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Sweet Torture

byerotic angel©

The shrill ring of the telephone pierced bly's nap, and as she grudgingly reached for the phone, mumbling because she had been woken from a particularly erotic dream, her disappointment quickly vanished as she heard His voice. She immediately got wet as His voice caressed her, and she was awake instantly.

"Come My pet, the dungeon is finished at long last, tonight we will play with all the new toys that I have for you. "

A small shiver ran through her, and she quickly replied, "Yes Sir, i'll be right over. "

"Good My little whore, prepare yourself for Me and then get that sweet little ass over here to Me. "

She laughed softly at His words as they hung up, then stretched her long lithe body, her full breasts rising slightly, nipples already hard as she walked into the bathroom and ran a hot steaming bath, adding His favorite scent to the water and then reaching for her "shaving" mirror.

She slid down the wall and her round firm ass settled onto the cold tiles of the floor. Reaching for the mirror and adjusting it so it reflected her smooth cunt perfectly. She critically eyed herself, her mound already smooth, but she wanted to be perfect for Him tonight as she reached for the shaving cream and spread it over the nearly bare skin. She skillfully removed any stubble from her mound and then spread her slender thighs wider... stretching up the skin on her pussy lips and sliding the razor down and then up on the tender skin, checking again to make sure she was totally smooth for Him. A smile of satisfaction crossing her lips as she quickly gathered up the shaving items and then stepped into the steaming tub, stretching out her long form and relaxing her body totally in the soothing water.

Her mind drifted to what lay ahead of her that night. While she knew that He had been building a dungeon in His basement, He had never allowed her to see the work in progress, but had casually mentioned from time to time that the sawhorse, or the rings, or some other item that He had been looking for or ordered had finally arrived. Her curiosity was almost killing her and the anticipation was like little shock waves running through her as she dried herself off and then lavishly applied scented lotion to her damp skin. She put on a minimum of make up, only an eyebrow pencil to define her well shaped brows, and some clear lip gloss as He preferred her that way when they were sceneing. As she slipped the dropped waistline dress over her nude body and slipped on a comfortable pair of sandals, she took one last look at herself in the hall mirror before slipping out the door.

It was a relatively short drive to His house, and as she pulled into His driveway her heart was pounding so loud she could actually hear it.

She turned the knob on the front door as she knew it would be open for her, and then locked it behind her before entering His den, where she knew He would be sitting in His favorite chair waiting for her arrival. As she entered the room He looked up and did a quick visual sweep of her, noting that her nipples were hard and protruding from the top of her dress. He motioned her over to Him, still not saying a word and she quickly walked to the front of Him, lowering her eyes as she softly whispered. "Hello Sir, Your girl has missed You. "

His hand slipped up her inner thigh and pinched her clit, checking to see that she had nothing on under the dress, as one long finger slid into her hot little pussy, He looked up at her and smiled, saying, "I've missed My slut as well", and then His other hand reached up and tangled in her silky hair, pulling her down to Him and kissing her roughly, His finger curling slightly in her cunt as her legs began to tremble a bit. He knew exactly the effect He was having on her, and as He broke the kiss and she stood up straight in front of Him again, lowering her eyes as He had not given her permission to look at Him yet, He slid another finger into her dripping fuck hole and began to slowly thrust them in and out her, His voice soft but sure as He commanded her to look at Him now. His fingers pumping in her hot box made it hard for her to concentrate as she looked up at Him, and then He pressed His thumb against her hard swollen clit, gently moving it in small little circles as her legs shook even harder now.

"Take off your dress girl and drop to all fours"

As His fingers slid out of her cunt, her muscles automatically gripped at them, a soft little whimper escaping from her as she slid the straps of her dress over her shoulders and it fell to a pool around her feet. She quickly dropped to her hands and knees facing Him, just in time to see Him placing His fingers into His mouth and licking off her taste.

He rose slowly from His chair, His robe parting and His semi hard cock now in her line of sight. He chuckled softly to Himself as He saw her throat constrict, knowing she was remembering His taste and how the thickness of His cock felt deep in her throat. His large hand slid slowly over her back, fingertip sliding over each bump of her spine as He watched the goosebumps rising on her creamy skin. As He turned slightly to reach into the seat of His chair, she could see that His shaft was getting harder, she closed her eyes for a moment and moaned softly and then felt the cool chain as it slid around her neck, and then the click of the leash as it was attached to the collar. He walked behind her slowly, admiring this little slut that was His, and then bent down over her, pulling her head back and covering her eyes with a black silk scarf, His breath warm against her cheek as He whispered into her ear, "Playtime My little slut. "

The stinging rap of the crop on her ass signaled her that it was time to follow, and even before she felt the tug of the leash, her body was already in motion. She was thankful that she knew the layout out of His house almost as well as her own, but they had never navigated the stairs with her on the leash, let alone blindfolded.

