tagBDSMSweet Surrender to Darkness

Sweet Surrender to Darkness


Warning: this is a work of adult fiction; all characters are over 18 and this should not be read by anybody under that age.

Humbly dedicated to my Goddess, Lady Izzabelle


It was just another Tuesday evening. A boring day at the office was over and Ian was surfing the net for some entertainment. Ever since he could remember Ian had been drawn to the darker side of his desires and fetishes but as for so many others, they had remained just an idea. The erotic displays of power and submission he scoured the internet were as close as he got to realising his fantasy.

While browsing his usual sites, Ian came across one he hadn't seen before. The series of photos drew him in, Just the way he liked them. A beautiful sensuous dominatrix and her harem of slaves. Ian's hand slipped down between his legs and took hold of his by now very aroused member. This was good.

Ian scrolled down the page searching for yet more of these delicious images to feast his eyes upon and came to section at the end entitled "Free Download." By now a very aroused Ian was not thinking straight at all and he quickly clicked on the button. Anything to keep this fantastic feeling going on and on.

A pop-up message appeared asking him to plug his mp3 player into the computer. Slightly puzzled, Ian did as he was asked. Any slight doubts he had disappeared as he stroked his fully engorged cock beneath his trousers. He needed to satisfy himself badly now.

Abandoning his computer, Ian staggered into the bedroom and proceeded to relieve himself of the unbearable pressure that had built up inside him.


He was late for the train as always. Grabbing his keys Ian was heading out the door when he spotted his mp3 player sitting beside the computer. The packed commuter train was bad enough at the best of times, but without some sort of music it was hell. Without even thinking about it, he thrust the player into his suit pocket and ran out the door.

Today was Ian's lucky day. Somehow he had even managed to find a seat on the train. Sitting himself comfortably in the seat he produced his music player. Only then did he remember last night and that strange website. What had he downloaded? Scrolling through the menu he could find nothing new at all. Everything appeared unchanged.

Dismissing the thought, he put on the headphones and pressed play. Relaxing comfortably in his seat, Ian was more than willing to let the scenery and music wash over him as he closed his eyes and tried to catch up on some sleep.


It had been a fantastic day at work. For some reason Ian had been on top of the world today in the office. No task was too difficult, nothing was too much trouble for him. His colleagues had been amazed at the transformation in their usually taciturn co-worker. A feeling of harmony and wonder filled him throughout the entire working day.

Ian had listened to his music player all the way home, not even taking off his headphones while entering his apartment. The sweet sounds continued to work their magic and keep his mood very happy indeed.

After discarding his coat and the few papers he'd brought home with him, Ian strode quickly over to his computer and booted it up. For some reason he couldn't help himself. Not that he wanted to stop himself. Somehow in the back of his mind, Ian knew that this amazing feeling was tied up to what he was doing and there was no way he was going to stop it.

A couple of mouse clicks later he was back at the same site he'd viewed last night. The display had changed somehow. The text and images were the same, but the background had been updated. Some sort of swirling random pattern behind the screen. Ian's cock suddenly sprang to life at seeing the leather clad dominatrix who had been the source of his dreams last night. She was stunning. A vision of perfection. Ian was overwhelmed.

A few more clicks brought him to the members section where without a moment of hesitation he filled in all the information the beautiful Goddess asked him. Ian held nothing back. He told her everything.

Finally Ian came to the comments section which invited him to tell the wonderful domme about himself and why she should choose him as a slave. Slave? The word spiked a slight anxious moment in Ian's head but the throbbing of his cock soon put paid to that. Instead he found himself typing without thinking.

'You are the most beautiful woman in the world! I worship you! You are my Goddess. Please Lady Izzabelle allow me to be your slave. My body and mind are yours to command. I yearn to submit to your power and become your devoted slave. Being your slave is all that I want to be.'

He was on the cusp. He had to cum. It was so intense, so arousing. The feeling was amazing.

Ian pressed return.

He moaned in pure ecstasy as Ian spurted his sticky load all over the inside of his pants. Overcome by orgasmic bliss, Ian didn't even notice.


After changing his trousers, Ian had managed to pull himself together enough to fix a meal and watch some tv. The wonderful feeling that had filled him throughout the day was still there but it seemed dimmer now for some reason.

But as he sat on the couch his eyes kept on being drawn to the computer. The vapid drone of the inane television celebrities were beginning to get on his nerves. Without much of a struggle, Ian soon found himself back at the computer and back at the website he so enjoyed.

To his surprise, Ian discovered that his membership application had been accepted and a password had been given for the members area. Already his cock was beginning to throb in anticipation. Quickly he accessed the secure area of the site and was immediately assailed by a new screen containing the same swirling patterns as he had seen previously, only much more powerful.

Ian felt himself being sucked in by the rapidly flashing screen. The gorgeous face of the most beautiful woman in the world was in the centre of the swirling, ever changing patterns. Without taking his eyes from the screen, I an reached for the headphones and plugged them into the computer. He fitted the inky black headphones over his head and quivered in anticipation.

A voice, the sweet melodic sound of the perfect woman filled his ears: 'Welcome slave. Welcome to the beginning of your journey.'

Ian's penis was rock hard. His dilated pupils never left the computer screen. He was completely transfixed, sucked in by the mesmeric power of the whole effect.

Ian listened and watched. He sat in the chair and let the raw power of this gorgeous sensuous woman reach into his mind. By now he couldn't stop himself. Like a sponge Ian sat in front of the computer as Lady Izzabelle set about installing the first of many new wants, desires and goals within the helpless man's head.

