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Sweet Revenge


I first met her when I was doing a hotel course in Silvermore. The invitation list said that her name was Barbra Gordon, which was too good to be true for a nerd at a comic book convention being held in one of many prestigious chain hotels in which Saudi and Hollywood rich kids would struggle to get a room.

So, she came in and I took her to her room after giving her a tour of the lobby. We didn't talk after we reached the fourth floor where her room was.

The lobby boy went to put her bag inside and she shoved me beside the next room's door and told to not say a word about what she was going to tell me. Our chests rubbed against each other for a moment before she revealed why she was truly there.

"I'm the girl you said you could fuck up like a whore you racist fuck! Now I'm here and I'll be waiting for you in my room 12 a.m. sharp, don't be a cunt and be here capiche?" she said.

"Look miss I don't even know your name," I replied.

"And you won't have to. Just... call me Barbara," she said with a grin on her face.

So she left my collar and went into her room. I had to lie to my manager that she had just mistaken me for some guy in her gym and wanted some alone time to talk to me. They bought it and no one would ever know what happened next between me and this mysterious 'Barbara'.

That night I went home and looked my emails for any reply or contact for a girl with that name and found out that about a year ago at some rally she had posted a snap of her and her husband and I had called them 'dirty, cow, stinky'.

Now this girl was feisty so I had to block her when I saw her replies. Social media, politics, casual sex and the cinema were all a daydream by the time I started the job. There was this woman who overstayed because she 'lost' her stuff though but in fact, that woman was a nymph and slept with half of the hotel staff.

Barbara had given me her room card so I wasn't worried about getting in her room. The problem was that I couldn't avoid her because there something about her. So, I went back to the hotel wearing street clothes because I was afraid she might be crazy so I didn't want to have my best clothes wasted.

I walked up to her room and she invited me in. She told me her name was Lin Jennings. I asked her if she had Chinese parents because she looked like a Jane or Anna or something. She was a white blonde, hourglass figure but not that thick and also just about 5'7.

"You fucking bigot! No I'm not Chinese" she replied angrily.

"Alright so what is the problem Lin?" I asked her but she didn't talk for a minute. Lin walked around before taking her clothes off and showing her see-through blouse.

I was flabbergasted at first but then she told me her plan. Lin had planned to embarrass me since I said that mean stuff to her. So once she saw me at the reception in the morning she made her plan up.

I didn't ask about her husband but I knew if I had I would've been in more trouble. But that wasn't all. She asked to me to either face the music in front of my coworkers and boss or face whatever she had planned.

She made me lie down on the bed and close my eyes. She asked to do whatever she wanted and I agreed. She kind of disappeared when I looked from my left shoulder into the mirror but she wasn't there. Suddenly, she rushed in from the right and her game started.

She took off her blouse and suddenly sat on my face. From her navel to her pussy she was waxed, and also a beautiful woman.

Was it a face sitting session or not? I'm still not sure.

She started slowly and I wasn't licking her clit yet. I couldn't get my tongue around like I wanted and I wasn't so aroused yet. However that changed, when she switched sides and I could see her face glowing like an angel and her body a blessing, so I started appreciating it.

Her pussy got hotter and my dick got harder every time I licked her ass. The smell, taste and sensation flowing through our bodies was crazy.

I was still surprised why this was happening still happening. Suddenly she got up and without saying a word she switched on the TV and another rally held by the movement she supported was on.

"Now I'll watch this and you'll please me okay?" she ordered and I nodded in total submission.

She sat on my face after I'd taken my clothes off. Lin smiled when she saw I had emptied so much of the juice in my cargoes and undies already.

This time after a few minutes she asked me if we should take it further and I agreed again. No "would you kindly?" or anything and I still do not understand how she managed to keep me under her thumb like that.

So we kissed each others bodies and embraced the moment. The clutching and the grabbing got stronger as we dry humped for a while. But we couldn't keep that up.

The bed sheets were now a lot more wet from the cumming and the sweating. Kasper, B'onca and Yolanda had a lot of work coming their way.

Her puffy nipples were heavenly. Her vagina tasted like the first Thanksgiving turkey you ever ate. Her hair smelled of roses and her body was smooth and silky.

We continued fucking each other and got tired despite not the fact that we kept it classy and no craziness happened.

"So, am I still a dirty cow?" she asked me and I could only stare at her beautiful eyes and to my surprise I jumped in the sheets again to eat her pussy and she happily opened her legs for me.

The next day, I got questioned about if I had slept around with her or even gotten involved. To hide my misdemeanors I told the manager about how that one time that nymph had gone to bed with so many men and women who work here.

Right there in that room, the manager decided to put a request to the owners to change the name of this specific hotel from "Hags and Gigolos" to something different. Irony struck at last.

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