tagNovels and NovellasSweet Revenge Ch. 03

Sweet Revenge Ch. 03


Karina awoke when she felt a warm hand boldly caressing her breast and hot breath stirring the hair at the nape of her neck. She frowned slightly as her mind took stock of her body, and she felt a throbbing soreness between her thighs and on her nipples. Her sleepy mind snapped to full awareness as she remembered where she was and just what she had allowed Richard to do with her body the night before.

Apparently, he wasn't finished with her, because she was snuggled with her back against a hard male chest, and his legs were folded spoonlike along the backs of hers. She lay motionless and pretended to be asleep, but her nipple hardened on its own as his thumb brushed across the impudent tip. She stifled a moan and refused to move, as his hand drifted lower to slip between her thighs. She couldn't suppress the flow of moisture that coated his fingers as they slid inside her.

Richard marveled at her loveliness. He had woken with only one thought in mind, burying himself in her luscious heat once again. He ignored a vague sense of guilt that his goal of avenging his wife came as a distant second to his desire for Karina. He rolled her on her back and kissed her lips lightly, and still, she pretended to be asleep.

"It's no good," he said softly, as his lips nibbled hers and his fingers probed deep inside her. "I know you are awake."

His voice was low and husky to her ears. Without thinking, her eyes flew open, and she glared up into his mocking gaze, drawing a chuckle from him. His fingers continued to stroke her, delving ever deeper as she responded with more wetness, and he grinned with his confidence.

"Even now, your body is crying out for me to take you. Against your will, it is welcoming me." He let his eyes drop to her breasts and his grin widened in anticipation. He knew she was fighting him, but he was past caring. He wanted to feel her body open to him once again, and to savor her passionate response.

"Please don't. I'm still sore from what you did to me last night," Karina pleaded.

"Don't worry, it won't be painful this time," Richard replied, as he swooped to suckle hard on her breast.

Seeing that her plea had fallen on deaf ears, Karina groaned in despair. She struggled against him until he again pinned her hands above her head. He never paused in devouring her nipples, his teeth nipping her until she moaned with a combination of pain and pleasure. She cringed as she felt a growing hunger in her loins.

"I hate you! You may take my body, but I will hate you even more!"

He chuckled lightly and raised one eyebrow at her, all the while caressing her moist flesh with his wicked fingers, slipping them inside her to stroke her more intimately, as he watched her and savored her reaction.

"I've already told you. I couldn't care less how much you hate me. I only want your body, not your heart."

Swallowing her anger, Karina decided to try a different approach. Perhaps he would listen to reason, if she appealed to him sweetly. She bucked against his wrist and tried unsuccessfully to push his hand away, as she looked up at him imploringly.

"You can't possibly be serious about keeping me here for several months. My father is sure to find out that you have taken me, and he won't rest until he finds me! Please take me back. Isn't it revenge enough to know that you have defiled me? No man will want to marry me now that I am no longer a virgin."

Richard raised one eyebrow as he watched her trying to ignore his caresses. He had not paused in his explorations, and it was evident from her squirming and the slight quaver in her voice that he was beginning to get to her. His eyes dropped to her heaving breasts as he answered her with a lazy smile.

"I have already told you, I have several of my men working in your father's house. I know what he is planning to do before he even makes a move. In fact, I have my own plans to ensure that he is kept busy for the next several months, in his quest to find you."

Karina turned away and groaned her frustration. He was impossible! She longed to find some way to wipe that self-satisfied smirk off his face! He gripped her chin and turned her back to meet his kiss. He tasted her leisurely, as if he had all the time in the world. Karina was determined that this time, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of a response.

She lay motionless, while his free hand moved to caress her breasts and thighs. He lowered his mouth to her nipple again, and she bit her lip to keep from moaning with pleasure. His tongue laved the tip until it was as hard as a pebble before moving to repeat the process on her other breast. Karina trembled lightly at the effort of not arching her back to encourage him as he firmly nibbled and suckled her breasts. If he didn't stop soon, she would be humiliated again! Why didn't he just take her, and save her this embarrassment?

