. One last detail: I'm from Belgium, mother tongue Dutch, so please forgive me my spelling errors... :)

Lately, my husband hasn't been paying that much attention to me. I mean, we talk, have fun, to out and have great sex together. But I felt like something was missing. We talked while Bart watched with 1 eye TV, make plans to go out somewhere at a certain time, otherwise we wouldn't get out the door, ... I was starting to wonder if he still loved me or if he was having something on the side. Thoughts like that don't really worry, they make me angrier. In my mind, he was already convicted of fucking around and I started to get more and more frustrated.

I tried to control myself though: don't be stupid, Veronique, he isn't cheating on you, he has never any reasons to suspect him, so I acted as normal as I could.

In the morning we ate breakfast together and go off to work at the same time. Before he heads of to our cars, we hug and kiss to say goodbye. His car is standing on the left, mine on the right, but he has to go right and I left. It's kinda funny, we always have to cross each other, but we both refuse to give up our parking places in front of the house, lol. So instead, we blow each other one last kiss while we cross and go to work.

Since I'm working a lot closer to home than he is, I always beat him home and start dinner. Before, when my hubby arrived, he would sometimes sneak in and surprise me with a little gift or flowers. Sometimes, he would come in stark naked, jank my jeans down, pull my panties of to side and fuck me right over the counter or on the dinning table. Although he hasn't done any of those things anymore in quite a while.

I've got a healthy sex drive, so after several weeks of sporadic sex, and short at that, I was fucking horny as hell. Although I did want to re-pay him the favour of cheating on me, I couldn't make myself to just go alone to a bar and be picked up. Instead I went online to the chat boxes and tried meeting guys from around our region. I figured, I will know them at least a little bit by chatting with them before I met them.

I've met quite a bit of guys on-line, but they were all too far away, so we kept it to cyber sex, which was actually a lot more fun than I figured. A couple of weeks gave up finding a guy to actually meet over the internet. All the guys that were interesting and interested in me were just too far away, so I was just looking for some cyber fun.

But then Peter send me a pm, we got talking and wound up have some great cyber sex. Closing up our chat he said he wanted to meet me, not asking, telling!! He was actually still 45 min away, but he had no problems making that drive for me. It took us another 4 or 5 chat sessions before I actually had the nerve to go through with it and set up a date, just to talk, we both said. Yeah right, we both knew that if we ever met in real life it was to fuck, not to talk.

Bart and my third anniversary was next week and I thought I'd surprise him. By this time, I was boiling inside, I mean, this asshole is fucking behind my back (or so I convicted him), doesn't do anything special for me anymore. I haven't heard him even mention 1 time or anniversary. Normally we do a little something together, like talk a mid-week and drive to Paris or fly to Rome, London, ... So we both have to take time off from work, but since he hasn't said anything yet, I assumed he forgot, which made me even more angry.

Anyway, I set up something with Peter at the Pelican hotel, just outside our town, Friday (our anniversary) at 4 pm. He said he would have everything arranged.

Tuesday, first thing at work, I asked for Friday off, which was no problem. The next three days went slow. My colleagues at work asked me if there was anything wrong since I was so nervous all the time, little did they now... Thursday, Peter called me. I was terrified he would cancel on me, but instead he asked if it was OK if he brought a friend along. I told him if he thinks he is OK and not going to be a problem, it is OK with me, I trust your judgement.

Friday came around, finally. Not to rise any suspicion, yet, I got up, drank some coffee and drove away just like usual, following our routine. But instead of going into work, I stopped at a restaurant and a nice warm breakfast.

It was about 10 am when I arrived back at the house. I drew a nice hot bath and soaked in our bubble bath for an hour before getting out. It wasn't all fun and games though, during that hour I've saved my pussy, legs and arms pits so I would be smooth like a baby's behind for my lovers.

