tagLoving WivesSweet Sweet Revenge

Sweet Sweet Revenge

byMany Feathers©

After ten years of marriage, it was over. Towards the end, I did every thing I could think of to try and save the marriage, but to no avail. I'm not an advocate of getting a divorce either, at least not until everything possible has been done to try and keep that from happening. But I had done all that, so when my ex-wife filed, I tried to keep things as amicable as possible. But as they say, there really is no such thing as a good divorce.

We had just stepped out of the courtroom, I was standing in the long hallway leading out from the chamber talking to my attorney when my now ex-wife saddled up to me.

"Tom? Can I speak with you for a moment?" She asked.

My attorney mentioned something about another appointment and said his goodbyes.

"What is it Silvia?"

My "Ex" was a touchy-feely person, so when she put her hand on my shoulder I didn't really think much about it, after all...it's just the way she was. Though I had learned she'd been doing a LOT of touchy-feely stuff with several other guys towards the end.

"No hard feelings?" She asked.

I looked at her with what I could only describe as contempt. She'd pretty much taken me to the proverbial cleaners, though the one thing I had managed to keep her from getting her grubby little mitts on had been the luxury cabin that my father and I had built together high up in the Uinta Mountains. A family retreat of sorts that I had eventually inherited shortly after my parents death, and a piece of property that the court had decided my Ex had no rights to as it was bought and paid for long before we had gotten married. That, and the small family business that had been started by my father and which I was now operating myself, which included some land that was at the time nearly worthless.

"I don't suppose you'd be interested in selling the cabin." She asked boldly. "I'd give you fair market value for it Tom, and I know you could use the money." She said somewhat a little too glibly.

Silvia had bartered, begged, conjoiled....done everything she could think of to try and get me to sell her the place. It had been the one place where we had actually spent some very romantic, erotic, and very sensual times together. Frankly, I couldn't understand why it had meant so much to her under the circumstances until I found out, a few years later that she had had many of her trysts there with other men during our marriage.

"Sorry....no Silvia. I'm not THAT bad off." I replied, shaking her hand off my arm as I responded.

"Oh well, had to ask." She said, turning and preparing to walk off in the opposite direction. She stopped then for a moment and turned back towards me. I was actually a little surprised to see what I thought was a real tear in the corner of her eye.

"I have to confess to you Tom....I hope that ten years from now I don't look back and realize I made a mistake."

To be honest, I didn't know how to respond to that. For one thing, I had loved her. For another, it was hard to simply throw away ten years of marriage, even though it had had its rough spots. But then, didn't most marriages? Even so, I felt like I had tried to do everything possible to keep this from happening, but when the final papers were signed, I knew then there'd be no going back, no matter what happened.

As I watched Silva walk down that long hallway towards the exit, I couldn't help but think that was probably the last time she'd ever touch me, if even in a casual sense. She had a nice ass too with long shapely legs that she loved wrapping around me when we fucked.

"Fuck!" I said aloud, actually shocking a couple of people standing nearby when they heard my profanity. I couldn't believe I'd actually stood there gazing at her near perfect ass as she walked away from me and out of my life.

"Sorry." I quickly added nodding to them and then turning to walk off in the opposite direction than my wife or rather ex-wife had. What bothered me the most was that she could still give me a hard-on whenever I looked at her, and I had one now in fact, which had made me even angrier as I knew that I would never again be with her.

The only good thing that came out of this was the fact we hadn't had any children together that would be affected by our divorce. I had contracted the mumps while a teenager, which had effectively made me sterile. Which was great in my later teenage years, as I didn't have to worry about getting some girl pregnant. But it sure didn't make things easy for me when it came time to want to actually settle down and have a family. Adoption was certainly an option, but at the time, neither of us had been in any big hurry to start a family. Thank God!

At just slightly over six feet, I was in pretty damn good shape, fairly muscular though not in a body-builder sort of way, and ruggedly handsome even if I did say so myself. Dark full head of hair, piercing green eyes, and a slightly broken nose that gave me character rather than a pretty-boy face, I had had my share of women, though again, once they discovered I wasn't capable of fathering a child, usually resorted in the break-up of any long term possibilities. So it was that I was surprised a year or so later when I met another woman who eventually became my wife.

