tagRomanceSweet Summer Serenade

Sweet Summer Serenade


As I sit at my patio overlooking the gardens and the sunset shimmering off the pool, I sit with my guitar against my body and reflect on all the passionate feelings I have had through the day. Smiling warmly, I twirl the smoke around my cigarette, breathe the smoke in deeply, and exhale as I crush it out in the ashtray. I lift my hands to the neck and strings and release myself to the music inside of me. I always speak best without words. This is my first language. As I begin a Spanish-classical style piece, I see in my head a dimly lit cantina and a beautiful woman dancing with full lips and long black hair cascading over her body. I play as if I were playing to her, wanting her to lose herself in her dancing as if nobody were watching. Her vision is the manifestation of my passions. With my eyes closed, I play my soul out and the guitar vibrates against my body, stimulating every nerve throughout me.

I hear the metal click from the gate and my eyes jump open. I turn over my shoulder to see a smiling woman walking into the yard. She moves as if her feet aren't touching the ground. She is absolutely stunning! With the sun's rays spreading warmly on her skin and the warm breeze softly dancing in her hair, she is almost angelic.

I open my mouth to speak, but she tells me, "Ssh, just keep playing." She draws near to me and I play deeply from my heart to her, as I usually only play when I am alone and this is an unexpected treat. This beautiful stranger leans against a pillar at the edge of the patio and gazes down to me in my chair. "I walk by here every night and hear your music. I had to come and see you playing it." she states in a low, soothing tone.

I change keys into a very emotional minor key and she moves to my side.

"You play with your eyes closed, but could you play blindfolded?"

I only smile at her and continue playing. She moves behind me and I feel her hands moving at the small of my back. Suddenly, I see the fabric of her scarf, which was around her waist, falling around my shoulders. Her soft, feminine hands reach up to my face holding the perfumed fabric and soon I only see vivid sunlit colors and then darkness. As I continue to play, I feel her sweet breath on my neck and chills move up my back as she parts her lips behind my ear, kissing my skin. It is as if she had my hands tied to my guitar because as she asked, I could not stop the music. I was captive.

Her hands slide down the front of my shirt and her fingertips move over my chest, finding my nipples. She starts to suck on my ear and tell me what she has fantasized of and how today had been coming for many weeks.

I was almost intoxicated by the surreality of it all. The soft feel of fabric hit my shoulders again and I started to feel her naked body against my skin. I was playing carefully, imagining how gorgeous she must look there around me. I wanted to see her, but could not. She was now my phantom lover I felt the buttons of my shirt being freed one at a time. She moved around in front of me and slid her nails up the inside of my legs and up to my waist. I moved the guitar upright on my knee. She pulled at the buttons of my faded blue jeans and soon I felt the warm breeze and then her hot breath. This was driving me crazy! She sweetly kissed my hip and man-crease and followed wetly down. I had grown hard and was pulsing. She took me with her hands and stoked me softly. All in a second I felt my manhood enveloped inside her wet, warm mouth and her full, soft lips caressed me passionately. And the band played on.

In a second, she pulls away. I wonder where she is. I try to listen for her through the music, so I play a little softer. I try to use my skin sensitivity to feel her moving in the air. The notes I am playing are muffled to a stop and my pupils constrict as I see a flash of light.

She pulls the scarf away from my eyes in a quick tug and her hand is pressed firmly on the strings, stopping the music.

I regain focus and see her looking deeply into my eyes, into my soul's core. She stands above me like a huntress about to strike her prey. My heart is as still as the muted strings for a moment. Her eyes turn soft and her lips blossom like a blooming rose into the warmest smile. I smile back boyishly. With my left hand, I set the guitar back at the corner of the seat and the chair's back, resting it.

As my sight and hands are now free, I move in to reciprocate her touches and savor her exotic beauty. My hands move onto her baby-soft waist and rise to the base of her ribcage, cradling her in my grip. Like leading her in a dance, I use my lower fingers to guide her back to arch. She follows my lead and leans her shoulders back, lifting her face to the dimming rays of the sun's last light.

As her fruitful body moves close to my face, I am overtaken with her fragrance. So exotic and intoxicating! I breathe her in deeply and lay the very outline of my lower lip on her supple skin. Though I want to devour her, I realize that she is to be savored delicately.

I move my kiss slowly across her skin. Her cleavage, her breast, her erect nipple and down her sides to her waist. I follow my footsteps carefully in reverse order.

Our breath becomes audible and grows to almost quiet, humming chants as the sky is darkening. I pull her close to my chest and her hair falls onto my cheek. Her fingernails move over my upper back like birds on a like, and the ripples move through my body like the shimmering water. I kiss her skin and caress her hips gently as I rise to my feet to meet her.

There we stand. Lip to lip. Skin to skin. Toe to toe. I brush her hair back with my hand, exposing the soft glow of her shoulder. My bared hips graze hers. I return the motion of my hips and press a little more firmly. I repeat this again as I hold her sweet head in my hands and we connect in a long, slow, passionate kiss.