His lips traveled lower, and he lightly nipped at her belly, letting his tongue probe her sensitive naval, before kissing the triangle of curls at the top of her thighs. Karina's eyes flew open in panic as his head dropped even lower and spread her thighs to place a kiss on her exposed pussy. She tried to rise up, but he held her down with a firm arm across her belly as he continued to stroke her breast. He wedged his wide shoulders between her thighs, forcing them farther apart, as he gently kissed her most sensitive flesh.

She released a mortified groan as he tasted her, and she couldn't keep from writhing upon the bed. His tongue made slow, languid strokes upon her moist, hot flesh, and Karina gasped. After several long, tortuous minutes, she lost the battle to resist, and she wound her fingers through his hair.

He grinned, sensing her capitulation, and he slid a hand under her bottom and lifted her hips to taste her even more intimately. He explored her so thoroughly that she thought she would lose her mind, and she clung to him, aware of every fiery stroke of his tongue on her swollen folds. When sweet release finally came to her, she clenched her thighs around his head and let waves of pleasure flow over her body.

He lapped up her flowing juices, but stayed until her passion was beginning to stir once again. She began to writhe and moan, and she flung her thighs wide as she flowered for him once again. He devoted himself to pleasing her until her moans were desperate and needy. Only then did he finally begin the slow journey back to her mouth.

He drank deeply of her response, as he knelt between her thighs. The tip of his rigid cock barely parted her outer lips, and he paused there, teasing her with shallow, evocative strokes, while he kissed her deeply.

"Shall I stop?" he asked, nibbling at her throat and jaw.

Karina tried to form a coherent thought, but she couldn't imagine that he would stop and leave her so unsatisfied. He had awoken a fiery need in her, and she desperately wanted him to fill her again, as she knew he could.

"No!" she gasped, breathless when he suckled her breast, still teasing her with unsatisfyingly shallow strokes.

Unable to wait, Karina wrapped her legs around him and grasped his buttocks, pulling him firmly toward her, and he responded by thrusting fully inside of her with one powerful stroke. She groaned with relief at the feeling of completeness his invasion gave her. She opened her eyes and read the triumph in his, but she was too caught up in their union to care that she had lost the battle to resist him. She moaned and wound her legs tighter around his waist, tilting her hips to cradle him more effectively, and he pressed more fully into her, until she thought she might split apart with the sheer ecstasy of his possession.

They clung together, each struggling with their own demons. Her soft, creamy flesh accommodated his hard, muscled contours. She was all woman, welcoming him in a dance older than time, and he was all man taking everything she offered him and giving her more in return. Their bodies were perfectly matched, and neither of them had the power to resist the other one.

They shared another flight to the stars before collapsing, panting in the warm afterglow. He drifted back to earth first, and he cradled her as he watched the peaceful wonder slip from her face to be replaced by a wall of reserve. She tried to turn away from him again, but he held her firmly and waited until she met his eyes.

"You can't say that I forced you that time. The choice was yours, and you invited me in."

His eyes mocked her, and she was forced to turn her face aside as a flaming blush stole up over her delicate cheeks. A single tear rolled down her cheek, and when she spoke, it was in a low voice.

"I hate you! With everything in me, I hate you!"

Richard knew she felt defeated, and a part of him longed to reassure her, to praise her for her passionate nature, to tell her that he couldn't resist her any more than she could him, but he maintained his silence. His mind battled with his heart, and he finally decided that it was best not to show any softening toward her. He finally rolled away from her to sit on the edge of the bed. He was not a heartless man, but he knew that they would both be better off if she didn't know that.

He snatched up fresh clothes from a small chest and donned them, pointedly ignoring her as he did so. Karina wondered at his swift change of mood, but maintained her silence. One moment he had been so passionate, and now he was able to easily dismiss her from his thoughts. She surmised that despite his earlier tenderness, he meant what he had said; she was nothing more than a means to an end for him, here to serve his pleasure until she gave him a child!

How she wished she could turn her own emotions off so quickly. He turned to her one more time and opened his mouth as if to say something. She refused to look at him, and he snapped his mouth shut, frowned at her and strode from the tent.