Over the course of the next ten years I grew the business, built a new home, and had pretty much everything I'd ever dreamed of. Including a wife who loved me. Sure, we still had our ups and down like any married couple, but in comparison to what it had been like living with my ex-wife, it was just this side of Heaven. With all that going for me, you'd have thought that I should be the happiest man alive. And for the most part, I was. But every once in a while, usually around my Ex and my anniversary, I thought of her and felt those old pangs tear at my heart.

Cindy and I had an OK sex life. Nothing particularly wild or exciting, more like 'comfortable' in a sense, which was ok. But unfortunately, that's all it was. I had to give Silvia credit in that department; she could fuck like a mink. But like a mink, she wasn't particular about who she fucked either. And so for ten years I lived my new life, happy as I could be, and expected to be, and simply pushed back whatever thoughts or memories I had of my Ex whenever they surfaced. That was until I accidentally bumped into her at a car dealership when I had gone in to have some work done on my new Jeep.

At first neither one of us really recognized one another. It's not like either one of us had changed all that much in ten years. But people do change, and it was just enough for both of us that it took a moment for realization to sink in. When it did, we both seemed to discover it simultaneously as we stood there in the waiting room of the service area.

"Tom? I thought that was you, you haven't changed all that much in ten years. How are you doing these days anyway?" She asked me.

Silvia had changed. If anything she looked even better than she had. She'd put on a few extra pounds, but then again so had I. But on Silvia, it looked better. I'd always been after her about her weight; she had always been on the skinny side for my taste. And now, she was right about where I wish she'd been ten years ago. Especially as she seemed to have grown a little fuller in the breast area than I remembered.

We sat in the waiting room exchanging pleasantries, and catching one another up on what we'd been doing, and what we'd accomplished over the past ten years. I told her about my business, where I lived even, and of course we both exchanged the fact we'd each gotten remarried, though hers had in fact recently ended about a year ago. Which meant, she was now single again.

A moment later, I heard my name called over the PA system, telling me my Jeep was finished with it's first oil change and servicing.

"Well Silvia, it's been nice seeing you again." I said, unsure of what else to say, especially as I would have liked to stick my tongue out at her instead and say something silly like "Sorry your life's fucked up"...or some such, but of course I didn't.

When I stood up to leave, she did too. And once again reached out putting her hand on my arm as she did. Obviously old habits die hard.

"Remember that day outside of the courtroom?" She began.

"How could I not?" I said to myself.

"Do you remember what I told you back then?" She questioned. I did, but I played dumb, wanting to hear her say it and act like I had forgotten all about it.

"I told you then that I hoped I wouldn't look back in ten years time and wonder if I had made a mistake."

All I could do was look at her, even when I heard my name being paged a second time to go to the service counter.

"I have to tell you Tom, ever since my second divorce, I've found myself asking that question. Did I? And now....I'm wondering once again."

For the briefest moment I wanted to reach out and grab her, hug her to me and kiss her passionately. And at the same time I wanted to punch her in the face. It was a toss-up as to which of the two I'd have rather done. But I finally took control of my senses.

"Listen Silvia, I really need to go. But maybe you can call me at work some time and we can talk about it." I told her. I soon left, paid for and picked up my Jeep, and then chastised myself rather ardently on the way home when I realized what a stupid thing I had done by inviting her to actually call me sometime at work. I actually prayed right then and there that she wouldn't. By the time I got home, I was mad at myself, and even worse....horny as hell.

"How'd it go?" Cindy asked as she stood at the sink washing a few late breakfast dishes.

I walked up behind her, putting my arms around her and gave her breasts an affectionate little squeeze, that soon turned into a more wanting, demanding caress as I stood behind my wife, pressing my erection against her.

"What on earth's gotten into you?" She asked, pulling away slightly which admittedly annoyed me a little.

"Nothing." I said a little guiltily, ashamed that I was fondling my wife, knowing full well it had been seeing my ex-wife that had gotten me aroused in the first place. "It's been a while......is all." I told her. And it had been, three weeks in fact since we'd last made love together.