I dried my hair and patted my body before walking into our bedroom. I had the towel wrapped around my hair and my body was still damp from the water. I looked at myself in the mirror, not bad, if I say so myself. I placed my hands on my neck and let them slowly run down over my side while I watched the goose bumps form on my body. My nipples were hard as rocks and sticking straight out. My nipples were so hard I just had to touch them. I brought my hands slowly to my tits, let them circle softly to the inside and when I reached my nipples I squeezed them firm. I had an orgasm instantly right there. I almost fell through knees on the floor. I couldn't hold it any longer. My pussy was dripping wet and it was just gushing down my legs. I let myself fall flat on the bed, grabbed my 10" dildo and just shoved it home. All 10 inches slid in like nothing. My right hand was working the dildo like a jack rabbit while my left hand rubbed on my clit. It didn't take me another 10 strokes to cum again. That huge dildo stretched me wide and the fact that it is so big just intensifies the orgasm because everything is stretched to the max. That dildo has brought me already hours and hours of fun. The only thing I missed from it afterwards was a pussy full of cum. I love the feeling of a mans cum dribbling out of my cunt.

Still, I lay there at least 10 mins with the dildo buried in my cunt savouring the experience. I looked at the clock, 1 pm already, time to get dressed and put my make-up on. I wanted to be early so I could see Peter and his friend come in to the hotel. Gave me some extra time to analyse and prepare myself.

I decided to first put my make-up on, that way I could stay naked a bit longer (I love walking around naked in the house) and I was also sure not to stain the clothes with my make up. Peter asked me to look slutty for him, he said: You're deliberately setting up something with another guy to get fucked, so you're a slut, you'd better dress like one too... I put on lots of blush on my face and heavy green-blue eye make-up. Fiery red lip stick and some body glitter to top it all off. I painted my finger and toe nails to match my lip stick and look at the result. I gilled, I really looked the part. I wonder if Peter is going to recognize me, the pic I sent was very conservative.

I walked into the bedroom again, first my garter belt and thigh high fishnet stockings. I didn't wear any panties, you also don't wear ear plugs when you're going to the opera, are you, lol? I put on my demy-cup bra to support my 85C's before I covered them with a tight fitting white shirt. A short leather mini-skirt and my favourite knee-high "fuck me" boots. Just past 2 pm, I was right on schedule. Before I ran out the door, I wrote my hubby a note on which I left a message where I was and the room he could find me in, which I got from Peter when he asked if he could bring his friend along. That would be my gift to him on our anniversary, show what his wife is capable of doing if he doesn't pay enough attention to me, that'll teach him.

I arrived at the hotel around 3 pm and went straight to the bar, where I had a good overview of the parking lot to see who all arrived. Before I could even order my drink, 2 men came sitting next to me on either side. I looked to me left and saw a good looking man in a suit with a big smile on his face. Hello Veronique, he said. I was startled, how does he know me?? Only then did it hid me, that was the guy from the picture, it was Peter. Darn, there went my plan to see them arrive and to prepare myself. After a moment to recompose myself I said: I'll have a martini. The guy on my right, laughed at my dry, cool remark. Again I jumped just a bit when I saw it was a black guy who was sitting next to me. I'm not a racist at all, he wouldn't even be my first ;). Damn, he was hot looking, brought, tall and a handsome face. This is John, Peter said, my friend I asked you about.

Peter ordered our drinks and by the time we received them we were all making small talk.

If we are just going to talk about the weather, I could have done that in a chat session, I said. We all laughed and Peter proposed to go sit at a table. There weren't too many people sitting in the bar at this time, but they all looked at me, while use 3 walked to a table in the back. You could see the women think: those 2 guys have paid for several hours of some fun, while the 2 guys probably just wished they could join us.

