tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSweet Smell of Jasmine

Sweet Smell of Jasmine


Disclaimer: This short story is intended for mature audiences. It contains sexually explicit content including oral, anal, bdsm and smoking fetish. If you are under the legal age it is recommended by the author that you proceed no further. The characters and locations in this story are complete fiction.

Chapter One

Professor Donald Ludwig looked out over the calm lake water. Sitting on his dock during his favorite season he reflected back over the summer and jotted down the occasional note on a blue line writing pad. So much to remember. The past four months had gone by quickly. His foremost thoughts were of what a special time in his life he was about to enter.

Dons career in academia had matured. During his actual teaching years he had mentored thousands of students. His research grants had became fundamental to the University. Several years ago a large pharmaceutical company granted the University and Dons college of chemical engineering a large sum of money to research and test new products. Over the years, Dons research and laboratory work had gained several new grants along with even larger sums of money. Through the royalties system both Don personally and the University had benefited financially. Don used some of his gains to purchase the lake property and build his ultimate retirement home. A modest but spacious log home on his own private lake. Every consideration was taken to accommodate Dons desire for solitude. Being a long time bachelor and childless by choice the lake and cabin were extensions of his being. The only down side to the property was that it was located fours by car from the campus. The total seclusion of being miles from civilization did however appeal to Don. Being a life time student of nature himself, the setting offered him everything of interest along with the great hunting and fishing opportunities of unspoiled Canada.

For the last several years Professor Dons focus was not of teaching or research, but the supervision of graduate students. This last summer, under an agreement with Dean Joseph Robards, Don worked at his remote location by computer. He could access and track the student work and communicate with his peers. Towards the end of summer, Dean Robards accepted Dons idea of becoming faculty emeritus thereby allowing Don to try out retirement. Joe respected Don for his work and was a close friend. The two had gained tenure together twenty years ago. Although Don was probably the better of the two as researchers, Joe played the politics much better, and was selected for the Deans position ahead of Don. There were no hard feelings at all between them, after all it was Don getting the added financial benefit from the royalties.

Don jotted a few more notes. He needed to remember the extra set of keys to the Universities car that he was assigned. Becoming staff emeritus also meant giving back the company car. Hopefully he could persuade one of his graduate students to drive him back up to the lake. He also needed to pay the utilities on his off campus apartment and make sure that it was cleaned. His personal belongings were moved at the end of last term and he thought that aside from the final utility bills the apartment was ready for the next tenant. His office was another story. There were files that needed boxing and mementos that needed to get packed. At least a day there he speculated. Don made another notation on the pad. Student final evaluations. Don could not finish that process until they made their presentations. Four students had yet to present. The others were completed and filed. Don was able to file those through the University computer system and emails to Dean Robards. Lets see....Karen Clark......Lynda Wyatt.......Mark Rackor and last but not least.....Paul Bottrell.

Chapter Two

The long drive south went faster than expected. Same four hours, but the autumn leaves were a sight to behold. Although pleasant, he wouldn't miss the drive. A myriad of things went through Don's mind as the miles past. His ever present blue line pad now had fifteen pages of notes. Don was making notes on graduate student Karen Clark. Karen was a year or two older than the others. She took most of her undergraduate classes a few at a time because of financial reasons which resulted in her taking two years longer. When Karen entered the graduate studies program she was already 25 years old. Once in the program for a semester, Don got her a paid position which allowed her to focus her full attention on her PHD. She had several assignments as his grad student. In May she had finished her research on a compound to help people stop smoking. Although University regulations prevented testing on actual human subjects, the feed back Don received from Apex Pharmaceuticals was that the compound would be in production later in the year. Normally drug testing took much longer than that. Curious. Note to follow up on that. Attendance. Hmmm Karen was out sick for five days just after the end of spring term. Upon returning from the sick days, Karen started working with Lynda Wyatt on cosmetics. That was unusual. Karen never wore any makeup at all. She didn't even seem to have any interest in men in general. Don couldn't even remember Karen being dressed up. Loose kaki pants and a sweat shirt. Hair tied back. Glasses. She looked the part of a grad student. However, she was very intelligent and dedicated. Of all his students in the last few years, Karen most deserved her PHD. Another note, check to see if job placement had found something for Karen. In a recent e-mail from Karen, she didn't express any interest in staying at University for another term in a paid position. Another note, talk with Joe about Lynda's sexual harassment complaint against Paul.