Our bodies press together and our hands explore each other as we dance with our mouths, exchanging the lead back and forth. My hands move under her buttocks and to the back of her thighs. She locks her fingers together behind my neck and I lift her up. Soon, I am encircled by her legs, her feet touching at the top curve of my butt. I cradle her in my hands and begin to gently rock her. With every motion, our sexes are drawing closer and soon I feel her womanhood parting to guide me inside her.

Not yet! I want to savor her. I want this to last. I need her to came and take it from me. I carry her delicate body to a garden bench underneath a Palo Verde tree by the pool. Setting her down gently, I smile deeply into her starry eyes. I crouch beside her on the ground. I take in her complex and euphoric scent as she permeates her perfume like the opened bloom of a rare and precious flower. The very tips of my fingers and palms move over her warm, humming body. As I try to come as close as I can without making contact, I feel pulses of electricity arcing between our flesh. I want this electricity to grow.

Her hair falls as a mountain cascade over the edge of the bench and is illuminated by the moonlight, now growing as night progresses. I take her tresses in my hands and hold my face deeply into them. She's so incredible! My lips touch her neck gently and I hum almost silently as I begin to kiss my way around the back of her tender ear. Suckling the soft lobe in my kiss, she talks to me in breaths, telling me to rise over her.

I straddle her, standing above her with my foot placed on the Earth at either side of her pedestal. My hands fall onto her curves and begin to caress her. I bend my knees slightly and my body moves slowly, brushing hers as my hands explore her.

Leaning down to kiss her brow, her heat rises like smoke, drifting through my entire being. I passionately work my lips down across her tender jaw line, down her fragrant neck, over her collarbone, and down to her waiting breast. Cupping her ample bosoms in my hands, I take in her supple flesh. Fingertips dance on her nipples like a softly flowing stream of rain over a rooftop. She moans to me a lovely melody and the rhythm increases, as does the volume.

She reaches up and takes my hand, moving it to her stomach, over her mound of Venus, to her lovely, pulsing bud. As my index finger brushes the surface of her swollen clitoris, I find she is dewing with the waters of excitement and want. Softly, my fingers stir the surface of her womanhood and spread the nectar to all areas of her blossoming vulva.

Between my knees, the pressure of her legs parting between them leads me into the next phase of our dance. I lift my foot carefully over hers with my toes pointing behind us and slide my right leg between her feet and up her calves, under the smooth, tender flesh at the back of her knee, and settle it behind the haven of her left thigh. Her body writhes under mine and I lower my chest against her breasts. Like a tigress, her hand moves around my hip and clutches my buttocks, pulling me in towards her. As I look into her gaze for her next request, she reaches down to my erect shaft and pulls it firmly with her hand, drawing me to her glowing opening. The pulsing head of my manhood becomes wet and enveloped by her sweet lips.

"Push..." she breathes to me.

As I breathe in deeply both her essence and the cooling air of the night, I enter her. The visions I see with my eyes around me begin to transform into a surreal dream. All reality away from our space begins to change and become like a wild and enchanted holiday. Our bodies are joined and the deeper I penetrate her inside, the deeper she penetrates my visions.

There was a driving rhythm in the air like a fiery flamenco piece. You could hear the clapping and the stomping of heels. You could see the firelight on the walls of the cantina. As I moved deep inside her, my head filled with the vision of a smoky evening on a fire lit veranda in a small, pulsing Spanish villa. The night was electric! She was moaning in my ear and on my neck, like a song sung acappella. Our bodies were moving tightly together, with only sweat between us. I combed her hair up the back of her head with my fingers and kissed her deeply. Her hips ground at mine. My stomach muscles flexed and I was fueled by passion and the intoxication of the dream.

Her body began to hum. More stomping, more fire. My head started to thunder. More clapping. The guitars played furiously and with increased volume. Her moaning song reverberated up into the night sky. The fires grew larger. I saw a great flash of hot orange light. Her legs pressed me tightly like a snake devouring its prey. I felt a flowing of warm juices over the length of my manhood and I took her face in my hands and kissed again, deeply and fully. The color changed in her cheeks, sweat beading off of her brow. She trembled beneath me, shaking both of our bodies and she cried a beautiful sound up into the night sky that seemed to reflect off of every star and fall down on my back like a warm summer rain.

I gazed into her worldly and classic face and felt a great force moving up my inner thighs and thrust deeply inside her, my hips locking at full thrust. The dancing and rhythm reached a crescendo and soon the night sky moved slowly over us, cooling our skin and the air that came back into our lungs, refreshing us.

There was a great peace in the air as we lay holding each other in tender embrace. I lay and listened to the sweet, soft sound of her breathing as she fell asleep in my embrace. Recounting the music in my head, I closed my eyes and began to hum the melody until we drifted off together under the starlit blanket of night.

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