tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSweet Revenge Ch. 02

Sweet Revenge Ch. 02


"You see, Bri, even if I did believe you, I wouldn't stop. As you can feel, I'm past that point of no return." He pushed himself against her buttocks to prove his point. He removed his belt, then undid his jeans. Her sobs became pleads as she begged him to stop. Dropping his pants and shirt to the floor, he pressed his naked body against hers. "I will apologize for this, Bri. I'd planned to take it nice and slow but shit, your begging is turning me on so much I just can't stop." He bit down gently on her shoulder, then ran kisses down her spine to her ass. Grabbing her succulent cheeks in his hands, he inhaled her musky scent. The bitch was turned on. Without further preamble, he spread her cheeks and plunged his tongue into her moist opening. She gasped and begged him to stop, but it was only half heartedly. His tongue ran along her smooth slit up to her distended clit. She moaned loudly, attempting to push herself closer t his mouth. He let out a deep chuckle and continued his assault on her pussy. He inserted a finger into her cunt, releasing another cry of pleasure from her mouth. Paying special attention to her clit, he felt her tighten up on his finger. Knowing her climax was near, he withdrew and stood. Her head had fallen and she rested her chin against her chest. Her breath heaved in and out of her lungs, making her tits jiggle. He touched himself watching her nipples graze against the wall.

It took all his will power not to ram his aching cock into her at that moment. Lord how he wanted to though. Placing his hands on her hips, he pulled her soft body back into his, rattling the chains restraining her. "You want me now Darlin'" Kevin placed a soft kiss, must softer than she deserved in his opinion, on her left shoulder. "Hmm? It felt to me like someone might be enjoying themselves. What you think Bri? Is that wet cunt of yours ready to beg me to fuck it? A slut like you should already be on her knees sucking me off, but no...you're my special girl, Bri. Very special." Moving his hands from her hips around to her stomach he caressed her.

"Why? Why me? What did I ever do to you?" Bri lost that tremble in her voice that hinted at fear and replaced it with a husky whisper she wasn't expecting to escape. Almost embarrassed at sounding so turned on, she tried to conjure the tears and hysterics that most women would surely be in by that time. Alas, no tears came only the labored breathing brought on by her unexpected arousal. Hating her body for betraying what she thought was the right thing to do, she gently pushed her ass back into his groin, ripping a ragged groan from his throat. "Is this what you want? Is it?" Anger came swiftly, although for the man restraining her or for her own emotions, she couldn't tell.

"Bri, Baby, what you do to me you'll never understand. If you submit to me now, then I'll know you're only doing it to get me off quickly. Then I'll have to find a new way to play. One that I'm positive you wouldn't like one little bit." Speaking through clenched teeth, Kevin, swatted her hard across her backside, reveling in the hiss that came from his captive. Still no tears or screaming though. Whap! Another slap across the ass, besides some tensing of her muscles, she didn't make a peep. Kevin felt his rage come closer to the surface. He wanted a reaction from her! He wanted her crying and begging, willing to do whatever he wanted of her! Whap! That spank hurt even his work-roughened hand. She made not a sound. "Dammit, Bri!" He gripped her chin between his finger and thumb and wrenched her face around to he could semi face her. "You want me to really hurt you? Is that it? You are trying my patience right now and I don't see how, in your position, you should be pissing me off." Placing a rough kiss on her lips, he shoved her chin back towards the wall.

Not pleased with the direction things were going in, Kevin unchained his captive from the floor and the arm shackles. Not expecting to have to support herself, Bri immediately fell to the cold concrete floor. Before she could get her hands to listen and remove her blindfold, strong arms encircled her, dragging her across the room. "Now, Bitch, you'll listen to me, we're going to go into another room. I'll walk you to it, but I don't want you reaching for anything, not the walls, not your blindfold...nothing. Understand?" Bri's heart sped up a notch and she nodded in consent.

Walking, half stumbling, really with him behind her pushing her along, Bri went what felt like roughly twenty feet or so until she felt the air change, signaling they were in this new room. His hands fell away from her and she heard his shut the door behind her. Back again, he pushed on her shoulders, turning her around to face him. A hard shove and she braced herself for impact with the floor and was startled when she hit a soft surface...a bed. Greatly relieved to be brought to more comfortable surroundings, she didn't want to speak up and chance getting chained again. She sat quietly awaiting instruction from her captor.