Once sitting at our comfortably at our table, the boys made me some compliments about my looks and outfit. I decided to thank them by letting my hands to some talking. I placed my hands directly on their bulges and even though I didn't have a view or even a clear feel, I could guess they were pretty well hung. Of course, they took that a sign their hands could do some wandering of their own and who was I to deny them? While their hands were still on my knees I parted my legs a bit and their hands went further south until they reached my bald pussy. The touch of their hands on my legs and thighs were stimulating and as soon as John even just touched my clit, I came and bit my lip trying to hide it. I don't know if the rest noticed something, but John and Peter sure did. They looked at me immediately with big eyes: did you just cum already? I blushed and nodded my head slightly. John grabbed my hand and pulled me from behind the table, let's go upstairs, now!

In the elevator their hands were groping away, squeezing my tits and ass, pinching my clit and sticking their fingers in my moist twat. I have no idea who did what, I couldn't follow anymore, I was in sensor overload. By the time we got to the 6th floor my blouse was off, my hair and make-up were starting to be mess already and my skirt was barely still hanging on my hips.

As soon as the door of the room closed I caught up and practically tore their shirts from their chests. They helped me by removing their pants and I don't think even 10 sec after we got into the room they were naked. I pushed them further into the room towards the bed and checked to make sure the door was still unlocked. I was still expecting my hubby Bart, I was doing this to get even at him and that only works when he knows I've also fucked around on him.

Then I walked slowly towards my boys, swinging my hips, cupping my tits. I undid my bra and let it slowly fall to the floor. In the mean time, John and Peter were laying completely naked and a with fucking hard cocks on the bed. I stood before the bed and teasingly ever so slow I let my skirt hit the floor. By the time I crawled on the bed, only wearing my stockings and boots my pussy was so wet, my thighs were glistening from the moisture. I went to Peter and stuck him prick in my mouth, John moved behind me and was sticking 3 - 4 fingers in my cunt. My god, how could he hold out even longer, please fuck me, please!!! Finally he stuffed his gorgeous black cock deep in my hairless cunt. His strokes were slow, long penetrations deep into my womb. It didn't take long for me to cum on that beautiful cock. Then they laid me on my back and switched places. John fed me his marvellous black cock while Peter placed my ankles on his shoulder and fuck me fiercely. He was hitting my G-spot every time he pushed himself in me and I had the most intense orgasm ever. I guess it must have had quite an impression on Peter too as he also stiffened and shot his hot sperm deep in my pussy. When I was getting over Peter's and my orgasm again I felt John was also starting to twitch in my mouth. I was just clicking the head of my cock while it squirted what seemed like gallons onto my face. First squirt hit me in my hair and forehead. The second squired already started and hit me on my cheeks before I got him back into my mouth and drank his sweet cum like it was honey.

After he was done cumming all over and in me, I started to wife some of his cum off and licked my fingers before John took my arm and said to leave it on. The cum all over my face, together with my, by now, smeared make-up made me look like an even hornier slut, he said.

This is my first threesome I've ever had, so I don't know if it is normal for guys not to go soft after they've cum when they see another guy fucking, or if Peter and John are just special, but neither of them went soft to my delight.

Peter rolled on his back with his 8 inch cock sticking straight in the air and what is a nice girl supposed to do? I straddled his cock with my back towards his face and let him slip into my cum filled slutty twat again to make sure he was good and lubed. Then I sat up a bit, took his cock and guided it to my butt hole. I let him slowly and carefully slip into my tight ass. Inch after inch disappeared slowly before I finally was resting on his legs again. I took a minute to catch my breath and started moving up and down. Trying to savour every second of his great cock so deep in me. Then John came back towards us who in the mean time had been stroking his cock. It looked even bigger now than half an hour ago.

He pushed me back so my back was on Peter's chest and he had access to my pussy. I panicked for a sec: they are never going to fit in me!! But John lowered himself until his black stallion was lined up with my stretched out entrance and gently pushed himself in my warm depths until they were both buried deep in my body.

With the extra friction I was having one continuous orgasm and that fact together with my pussy and asshole constantly pulsating around their beautiful pricks made it so that the boys also didn't last to long.

