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Sweet Tea


The doorbell rang. Being mid morning, Becky assumed that it was probably salesmen or missionaries. Being home alone for the first time in what seemed like years, she was lounging on the couch in her pajamas reading a book.

"They'll go away soon enough," she thought to herself. She sipped on her orange juice and went back to her book.

Becky was a stay at home mom; recently her youngest had started school and for the first time in twelve years she was able to have some alone time at the house. She was just over thirty years old, with natural blonde hair and gray blue eyes. She cut a fine figure, being just a hair on the curvy and thick side.

The doorbell rang again. "Oh, what-EVER," she said to herself aloud. Putting her book down with a sigh she went to the front door and looked out the window. It was Kevin, her husband's friend. Tall and muscular, Kevin was a former soldier turned professional hunting outfitter and guide who always wore a beard.

"Hey Kevin," she said opening the door. "What's up?"

"Jason wanted me to swing by today and look at his gun. Said that you would be home all day with nothing to do since Jackie started school last week."

"Of course Jason said that," she sort of laughed half heartedly. "Come on in."

She led him back to the master bedroom closet where the gun safe was. "It's in there."

"Do you know the combination?"

"No, he didn't give it to you?"


Becky sighed. It was just like her husband to do that. "Alright. Well, I'll text him to see what the combination is. She looked down at her phone and started thumbing the keys. "You can make yourself comfortable. Can I get you something to drink?"

"Have any sweet tea?"

"I sure do," she said as she wound her way to the kitchen. Kevin followed and admired the view.

She had tight cotton PJ pants on and a tanktop with a sweatshirt over it. Her ass moved just a little, the years of motherhood and carrying babies being carried well. The curve of her ass went into her shapely thighs and calves, and Kevin couldn't help but get aroused as she walked carelessly into the kitchen staring at her phone waiting on a response and scrolling facebook.

"So are you set for the weekend while we're off on the hunt?" Kevin broke the silence.

"I guess. It won't be much different than usual since he's never here anyway. Hunting or work, take your pick. I'll probably take the kids to the park."

"Or you could get a sitter and go to the spa for the weekend, since we're off doing man stuff you should get a treat too you know," Kevin said as she pulled the tea from the fridge.

"Jason says we don't have the money. Of course, he can go on the Elk hunt but you know. That's different." She turned around to face Kevin. "I swear Kevin, sometimes that man drives me nuts. He just doesn't think about anyone else the way he used to."

She turned back around and reached up to get a glass.

"I can get it," said Kevin, and he walked up behind her, reaching over her to get the glass. For a moment he forgot about the slight bulge in his pants, and in an awkward moment Becky turned around, not expecting him to have advanced so quickly. When she did, they found themselves face to face with Kevin's arm over her shoulder, reaching.

There was already some chemistry there; Kevin and Jason were hunting buddies but Becky and Kevin had discovered a lot of similarities and mutual interests with each other. Now, face to face, even the generally socially oblivious Kevin was feeling awkward. The feel of her breath on his chest only worsened his arousal and he was standing dangerously close.

Quickly, he grabbed the glass and sat it on the counter. Becky went to pour it silently. She started to awkwardly murmur something about the hunt or Jason's slow response time, but before she could she turned to replace the tea in the fridge and elbowed the glass on the counter. Tea dashed the backsplash and splattered all over her sweatshirt.

"Oh, crap," she said, and grabbed the towel by the sink. "This sweatshirt was a present from my cousin," and she whipped it off and raced to the laundry room.

Kevin was still reeling from their face to face moment. Awkwardly, he went to wipe up the mess and refill his glass. He took a shaky drink. "I can go and come back later I guess," he said.

"N-no," Becky called back from the hallway, coming back from the laundry room. "He wants to test fire it tonight I imagine. He gets really aggravated if he can't sight his rifles when he wants to. He should text me back any second."

Kevin looked at her as she came back in the kitchen. Now she was in her tanktop and PJ's.

"He seems to get aggravated easily sometimes," Kevin said. "Not always a good trait for a hunter haha."

"Tell me about it. The other day he called me on the way home from work to tell me that he had friends coming over for supper. Then he got mad because I didn't make something fancy on thirty minutes notice. Is the tea good?"

"Fantastic. Just like always. Thanks. Maybe I can talk to Jason this weekend at the lodge. Ease him up a little. He gets stressed and I can see you get stressed, too."