Lynda Wyatt had been working with Apex's off shoot company that was in development of cosmetics. Longer lasting, brighter colors. Lynda had a biology background and not chemistry. At the time Apex made the submission for testing, Don couldn't see the relationship between cosmetics and chemical analysis and his laboratory. Since Lynda had the background in biology, Don felt that she was the better qualified. Paul had the experience in double blind testing so Don put Paul in the position of overseeing Lynda's research. Shortly after they teamed Lynda made a complaint against Paul with Dean Robards office. That was six months ago. Joe hadn't mentioned anything more about it to Don but he was pretty sure it was a sexual harassment complaint. After the Deans investigation, Paul was put on probation until his graduation. Don's feeling was that Paul probably was guilty of the indiscretion. After all, Paul was a bit of a renegade. Curiously, Lynda also had taken sick leave around the same time as Karen.

Paul Bottrell was intelligent, no doubt about that. Paul worked hard, but had a reputation of cutting corners with his research. In several of Paul's proposals over the years, Don turned down his testing requests. Just outside of "our territory" was Don's answer, but Paul couldn't see the same liability issues that Don saw. Human testing was just not to happen at that University. Paul was frustrated and often implied that Don was stifling his research. Paul was arrogant. He didn't have the mindset of working with a team. Paul had also opened his own dialog with Apex. It would be an understatement to say Paul played a small part in Don's decision to become faculty emeritus.

On the positive side, Paul had spent months enthusiastically working on Apex's anti-depressant prototype. The medication that Apex had developed was very effective at relieving stress and clinical depression, however it needed a method of "introduction" to the human body. In Paul's latest progress report, he indicated that he was working on gradual absorption. During the spring semester, while Karen was finishing her research on her anti smoking medication there had been some kind of altercation between her and Paul. Paul was a smoker, and made no apology for it. Karen was anti smoking to say the least. Don was never privy to what caused the altercation, however, Karen had made statements that she would never work alongside Paul again. But that seemed to evaporate with the beginning of summer session.

Mark Rackor was everything Paul was not. Team player extraordinaire. Very out going and quick witted. Mark would handle any project given and worked tirelessly towards its fruition. Don was waiting to view Marks project on hormone supplements, but he was rather confident that Mark was the candidate to take over his supervisor position, at least as an interim, until another qualified person could be found.

Chapter Three

Professor Don's last day was hectic to say the least. A breakfast meeting with Joe followed by several of his peers dropping by his office as he packed his boxes. Most all of his friends and associates regretted his departure and their claims of his being too young (early fifties) to retire were not unexpected. But Don felt good about his decision and his mind drifted back and forth between his summer home and his notes on the blue lined pad. One by one each of his four remaining graduate students dropped by his office with their cumulative work neatly boxed for his review in the next few weeks. Don's last stop of the afternoon was by the administrations office to modify his health care package and change his status to "emeritus". Karen Clark had volunteered to make the long drive both ways with Don's load of boxes. After his apartment was cleaned and he'd turned the keys over to the property manager, Don walked the two blocks to a Super 8 motel after loading the last of the boxes in Karen's mini van. Don settled in to watch a little TV before hitting the sack for his and Karen's 8 am departure.

The next morning the sun was shining and it was a glorious beginning to Don's new life. Don took advantage of the continental breakfast at the Super 8 and Karen was there promptly at 8 am. Khaki pants, sweatshirt and glasses Karen was ready for the trip.

"Good morning Karennnnnn" Don effused. "What a grand morning it is."

"And good morning to you Professor. Are you excited to be starting you new life?"

