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Sweet Surprise


Slivers of silver moonlight pouring through the clumsily covered windows. Candles all around flickering softly, barely lighting the darkness. I await you nervously naked sitting on the floor of the room, it's cold stone chilling my flesh. It seems an eternity since you left me here, ordering me not to move. My mind racing almost as quickly as my pulse as I hear footsteps coming from outside the door. I replay in my mind what's happened so far, just to make sure it's not a dream, to make sure I remember everything...

You had picked me up at the same spot as you had all our dates, all nine months we had been going out. I had been waiting, sitting on my heals under the willow tree by the lake as I always had. The only difference this time was that you asked me to wear some things you had bought me... My hair was in tight curls tumbling down my back and framing my delicate face. A sheer white silk blouse all that covers my chest and shoulders, a tight black skirt wrapped around my lower body, making my cream colored thighs gleam in contrast. Around my neck a leather collar with three silver rings hanging from it, their cold touch barely brushing my skin. I heard you approaching and quickly lowered my eyes, feeling the heat of you're stare warming my skin.

As your boots entered my gaze I looked up, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the combination of your gaze and the barely there clothes. In a fluid motion you snapped a silver chain to the middle loop of the collar around my neck and gently pulled my to my feet. I stood on unsteady legs, unused to the four inch heals of the shoes you bought me last time we went shopping, their paten blackness shinning in the midday sun. My cheeks flushed with heat as I saw your hungry eyes roaming over my form. You pulled me closer using the chain fastened to my neck until our bodies touched, then wrapped your free arm around the small of my back pulling my even closer yet. Suddenly your mouth met mine in frenzied passion, our tongues dancing, probing each other for a long moment, and then you forced yourself to pull away. Lowering my eyes one again, you led me by the chain to your car, opening the door and seating me in the passenger seat, fastening the chain to the glove box and closing the door, then half-circling the car to enter on your side.

The drive to your house seemed longer this time, you driving with one hand on the wheel, the other on my trembling thigh. Every time I opened my mouth to say something or ask a question, you would glance at me with eager eyes and move your hand a little further up my leg with a soft squeeze. With the warmth of your hand so close to my "temple" I couldn't help but feel a stirring of wetness begin to spread, I don't know how you knew, maybe you could smell my excitement. But before I could protest, your fingers began to make soft circles closer and closer to my temple, slowly. A soft moan escaped my crimson lips as you reached the center of my sweetness, steadily probing it at first, but your pace quickens to match my ragged breathing and soft moans. My back arched as climax approached, I drew in a deep breath as I was about to fly over the edge of bliss as you, all of a sudden and to my disappointment, stopped. We were at your house now, time to get out of the car.

I sit and wait for you to open the door and unfasten the chain from the glove box. You lead me into your house, I've been here a thousand times, but I'd never seen this part in your basement. I follow you to the center of the room, you refasten the long chain to the wall as I stand, shivering slightly in anticipation, wondering what will happen next... You look at me softly and order me to undress. I begin but you tell me to stop, tell me to do it slower. I obey and begin a strip tease, grinning with satisfaction as I watch you cup the hardness in your pants with your hand unconsciously.

Button by button I undo my blouse, letting it hang open as I sway my hips, running my hands up my sides, ridding every curve. Lifting and opening the soft silkiness of the blouse, showing you my breasts, offering you my body. I let the softness fall from my shoulders as I begin to slip the tight skirt over my wiggling hips. My eyes looking into yours, then to the hardness you hold in your hands, pushing against your pants as if trying to escape it's cloth prison. Now free of my clothes and shoes, I stand before you, barring all that I am, and watch your smile widen. You command me to sit on the floor and I obey, trying to sit slowly so that the coldness wouldn't be such a shock to my body.

Now I'm back to where I began, sitting here, listening to the footsteps outside the door, waiting for you. I close my eyes, trying to hide my excitement as I hear the door open and you step into the room. I can feel you smile to yourself seeing me like this, naked, chained to the wall… I feel a tug on the chain and look up, you stand me up slowly, my eyes wandering over your now bare chest and falling to the bulge in your leather pants. You command me to hold out my wrists, I do so hesitantly, not knowing what to expect next. You place two leather bands on my wrists, each having a silver ring like the collar I ware. You unfasten the chain from my collar and thread it through the loops, no words spoken. You pin me to the wall and secure the chain so that my hands are over my head. The coldness of the stone against my bare back chills me, instantly my nipples are harder then they have ever been, both from excitement and from the bitter wall.

