tagBDSMSweet Submission Ch. 01

Sweet Submission Ch. 01

byLestats Casper©

Dear Diary,

In essence, I guess you could call me a submissive by nature. But I also like to fight back and am a little cheeky; those two things do not please Ian. But these are the things that I do know: He treats me with respect and compassion, as any lover would, he knows my limits and pushes them, but never beyond what I couldn't handle, loves me for who I am and gives me the most incredible orgasms I have ever experienced.

I'll tell you of our first meeting and how I came to understand how truly submissive I was, and the need to please Him, more than I had ever thought possible.

I had been speaking to a man online by the name of Ian for several months when the conversation got around to what I would like to experience that I never have in the bedroom.

Not one to normally indulge such personal information, I was very hesitant at spilling out my most innermost thoughts to a complete stranger. I had not even mentioned them to you diary, for fear of someone picking you up and reading my well-guarded fortress of secrets.

I had very cautiously started voicing my curiosity on the thought of being tied up while being made love to. The proposal of a person binding me, so that I was completely helpless appealed a lot to me.

To my surprise, Ian responded very enthusiastically to my idea and that he was very interested in tying women up and suggested that we meet each other the next day to get to know each other a little better.

I didn't think that the meeting the next day would lead to the turn of events that happened, let me assure you! I woke up early in the morning, partly because I was extremely nervous as I am not the person who normally does this and I had to drive 2 hours to meet him and I didn't want to be late.

I had a shower and shaved my pussy and legs, just in case. Brushing my dark brown hair and pinning it up in a messy bun with a few tendrils carefully created for a flyaway careless look and then applied a little makeup, nothing heavy, very natural.

I then dressed in a black pair of pants that hugged my tight arse and left little to the imagination. I donned a silky see through blouse that showed off my full breasts and erect nipples.

No bra or panties, I wasn't sure what he would like. Slipping into knee high black boots and grabbing my purse and keys, I set off through the front door.

Driving to the mall where he requested we meet, I was very anxious indeed. Getting out of my car, I walked briskly towards the information desk.

The very pretty blonde receptionist greeted me, and I noted blushingly that she had the biggest breasts I had ever seen and beautiful green eyes, told me the exact location of the restaurant that he had mentioned the night before.

Striding purposefully I didn't take note of my surroundings, my mind set on my destination. He had said that he would be holding a rose so that I could identify him.

I walked into the restaurant, looking around as I stepped through the door. I immediately saw him, dressed in a black suit with an electric blue tie, which set off his gorgeous baby blue eyes.

He stood as I approached, as if sensing that I was the one who he was waiting for. As he stood I realised that he was taller than my tiny five foot frame, about six foot two, with dark black hair. He presented the rose to me and I accepted it, smiling as I did so.

"You are Gloria?" he questioned.

"Yes" I replied, nervously.

"Did you want to have a little brunch, so we can get to know each other?" he asked.

"Oh, I don't mind, whatever you prefer", at my statement, he smiled, a funny little half smile that I didn't understand until later that night.

He led me to a table and we sat. I looked into his eyes and he stared back at me, as if willing me to speak. I blushed and looked away.

"So, tell me about yourself Gloria" he said.

"What do you want me to tell you, there isn't much to tell" I replied.

"Don't sell yourself short, I don't know you, so make a sales pitch I can't turn down" he grinned.

"Well, I don't know how well I advertise, because I don't know how good the product is" I joked back.

We carried on speaking, my thoughts running to what he would be like in bed. I had tried not to fantasise about what it would be like to meet Ian, so the large bulge in his pants pleasantly surprised me.

When he suggested that we adjourn to dinner at his house and I quickly agreed. The lunch had gone fabulously and I felt like I had made a true friend. He got into his car, a Holden Monaro and I got into my Rav 4.

We were parked not far from each other. I followed him to his house, which was 45 minutes away, trying to take in various landmarks so I could make my way home with ease.

We got to his house, a modern two-story house with a large front lawn on a quiet street. We parked up the driveway and I got out, apprehensively clutching my purse and keys. I looked up at the house, not admiring the house in itself, but thoughts racing ahead to what might prevail during the evening.

I followed Ian through the front door to the lounge room, taking in the wooden floorboards, which complemented the gorgeous wooden furniture that dominated the lounge room.

I sat down on the couch, looking up at him and he was looking at me with mirth and amusement. "Drink?" but managed to convey the word with a sort of amusement that had me blushing.

I replied "No thanks". He disappeared for a second and returned with two glasses of red wine.

"I said that I didn't want a drink". I stammered.

"But I thought you might need one after our exertions" Ian grinned devilishly which only served to heighten my embarrassment and my face turned a rose shade of red.

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