By the groans from John and his speeding up and fucking me like a jack hammer I saw he was on the verve of cumming again. Right before he did, he pulled out my bald pussy and aimed at my face and this time I could see just how much cum this man could shoot when he came, no wonder my face and hair is already full and sticky with his cum. Most of cum hit me around me open mouth, but he also managed hit my tits and belly. Now I literally cum all over my upper body. He said he would leave us along for a second and went to clean up in the bathroom. John rolled me around back on my back and was furiously pounding away with my heels locked behind his ass. Fuck me, you stud. Fuck this nasty whore. Fuck this married pussy. Oh my god, you feel so great so deep in me. I was shooting everything I could come up with. Right before I got over to another intense orgasm I opened my eyes and so Bart arrived in the room. He still had his jacket on and had a present and flowers in his hand. The orgasm took over my body though and I couldn't say anything to him for another 30 seconds or so.

By the time I was back on this planet I wanted to yell to him: Surprise dear, this is what happens when you don't take care of your lady! But he surprised me. The gift and flowers were lying on the chair, his pants around his knees and he was stroking his major hard-on. Again I was unable to speak, but after a few seconds I managed to smile at him and he winked back. This jerk off was enjoying himself!!! Darn, I never figured he would like to see his proper wife get creamed by some other guys. Right as Peter was shooting his load back into my vagina, John came out the bathroom and Bart nearly hit the floor. They exchanged looks and John came towards me while Peter excused himself. My hubby Bart stayed like a good boy in his chair. Naked by now and stroking his hard-on at the sight of me getting fucked by a black man.

John was getting his way with me for at least another half an hour before he shot his hot cum back into my belly. It was the first time John actually filled me with his cum and I swear I think it felt different than a white man cumming in me.

Peter, John and I then spent the next 30 minutes or so touching each others body's, talking and them getting dressed. They were careful not to wipe any cum off that whory body, as they called it, and to leave me like this for my husband. Bart in the mean time was sitting with a big grin on his face in his chair next to the bed.

After the guys left Bart stood up from his chair and walked over to the bed, his 8 inch dick leading the way. He stopped at the foot of the bed undid the zipper of my boots and also took of my stockings. He started kissing and licking all over my feet and legs and worked his way up to my cunt. Once there he did something I really never guessed he would do. He flicked his tongue a couple of times over my sensitive clit and then stuck his tongue as far as it would go into my gaping hole which was leaking cum all over the place. For the women who know how good it feels to have your pussy eaten, it is 3x as good when your man is eating your cunt when it is leaking with other mans cum. He head was spinning while he was clicking my lips, clit and inside of my pussy. It didn't take me long to cum again in his face. When he came up his face was wet up to his hair. He crawled over me and gave me a passionate kiss like I haven't received one from him in a long time. We would taste the cum that was hanging on each others faces as he placed his body on top of my cum soaked body.

When he finally placed his cock at entrance of my womanhood, he slid in as if it was nothing. It was so erotic: his body on top of mine, pumping away in my cunt and kissing passionately. Not even 2 minutes later he placed his load together with the cum of my 2 lovers.

Bart stayed on top of me with his cock still in my pussy while we talked a bit. I found out he didn't forget the anniversary but instead ordered me a brand new Yamaha R6, which is why he didn't have to make plans with me in advance. We are both bike fans and I've been nagging now almost 2 years for a R6 so we each have our own and we can ride together. It hadn't arrived yet, but he put the order form in this gift box together with some pralines.

Anyway, he was just in the room when I was him first and it was the best gift I could give him. Apparently he'd been having fantasies of me fucking other men with him watching for a while now, but never dared to tell me, thinking I might think he's a freak.

Of course, which red blooded man doesn't get hard when talking to a woman of his likings with his dick in her? Bart did anyway. This time he lasted longer than 2 minutes and when he came again he was tit fucking me. He shot his load all over my neck and cleavage and wiped his cock of on my nipples. He said those 2 guys had a terrific idea shooting their cum over my body, I've never looked hotter before than now with all this cum dripping of me. Since that night, he lovely calls me "my cum bucket"...

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