With every moment that passed more and more of Ian's willpower dissolved into emptiness. Every word, every swirl of the spiral brought him deeper and deeper under the spell of this most seductive Goddess.

By now Ian knew that Lady Izzabelle was a Goddess. His Goddess. She was the only deity he could worship. Every passing second strengthened his Goddess' hold over Ian's rapidly weakening mind. Ian was being taught. Taught to serve his supreme Goddess.

For the second time that evening, to the detriment of his laundry bills, Ian found release. The earth shattering orgasm of earlier paled into insignificance compared to what happened now. It was the cum to end all cums especially since his Goddess, Lady Izzabelle had permitted him to cum. Ian knew now that this was Her reward for his obedience. He understood fully now. From now on all the pleasure he was permitted would be granted by his Goddess. His Goddess, Lady Izzabelle would decide all.

Ian's eyes never left the screen as his sweat drenched body spasmed uncontrollably on hearing the commands given to him.

Ian was speaking aloud now. His voice shook and quivered with lust as he uttered the words aloud. Words that now meant more to him than anything else in the world. They were at the core of his being. Every thought, every decision he made from now on would revolve around this simple statement.

'i submit my body and mind to the service of the Goddess of Darkness, Lady Izzabelle!' Ian proclaimed to the computer screen.

A loud scream rent through the apartment as his Goddess finally permitted ian to explode.


It had been a week since Ian had become a slave and he had never been happier. Work was going well. His new attitude had impressed his employers and he was being considered for promotion to section head of his department.

The following Wednesday evening found ian back in his apartment after another days work. His commute was no longer a chore. He basked in the chance to glow in the radiance of Lady Izzabelle's words as she spoke to him through the MP3 player. The initial subliminal recordings that his Goddess had installed in his original download had served their purpose. They had opened up his mind and brought him down the Dark Path to slavery. Now ian spent his train ride completely enraptured by the voice of his Goddess.

He closed the door and locked it behind him. The time for pretence was over. He marched into his bedroom and quickly took off his clothes. The bed was still neatly made. In truth, ian had not slept in it for almost a week. The sweet path of Darkness was painful.

From the cupboard, ian removed the items Goddess had sent him. These were Her gifts to this lowly slave designed to bring him to ever greater perfection. ian's engorged member throbbed with anticipation.

Firstly he manoeuvred his cock and balls into the series of tight black rubber rings that gripped them tightly, careful to position the small metal device attached to the rings between his scrotum and penis base. He moaned in pleasure at the tightness. It symbolised the pressure of the grip his Goddess wanted him to feel.

Next he produced the small evil looking black vibrator. At first he had needed to lube it generously but by now ian was easily able to slide the slick dildo inside him. His entire body shivered as his mind registered the presence of this intruder buried within him and the thought of what was to come.

Finally, ian slid a pair of glistening latex briefs up over his legs. He carefully slid his shuddering cock into the greasy latex sheath of the garment before pulling the briefs us to his waist. The moulded latex was thicker in the places beneath his balls and at his rear. These were the contact points. Reaching inside the snug rubber pants, ian ensured that the smooth metal devices embedded within the two stimulators were plugged into the circuitry of the briefs.

At last, ian produced the wide, thick leather collar. He looked at in wonder. A symbol of his unswerving devotion and submission to the Sweet Darkness and his one true Goddess. Pressing the leather to his lips he kissed it in reverence before buckling the thick band around his neck. the high posture collar ensured that he couldn't move his neck at all. Bound as a slave should be, ian made his way to the brainwashing chamber for the night.

His brainwashing chamber had been, until last week, a small guest bedroom. But since becoming a servant of the Darkness, ian had made some changes. All the furniture was gone leaving a small blank room. He had put up blackout curtains to ensure complete darkness and to keep away from prying neighbours.

Closing the door behind him, ian padded over to the far end of the room where he had set up the equipment. A digital projector was affixed to a sleek silver coloured laptop computer. ian quickly booted up the computer and entered his password. His Goddess, or one of her many devoted servants had direct control over his training. The familiar swirling screen of Lady Izzabelle's website appeared on screen. he gasped in wonder. It never failed to shake him to gaze upon her wondrous face.

As a slave should, ian immediately sank to his knees before this vision of beauty personified.

Whatever programme Goddess had designed for him tonight was loading. ian plugged two long thick black wires into the rear of the laptop. Then he plugged each wire into the jacks located in the latex briefs. As well as controlling what he would see and hear ian had surrendered control of his body to Goddess to do with as She wished.

ian proceeded on his knees to the centre of the small darkened room. He quickly slid on a pair of thick black headphones which were linked to the computer. Kneeling, shackled completely in both mind and body, the slave awaited the commands of his Dark Mistress.

Patterns swirled on the wall opposite. A voice oozed through the headphones. Whatever conscious thought remained evaporated in a haze of pulsating bliss as he succumbed to the pleasures granted by the corruption of the Darkness.

The constant stimulation from his cock and ass pounded his body all night long, locking the words and visions granted by Lady Izzabelle deep inside his slavish mind forever.

Lady Izzabelle was teaching him to become a better and better slave. Even though he knew that he was a slave, ian recognised that he needed a lot more work before he could properly serve and obey his Goddess properly. For far too many years now he had been undisciplined and lazy. But now, at last, his destiny was being fulfilled. Every tiny crevice of his mind was being filled by the inky corruption of the Sweet Darkness. ian embraced the path. He was the property of Goddess now.

ian loved it.

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