tagBDSMSweet Submission Ch. 02

Sweet Submission Ch. 02


The delicious smell of coffee was the first thing Suzanne notices when she wakes up. She makes a small grunt and does a cat like stretch as she rolls over to see if Daniel is awake.

He isn't.

She puts her arm around his waist and cuddles up to his back side. She rubs her foot softly against his foot and leg while she relaxes for a few minutes. Suzanne feels rather sore this morning, particularly her backside. She thinks back to last night and reviews what she and her Master shared. Feeling a familiar tingle between her legs she smiles involuntarily and starts to rub her Master's side softly.

Be it the aroma of the coffee perking or her soft petting Daniel wakes up. He also stretches and gathers his bearings. He puts his hand on hers to stop her gentle rubbing.

Suzanne places a kiss on his back, "Good morning Master. Sleep well?"

His response was a muffled but she assumed it was a yes.

"What about you Pussycat."

"Very soundly Master. Ready for some nice fresh coffee?" she asked.

"Yes my Pet."

Suzanne gives him a quick hug and rolls out of bed. She slips on her night shirt and collar and pads into the kitchen. Taking out a large red ceramic mug she adds some sugar and cream then fills it with piping hot coffee. She grabs another mug for herself and just adds sugar to the coffee.

One in each hand she takes them back to the bedroom.

"Your coffee Master." she says as she sets his cup on the nightstand.

She crawls back into bed. Her side is still nice and warm from her body heat. After a few sips she asks Daniel if he would like his morning blow job.

"Please," he says.

She gets herself situated under the covers and picks up his dick in her hand. Suzanne strokes it and took pleasure in watching his cock get larger and larger. Now she cups his balls in her free hand and then gently slaps them at the bottom until they are swinging, all the while still stroking his cock. She does one last slap then squeezes them lightly.

Now she leans forward and makes a circular motion on the tip of his head with her tongue. Daniel grabs her collar with one hand and her hair with the other. He rubs her head as she puts her whole mouth in and slides his cock in and out.

"How's that taste Slave?" he asked her.

She pulls her mouth out, "Very good Master. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth."

Suzanne really DOES like to have his cock in her mouth. She loves pleasuring her Master, like any good Slave.

Taking her tongue again she runs it over the length of his cock and massages his balls as she does. Then she takes his cock in her mouth again and this time she sucks. She continues to suck until she feels the taste of his cum in her mouth. Once his orgasm is over she cleans him with her tongue and gets a towel and dries him. Just to make sure she got everything.

"Good girl."

Daniel allows her to go brush her teeth. When she gets back she gives him a kiss and cuddles up to him for a few moments. He tells her what he would like for breakfast.

Suzanne goes into the kitchen and starts his bacon and eggs. Bacon crispy and eggs over easy, just as he liked it. Her mouth waters as she cooked the simple but tasty fare. When it's ready she takes it to Daniel so he can eat in bed. He's already sitting up and waiting on her when she brings his plate of food to him. She makes another cup of coffee for him and then she sits by his feet.

While he's eating she gets some lotion out and massages his feet. She finds rubbing his feet relaxing and enjoys it as much as her Master does. She puts a dab of lotion on each toe then individually works over each one before moving on down to his arches and heels.

"That's good enough Slave girl now get me another helping and get some for yourself too."

Suzanne leans in and gives his nearest foot a kiss and answers, "Yes my Master."

She servers him up another serving and has her potion with her as well. When they are done Daniel asked Suzanne to show him what she had planned to wear today.

He gives her ass a playful slap as she gets up.

She turns her head and gives him a smile.

She pulls out well worn jeans and a comfy sweater, "Will this do Master?"

He shakes his head, "No, no, no. That just won't do Pet. Since we are going on a road trip today I want you to wear a skirt and no underwear incase I decide I want to pet you." He winks.

Suzanne nods and thinks to herself she should have known that. As she was rummaging around for a short skirt he says, "Actually what you showed me will be fine but underneath I want you to wear your black corset and black lace panties."

She pokes her head out of the closet, "As you wish Master. Which collar shall I wear today?"

"The black one. And since we will be on the road for awhile today I want you to get your kneeling done for me while I'm in the shower. I'll wash myself today."

She nods in response.

Daniel takes long showers so she would be on the floor for about an hour or so. She was right. Her knees were just starting to ache when her Master walked out of the bedroom. He found her kneeling by the bed in her corset, collar and panties. Her hair was in a loose bun.