"Thanks. It's really no big deal. Today I'm just trying to stave off boredom with everyone gone, but it would help if I knew that when he got home we could do something... other than the usual I've been stuck with for over a decade."

They loped into the living room and plopped on the couches. For about thirty minutes they chatted about what was going on, and their old similarities started coming out again. Finally Becky's phone buzzed.

"Ok, here's the combo," she said and headed back to the bedroom closet. Kevin followed.

She started working on the lock, turning the numbers every which way. Nothing was working.

Kevin watched her for a while. There was no hurry on his part- he felt bad. He was watching this woman and he connected with her in a lot of ways. But it was his buddy's wife. On the other hand, he thought, his buddy WAS in fact being a bit of a dick. And not just recently. "Oh well," he said to himself, and went back to watching a bent-over Becky trying to unlock the gun safe.

"I hope you never have to get in there for self defense Becky," Kevin laughed. "I can do it."

"Alright. Here's the phone with the combination."

Becky moved aside. It was a walk in closet but too narrow to let her out after Kevin went in. "Let me watch you so I can do it next time," she said and stood over his shoulder. "Jason won't take time to show me."

He turned the knob in the designated order, popped the safe open and looked up at Becky. "There you go. Two left, one right, last number left again." He popped it shut and cranked the knob. "Now you do it."

He stood up and let her crouch down to open the safe. She fumbled with the knob and Kevin laughed lightly. "No, like this." He took her hand and turned the knob. Becky took a sharp, deep breath when he touched her hand. A warmth came over her loins and she felt a slight wetness. Kevin was showing her, but she wasn't paying attention. He turned his face to hers as the safe popped open.

"That's how it's done. See?" She leaned forward and kissed him. Hungrily, he grabbed her and pulled her up to her feet, lips locked as he ran his hand up her thighs to her ass. Becky ran her hands up his shirt and grasped his back. His lips left hers and found her neck.

"Yes, yes, fuck yes," she moaned. He picked her up and her legs wrapped around him. their lips locked again as he carried her to the bed. He laid her down and began working his lips down her neck and shoulders. Becky moaned as he hovered his lips over her still covered breasts, down to her navel. Slowly his hands worked her shirt up her body, over her breasts. She helped him remove it then pulled his shirt off, hungrily kissing his chest and stomach as he sat straddling her on the bed. She lightly pushed him off the bed and sat herself on the edge.

Carefully she unbuckled his belt and worked his pants and underwear down to his knees. While her hands worked the pants, she leaned forward and smiled as she lightly began kissing his member. Flirty and light, she started adding some licks and sucks to the rock-hard rod.

Kevin moaned as her lips finally wrapped around him and her hands on his ass pulled him into her mouth. Slowly she went back and forth, masterfully sucking his cock until Kevin couldn't take any more. He tried to pull her away to cum but she sucked one more time, her nose touching his abdomen gracefully as he unloaded his load into her pretty mouth. "Oh, shit," Kevin moaned. Becky looked up and smiled as she pulled her mouth off. The cum was gone, save a slight dribble that Kevin wiped off.

Neither spoke. Kevin grabbed her legs and laid her back down, then peeled her pj's off, kissing her legs as he removed them. She started moaning as hi began nibbling and licking her clit through a pair of satin panties before pulling them down with his teeth. His hands found her nipples and he kept darting his tongue from her clit into her pussy, licking up and down her vagina. His beard and mustache added to the sensation, and grasping hiss hair she moaned in orgasm. She pulled him up to her and the kissed deeply as she wrapped her legs around him.

Her hands crept down his body as they kissed, and with one she grasped his cock, lightly stroking it. He was already hard again, but in moments he was fully charged and she guided him into her wet pussy.

"Slow, baby..." she said as he entered her, "It's been a while."

She moaned and craned her head back, thrusting her chest in the air as he finally entered her fully. Slowly and rythmically he pumped in and out of her, kissing her neck and stroking her thighs, wrapped around him as she pulled him in over and over again. With a final, deep kiss they both grasped tightly; her hands dug into his back and he pulled her down on him even deeper as he shot his cum into her belly.

Slowly, he pulled out and laid next to her. "What now?" he asked.

"I don't know," Becky replied. "But I know that if he gets to take hunting trips every few weeks, I'm going to start hiring a certain outfitter I know to take me..."

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