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Sweet Tooth


AN: I'll be honest, I don't have much to say about Sweet Tooth. It's kind of a love/hate story for me. However, I know you guys went fucking nuts for it, so here you go. Enjoy to your little hearts limit. It's my pleasure to return it to you.

Now...Happy Reading!


Chapter One

All This Could Be Yours

It would be a lie to say that I wasn't nervous approaching the strangers door. I had never done anything like this before, nor had I imagined doing something like this in a million years. I raised my hand to knock and then paused mid action, with my hand lingering in the air. I wondered again if this was really a good idea and checked my watch -- three minutes till. I let my hand drop again and closed my eyes, before recalling the events that led me here.

It was about two weeks ago that everything had begun. I was hanging out with Sara, my best friend, and receiving consolation. My most recent boyfriend, Eddie, had broken up with me the previous day. Sara was doing her best to make me feel better about the whole scenario.

"In my opinion, it was a good thing." Sara had remarked while fixing us each a cup of coffee. She scooped in sugar and stirred it slowly. "He was loud and obnoxious and kind of a prick if I'm being honest."

While all those things had been true, I had been able to deal with him because he had the ability to make me feel special -- not all the time, but enough to maybe feel like I loved him.

"He was good to me," I argued, but quickly amended. "Sometimes."

Sara placed a steaming mug in front of me and I noticed she rolled her eyes at my comment. "Julie, when are you going to stop settling for what's just all right? You need something that's going to be good for you. Even better, you need something that will be great for you!"

I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm. I loved Sara for that reason. She was like a bright little sun bouncing around and brightening up everyone and everything around her.

Still, there was that little detail nagging at the back of my mind. The reason why Eddie told me he didn't care to stay, no matter how pretty or successful I might be. In the end, his words stung more than him leaving. They lingered in my head and made me doubt myself as a woman.

Sara noticed the crease forming between my eyebrows and used a thumb to rub it out. I swiped at her hand. "Knock it off."

"What's really bothering you here?" she asked a little more serious now. "You can't bullshit me. I'm your best friend."

I was embarrassed to tell her. Mostly because I was embarrassed for myself, but either way I had to get it off my chest.

"He suggested that I...had little to no sexual fluidity," I mumbled.

Sara raised a brow at my comment. "There's no way in hell that Eddie Randall even knows what sexual fluidity is."

"No. Those were my words," I scowled. "If you want an exact quote, he told me I had the sex appeal of a saltine cracker."

Sara blinked and then let out a howl of laughter. I visibly winced at her reaction and she stopped abruptly. "Wait, you believe him?" I looked down at the cup of coffee I had yet to even touch and nodded my head somberly.

"It's never been something I really cared about. I didn't, I didn't realize it was such a big deal. So, yeah. He's right. I know nothing and I'm terrible and, and I don't even know!" That's when the tears came. Reluctantly at first but it didn't take long for me to really feel sorry for myself and get them rolling hard.

I felt Sara slip a comforting arm around my shoulders and I welcomed her embrace. I heard her sigh before she squeezed me hard to her side. "You can't listen to guys like that about anything, especially not sex."

I raised my head to protest but Sara placed her hand over my mouth without even looking at me. Damn, she knew me too well. A small grin formed on my lips at my friend's intuition.

"But, if you really are concerned about your, eh...prowess let's say, I might be able to help. I'll have to make some phone calls to find out though."

I separated myself from Sara's grasp both intrigued and very confused at the same time. "What are you talking about?"

Sara looked at me for a long moment, gauging something in my face before she proceeded. "A couple years ago, I was going through some serious guy trouble. Basically the same thing," she shrugged. "You know me, I was raised sheltered. I didn't even see a man naked until I was in college. My third year of college mind you. Anyways, a girl I knew recommended someone she knew to help me get in touch with myself -- so to speak. It ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me."

"I feel like you're being really vague," I said.

Sara heaved an exasperated sigh. "I'm trying not to scare you off before you understand what I'm offering. You tend to spook easier than me Jules."

I nodded, smiling wider now. "Fair enough. I promise I won't run off screaming while you explain whatever you're trying to explain."