Cindy giggled in the same way she first did when we'd started dating, and for a brief moment I remembered those initial lusty times we'd spent together and thought that maybe I was about to get lucky after all.

"Maybe later." She said winking at me, which was promising yes, but I'd been given that same wink before only to wind up jerking off in the bathroom long after she'd gone to bed.

Spinning out of my arms and away from me, she then proceeded to remind me of all the Saturday chores that still needed doing. That, and the fact that we had promised to go over to a friend's house later that night for dinner.

"Shit!" I exclaimed aloud. I'd forgotten all about that, and I suddenly knew that there wouldn't be any hanky-panky tonight if we were going over there. A fact which I then reminded her of, as I knew it would be late by the time we got home.

"Come on Cindy." I began once again, "You and I both know you won't be in the mood to do anything by the time we get home." I saw the hurt look in her face after I'd said that. Perhaps it wasn't the most tactful way to state it, but it was after all the truth.

"Fine." She said reaching around and undoing the apron she'd been wearing to wash dishes in. "You wanna go upstairs and fuck...then lets fuck." She stormed off in the direction of the stairs leading up to the bedroom. Normally I'd have backed down, caved in, apologized and told her I was sorry. I'd done that a number of times before. But not this time. I was still angry with myself at letting my Ex get to me for one thing, and for the other, I was still horny, enough so that even an angry "get it over with" fuck was better than nothing. Or so I thought anyway. And suddenly I was following her up the stairs undoing my belt as I did.

She was naked on the bed waiting for me by the time I got there. But it wasn't one of those sultry sexy poses I saw when I found her. She was lying flat on her back, legs spread...obscenely, just staring at the ceiling. Once again I knew this look and this posture for what it was. She'd used it once before, only that time I'd gotten dressed and walked out of the room without doing anything. But once again, not this time.

And this time...I think I took her by surprise.

Cindy has great tits. Full mature breasts that have a little droop to them, nothing major, but enough so that I find them sensually arousing without looking at her as though she were some young teenage girl with perfect perky breasts. She had a sensuality to her that was stimulating to me every time I saw her naked, which wasn't often enough in my estimation. Her nipples, though not hard at the moment where just as captivating, they were caramel colored and delicious just to look at, let alone to kiss, suck and lick. That, and they were large too, covering nearly the full face of each of her well-rounded breasts that though on the large side, weren't overly so. Certainly more than a simple handful perhaps, but then again I had big hands.

I finished removing my clothing, and noticed that Cindy had a surprised expression on her face. Obviously she thought I would turn and leave the room like I had in the past. Instead, I walked towards the bed following my obvious hard-on and climbed into bed next to her. I immediately cupped one of her fat fleshy tits and began licking and coaxing her nipple to hardness. Cindy continued to simply lay there, unmoving, unresponsive and obviously angry though she wasn't about to say anything to me about that. I'd managed to tease one nipple to a nice firm tautness which I think actually pissed her off. But rather than spending equal time doing the same to her other deflated little nubbin, I decided to move forward with what was becoming a rather awkward and possibly disastrous lovemaking session.

Cindy had of course closed her legs together by now, once again extending them full length atop the bed, and it took me a moment as I reached down to begin toying with her very dry cunt, that I was just as determined as she was, and this time more so to have my way with her, no matter how angry it made her. And frankly, at the moment, I didn't give a rat's ass about her feelings. Or mine for that matter.

Cindy wasn't exactly a small woman, but I was strong enough that it took me no more than a moment to reach down and literally flip her over onto her stomach. I think when I did that; I surprised the hell out of her, though she wasn't about to acknowledge that of course. Once I had her in that position, I then reached down grabbing her soft fleshy ass-cheeks and yanked her up into a kneeling position and drove myself home. I think the sudden intrusion of my cock entering her took her breath away momentarily. I'd never before in our entire married life been that rough with her before, especially in my not taking time to ensure she was lubricated well enough to accept me. And not that I was exceptionally large either, but enough so that as hard and as thick as I was, she certainly felt it when I entered her and actually moaned, though unfortunately, not in a good way.

"Ouch!" Cindy said. "Tom....be careful. That hurt!" She finally had to tell me, and I knew that it made her angry having to admit to me that it had. Which simply made me smile, and pissed me off even more realizing all that.

