tagFetishSweet Submission Ch. 1

Sweet Submission Ch. 1

byAnal Slave©

I have been married to my wife for twelve years and she has dominated me from day one. I was a virgin when I met my wife she is seven years older than me. I didn’t know anything about sex till I met her and she showed me how it was done. The first time I fucked her pussy I had a butt-plug in my ass. She fucked me with a strap-on dildo on are second date. I remember telling her the next day that my asshole is sore and she said don’t worry honey you will be all right. She told me it was normal to be fucked in the ass and she let me fuck her ass too.

She caught me masturbating one time and from that day on I was to be nude in the house and I am forced to wear six-inch heels and fishnet stockings while doing the housework and other chores. I am also butt-plugged at all times so I can accommodate her 10-inch strap-on when she feels like fucking my asshole. I am allowed to jack-off only on her command and then she must supervise it. She keeps me in a constant state of arousal through a combination of humiliation and sexual denial. You see my wife is also my Mistress and she likes horny chicks with dicks she likes to make me suck their cocks while she fucks them with her dildo.

She won’t allow me to cum but I get to taste the cum of the other she-males. She also likes to talk nasty when she is up behind some she-male fucking them and she is telling me how good it feels to fuck them with her John Holmes super dildo. Sometimes she allows me to get behind her and lick her asshole while she is fucking a she-male. She will also make me and a she-male stand up side by side and jerk on or cocks till they are hard then she takes the heads of our cocks and rubs them together when she spots pre-cum coming out of our cocks she will make us lay down and suck each other, it is OK for the she-male to cum but I am not allowed to.

If I do cum I am punished, the only time I know for a fact I am going to get to cum is on Friday nights. Every Friday night my Mistress takes me to a club where I am fucked and sucked by men and women. At the end of the night I am covered in man cum, pussy juice and a mixture of other sexual juices. When my wife gets me home on Friday night after I have served a number of other Mistresses, before I shower I am to get between my Mistress legs and clean her pussy and asshole up with my tongue. She is always full of fresh cum and I love the taste of it. After I clean her pussy up she will make me lay down on the bed and she will take her toes and feet and jack my cock off. I will cum all between her toes then I will lick between them and suck up all of my cum. She will take her fingers and run them between her toes and then she will stick them in her mouth, if she tastes my cum I am in trouble and will be spanked.

So I am damn sure to lick all of that baby-making cum off of her toes. I like it when my wife takes me to one of her Doc Johnson parties, see she also sells sex toys on the side. She has tried every sex toy on the market when she gets done abusing her pussy or ass with a new toy she tries it out on my ass. I personally like the blow up butt-plugs, the one that you stick in your asshole and your Mistress has a hand pump and she can pump the butt-plug up till it is the size of a coke can. She makes me crazy with that toy my cock will start leaking cum out of it when she gets it in my ass and pumped up. I also like the giant double dong she makes me share that with a she-male, she has us lay down butt to butt and she works it up both of are assholes then she will take are cocks and put them together and suck both of them at the same time.

She calls that a Double Shot Of My Babies Love it feels real good sliding in and out of her mouth while it is rubbing against a hard cock, when we cum it is always at the same time and I can feel the other cock swelling up and pumping cum. One time she slid the double dong in my ass and stuck the other end of the double dong in her cunt. She got carried away that night and made my ass bleed she was ramming my ass so hard then she reached up and grabbed my cock and jacked me off I shot my cum all over her cunt and she rubbed it into her pussy like it was lotion after she jerked the double dong out of my ass she made me suck on her clit till she cum twice then she rolled over and made me tongue her asshole out. OK back to the Doc Johnson parties, a lot of women have never seen a man jack-off when she takes me to these parties she always makes me jack-off in front of the ladies.

Also she lets the women stick dildos, anal beads, butt-plugs and what ever else they want up my ass. It always sales a lot more sex toys when the ladies are hot and horny and I have always wondered if they went home and fucked there old man’s ass with a dildo. They will always be one lady that wants to make your cock cum and usually it is a mature older woman which is fine with me, my wife always picks one of them out and I just love letting them fuck or suck me.

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To be continued...

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