"Thank you," Sara replied.

"I'll wait until you're done to do that," I quipped and Sara pushed me so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

She rose from the crouch she had been in beside me, and walked back over to where she had originally been sitting. "I'm not quite sure where to even start, so I'll just explain this as simply as I can. I was introduced to this girl, we never exchanged real names for various reasons, but she taught me everything I needed to know on the subject of sex. Very hands on lessons if you get my meaning.

"Now I didn't know what to think at first, but it wasn't an uncomfortable situation at all. I paid her to teach me things I didn't know and she created a safe environment that gave me the freedom to explore and learn. I know this whole thing probably sounds strange, but let me assure you, I have the greatest sex life imaginable with my husband. I have to give credit to her for helping mold me into who I am now."

I sat stunned as I listened to Sara. She was telling me that she had paid a stranger -- assumingly on multiple occasions -- to have sex with her for 'learning' purposes. Not just any stranger either, but a woman.

Sara took one look at my face and laughed. "I know that apprehensive look, but this one time I have to tell you to trust me. If you're serious about what you're telling me then maybe she can help you out too."

I began playing with my honey blond locks, not looking Sara in the eyes anymore. I wasn't exactly sure about anything she was telling me. Luckily, Josh walked in the front door not long after. I was sure his appearance would spark a change of topic, but instead Sara grabbed her husband and planted a steamy kiss on his lips before asking him simply. "I'm pretty amazing in bed, huh baby?"

Josh's eyes got big when she asked and he responded enthusiastically. "Fuck yeah! Is that an offer?"

I stood up quickly. "Okay then," I said mostly to myself, grabbed my jacket off the back of the chair and walked towards the front door.

"Jules," Sara called and I turned my head to look at her. "I'll keep you posted."

I nodded once in response. I wasn't exactly sure if the nod meant I was in or if I was just trying to get her off my case. Either way I left not a moment after. There was no way I wanted to stick around to see what was going to happen next.

Days after our initial conversation, Sara called me and told me to come over. I still had a bad feeling about the whole thing, but I went regardless. It didn't take her long to start in where she had left off last time.

"So I was able to contact my mystery mentor. She's agreed to take you under her wing. Oh, and before you start off on some prudish bullshit remember that I'm trying to help you and that's why you're stuck here in the first place."


"Yeah okay," I mumbled.


"I suppose I'll trust you. I have no reason not to. I do have some questions though."

Sara shrugged her shoulders. "I'll answer what I can, but I'm sure I don't know everything you want to throw at me."

"There's really just one thing on the front of my mind," I said.

"Let me guess, how much is this going to cost?" Sara shot back.

I was slightly surprised. "How did you know?"

Sara laughed. "You're a penny pincher, no real guesswork there. In all seriousness, that depends on the client. She'll explain everything when you meet though."

"Well hopefully you can tell me when that will be. Or am I supposed to use telepathy to figure it out," I quipped.

Sara laughed even harder now. "You're sarcasm is refreshing Jules. It's so much better than the mood you've been in lately."

I offered Sara an authentic smile for once, she was right. I may be a bit testy and feeling rather lost, but that fire I've always had was sparking back up in my life at least. "You're welcome. Now, you were saying."

"Ah yes," Sara rooted around her kitchen counter for a moment before retrieving a scrap of paper that she handed me wordlessly. Three lines of text were written on it.

An address: East Wenz Ave. This was a surprisingly upper class part of town. My interest was piqued.

A time: 2:45 Friday. Extremely specific for no specific reason at all.

Lastly, three words were written on the final line, all of them were underlined and capitalized: DON'T BE LATE!

I stared at the paper for a few moments, slightly mesmerized by the prospect now. I also noticed that the handwriting was not Sara's, meaning that it had to belong to Sara's 'mentor.' You could tell the script was hurried and still it was flawless. I pocketed the paper finally and tried not to think about it too much as I hung out with Sara, talking about something other than my sex life for once.

Thank God.