He strokes her shoulder as he walks by.

"Slave get in the display position."

Suzanne still kneeling spreads her lags and puts her hands behind her back so her breasts are thrust out.

"Good girl. If only we had time I'd give you a reward for being good this morning." He says he takes his finger and runs it over her pussy and kisses the top of her head.

Suzanne can't help but feel disappointed at his statement, especially when his touch arouses her so. She squirms just a little before he tells her she can finish getting dressed.

She gets off the floor and finishes getting around. When she is ready they head out to the car. She opens his door for him and shuts it after he gets in and then she gets into the driver seat.

Daniel attaches the leash to her collar and holds it while she drives. Once on their way Suzanne rests her hand on her Master's thigh and smiles at him. She hums a little to the music playing, Daniel is resting his eyes.

They stop for a picnic lunch at a park off the beaten track. Suzanne hand feeds Daniel grapes while his head rests on her lap. When they finish she rubs his back for awhile.

Back on the road they are again silent each lost in their own thoughts. Suzanne is thinking about how they came to this point. She never thought she'd be his Slave girl yet here they were and she was enjoying every minute of it. Daniel's thoughts are somewhat similar in that he is thinking about all the things he can do to his Slave girl.

Arriving at their destination several hours later they check in to the motel before catching dinner and a movie. Daniel starts rummaging around for his papers that were for the work meeting the next day. Not finding them he asked Suzanne about it.

"I'm sure they are here Master. Let me have a look."

Not finding them either she realizes she must have forgotten to pack them. "I'm sorry but I must have left them. Do you have what you need on the laptop?"

Fuming he replies, "No I don't. I'm not happy about this. I trusted you to make sure everything gets packed. I shouldn't have to check our bags to make sure you get everything but I guess I do."

He takes her by the arm and roughly pushes her on the bed. Not really sure what he was going to do she just meekly sat there. He tells her to strip while he gets the ties from the bag and has her lay face down.

Taking her arm he ties it to the bed post. Then he does the same to the other one. Daniel also ties her legs separately to the bed post. Even though he had never tied her in that position before she couldn't help but know what was coming next.


She let out a scream. He didn't punish her with his hand like he usually did, this time he was using his belt.


Again the unexpected pain surprised her. She couldn't even bring herself count her spanks the way her Master had asked her to when she was being punished.

"What are you supposed to say when I spank you bitch!" he demanded.

Tears in her eyes she replies, "Sorry Master I just wasn't expecting this."

"I don't want excuses. All you have to do is obey me and you're not doing a good job of it I'm afraid. I'm going to give you 15 whacks and don't even think about asking me to stop before then understand?"

"Yes Master," she croaks out.

Before he even finishes speaking he slaps her again with his belt. Hard.

Whack! "One Master!"

Whack! "Two Master!"

Whack! "Three Master!"

...Whack! "Fifteen Master!"

Suzanne's ass was a bright red by the time he was done. Rather she thought he was done. He wasn't. He put the nipple clamps on her even though she was lying on her stomach and he put them on tighter than usual. Then he put in her vibrator and put it on high.

"I'm not going to let you cum tonight for the rest of your punishment. If I see you cum or find that you have cum it won't set well for you Slave."

Leaving her tied up he goes out for dinner on his own. Suzanne's ass hurts and she feels embarrassed at how she must look. She probably had welts on her rear even though she only got 15 spanks they were hard spanks. She was actually glad to be tied face down. At the moment she didn't want him to see how much he had actually hurt her.

Eventually though her pain lessens and she can't help but feel aroused as the vibrator is doing its job. She tries not to think about how good it would feel to have an orgasm. She tries to rub her thighs together to heighten her pleasure but then remembers her legs are tied. Letting out a sigh of frustration she relaxes as well as she can, doing her best to not think about cumming.

Daniel walks in a few minutes later. He appeared to be in a much better mood as her comes to her. He runs his hands over her ass and feels the lumps he left on her cheeks.

"Slave can I trust you to obey me from now on?" he asks.

Suzanne looks into his eyes, "Yes Master you can."

"Good girl."

He takes out her vibrator and wasn't too surprised to see that her pussy was wet. He sticks his first two fingers inside her and pulls them out and pushed them back in. Suzanne can't help but let out a cry of pleasure. "Remember I'm not letting you cum tonight girl," he says.

