tagMind ControlSweet Talk Ch. 08

Sweet Talk Ch. 08


Lily Anna awoke abruptly with a loud, strange buzzing noise hammering in her ears. Her addled brain couldn't understand at first where the noise was coming from, as she lay there struggling to get sink back into sleep. She was getting used slowly to waking up and feeling aroused, knowing her dreams had been hot and yet to her frustration they remained elusive. She loved to wollow in this state of heightened sensitivity she found herself in each morning. Her fingers idly slid over her mound, as she rolled onto her back and slid her legs out across the sheets. She would neeed to shave herself again this morning, she wanted to make sure she remained totally bare and giggled to herself as she recalled one of her stories when Katie, the office girl, had not noticed a nail that had caught the material of her skirt as she sat. When she had stood up there was a loud ripping sound that caused everyone to turn to see what had happened. Of course, her skirt had pulled to shreds in her swift movement and everyone could see her exposed cunny, naked and shaved. In her shock, Katie had raised her hand to cover her open mouth rather than try and hide her bare, exposed lips. As Lily Anna turned over onto her stomach and her thighs clamped tight over her hand, which she started to hump, she became aware again of the persistent loud buzzing noise calling to her from the other room. What was that noise? It must be important.

She got up and wandered off in search of its source, her hand still playing with her cunny lips. Funny, it didn't sound like one of her alarms. As she entered the room she could hear her computer buzzing loudly. "My God I just destroyed my computer!" Her first thought was how she was going to get hypnotised now! She felt desperate. "I must have done something stupid and broken it!" As she approached her desk, however, she found the machine working and a message telling her to sit down and click on OK. "Oh yeh," she thought, her face brightening. "The hypnotist's program. Maybe he'll allow me one more cum before work today." She forgot entirely to think about how come she had left the program running all night, or why she had not shutdown her computer as usual. Lily Anna settled herself before the monitor, her excitement rising in anticipation of being permitted a cum. The monitor flashed with words which she tried to catch, but somehow never knew exactly what they were saying. It was hard as her fingers continued to wind herself up through their familiar routine on her cunny. She pulled at her outer lips, her excitement driving her to clench her cunny muscles as words drifted across her open, absorbant eyes and filtered unprocessed directly into her mind. How dumb she must be by now, she couldn't even take in what her hypnotist's program was telling her. He would be so disappointed with her when he asked her what she thought of it. Her arousal grew steadily.

Suddenly the program seemed to slow and message boxes began to appear one after the other, building on top of one another until they slowly filled her screen. She had time to read and register what each said before the next appeared, and her fingers slid between her inner and outer lips. She rocked her hips gently over her fingers to apply pressure on her clitty as she read.

A CUM PUPPET {w+}{w+}

As the words pounded her, so too her hips pounded at her fingers. She did feel the tension building in her body, she caved in to the demands of her cunny as soon as she was given permission to make herself cum; she knew that each time she gave in, she was making herself become more dumb. A puppet: yes that was what she had become. She was a puppet manipulated by this program, by her hypnotist and the more she dangled on his strings, the more he thought for her, the more she came and the more able she was to let go, the better and more powerful her cums were. Her body and mind responded as one, there were no longer any thoughts in her head to distract her from the raw feelings pumping through her veins, soaring into her nerve endings. She was a finely tuned instrument with one pupose – to cum; and as she came, her hand mauled her titty, her mouth opened to dissipate some of the energy pulsing within her in a load moan. Her mind seized on the image of her boss' hot, hard cock sliding through her open, ruby lips and pumping semen into her throat. Unable to control himself, inflamed by her bimbo body. Her pleasure jumped a further notch as she thought of her unworthy body accepting and swallowing his seed. She felt the power of this man, who she knew could have any of the girls at the office, bothering with this stupid little cunt. The hot gush of his semen mirrored the hot gush sliding out of her slit and over her trapped fingers. She imagined being his plaything, staying in his office within reach of his firm and steady fingers, free to explore under her skirt as he dictates a letter to his secretary, and she would just stand there close to him and open her thighs more to provide him better access.