Still, things kept creeping into my thoughts. What would I wear for something like that? Would I need lingerie? Moreover, what do you say to someone like that when you meet them? "Hi, I heard you were going to fuck me until I'm a pro, ready to get started?"

When that last thought hit my mind, I smacked my palm against my forehead right before my whole face turned beet red. Sara tried to coax me into telling her what I was thinking but I couldn't. It was too ridiculous.

For the next few days that was how it went, I would mildly obsess over all the details of what could happen. I did end up buying lingerie for the occasion, but I was sure it really didn't matter in the end either way. I dressed modestly besides that, a simple green sweater and slacks. I would have preferred something lighter, but the last of the spring rain had been cropping up all day and I figured it was better not to chance it.

Which brings things full circle.

I looked at my watch again, the time on the face read two forty-five exactly. I grinned at my own good timing and raised my hand to knock once more. I took a deep breath and actually proceeded, rapping heavily on the door three times.

It was no more than a moment before the door was swept back and she appeared. I studied her for a moment, realizing instantly she was nothing like I expected. I had no idea what my mind had conjured of this mystery person but I knew the woman standing in front of me was not it.

She was tall, easily standing a few inches above my modest height of five foot five -- even so with the extra inch or two the boots I wore added. She was also more feminine than expected. Truth be told, the woman was gorgeous. She had dark brown hair that was pinned up, side swept bangs and a few loose locks on either side of her jaw line accentuated her beautiful face. Her eyes were the color of the ocean depths and her bone structure was flawless.

A perfectly tailored, pale pink button up shirt adorned her top. You could see the swell of her near perfect breasts easily through the fabric. Tight jeans showed off long legs and her feet were bare. Something about this laid-back look took me by surprise. It was...

Sexy. Whoa. Where the hell did that come from?

Finally this stranger spoke. "Right on time," she smiled and I could see the top row of her pearly whites. "I truly appreciate punctuality," she opened the door to her home wider and swept a hand back. "Please, come in."

I nodded once and walked past her threshold, noting that I also didn't expect her to be so courteous and formal. I suppose I wasn't too good at creating realistic expectations about anyone, but in this particular case I really had been dead wrong on every account. I supposed that would teach me to assume in the future.

The tall brunette swept past me, saying quickly over her shoulder, "If you would take your shoes off here and just follow me, please." It was worded like a suggestion but I felt like I had no choice in the matter. Her voice had a subtle authoritative tone to it and it had me flustered. She certainly was intimidating.

I kicked off my boots, which made me feel significantly shorter, and followed her into the living room. She had me sit on the couch and then took a seat for herself in a plush wingback chair across from me that looked like an antique. The stranger crossed her legs and leaned her weight back on one elbow resting on the arm of the chair. Her other hand cupped her chin as she surveyed me with a mix of intrigue and scrutiny.

"I always find this to be the most awkward part so let's just dive in, shall we?" Her voice was smooth, like her words floated on silk. I nodded in agreement and the stranger smiled for a moment again.

"First things first, we don't use real names. Names develop an emotional attachment and that's not what either of us is here for. Second off no kissing, if that's a weak area for you, you'll have to find a different tutor. Now you probably think that I mean on the mouth, but my preference is no kissing -- period. It's another thing that develops emotional attachments and we just discussed that bit."

It sounded like she had done this speech more than a few times, her satin voice picking up pace to just get it over with. "Any questions on rules one or two?" She raised a brow to me and again I felt flustered at her intimidation factor.

"What should I call you if we're not going to use names? I would hate to just call you, y'know, you." I shrugged.

The brunette chuckled. "I honestly don't care what you call me, so long as it's not derogatory or demeaning to me in any way. As for you..." she hummed and looked me up and down, stroking the length of her jaw with the first knuckle of her index finger. With her free hand she snapped her fingers and pointed at me. "I got it, I'll call you Honey."

My jaw fell open a little and I looked at her in disbelief. "Really? Honey? What kind of name is that?"

She chuckled again. "You know, it's not often that anyone dares to question what I say. I like your attitude. It should make things more...interesting. But as for the name, yes, really. Desserts are kind of my thing," she flashed me a wide smile. "I have a notorious sweet tooth."