Her legs are quivering to hold back her orgasm. "I know, but Master I'm awfully close."

He puts in a third finger now and pulls them out and back in hard. Then he takes his thumb and runs it over her clit while his fingers are inside her. She lets a few whimpers escape and bites her tongue to keep from begging her Master to let her cum.

Face buried in the bed to muffle her cries of ecstasy, she tries to keep herself from going over the edge. Abruptly takes his fingers out and pinches her pussy lips then gives her ass a slap. He knew her limits and stopped just before she went.

Getting off the bed he unties her legs. Gratefully she pulls them together. Then he unties her warms. She notices his very hard erection and feels yet another tingle between her legs. He flips her over and then reties her arms again but leaves her legs untied this time.

He takes his pants off and puts his thighs either side her chest and places his penis between her breasts.

"Put your mouth on my cock."

Suzanne moves her head as best she can. Only being able to get half his cock in from this position she keeps her mouth open as he humps her boobs. She feels his balls slap against her breasts as he does this.

He stops and moves higher so she can get more of him in her mouth. He holds her ears as he thrusts his cock into her mouth. She can feel his dick clear to her throat. Her tongue is sliding over his cock as he pulls it in and out.

He thrusts even harder, almost choking her as his cock goes even deeper. Her mouth is hot and she is so horny she can hardly stand it. Still holding her ears he lets out a moan and cums deeply into her mouth and throat. So much it was spilling out and down her down. Gagging a little from the position she was in, she swallows his warm cum.

He takes his cock out of her mouth and reaches for his phone and takes a picture of her tied to the bed with his cum spilling out of her mouth.

He unties her arms and lets her relax for a minute.

"Time for a bath Slave girl." He says.

Legs quivering she gets up. Seeing her shaking he goes to her and holds her steady while she gets her bearings. "Maybe I was too harsh Pet. Let's get you some food before you wash us."

Suzanne wasn't even thinking about food. She wanted the pleasure of release but she just nodded her head. The fresh air would do her good.

They walk to a nearby bar and she orders a drink for them both while she waits for her meal. Suzanne was actually finding it hard to sit still. Her ass still felt tender from earlier.

After a couple of drinks they both felt the good "buzz" of alcohol and ended up playing some pool and dancing together before heading back to their room.

Finally they get back. Arms around each other they kiss. Suzanne looks at Daniel, "Ready for a bath Master?"

He looks into her eyes and kisses her again, "Yes Slave."

The drain wouldn't plug so she was going to have to give her Master a shower. Once the water is all steamy she calls her in.

He was already undressed so she just undresses in front of him.Stepping in she puts her arms around Daniel and just lets the water wash over them for a few minutes. She offers to shave him but he declined. That was one thing he seemed to prefer to do himself though she would have done it happily if he ever asked.

She rubs the pleasant smelling soap over his head and face and works her way down over his body. She lavishes him with kisses after she washes each section. His ears, his neck, his shoulders...even his fingers got a kiss after she washed them clean.

She kisses his cock, it's not quite hard but it's not limp either. Not being able to resist she gives it a lick before she moves on down. She makes it to his feet. Taking care to wash between each toe, she kisses each one when she's done.

Finally she is done washing him and she kisses the tops of his feet when she's done and waits on her knees for him to be satisfied that he's clean. He pats her head, "Good girl."

Daniel pulls her to her to her feet and begins to kiss her. She can feel his arousal pressed against her and feels her own wetness increase as their kisses grow deeper. Groaning he pulls away, "I want to let you cum Pussycat but I'm going to stick to what I said earlier. It's hard for me to not let you when you're behaving so well right now."

Suzanne wanted to be a good Slave for her Master and she wanted to always be submissive so leaning into him she answers, "I understand Master. Do whatever you feel is best. I really want to cum but I won't try to change your mind tonight. Will your meeting go ok tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure to be honest but no point on thinking about it now."

With that said she turns off the water and grabs a towel. After drying him off she leads him to the bed. He lays down and she rubs lotion all over him. Starting at this backside she massages his neck, back, buttocks and legs. Turing him over she does his chest now. Ignoring his growing cock she makes her way down to his feet and massages lotion on them too. That done she hands him his PJ's and puts on her night shirt before crawling in beside him.

Both exhausted from the day they fall asleep quickly.

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