tagMatureSweet, Sweet Liz

Sweet, Sweet Liz


Liz, a amazing girl, a girl that loved to have a good time, and girl that brought life back to an older guy.

I met Liz thru a social network site. I had just invited her with a smart comment and she accepted and that started an amazing online friendship. We didn't get to meet on line very often but when we did we had amazing chats, that sometimes became very erotic and sexual. She knew how to do the cyber sex thing well and we had some very great chats.

I was going thru a bit of a bad time and the chats that we had seemed to lift me up and make feel a whole lot better. We chatted for a few months and then things changed for me that made things a whole lot better.

I didn't get to chat with her for a couple of weeks and when we finally got to chat, I told her that I had some great news. When she asked me what it was I told her that I could actually be able to meet her in person if she wanted. She was so happy and we made plans with her telling me where she lived, and how to get there. She also told me about the great hotel that was right across from the college that she was going to. We made plans and she worked it out so that she would have a four day weekend so that we could spend a lot of time together. I made a reservation at the hotel, and made flight plans.

I was actually nervous about meeting her. The pictures that I had seen of her showed an amazingly sexy girl. I didn't think that she would be real happy when she met me. She had only seen one picture of me and I was looking pretty messed up. But I figured that the worst that could happen is that I would have a nice four day weekend in a very historic place.

I flew in on the Friday morning, arriving at the hotel, about 12:30 local time. I didn't expect to see her until I had checked in and called her, but when I walked into the lobby, she was waiting for me. And man her pictures did her no justice. Here was a early twenties female, long dark hair, dressed in tight jeans and a tight shirt. Believe me they left nothing to the imagination. She walked over to me and said, " I am so glad you are here. I have been looking forward to this for so long." She hugged me and I just melted into her arms. She not only looked great, but she smelled amazing. She was wearing a perfume that I had sent her. I went to check in and to make sure there were no problems, I told the clerk that there would be two people in the room. The clerk looked at me and just smiled.

When we finally got to the room, and the bellboy had left, we hugged again say that we were so glad that we could finally be together. The hug lasted a fair while, and we finally kissed for the first time. We got as close to each other as we could and the kiss was long passionate, then tender, then heated, then soft and filled with tongue.

When we finally separated, she looked at me with a look of pure lust in her eyes. But she said that she wanted to wait until after supper, she wanted it to last all night and she wanted me to save myself until then. OMG, that was going to be hard. I want to explore her body right now, and I had a hard time holding back.

She said she wanted to introduce me to her dorm friends. She said that they were all going to be jealous and some would probably hit on me. She called her one friend and told to bring the girls and meet us in the lounge. We went down and waited for them, and soon there were six great looking girls and me sitting have drinks. Liz was right all but one of the girls was hitting on me, and Liz was just laughing knowing that I was there for her and no one else. One of the girls even said that she would blow me right there if we could end up in bed on the weekend. Apparently she was the slut of the Dorm.

About six o'clock Liz told me that she was getting hungry and we left the girls to go get some dinner. During dinner we chatted and had a great time. We talked about just about everything and she was quite knowledgeable about just about any topic we talked about. The sexual tension though was getting very heavy.

We finally got back to the room and she said that she wanted to go have a shower. I told her that I needed one too, so she went first and after came out in a robe supplied by the hotel. I went in and not only had my shower but set up something that was going to be part of the night. When I came out she had put on makeup, but not so much that it was over done. She looked so hot sitting on the bed in her robe. I walked over to her and sat beside her on the bed. We were soon laying on the bed necking. I slowly opened her robe and I finally saw this magnificent body that I had been looking at. Her breast were amazing, soft yet perky, topped by dark nipples, that were already hard. They topped a slim waist and legs that went on forever, shapely and well toned. I noticed a very small patch of fuzzy hair and I could already smell the musk of her pussy.

I leaned over her and whispered, " Tonight it is about you, your pleasure is all that I am interested in." She got a huge smile on her face. She sat up and took off her robe completely revealing her whole body to me. I took off mine and she smiled when she saw my already hard cock.

I told her to lie on the bed on her stomach and she looked a little puzzled, but I reassured her that it was alright. I got up and went to the bathroom and retrieved the cream that I had gotten ready. I had warmed it in a glass of hot water.

I came back and told to enjoy the night. I put some cream on my hands and I started to rub her back slowly working the cream into all of the parts of her back and the back of her arms. I worked my way down her back taking my time to spend some time everywhere, and watching her reactions. I wanted to find every spot that would get her heated up. I then started to rub her legs starting at the heels and working my way up to her incredible ass.