Karen shuffled some things from the passenger seat, and placed a brown market sack behind her seat. After making the necessary room for Don, she suggested that they fill the gas tank before beginning the journey. After pulling into a service station a few miles down the road, Don pumped the gas while Karen took the money in to pay the clerk. Karen emerged minutes later with a receipt for the gas and two latte's.

"Try this professor. It's a new flavor they have out now, really catchy. I've had several and am already an addict." Karen smiled.

"Thank you." Don said. With that the two travelers pulled out onto the hi-way and headed north. Within a half hour Don began to feel sleepy. His mind was so full of contemplation and thoughts a few minutes ago, but now he was light headed and had trouble focusing.

"You look sleepy professor, why don't you let the seat back and take a small nap. I've got a complete map to show me the way".

With that Karen reached over and lowered the seat back. Reaching behind her seat to the brown market sack she took out a bath towel, folded it behind Don's head and gently pushed his chin back. A small plastic oxygen tube with a nasal attachment was brought out and placed under his nose and around his ears. A turn of the regulator knob on the gas bottle in the brown sack brought a strong smell of ......Jasmine flower....and once she was satisfied that the gas flow was correct Karen put the towel down over Don's face. The smell of Jasmine got much stronger. His mind was now swimming with confusion. What was going on. Oh that smell. It's wonderful smelling. Wow. Childhood memories began to flow through his mind. He didn't feel as confused now. He felt great. Never better. Comfortable. Not a care in the world. The smell of Jasmine and now......cigarette smoke? What's this.....

Karen looked over at Don. She had smoked three cigarettes nearly in a row. She felt much better now. Calm, collected and focused. Her plan was working just as she'd hoped it would. About another hours drive north Karen pulled into a rest stop. She lifted the towel from Dons face.

"Open your eyes Don." He complied. "Now listen carefully. I'm going to use the ladies room, and you are not going to move. Understand? I'll most likely be a few minutes and you are not to move, or talk with anyone. Am I clear?" Don nodded his head. Karen folded back the towel so as not to draw suspicion from any passers by, removed the small green canister placing it behind Don's seat and took the rest of the contents of the brown market sack to the ladies room with her.

A short while later a woman emerged from the ladies room. Shapely with long legs and high heels. Short skirt and a beautifully made up face. Red lipstick accented with dangling earrings. She had a leather hand bag over her shoulder and made a quick stop at a trash container to throw in a brown market sack. Putting on her sunglasses and lighting a long white cigarette she clicked her way over to the mini van. Don watched as she slid into the drivers seat. Don was confused.

"I hope you like what you see....I've under gone some changes over the summer." Karen said. Nothing seemed to make sense to Don, he was having a very hard time putting together a thought.

"Settle back now Don, just relax and enjoy the ride. We have about another hour to go."

With that Karen pulled out of the rest stop and headed back north at a much faster speed. Her captive for the moment, was quite content to sit and watch the world go by and smell the Jasmine flowers.

At 12:30 pm Karen had maneuvered the mini van through the final maze of roads leading to Don's lakeside cabin. She was most impressed with the home and acres and especially the lake. Professor Don was certainly a perfectionist when it came to house and grounds. Pulling on to the concrete area around Don's front door, she exited the van and opened the passenger door. She lifted the plastic hose away from Don's face and stoked him gently on the cheek.

"Don...listen...you are to do exactly as I say....do you understand.....the Jasmine has you not thinking to clearly right now...but you need to do exactly as I say.....ok...?

Don nodded his head that he did. He felt wonderful, but it looked like it was time to move again.

"Don.... I want you to unlock the door and return to the van to unload boxes...." Karen looked at him to be sure he had accepted the command, and smiled as Don walked to the door digging his keys out of the pocket of his slacks.

Karen continued her gentle but firm commands, and Don obeyed each and every one. The boxes were distributed per her instruction. One to the master bathroom, several to the master closet, the kitchen got one and the computer room got the remainder. Karen supervised his movements closely, looking for any small sign that the gas could be wearing off. When the last of the boxes were placed in the computer room, Karen had Don sit at this desk with his blue line pad.