I didn't say anything though, and simply continued to slam into her cunt from behind perhaps a little more forcefully that I otherwise would have. Surprisingly, I felt my wife's cunt begin to lubricate, and our coupling became a little less frictioned than it had started out, but she was obviously not emotionally trying to enjoy it, even though her cunt was perhaps defensively trying to keep me from fucking her raw. I reached down, once again cupping her breast as I'd seen them swaying back and forth, something that never failed to arouse me. I was glad to find her nipples erect when I did, and immediately toyed with them, though all I got from her in response was an admonition.

"Not so rough Tom, they're sore." She told me.

So I pinched them instead, causing her to yelp once again, though I did release them and sat back further on my haunches and began to really slam into her from behind with the ultimate goal of getting my rocks off now, and to hell with whatever pleasure she could have had from this, which was none by my way of thinking.

Normally I took my time with Cindy, ensuring that she was every bit as aroused as I was. I loved going down on her, and she loved it when I licked and sucked her pussy. She also loved it when I slow-fucked her, or varied our positions and tempo of lovemaking. But since this was obviously not a normal session for either one of us, I continued to simply thrust into her from behind until I felt my balls tighten and knew that I was about to spew whatever load I'd managed to work up in so short of a time into her. She knew it too, and suddenly reacted in a wholly and entirely different way that I had expected, especially under these unusual circumstances. It was like she knew I was heading towards climax...and I was going to get there without her. Suddenly she was fucking back against me for all she was worth, and I realized that she'd decided that she wasn't going to give me the satisfaction of having an orgasm while she didn't. It was weird in a way, because neither of us was trying to pleasure the other one really, just ourselves.

I felt Cindy reach back and beneath herself and knew she was now desperately trying to stimulate her clit in order to get herself off, either before I did, or at the very least, ensuring that she came shortly after I did. Call me dumb, stupid...or even a plain old son-of-a-bitch, cause I was acting that way admittedly, but feeling my wife frigging off her clit knowing full well what was now going on here between us incensed me enough that I was bound and determined to win this little contest of wills, and so I did the unthinkable. I faked an orgasm.

Yeah, I know....but sometimes there wasn't all that much cum...especially if I was in a hurry...so I was banking on that for one thing. In the next instant I slammed into her as far and as deep as I could go, held myself there, and groaned and yelled as though I was spilling my spunk into her cunt. I even throbbed my dick through muscle control, as though it was spurting inside of her perhaps. And I hoped that's what she thought I was actually doing, even if I wasn't. She was still busily masturbating herself with one hand trying to reach orgasm as well when I pulled out of her and stood up and away from the bed. Cindy didn't even look at me, but continued to frig her cunt, as I turned and walked out of the bedroom heading for the guest bath rather than using our own private bath connecting our room. I figured Cindy would soon be using that, and moments later when I heard the door slam, I knew that she was.

In the guest bath, I soon jerked my prick off into the wide open toilet bowl cunt that awaited me, and with far less satisfaction than I would have preferred, flushed my curdled spendings out of sight, though not quite out of mind as I stood there wondering just how much damage I....we actually, had done to our marriage.

Thankfully I had enough outside chores to keep me busy the rest of the afternoon, but more importantly away from Cindy. Inevitably it was soon time to drive over to our friends place for dinner. Shelly and Cindy had been friends for a number of years, married about the same length of time that Cindy and I had been, she and Frank had what most people would call the perfect marriage. In all the time we'd known them, I'd never seen them argue or fight about anything. Disagree yes, of course....but always playfully so, and never with any indication that one or the other of them would pay for it later. And the other thing I enjoyed about our relationship with them was that Shelly was very attractive, as was her husband Frank. Both Shelly and Frank were flirtatious, a fact that had neither bothered nor upset either Cindy or myself at any time. Maybe it was because Cindy knew her friend so well that she never felt threatened by all the sexy little innuendo's that she would shoot my way during the course of an evening. Frank had been much the same way with Cindy, and I think she liked the attention from that, as on occasion it HAD been the catalyst to some rather intense lovemaking between Cindy and I afterwards. Though again, not usually that same night as we always arrived home rather late whenever we'd gone over there.

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