tagGroup SexSweet Revenge: The Final Chapter

Sweet Revenge: The Final Chapter


There they all were; my co-workers standing in front of me with me all trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I knew I wasn’t going to like it, or would I?

I started straining against my restraints hoping to find a way to get free, but I was tied up too tightly. The look in the eyes of all those men was one of pure lust. I closed my eyes praying that if I closed them long enough, when I reopened them everyone would be gone. I tried this and it didn’t work of course. I resigned myself to being fucked every way imaginable. Maybe with a little luck, I would enjoy it just a little bit.

My boss was the first to approach me. He reached down and pinched my hard nipples. I yelped out in pleasure/pain. He then lowered his mouth to them and began suckling on them like a newborn baby. As he did this my other co-workers, who up till now had just been standing and staring, came over to me and I soon felt their hands all over my body; probing, pinching, caressing. I felt hands and warm, wet tongues in my most intimate places. I didn’t know whether to cry or cum from the sensations.

After a few minutes of this, one of them decided to blindfold me. The thought of this scared me because I want know what was happening to me and who was doing it, but I knew I wouldn’t have that simple pleasure. I felt stroking my clit, working me up to an orgasm and right at the time I would cum, it was pinched so hard it brought tears to my eyes and I screamed loudly. I heard someone in the background say they couldn’t have me screaming and possibly alerting any neighbors. The rummaged around and found a ball gag and placed it in my mouth.

Now I couldn’t speak and couldn’t see, but at least I knew I wouldn’t have to give any blowjobs. It wasn’t long before I felt a dick probing at my most intimate treasure I possessed. I don’t know who it belonged to, but I do know it felt huge. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit inside me or not, but the owner of this dick was determined to get it in me. He started slowly inserting it and I thought this might not be too bad, till he got impatient and rammed it home so to speak. It didn’t feel to be much longer than 9 inches but without seeing it I could only guess that it felt at least 5 inches in circumference. I started writhing my body under his, feeling my wetness running down my ass crack.

After he shot off in my pussy another guy entered. He felt a little smaller than the previous one, but his dick was curved and as he entered me, the tip of his dick went right to my g-spot. As he pounded away at my pussy, he hit my g-spot with every thrust. I could feel myself working up to an orgasm, but apparently they weren’t allowing me to cum just yet. Right when I was about to cum, he stopped and pulled out. This went on for what seemed like hours of working me up and denying me at the point of completion.

Finally I felt my restraints being loosened and I was relieved, hoping that finally this was over with. No such luck as I was flipped onto my stomach and tied back, with enough rope to enable me to be on my hands and knees, but still unable to get away. I got nervous in this position because I have no clue what they were going to do to me next.

The ball gag was removed from my mouth and quickly replaced with a hard dick. Another guy placed himself underneath me and pulled me down onto his waiting cock. After a few minutes of his pumping my sore pussy, I felt someone playing with my ass, rubbing lubricant into it. I had never had a double penetration before although I loved anal sex. I felt the head of a dick pressing against my puckered asshole. As he pushed the rest of the way in, I felt my rectum stretching as it had never been stretched before and I realized it was mister thick dick in there. I felt so full that I wanted to scream, but with the dick in my mouth I was unable to do that.

I was still being denied my own pleasure in all this and was really wanting to cum so badly. The guys pounding my overused body all switched out after they achieved orgasm and 3 more took their place. All the guys there fucked me every way possible many, many times before they were totally spent. I had cum leaking out of my pussy and ass and had swallowed so much that I felt like I was going to be sick.

They untied me, took off my blindfold and one of them carried me into my bathroom and stuck me in a tub full of hot water. He took a washcloth and soaped it up and started to clean my sore, aching pussy. As he did this he began to rub my clit, which was swollen and sensitive. As the cloth stroked against it, I felt myself working up to an orgasm. I was waiting for that to be taken away from me again, however, he let me continue and my whole body just exploded when it finally hit me.

I was told before they left that they were told not to let me cum and to leave me tied to the bed, cum leaking out of me so that I could be found by another group of men, however, they couldn’t do that to me. But they had one condition to letting me free…to let them come over every couple weeks so we could repeat what they had done to me today. I agreed since I had actually enjoyed myself and sent them on their way. I no longer am with my ex lover, but I have 11 of them that come and fuck me on a regular basis and I’ve never been more contented or satisfied in my life.

The End

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