The program ended by reminding her to go off and be a good little office girl. It taunted her with her fantasies about her boss, who could never be interested in a silly office girl. No way. She was a cum puppet and that was all she was good for now. Maybe he'd like to have a cum puppet to play with? Maybe if she was a good cum puppet for him... The program sent her off to shower.

In the shower Lily Anna took trouble over washing and shaving her pussy. She forgot about time, wrapped up in thoughts of how a dumb slut needed to have a girly bare cunt. She imagined her skirt being ripped away from protecting and hiding her bare cunny. The hard nail like a strong masculine finger tearing at the flimsy material, determined to pull aside all obstacles to her waiting opening. She pictured the reaction of her colleagues at work staring at her in shock as her naked cunny would call to them, their stiff cocks twitching in response to its invitation, while she stood paralysed in full view of them all.

Suddenly Lily Anna realised the time. "Oh my God, I'm going to be late." She pulled her fingers away from further exploration of the puffy folds of her now silky, smooth opening, and rushed off to find some sexy clothes to wear. It was by now too hard to concentrate on things with her deft fingers exciting her cunny all the time. Especially as the balance she sought in choosing what to wear seemed so tricky. She had bought some very sheer panties and bras that pulled tight across her flesh. She loved the feel of tightness over these sensitive areas of her body, and the material was so thin that her bareness could not be hidden. Her skirts were shorter too. She loved that dangerous feeling of how close her hot shaved cunny was to the hem. It forced her to think about how she moved in the office; how she sat down or got up. This in turn constantly reminded her of having to protect her cunny during the normalness of her working day. Her bimbo slut being just a few inches from exposure seemed daring and thrilled her. She would be taunted by these thoughts as she worked. This made her nipples pucker into hard little nuggets that pressed at the taut material encasing them, which in turn would constantly rub at them, sensitising further the points of her tits with every stretch and turn she made. She would pull her shoulders in as she walked about the office, which would press them into the stretched fabric embracing them and this showed off their rounded curves to the guys in the office and more expecially to her boss.

Inevitably Lily Anna arrived late for work, but fortunately no one seemed to have noticed. She seemed to zone in on her research once she was sat at her desk. Lily Anna worked very efficiently and became totally absorbed trying to make sure she did a good job. She had been talking with her colleagues over coffee and found it so hard to keep up with what they were saying. She was aware that she kept asking them to explain and noticed the sidelong looks they were giving her. Then she decided it was better to just keep quiet. That was so unlike her. Her head floated in a fog. She was aware that once, just a few days ago – which now seemed a lifetime ago to her, she knew this stuff. Now, however, it was quite apparent to her how dumb she had become. Whenever she tried to talk with her colleagues she just struggled to put words together into complete sentences. She found her statements just trailing off and her mind drifting as she tried to bring it back to focus upon the conversation. At one point, she had stamped her foot and said to her colleagues "I feel so dumb today." They had laughed it off, but Lily Anna felt it was better to just stick to her desk and her work and not get involved in complex discussions. As she worked, she did not notice her supervisor coming up behind her:

"Are you ok Lil?"

Lily Anna's face was screwed tight as she concentrated. She looked vaguely unhappy but couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Uuh, yeh like... um... guess i'm just having a ditzy day, ms Mortimer."

She sounded so feeble and she knew it, but what else could she say to explain her dozy manner at the office today? Her supervisor studied her face for a moment longer and said:

"Are you wearing makeup today?"

Lily Anna's face brightened as she looked up. A smile broke across her features:

"Yeh! Do you like it?"