When I got to her ass, I rubbed and slightly kneaded her cheeks for a short time, she was squirming on the bed and she was already starting to moan. I leaned over and ran my tongue down between the cheeks of her ass and got to her rosebud. She said, "Unless you want to be thrown on the bed and fucked to death right now, you had better stop that." Perfect, I thought, I can use that later.

I got her to roll over and I leaned in and kissed her. This kiss was just lust filled and hot. After necking for a while I started to kiss my way down to her breasts. I licked both nipples and she hisses as my tongue went over the nipples. I took one into my mouth and slowly sucked on it. She grabbed my head and pulled it down more, telling me so suck hard. I sucked about half of the breast into my mouth and she squealed and moaned as she tried to reach for my cock. I took her hand away, and when I let go of her breast I told her that there would be plenty of that.

I started to kiss my way to her pussy following the wonderful smell coming from it. When I got to her pussy, I could smell the wonderful aroma and I licked at the juices already seeping out. Liz was really squirming now. I reached under her cheeks to hold her and I started to kiss and lick at her outer lips. She was moaning very loud now and I licked up to her clit. Finding it, I sucked it out of its hiding place and that pushed LIz over the top to her first orgasm. She clamped her legs on my head and started to buck and roll as the orgasm overcame her. I continued to suck on her clit making her orgasm last as long as I could. When she finally came down she laid on the bed breathing very heavily. I knew that it was time to take total control.

I continued to suck on her clit and I slipped a finger into her wet pussy. The walls were sopping wet and tight. The velvety feeling of her sweet pussy was amazing. I could hear her breath becoming very short, and I continued to finger her while I sucked her clit. Shortly she exploded into another orgasm. She had pulled the pillow over her face and was screaming into it. She kept cumming as I continued to finger her.

As she was coming down, I started to suck and lick her pussy, reveling in the taste of her sweet juices. They were flowing like a river and I could have all that I wanted. I knew now was the time for something else, and I started to lick my was to her ass. I slowly tongued it and she went wild, rolling and bucking and moaning. I continued to lick her ass, the taste of it mixed with the juices from her pussy was totally amazing. It had a sweet tart taste to it, and I wanted all that I could get. I must have licked it for about ten minutes, and Liz was just taking it all.

Just when she told me that I had to fuck her, I started to lick her pussy again, and as I did that, I slowly inserted a finger into her ass. She clamped down and I started to slowly stroke with my finger. She lasted about ten seconds and started to cum so hard, that she actually passed out for a few seconds.

When she came too I was slowly sliding up to her face. I kissed her again and laid down between her legs. She wrapped her legs around me and said, "Fuck me now, give me all that you have."

I slowly slide into her, she was so wet that it was easy getting into her. Her pussy was so wet and hot, but the feel of her skin inside was so amazing. The softness of it as she clamped down on me, made want to cum right there. But I wanted to hang on as long as I could, so I rolled her over on me, as that let me hold off a lot longer.

Liz didn't waste any time and she started to ride me hard. Every time she came down on me, she would clamp as tight as she could. It was hard holding off, but I managed. She came hard again falling against me and quivering as her body felt the electricity of another orgasm. We fucked in that position for a while, and then she managed to get me on top again.

I looked into her eyes and I knew that I had to give it all to her. I started to slowly stroke and take my time as I knew I wouldn't last long. I slowly built up speed and we were soon fucking hard, with me driving as deep into her as I could. She came about two seconds before me and as she again clamped down on me I buried my self into her and started to shoot a massive load into her. She came for what seemed for ever and I seemed to keep pumping into her filling her with my cum. As we finally came down, I took her into my arms and kissed her so passionately. She kissed me back and we just laid there necking for a long time.

After I had gotten soft and slipped out of her, I laid beside her holding her in my arms, and we just laid there. I slowly caressed her and kissed her face. She looked up at me and her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. I wasn't long behind her, and we slept like that for a couple of hours.

When I woke up she was in the shower again, and came out just as I got out of the bed. She had a glow to her that was amazing.

We got into the other bed in the room and we cuddled up with her back to me and I had an arm over her holding one of her breasts. We fell asleep very quickly and slept until about ten in the morning. I woke up first and I started to kiss her back. She woke up and we had a quick hot session before starting our day.

The weekend was a wonderful love filled weekend. But that is another story.

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