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Sweet Sensations


Lydia sat perched on the edge of the sofa, nervous and hopeful. She really needed this flat and she hoped the woman opposite her would accept her application.

Gwen pretended to stare at the application, knowing already that Lydia was perfectly suitable for the room. She actually stared past the paper at Lydia's milky thighs that beckoned from beneath a tight white skirt.

She snapped herself back to reality, "So would you like to see the room?" She said as she stood.

Lydia rose to her feet adjusting her skirt as she did. "Yeah, I'd love to."

Lydia followed her down the hallway to the empty room at the end. She couldn't help but notice the tight little shorts that seemed to be devoured by Gwen's supple ass. A warm flush spread over her cheeks, she felt embarrassed for noticing a woman's ass like that.

Gwen stepped aside to allow her prospective flat mate access to the room and as Lydia passed by her arm accidentally brushed against her firm breasts. Gwen gasped and quickly regained control of herself; she didn't want to blow this one.

Lydia pretended not to notice the gasp even though it had drawn waves of warm moisture to her panties.

"This room is lovely," she stammered, her hands fidgeting with the hem of her skirt as she walked to the window. "Great view too."

Gwen walked up behind her standing a little too close "yeah I love it, sun all morning too," she said in a breathy light voice.

Lydia turned to walk away but found herself directly in front of Gwen, she stopped, her heart pounding and breaths coming much quicker now.

They seemed transfixed, neither moving, staring deeply into each other's eyes. The electricity, undeniable, between them.

Gwen could hold back no more, her hand rose from her side as if by its own volition and grazed Lydia's nipple through her blouse instantly bringing it to attention.

Lydia steadied herself by grasping the windowsill but did nothing to hinder the progress of Gwen's skilled fingers as they teased and provoked her nipples to a raging stiffness.

"Ohhhhhhhh god" she breathed as she leaned her head back against the window.

Gwen stepped a little closer and began to undo each of the four buttons that prevented her hands from owning those full soft breasts. As each button surrendered to her deft fingers Lydia gasped, know that she was closer and closer to realizing a long held fantasy. Hot breath on her neck was the only indicator of the slow wet lick that soon followed. Soft wet lips suckled and teeth gently nuzzled down her throat to the apex of her breasts before veering off to seek the hard little fruits she bore on her breasts. Anticipation gave way to ecstasy as Gwen's hot mouth expertly drew her hard nipple in stroking it with her tongue before rolling it gently between her teeth and finishing by sucking it hard and strong eliciting moans of pure bliss from her lips.

Lydia grabbed the deliverer of such sweet delights and kissed her deep and hard, her tongue thrusting into Gwen's mouth stroking her tongue with her own. Her kisses were reciprocated by passionate bites to her lips and tongue which stirred her pussy to an electric ache. She could feel her juices saturating her panties and work their way down her thighs. Fuck, she was so horny.

Lydia ripped off her shirt surprising herself at the magnitude of her lust for this woman. Hands worked quickly to free the tiny shorts from the ass that consumed them and at once Lydia was hit with the most wonderful musky aroma.

Gwen was amazed at the ferocity with which her guest ravaged her body, amazed and delighted. God she wanted to feel her wet pussy, sample her wetness and bring on more. She swung Lydia around and down on the bed and worked her mouth down her chest feasting on her breast which were coated with beads of sweat, continuing down to her soft belly and stopping short of her neatly trimmed pubes. Tugging the skirt the last few inches needed to reveal soaked black panties and glistening thighs. She slowly and deliberately licked around the edge of her panties tasting the first sweet drops of juice given up by her guest, so delightfully sweet thought Gwen. She continued to tease with slow strokes of her tongue to her inner thighs before slipping her panties down to reveal a beautifully wet pussy. She could feel the heat of it against her lips before she had even touched it and as she extended her tongue to the waiting clit Lydia thrust her hips up to her. Oh god how wonderfully wet u are moaned Gwen before sliding her tongue the length of her pussy causing her to scream in orgasmic pleasure. Gwen slipped two fingers inside Lydia's pussy feeling it immediately tighten and pulsate around them. She worked the clit harder sucking and stroking it as her willing participant came with squirts of cum covering her hand and face with delectable rivers of fresh cum. This just made Gwen work harder now slipping in three fingers and thrusting them harder and deeper into her pussy as the orgasms rolled together into one almighty climax.

Gwen climbed up beside Lydia, kissing her deeply and was delighted as the cum was sucked from Gwen's tongue and lips. Such passion and desire in her kisses indicated that Gwen was about to get as good as she received. She lay back allowing the novice free reign of her body and was not disappointed.

Lydia forgot all her inhibitions and her naivety gave way to lust as she feasted on the firm breasts offered to her while her finger sought out that special place she longed for so badly.

She thrust her mouth greedily into her pussy her hair like fire against Gwen's thighs as she ravaged that sweet hot pussy probing her depths with her tongue sampling every taste her body had to offer. Nothing was forbidden and she made the most of it by tracing her tongue around her tight hot ass feeling it tremble beneath her virgin tongue.

Lydia was so entranced by her lustful feasting that she didn't even notice the footsteps coming up the hallway.

"Lydia babe, are you here, I've been waiting in the car for ages," Steve stopped mid sentence as he happened across the pair locked in their passionate game.

He felt himself immediately harden at the site of his girlfriends soaked pussy beckoning him as she was bent over Gwen's pussy.

It took all of two seconds for him to loose his pants and grab Lydia's hips before thrusting his throbbing cock deep into her waiting pussy. Startled she spun her head around and seeing her man with a mile wide grin she settled back to the task at hand, this time thrust her fingers into Gwen's pussy as she stroked her clit till she came screaming and thrusting her hips back against the force of her fingers. Every cell of her body screamed for release and they were not disappointed as waves of excruciating pleasure gripped her body in a totally consuming orgasm.

Steve was urged on by the climaxing pair and the site of his girlfriend face covered in juices. He watched as his hot cock disappeared into Lydia's hungry pussy know how she loved the long slow strokes of his veiny throbbing cock against the walls of her wet pussy. Steve tried desperately to maintain his slow powerful rhythm, but as Lydia thrust back against his cock, he found himself pounding harder and deeper into her causing Lydia's mouth and tongue to clash harder against Gwen's soaked pussy. He felt his own orgasm build to explosion point at which he withdrew and shot his hot cum over the climaxing pair. Pearly beads of hot cum landed like thick hot rain over their shimmering skin.

Spent and delirious the three some collapsed on the bed, the only sound was labored breathing before Lydia stuttered, "um so do I get the room?"

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