You run your fingers down my body feather light, a mischievous glint in your beautiful eyes. You step closer, pressing your body to mine, your hardness pressing against my stomach. Your lips brush against mine, leading down my neck, your kiss longingly landing on my shoulder, nibbling across the top of my chest. Wetness dripping down my aching thighs, my breasts heaving in anticipation, pressing more and more into you.

Your kiss becomes more primal, biting my neck and lower lip and you press your mouth to mine once more. Our tongues fighting, encircling each other, a growl comes low from your throat and a moan into your mouth. Your hands finally leave my hips and find my willing breasts, squeezing and pinching, you break our heated kiss to bend down slightly. Your tongue finding one of my erect nipples, I moan louder and it seems to please you because you softly bite down on the side of my breast, one of your hands now resting on my hip, the other gripping and playing with the other breast with a wild passion. I try to arch my back writhing in foreign pleasure but you forcibly push me back against the wall with a slight grunt. Moving to the other breast you suck hard on the nipple and I throw my head back, a ferocious grin parting my lips. After endless moments you stop and step back to look at me, trembling with pleasure. You whisper softly, in a low gruff voice "nice…" and look into my eyes, then to the fiery wetness between my legs.

I watch helplessly as you unbutton your pants, your erect manhood pressing against the leather, almost screaming to be released. You slide your pants down over your hips and let them fall to the floor, your cock standing at attention you step out of them and kick them to my feet as you walk to me again. Resting your hands on my shoulders you being to kneel, running your hands down my body as you lower yourself, sliding them over my breasts, down my stomach then landing on my hips, pushing them firmly against the wall with your tremendous strength. I take a deep breath as you run your tongue over my lips, then shoving it in my temple. Writhing in the bliss of your mouth on my hot pleasure spots, working your tongue I try to buck my hips, but your hands firmly holding me still. I scream in delight as your tongue moves in circles, my voice echoing in the otherwise still room. Then you release me with a slow flutter of your tongue. My knees give out but you catch me in your manly hands, holding me up, pressing your bare body against mine for a moment, then step back again, looking…

After a brief eternity, you step up again and loosen the chains to my wrists, and tell me to kneel, your hand caressing the your stiffness as I obey. Quite nervously I look up into your eyes then at the sight before me. I see you nod in approval and I open my mouth, taking in as much of your massiveness as I can, moving forward and back slowly, flicking my tongue along your rod. You rest your hands on my head softly, reassuringly, and I continue steadily, pleasuring you, honoring you. Gently nipping along the shaft, licking softly and slowly, wrapping both my hands along its length and massaging it, and repeating. You step back and grin down at me, on my knees before you. You pull me up and stand me against the wall again, your manhood throbbing.

You tighten the chains again, my hands bound above my head, pressing your body to mine. You move your stiffness along my temple opening, teasing it slowly. Then you reach down and grab my legs and wrap them around your waist, using the wall to support me, the chains slacking enough for my to wrap my arms around your shoulders as you push slowly inside me. A hungry growl loud and ferocious escaping your lips, your eyes fiercely starring into mine, my mouth open in a moan. Your rhythm starting off slow and deep, hitting all the spots that drive me insane, I feel you throbbing inside me with every gentle plunge. You begin to thrust faster and my moans turn to screams of heightened passion. Quickly you stop and release me, loosening my chains and turning me to face the wall, slightly bending over as you reenter. Your pace picks up as you bend with me, your bare muscular chest against my back, your hands greedily play with my breasts and nipples. Thrust after thrust, I scream, you moan loudly and grunt, primal lust clouding both our minds. After an eternity of thrusting, passion building, pleasure rising to impossible hights, our climax closens. I feel your grip on my breasts tighten, all my muscles go stiff, wave after wave of unrealistic ecstasy pour through every nerve of our bodies. I scream and push deeper onto your manhood, you grunt as you being to flow into me, your fingers trembling, your stiffness spamming in my temple, we both collapse against the wall.

After we can move, think, speak again, you unbind me and pull my trembling body close. Time to go home, and do this all again next weekend… Maybe next time you’ll wear the chains...

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