"Now," she said folding her hands in her lap and going back into that businesslike manner. "Is there anything else you have questions about?"

Might as well do it now. "How much is this going to cost."

The smile reappeared on her face and for the briefest moment, I realized that smile was very predatory. It was as if she wanted to eat me alive. Duh, stupid, that's kind of the point.

"Well this is the first time that cost has preceded procedure. Most women are more than happy to throw their money away as long as they get what they want. Peaches was right, you are different than the rest."

"Wait a second. Peaches?" I giggled. "Oh my God, I'm making her life a living hell next time I see her."

The brunette observed me, looking quite amused. I was going to have to figure out something to call her. I hated this anonymity.

"It fits her though don't you think? She's a very sweet girl, somewhat simple too, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Candied peaches are easy to make, but they satisfy you all night." Her words were coated with innuendos and I did my utmost not to imagine this beautiful stranger making love to my best friend. Luckily, my superior willpower won out.

"So why Honey then?" I was a little curious even though I felt like she was dodging the financial issue. We would get back to it.

"I haven't figured that out yet. Maybe it's the hair," she shrugged. "I usually go off a hunch. Eleven times out of ten I'm right."

"Wow, that wasn't super overconfident," I stated sarcastically.

Her smile vanished but the twinkle, that wicked glint was back in her eye. Sitting forward slightly she informed me, "My confidence is always at the appropriate level." Her eyes bore into mine for a few seconds and I was mesmerized. I blinked and shook my head before turning away from her gaze. "Your payment will depend on a few different factors. It's usually a certain amount per session."

"Okay, what factors?" I replied glad to be getting through this part finally.

"Initial cost is how much work I think you'll take and then I'll deduct the cost of how much I think you're worth," she spoke like we were talking of a bank transaction or something and not the strange situation we were actually in.

"Excuse me? What do you mean how much I'm worth?"

Staring out the window she tried again. "Let me put it this way. After putting you through a 'trial run' so to speak, I'll determine how much of my time and energy it's going to take to coach you up. That's really how much you owe me. But depending on how hot I think you are, how much I want to fuck you, how fun it is to fuck you, blah, blah, blah, I'll deduct more off the total. That may seem really crass and shallow to you, but think about it. I'm taking time out of my life to make yours better."

"Actually that makes complete sense," I said and her gaze slowly turned to meet mine. "So how much am I going to cost?"

"Mixed with what your friend said and the way you carry yourself, I have an idea. Only one way to know for sure though. Strip for me." Again, her tone didn't change an octave, like it was just completely normal to say this stuff to a stranger. I suppose for her it was.

I looked at her with wide eyes for a moment before I got myself together. I would have to get to this eventually, might as well start now. I stood from the couch and with shaky hands lifted the sweater over my head. I shook out my hair from the static and proceeded to unbutton and unzip my pants before shimmying out of them as well.

Standing before this stranger in lingerie, I felt slightly violated, but more than that I felt sort of empowered. Even more so when she whistled in appreciation and got up from her seat slowly. She circled me until she was standing behind me and with two fingers on each hand slid up my sides to the straps of the bra. She traced the straps back to the clasp and paused. I felt her weight lean into my back and her lips press against my ear.

"Do you mind?" Another demand disguised as a suggestion.

I swallowed hard. "Not at all."

She still didn't make a move. "Do you want me too?" I had to think about that for a moment, and while I did the other two fingers from each hand, the ones that weren't resting on the clasp of my bra began to stroke my bare skin with feather light touches. Shivers ran up and down my spine.

"Yes," I muttered.

She nipped the top of my ear sharply. "I can't hear you," she growled.

"Yes!" I amended quickly, realizing after a moment how much I really liked her biting me.

"Okay then," she replied nonchalantly and proceeded to pop the clasp on my bra. Slipping the straps off my shoulders, she let gravity do the rest of the job while she lightly ran her nails along the length of my back. Suddenly she dug them in hard and I inhaled sharply, as I felt my knees get weak. What was she doing to me?

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