"Now Don, I'm going to help you with a few of your work tasks. I want you to write down here on this pad your passwords for the university computers. Do not leave any of them out. I will also need the passwords for your private bank account numbers as well, so that I can get your bills paid up.....ok..." Don had a moments fear that perhaps he'd missed a bill or something........but he quickly complied with Karen's directions. It was a good thing Karen was here to help him....he just couldn't complete a thought right now. As soon as Don had finished writing, and Karen had verified them, she lead him to the master bath room. Opening the box Don had placed on the floor, Karen took out a light green tub of skin cream. There were no labels on it, only the Apex company logo.

"Now Don, I am going to help you with the graduate student presentations. They will all make sense to you shortly, however, to get all of the presentations, you will need to follow all my instructions....is that clear Don....each thing has a certain order and it will all make sense as we go along...you will not be embarrassed in any way...ok....."

Don nodded his head.

"Now I have some computer work to do right now, I want you to take off all your cloths and apply this cream over your entire body. Leave only the areas around your lips and eye brows....understand....this is going to make your skin feel just wonderful...then I want you to sit down in the bath tub....I am setting this timer for half an hour....I should be done helping you with your computer work by then...when the timer goes off I want you to shower with hot water and make sure all the cream comes off your skin...do you understand...." With that Karen left the bathroom closing the door behind her. Karen had a big grin on her face as she contemplated giving the demonstration of her research. Now to do a little computer work....first off access the university and change Don's passwords to something just a bit easier for her to remember.

Chapter Four

Karen had just finished up sending some quick emails when she heard the shower shut off. She thought to herself how well things where going as she glanced at her watch. 1:30 pm, she had about two more hours left and that left little time to ready her presentation. Don had just finished toweling off when she entered the bathroom. Despite the fact that Don was completely naked he felt no embarrassment in front of Karen. Don looked in the mirror and was amazed at how his skin had improved. First of all, his body hair which had been turning greyer over the years was completely gone. Small skin moles and areas of pigmentation had also disappeared. His skin was soft and uniformly free of defects. The short hair which once had inhabited his scalp, was no longer there but replaced with shining skin.

"The cream that you used is part of Lynda's presentation. Once that gets to market, women world wide will use it." Karen remarked. "Now take a seat in that chair and place your feet in my lap. Hurry Donnie boy, we don't have a lot of time." Don complied with her command. Karen removed a nail kit and several boxes and proceeded to give Don a pedicure. After several coats of red nail polish were applied to his toes, and a clear coat, Karen then moved to Don's hands. One by one she carefully trimmed both nails and cuticals and applied nail glue followed by long plastic nails to his fingers. Just as she had done with the toes, Karen then applied several coats of red nail polish to the fake finger nails as well as a top coat of clear lacquer. Moving Don's chair closer to the sink and mirror she tilted his head back.

"Don, you need to stay very still now while I do the make-up ok...." Don nodded back his approval. Karen dipped a cotton ball into a small jar of clear liquid, and applied it liberally to his eye brows and ear lobes. Taking a pair of tweezers she patiently sculpted new eyebrows. Raised and thinned. She completed that by using a liquid coloring pen to darken and accent. Don did not feel any pain with the eyebrow plucking. Next Karen used cotton balls and more of the clear liquid from the small jar and then used a pen to mark small dots on his ear lobes. Two on each ear. Using a sharp needle, she pierced his ears and inserted hoop style earrings. Karen took several different jars and brushes from the box. The jars were again unmarked with the exception of the Apex logo. Glancing at her watch from time to time, she applied with brushes a base coat of foundation to his face, two colors of eye shadow blended together and liquid eye liner to both side of his eye lashes. Next came mascara which gave his eye lashes both length and volume. Lighting another cigarette, Karen stepped back to admire her work. His make-up seemed to be perfect. Removing a sun lamp from the box, she plugged it into the electrical socket next to the sink.

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