tagSci-Fi & FantasySweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender


Several weeks had passed since Callia had returned home to the Moonwood. Much to everyone's surprise, she had taken up residence with Amakiir instead of her mother. It still seemed to be the topic of conversation and endless gossip, but the pair ignored all the talk. Their people could scarce believe they had become an item and often wondered if it was a spell that made Callia so enamored with Amakiir. Even her mother had questioned her, disbelieving Callia's obsession with her once constant tormentor. Yet Callia bore the questions from others with patience and dignities, doing her best to make them all understand his magic had nothing to do with their relationship. Through it all one person had remained seemingly silent, keeping his comments and opinions to myself. Yet Callia could sometimes feel Karowyn's steely gaze upon her and could feel his disapproval. Callia could deal with that. Often she had garnered Karowyn's disapproval. That was nothing new.

Rarely were Callia and Amakiir parted for long, and could often be found locked in a passionate embrace. No matter where they were or what they were doing it always turned into a steamy interlude of some kind. They often had to excuse themselves from a clan gathering to indulge in their carnal bliss.

Such was the case one afternoon when Callia left the clan hold by herself and headed for her favorite bathing pool.

She was looking forward to relaxing in the cool water. She needed some quiet time alone from the ever watchful eyes of her people. She knew they often talked about her. She had heard their whispers and had seen their sly glances as she walked by. The camp slut and the often cruel mage...what a pair the two made. Many couldn't believe what had drawn them together. Yet others were aware of their lust for one another. It took mere moments after they had emerged together from his lodge for the ones who had heard her lusty cries to spread throughout the camp. Several had blatantly said she hadn't changed. Perhaps they were right in that extent. Sex was still a ruling factor in her life. Only now she was indulging her passions with only one partner. Amakiir had seen to that. He had made it clear to her that she was his property.

As Callia divested herself of her soft furs and sank into the inviting water, she turned her thoughts back to Amakiir. Being claimed as his property didn't sit well with her. Yet she remained silent, allowing him to believe she solely belonged to him. The sex they had shared was incredibly intense and Callia found herself hopelessly addicted to it. She never would have believed he would be able to satisfy her so completely. Callia reveled in the constant feeling of contentment.

Lost in thought while she soaked in the shallow part of the bathing pool, Callia hadn't noticed Amakiir strolling towards her. Right away, he could tell her she distracted. Her mood seemed pensive. He watched for several minutes as she stared off into the distance. If he only knew what she was thinking, perhaps he could help her through it.

Amakiir knew part of her resented their affair, but he also knew he could not give her up. He knew he had to make the best of it and hoped she would come around completely. He hoped she would come to feel the same way he did about her. If that failed, he was not above using magic to keep her under his control. Amakiir knew she had no willpower to overcome him. She would be his.

Quickly he stripped off his tunic and leathers and slid into the cool water. Callia jumped as she felt the waters splash around her.

"I didn't mean to startle you, my pretty. You looked too tempting to resist," he said as he embraced her and dropped a kiss upon her shoulder. A shiver of delight coursed through her body. Amakiir took note of that and ever so lightly ran his fingers up the flesh of her arm, raising goose flesh and causing her to shake and tremble.

A moan slipped out as she dropped her head back in sweet surrender. "Ohhh yes..."

Turning her around to face him, he drew her up against his body, her thighs parting as she slid across his lap. A hint of jasmine wafted through the trees on a balmy wind that turned her favorite place into an aromatic haven. Amakiir pressed her breasts tight against his chest as he slid his arms around her back. He then drew her lips down to meet his.

"Kiss me," he whispered, his lips nibbling at the corners of her mouth. A when her mouth connected with his, she gave herself over to the kiss completely with lips, mouth, tongue, arms, body and soul. Callia wound her arms around his shoulders just as the heady scent of jasmine wrapped itself around the two elves like invisible arms.

He dropped a hand to her ass, caressing softly as he pressed her more fully against his engorged cock. Callia let out a small sound of protest as his mouth began to devour hers. Teasing little nibbles turned into sharp little nips. He kissed her as if he would climb into her body through her mouth. Amakiir nipped and grazed his teeth over her lips until she cried out.

A sound issued forth from Amakiir's throat, a low timbre that began as a purr and ended as a growl of distant thunder. One of his hands moved from her ass, sliding it up to tangle within her hair. Grabbing a handful, he began to pull her up.

Callia whimpered half from the pain of the hair pulling and half from the delight of feeling his cock graze her pussy. He flicked his fingers over her clit before driving his cock home. She squealed as his thickness stretched her pussy walls.