Jane Mortimer stared at this little girl squirming before her and wondered how she could have ever felt threatened by her. True her work was good, which of course she would never admit directly to her. Yet how could anyone take her seriously? She looked at her rouged lips with a faint gloss that caught the overhead lights. God she must be desperate, she thought. Her white legs tapering from her skirt, reaching down to her small ankles where they crossed one over the other. Their delicateness accentuated by the tight black, heeled shoes into which she had jammed her toes. Jane shook her head disapprovingly.

"Well you'd better make sure your ditzy days come few and far between if you want to make an impression here. You are giving the impression of being a bit dim. That's is not the kind of impression you need to be making."

She turned and walked off leaving Lily Anna crest-fallen.

"Umm yes miss." It was all she could think to say, but no sooner had the moment passed when she thought, why hadn't she answered her back? She would normally keep her end up. Why hadn't she pointed out that her work had not suffered even if she did sound a bit spaced out.

"Oooowww." She stamped her foot and clenched her fists at the lost opportunity. Why was she being so slow?

Later that day, as she sat working at her desk, her boss, Mr Worrall, walked over to ask her to research some new material. As Lily Anna sat with her face close to his crotch, she struggled within herself not to stare at it. Her mind floated among images of his cock, her little fingers deftly pulling it out from within his pants, her lips kissing it. She imagined the feel of the soft smooth skin pushing insistently against her lips...

"Lily Anna, are you listening to me?"

She looked up into the eyes of her boss. They were pale blue... She needed to focus on what he he was saying and stop being absorbed by the way his lips moved. Why were these inane thoughts circling around inside her head? He was clearly irritated. She was startled by his tone.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, I will ... like... um... get on with it right away."

She bit her lip, and immediately regretted it. She saw his stare linger upon her a moment longer than normal, and she felt mortified. Why was she finding it so difficult to be the professional girl today who efficiently got everything done ahead of time? Her bimbo nature seemed to be strengthening its grip upon her even at work. She thought again of all those stories of the office girl, being treated as stupid, taken advantage of, being fucked. The word throbbed in her brain as she realised how much her cunny tingled right now in response to its desire to be fucked too. How was it that some part of her was willing her more and more to become that stupid office girl, to be the slut and now she felt a real fear that she could no longer stop it. She ran into the toilet and sobbed in one of the cubicles. She wasn't a dumb bimbo, she wasn't... she wasn't.... she wasn't. There, that would make her feel better, but it didn't. She was so scared, yet while in the privacy of the cubicle she found her hand automatically sliding down towards her little juice coated cunny. She felt her excitement mounting along with her fear. She wanted to stop this, more than anything. Yet she took a delicious delight in the thought of losing control and losing everything. It was, after all, part of her natural self.

Lily Anna left a little early for her lunchbreak. She needed time away to think, and she needed to get a new mag from that shop as she had finished all the stories now. As she walked she thought about her body and how much she enjoyed dressing it up in such a subtly provocative way. She ran over her thoughts about taking her boss' dick in her mouth, it felt so natural the casual way it had popped into her head. Her mouth was so erogenous, wet and open. She imagined herself being kissed, a man's insistent tongue invading her and her tongue responding to his. How agile it was. How much pleasure she could give using her tongue. She imagined it folding itself around a hot stiff cock, its tip flicking over and around the soft folds of skin at its head. She imagined the pulsed heat rippling along it as it was about to gush sperm into her open waiting and accepting mouth. Suddenly Lily Anna felt her clitty jangle bringing her out of her reveree and back into the street she was walking along. She looked up and found herself outside a shop selling new age things. There were crystals, and insense and candles as well as leather goods and pvc clothes. Interesting, she thought and went inside.