Karina turned away from the door and curled into a tight ball, where she cried in deepest despair. She couldn't keep her body from responding to his touch, and she knew a deep shame at her failure to remain aloof. She had enjoyed his lovemaking even more this time, and for that, she hated herself.

Please God, make me barren so I cannot bear him a child, she prayed fervently! Perhaps if he failed to get her with child right away, she might be able to convince him to return her to her father. A niggling doubt surfaced in the back of her mind at the thought. She doubted that he would have any trouble getting her with child.

The sound of the flap opening, brought her abruptly to her senses, and she snatched at the sheet to cover herself. She quickly brushed at the tears, not wanting him to see her crying. Instead, she turned to see Fatima hesitating, just inside the door of the tent. Finally, she approached and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Good morning, child. I see you have faired well."

The words were spoken with a questioning look, as her eyes quickly scanned Karina's face. Karina knew she must look very wanton, with her hair completely mussed and her lips still slightly swollen from his kisses. Even her skin gave off a rosy glow, as if it were declaring to the world that she had recently shared Richard's bed. She felt very ashamed.

"As well as can be expected, considering I am nothing more than his whore!" Karina choked on the words as she began to cry in earnest.

Fatima embraced her shaking shoulders and held her gently. She brushed her hair back from her face as she crooned softly. "There, there. Don't worry child. Things have a way of working themselves out."

Karina knew she meant well, but the other woman could never understand how she felt. Fatima waited until Karina looked at her, then she continued in a kind voice.

"I thought you might want a bath this morning."

The surprise was evident on Karina's face. "A bath? That would be lovely." Karina felt very dirty and wanted nothing more than to wash away every trace of what Richard had done to her.

Fatima smiled and indicated a small bundle of clothes she had brought into the tent. "Put these on. I know of a place where you can bathe in privacy." She held out the bundle to Karina, who took the clothes and looked at them with a frown.

"Where are my clothes?" she asked.

"Rashid wishes you to dress as one of us, while you are here. I have put your clothes away and brought you these in their place. They are a bit plainer, but certainly better suited for the desert heat than yours."

Karina could find no argument with her logic, and she nodded her agreement. "Give me a few moments to dress, and I will join you."

Fatima rose and walked to the door of the tent. "I will be just outside, waiting for you." She smiled and dropped the flap back into place behind her.

Karina wasted no time, but rose and began to don the new clothes. The dress was loose and flowing, quite different from her usual clothes. The material was soft cotton, in a deep shade of blue that enhanced her eyes, and the bodice and back were liberally adorned with colorful embroidery. There were no undergarments, and Karina suffered a few moments of uncertainty. She had never gone without the multitude of undergarments that most young ladies wore, but the soft cloth was pleasant against her skin, and she sighed in acceptance.

She eyed the long scarf for a moment until she realized it was meant to conceal her hair. She snorted and tossed it to the ground. She was not one of the villagers, and she refused to conform to their ways. A small pair of sandals fit her feet surprisingly well, and she noticed that Fatima had included a large towel, a bar of soap, and a brush in the items she had brought. Karina scooped them up and left the tent.

Fatima was waiting, as promised. "Come, my dear."

They walked side by side through the village, and Karina took note of her surroundings for the first time. The camp was nestled in a lush oasis amidst a small group of steep hills. The vegetation was sparse but luscious, and small clumps of trees provided welcome shade.

The camp itself was a collection of rectangular tents in various sizes and colors. Richard's tent was, by far the largest, and she assumed that was something to do with his rank as Sheik.

Karina's cheeks burned as she realized everyone else was staring at her. She couldn't meet their eyes. She was aware that they all knew what must have transpired in the tent. Fatima patted her hand reassuringly.

"There is no need to be ashamed, my dear. Hold your head up, for you have done nothing wrong."

"I am nothing more than his whore now!" Karina whispered the words as her cheeks flamed.

"No," Fatima shook her head firmly and stopped to face Karina. "You were brought here against your will and forced to do Rashid's bidding. As I have said, I wish I could change that, but what is done cannot be undone. Now, you can choose to accept what others might think of you, or you can hold your head high, with the knowledge that you are the one who has been wronged." She watched Karina carefully.