"You are so beautiful." His voice barely louder than a whisper, Bri wasn't sure she'd even heard him correctly. She felt his hands on her head, running through her dark tresses, softly as if they were lovers instead of this madness she was forced into. Kevin leaned over and gently placed a kiss on her full lips. Enjoying the taste and smoothness of her, he forced his tongue into her hot mouth. Bri's gasp was the only sign that she wasn't expecting it, for she began kissing him back eagerly. Tongues danced and teeth nipped. "I think my Baby is ready for me." He whispered against her lips. When he stood, she wasn't sure what he would do next but hoped he'd do something soon. Her pussy ached, as did her nipples and a small piece of her was screaming 'fuck me' while she remained submissive.

Kevin palmed his engorged cock, giving it a couple of obligatory strokes, then rubbed the head against Bri's luscious mouth. Obediently she opened wide and accepted his member. Her tongue circled him and flicked against the tip, making him moan in sheer pleasure. "Oh you are good at this. A slut like you must have lots of practice. Do you like sucking cock? Does it make you wet, having my cock in you mouth?" His words were punctuated with swifter thrusts into her mouth. He reached down and rubbed a hand over her pussy, which was now dripping wet. "That's enough!" He pushed her back onto the bed. "Remember, no peeking." He grabbed her tits and pulled a nipple into his mouth.

"Ohhh that feels good." She writhed beneath him, wanting so bad to hate and yet wanting so bad to be fucked. Blindfold completely ignored, she only wished to focus on what he was making her feel. His kisses moved away from her breasts, down her belly. Knowing what was in store for herself, Bri spread her legs to accommodate his body. At the first flick of his tongue across her clit, she arched her back from the bed and speared her fingers through his silky hair. Holding his head in place, which he didn't seem to mind, she silently begged him to continue his ministrations on her sex. "Oh God, I don't....oohh....I don't even know you name." She wanted to bad to know who was bring her to such heights of passion.

Removing his mouth from her clit, to her dismay which she showed with a frustrated groan, he kissed his way back up her body to her mouth. Letting her taste herself on his lips, he kissed her deeply. "You could continue to call me God since that's what I'm going to be to you from now on." Before she could protest her flipped her over onto her stomach and plunged into her cunt from behind. As wet as she was he didn't need to be gentle or wait for her body to adjust. He fucked her viciously with all the pent up rage he had felt towards her in the past weeks. Her cries of pleasure and tightening nether walls were almost too much for him.

"Oh yeah....I'm cumming! Fuck yes! Fuck me! Ohhhh....!" The second her pussy spasmed around his cock, Kevin let out a growl and emptied himself into her. His orgasm seemed to last forever, the cum never stopping. Several more thrusts and he slowly withdrew from her. Breathing ragged and heart racing he pulled her against him, spoon style. Bri's breathing just as labored as his, she snuggled back against this God of hers, relishing the post orgasm bliss.

"Kevin." He said after their breaths had returned to normal. He kissed her hair and tightened his hold on her. "My name is Kevin." Knowing what had started out revenge had somewhere taken a turn, he put his trust into her hands and removed her blindfold.

Bri turned over to face her once captor. A gasp escaped her as she recognized the man against the wall she had been attracted to at the club. "Kevin." She tested his name on her lips as she reached up and cupped his roughened cheek in her hand. Her blue eyes finally filled with tears, but they weren't tears of fear or anger. She had hoped it had been him all along. It was he who she pictured in her mind the entire time. Reaching up she placed a kiss on his lips, surprising him. "Well, Kevin, what would you like your captive to do now?" She gave that sexy smile of hers, but this time Kevin knew it wasn't to turn him away. Feeling his cock twitch to life again, he kissed her passionately.

"From now on, no more demure white underwear. I want sexy, racy...the kind that you sell to desperate women on a daily basis." He cupped her breast and lowered his mouth to her nipple, enjoying her sharp intake of breath. "And until you neighbors get back, I'll continue watching you take your nightly baths." He sucked the other nipple into his mouth. "I want you to know that I'm there, seeing your perfection and pleasing myself while you strip. Only I won't finish this time. I'll wait until you're in the bathtub, nice and relaxed. Then I'll just mosey on over and get you even more relaxed."

"Yes....oh yes that sounds perfect." Her words murmured as he plunged two fingers deep inside of her. She knew then that she would forever do whatever her captor asked of her. Making love, no longer thinking of it has merely fucking, was more than she could've asked for. After exhausting themselves into oblivion, she curled into his side, head on his shoulder, a smile curving her lips as she fell asleep.

THE END (???)

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