Perhaps it was the thoughts that had run through her mind in the street just before, but something guided her over towards the counter where there was an array of body decorations. She stared at the clit hoods and the bars and rings of various sizes. She stared at them with curiosity. "I always thought girls who wore body decorations were stupid sluts. Yet here I am now, and as I look at these hard titanium posts designed to be driven through the flesh – my flesh! I am feeling quite turned on by it." Lily Anna was particularly interested in the posts with balls for the tongue. The balls looked cute, she selected a lovely 5mm pink ball. It had a swirl of colour, differing shades of pink and rose, and as it flashed from behind her teeth, she knew it would attract attention. She imagined how much pleasure running her girlie little ball along the slot at the tip of her boss' dick would give him. Suddenly it felt so right to adorn her mouth in this way. It would be a message to him that her mouth was a sexual organ too, and what pleasure her mouth could give him. She paid quickly and asked directions to where she could get it inserted into her tongue.

Lily Anna had always imagined that piercings would be painful, yet it wasn't and was so quick and easy. It was a bit uncomfortable when he clamped her tongue, but the piercing itself was over before she was even aware of what was happening. She walked back towards the office, the tip of her tongue swirling constantly over the ball. She loved the sensation of its smoothness gliding effortlessly across her flesh. Her mouth seemed to salivate more as she explored the point where the harsh metal rod slipped into her tongue. She was fascinated by the feel of it, and couldn't help herself from sliding the post back and forth through the hole forced through her. In a strange way she felt chained by this brutal rod, and her nips responded in a pleasant distracting way on her titties. She would always be reminded now that her mouth was able to arouse her too. Maybe Mr Worrall would see that and want a taste of some of that pleasure she could now offer. She smiled to herself.

Over lunch Lily Anna settled down with her new magazine. She still felt unsettled by this morning, but somehow the unrealistic stories in these mags comforted her. Reading them enabled her to switch off. It was so relaxing to think of nothing and lose herself in the story on the page in front of her. She always pictured herself in the lead role, unwittingly providing the guys views down her cleavage or up her skirt. She could relax and not feel pressured into trying to follow all the office politics or trying to impress. Her body would do the talking for her. It seemed so difficult to find the right words to say, and she still smarted from the morning when they had given her such strange looks. Yet she was afraid too that she was allowing her inner slut to come out at the office. Why was she not more careful? Ohh, how she wanted to finger her cunny right now. Life was so unfair. At least now she could play with the hard, little pink ball in her mouth and imagine what she could do to her boss with that.

As the afternoon wore on Lily Anna felt so incredibly horny that the only way to escape was to bury herself deeper into her work. She was only vaguely aware that her mouth seemed dry and she drank more water. Her tongue seemed to fill the space behind her gums. The day wore on and Ms Mortimer came by to check on her progress.

"Hmm not bad I suppose. You have been quite a ditz today, so I suppose we should be glad for any work you managed to get done." She said as she thumbed through her report. She had sounded almost disappointed at not being able to criticise it further. Any other day and Lily Anna would have answered her back, but today she just stood there, wanting to rush back home. Her cunny was dripping, which made her very self-conscious before her superior, and if she didn't get to cum soon, she would die.

"Thank you mith. I did, kinda try..."

Lily Anna turned crimson. She couldn't believe it. Her treacherous tongue had swollen so much that she was no longer able to speak properly. "Ooooh why hadn't I thought about that before!" she berated herself silently. She clenched her fists at her sides. She felt humiliated before Ms Mortimer who just stared incredulously at her. "Oh God, Oh God!! Oh God!!!" she wished she could just disappear. She was so stupid not to think things through. Why had she acted on such an impulse? And of course she had got it wrong and now had humiliated herself before her superior. She was afraid that her stupidity was about to lead to her losing her job.

"Lil... show me your tongue!"

Lily Anna stood there shaking slightly; tears welling up in her eyes as she was forced to open her mouth and present her freshly pierced tongue to her supervisor. She could feel the burning of her cheeks and then realised that her clitty was clanging overtime. Somehow she was getting a buzz out of being found out, no matter how humiliating it felt. Lily Anna's thoughts decended to her cunny muscles which she could feel clenching in fright and excitement. She longed to be alone and free to put her hand under her skirt.

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