"Ride me," he ground out as he gripped her waist, helping her to get into her groove. He thrust upward as she thrust down, as they began to move in sync with one another. Amakiir's hands moved to her full breasts and slowly squeezed them. Her pink nipples were already erect. Callia looked incredible sitting on his cock and could barely believe this luscious goddess was here with him. Callia looked him directly in the eyes as she put her hands on his chest to ride him. Her bucking increased gradually. He let go of her tits and moved them to her tight little ass. This freed her breasts to bounce as she rode his cock. She then sat upright and rammed her cunt down on his cock to get as much as she could. She let out an animal like groan as her cunt muscles contracted around his thick cock. Yet it was not enough for him. Lifting her from the water, he laid her on the bank flat on her back. He pushed himself inside Callia, using his hands to hold her where he wanted her. Yet she couldn't just lie still beneath him and raised her hips to meet his incredible thrusts. Amakiir shuddered and she felt it deep within her core. She bucked up against him despite his attempts to keep her hips pressed to the ground. Fighting for control, Amakiir tried to shove himself completely inside of her with one long hard thrust, pushing hard and deep with all the force his hips could muster, just to work his meaty girth up inside her. Callia gasped, as he seemed to fill every inch of her. She knew he was thick, but marveled anew at this seemingly increased thickness. Drawing back nearly to the tip, he pushed forth hard and slow. It was all too much for Callia to bear. She let loose a feral scream, and arched her back, bringing her breasts up tight against him. Her orgasm came hot and fast, opening her tight snatch up, giving him the thrusting room he needed. Her juices slicked her pussy and as she felt another orgasm building, riding her hard, just as hard as Amakiir. Her nails raked his back as she urged him on.

Pulling her legs up, her knees bent, he pushed them over his shoulders. His thrusts went deeper still. Amakiir found his rhythm and it was hard and fast. Callia found herself cresting from the pressure between her legs, rolling over her as it spread through her body and she let loose a scream as her orgasm hit her, Amakiir thrust one last time. She knew in that very instant he'd been gentle before this, because his last thrust was so deep it drove her off the ground screaming. Her nails dug into his skin as one final orgasm hit on the heels of her last.

Amakiir groaned and shuddered, collapsing his weight on top of her. A soft grunt escaped her lips as she slid her legs down. She stroked his hair and his back.

"Amakiir..." she murmured.

After a few moments his heavy breathing ceased and he rolled off her body. Staring up at the flickering sunlight that filtered through the boughs of the trees, he let out a sigh. "You never fail to amaze me. Just when I think the sex can't get anymore intense between us, your pussy gets so much better. I confess myself in lust with your pussy. You drive me to want to fuck you all night and all day. You've become an obsession, one I can barely afford."

"Yet you've wanted me for years. Now you know why men have always flocked to me. Of course just because I'm good doesn't mean the sex was always this intense. At least it wasn't for me." Callia sighed as she looked up into his silver eyes. "Our people are still talking about us behind our backs and dear Karowyn won't speak to me at all. He doesn't understand. No one understands us. It's been on my mind more than you know."

"I know, my sweet. I can tell your moods," he said. "And as for Karowyn, he thinks it is a game we are playing with each other."

"Is it? Are you toying with me?"

"I could ask the same of you. I know a part of you resents our affair and I know you don't like being claimed as my property. I know that stems from your free nature. You have always done what you wanted when you wanted and with whomever you wanted. It makes me wonder why you are being so complacent about my dominance over you. You are the aggressive one. You always have been."

Callia glared at him. "Did you ever stop to think that maybe I get tired of being the aggressive one all the time? Or maybe I get tired of being the strong one. It does grow old after a time. I would like to lean on someone else once in a while. I would like to be the passive one every once in a while. I enjoy taking orders, being told what to do and how to do it. Sometimes I get off on being called a slut. You are very good at judging my moods. I wanted to lure you out here. I wanted to be taken like this today. You seem to know me so well. Question is how soon will it be before you get tired of me?"

"I'll never grow tired of you."

"Never say never, Amakiir. You taught me that many years ago. You want me now, but I know a time will come when you've grown tired of me. It's just the way of things. It's the story of my life." Callia sighed.

"Those are mistakes you've perpetuated for years. Page after page of your story was written with you flat on your back with someone thrusting between your lovely thighs. You've sold yourself short, my pretty. You've wasted much of your talents and your beauty on men so undeserving of you. Do you really think someone will care about you after you've allowed them to slake their lusts on you? Think, Callia, think. You are beautiful. I know people are talking. I hear it daily just as you do. Our warriors, many of whom you've bedded, ask why I'm fucking you of all of the females in our clan. She's a mattress-backed slut, they say. So that may be true, but you are my slut. I'm going to be the one venting my lust between your lovely thighs, when the mood is right. Other times, it is different. I want to cherish you and give you what you want. It'll be however the mood warrants. I will take care of you, and soon enough, no one will be talking about us anymore."

"Didn't it start with you slaking your lust on me?"

"No, you know it didn't."

"NO? NO! You allowed some dirty Orc ravage me. How can you care about me and still hurt me like that? How?" Callia exclaimed.

"Do you think I continue to still hurt you?"

"Sometimes. I hear the talk. Some say you brag about you using me. Some say you tolerate me because it's a game to you. They say you have never meant a thing you have said about wanting me all this time. Is it all a game? Am I your plaything? Will you dispose of me when you are tired of me? Can't you see? I can't fight you. You are much more powerful than I. My muscles and skills in combat are no match for your magic. I know that." Callia cried, lashing out at him, her blue eyes blazing.

"Talk is cheap. And that's all it is. Perhaps they are now the jealous ones because they are no longer receiving your favors and as for the females...You are much more beautiful than they. Perhaps they are jealous because all the men want you and not them." Amakiir offered.


"I'm not toying with you. I'm not playing with you or using you either. That's in the past. Trust me," he stated. "Now where were we?"

Callia let loose a chuckle, "I think we were just about to fuck like animals once more."

And they did, giving into the sweet surrender their passion demanded.

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