Karina sighed. This woman was treating her with respect, but she couldn't respect herself after she had responded so wantonly to Richard. However, she nodded slightly, and they resumed their walk.

Karina pretended not to notice the way the men's eyes watched her, assessing her for her worth in bed, no doubt! They spoke among themselves in Arabic as she passed by, and she heard them laugh over some crude remark, but none made a move toward her. She was Rashid's woman, and none of them would trespass.

The women of the village looked at her, and then looked away, maintaining their silence. However, one woman continued to stare at Karina, and her eyes shone brightly with hatred. She was beautiful, with a trim figure and large, almond shaped dark eyes. Her features were delicate, and her full lips were compressed into a frown as she watched them walk by.

"Who is she?" Karina asked once they were out of earshot. "She looked as if she would like to strangle me."

Fatima sighed. "Her name is Samiya, and she is jealous of you, because she hoped that Rashid would make her his wife now that Ameena is gone. She lost her husband last winter, and she wasted almost no time before turning her attention to Rashid. Even though he has never shown the slightest interest in her, she fancies that he will grow to love her, now that Ameena is dead."

Karina digested this information, as they rounded some rocks, and climbed through sparse underbrush into a tiny clearing only ten or so feet in diameter. Water trickled down the side of one cliff, obviously coming up from an underground spring. The water collected in a series of shallow indentations in the smooth rock. All around, the cliffs rose sharply, and the only entrance to the clearing was the way they had come. Karina deposited her bundle beside one basin.

Fatima stayed at the entrance of the clearing. "Take as long as you like. We will have breakfast when you return." With that, she turned and left the clearing.

Karina felt self-conscious removing her clothing outdoors, but she reasoned that she was in a very private place after all. She shrugged slightly and pulled the dress over her head. She wet a small cloth and used it to work the soap into a rich lather. She scrubbed her body until her skin was rosy and pink. She managed to wash away the physical traces of what Richard had done to her, but she couldn't rid herself of the memories. Even now, her nipples hardened and her belly quivered when she thought about what he had done with her, what she had allowed him to do!

Angry with herself for her own weakness, she held her head under the water and began to wash her hair. When she had scrubbed until her scalp tingled, she spread her hair beneath the gently flowing water to rinse the soap from the long silken tresses.

Finally, she felt fairly clean, and she leaned back against the rocks and closed her eyes to relax for a few moments as the water trickled over her. A small sound brought her eyes flying open, and she stared into the smoldering depths of emerald green eyes, as Richard stood over her. His eyes dropped, and Karina groaned in frustration before crossing her arm over her breasts. She gave him a haughty glare, as he grinned at her.

"Do you need any help with your bath, my sweet?" His innocent suggestion did little to hide the lust in his eyes.

"Am I to have no privacy from you? How dare you intrude upon my bath!"

She groped for the towel while trying to cover herself from his gaze. Finally, she released another frustrated groan and managed to snatch the towel and wrap it quickly around her, completely compromising her modesty in the process. He took full advantage of her quandary, as he enjoyed the display of ivory limbs and soft curves. She turned her back on him and, using the towel to shield her as much as possible, she hurriedly dried her rosy skin.

Crossing his arms over his chest, he merely smiled, letting his eyes skim her shapely legs below the towel. "As I have told you already Karina, you are my possession. I will enjoy you whenever the mood strikes me."

She gave him a heated glare from over her shoulder and silently fumed as she reached for her dress. Possession, indeed! How she hated him for his arrogance. She longed to take him down a peg or two, but she had yet to find a chink in his armor. She turned away from him again, but had to yield one more view of her naked back, as she dropped the towel and pulled the dress over her head.

His eyes missed not one detail of her hurried toilette, and he felt a familiar tightening in his loins at the lovely sight. Damn! He had taken her only an hour or so ago, and he already wanted her again. He finally looked away, determined not to show any softening toward her. It would definitely not do for her to realize the effect she had on him!

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