When she heard the turn of the knob to the cellar she stopped behind Him, and the rich intoxicating smell of new leather drifted up to her. She could tell that He was now at the side of her from the position of the slide hook on her neck. "Trust Me little girl, " His voice calmly whispered to her as the crop landed on her tight little asscheeks once again. She tilted her head to the side and listened for where His footsteps were, and then she warily stretched out her arm with her knee following behind her. He gently led her down step by step, giving her time to find her hand placement on each step, and then the knee. Her heart was pounding wildly and it took all the concentration she had not to misplace her hands and knees, His words of encouragement giving her the strength to continue when she had overreached on one step, His hands immediately reaching out and catching her and setting her on the right track once again.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs He bent down and kissed the back of her neck, His hand reaching under her and squeezing her left tit hard, "Good girl", His voice washing over her and calming her instantly, and in the next breath, "Position one slut. "

Instantly she folded her knees underneath her from the all fours position, spreading her thighs wide and lifting her palms upwards to Him as she silently knelt. She could almost sense His smile of approval as she heard His footsteps move to the back of her, His hands sliding up and down her arms as He murmured His approval and then untying the knot at the back of the blindfold, slowly slipping it from her eyes that were lowered behind it. She peeked as much as she could through her thick lashes, her body tingling with excitement as He once again walked to the front of her and cupped her chin in His strong hand, tipping her face up towards Him and smiling at her as their eyes met.

"You may rise and walk around the room slut, " He stated as He sprawled out in His chair.

She rose gracefully from her knees, the leash hanging between her full breasts and tickling along her clit. She clapped her hands in delight as her eyes roamed from one object to the other, the sawhorse on one side of the wall, off to the left of that various sizes of hooks and holders displaying the crops, whips, paddles and floggers He would use on her. She slowly walked over the sawhorse and ran her hand over the rich leather on the top of the narrow board, whispering a thank You to Him for the comfort of that. Her hips swayed softly as she walked over to the whips and paddles, reaching up and fingering the smooth cool leather, her fingertips tracing the various paddles, running her fingers through the suede tails one flogger and the leather tails of the other. The variety of crops amazed her, short ones, long ones, crops with loops at the end, and others with various sizes of clappers on them. Some covered in leather, others wooden, with different shapes on the handles as well. She was totally amazed at what she saw and when she turned around to face Him again He had placed the St. Andrews cross in the center of the room.

A small gasp as her eyes widened and she gingerly approached the object that had been the focus of so many of her fantasies. Her hand running over the smooth polished wood, slipping her fingers into the loops of the suede cuffs with velcro fastenings. As she walked around to the back of the cross she could see that He had carefully planned this out when He had built it. Small hooks on the back of the cross holding a small assortment of crops, floggers, rope, and a paddle. She was almost overcome with the depth of how well He had planned this out. As she looked up to the ceiling she saw another variety of chains hanging down, and securely bolted to the ceiling suspension rings, a leather body sling with pulleys attached to it to hoist her higher into the air. Her stomach flip flopped at the thought of suspension, so many new things for them to experiment with and try.

And finally the crowning touch. She curiously walked to an Oriental screen in the corner of the room and peeked behind it. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the jacuzzi, the water already bubbling from the jets turned on full blast.

Before she could even turn around to walk back towards Him, His voice rang in her ears as He commanded her to go to the cross and place her ass back against the wood. He crossed the room to her with sure steady strides and quickly secured her wrists and ankles with the velcro straps, pulling them tight around her and then walking away from her, dimming the lights and then lighting the dozens of candles that were spattered along the walls on small platforms, lighting the large ones in pots at the base of the St. Andrews, and then the ones on the assorted tables scattered about the dungeon.

He stepped back in front of her and she could see that His cock was now almost erect as He devoured her with His eyes. A grin crossing His face as His voice floated to her, "you look so good bound for Me whore, " His voice teased. Small beads of perspiration were already forming on her upper lip as she stood strapped to the cross. Searching His eyes, wondering what was in store for her tonight. He stepped closer to her, pressing His cock against her wetness and kissing her deeply, His tongue sliding into her mouth as one hand reached down to her cunt and cupped it hard, whispering in her ear, "Ready My sweet one?" She swallowed past the lump in her throat and nodded silently, her soft hazel eyes locked into His, trusting this Man totally to take her to where she had never been before.

He walked behind the cross and she could hear Him lifting an object from one of the hooks, and then He quickly stood in front of her again, a suede flogger in His hand, and He reached up to her full breasts and pinched the nipples hard and then slowly let the tendrils of the soft suede slide over her tits and her aching nipples. Her nipples were super sensitive, and He knew that from much trial and error, and He knew exactly how hard to pinch so that the jolts of pain running through her were right on the edge of her not being able to take anymore.

Bly's breath caught as His fingers pinched and tugged on her nipples, each flash of pain running right to her cunt, knowing that she was already getting wetter as she felt the soft suede against the flesh of her tits. Then with no warning He flicked His wrist and the slap of the suede became harder, she moaned once again, the wetness now trickling down her shapely thigh as He leaned in close to whisper to her again, "Does My slut like this?", she nodded softly, eyes closed, savoring the tingling in her breasts. Once again she heard Him softly chuckle to Himself, and as she opened her eyes it was just in time to feel the snick of a crop on her right tit, the stinging blow leaving a small red welt.

She sucked in her breath as He expertly flicked the crop back and forth over each breast, leaving them a burning tingling mass of flesh before He leaned in and sucked her nipple deep into His mouth, then placing soft tender kisses to her ravaged tit flesh. As quickly as the comforting of her began, He stepped back and the slap of the crop began down her taut stomach, each blow a little harder, again leaving small red welts on her tender skin. "I will mark you as Mine tonight bly, something i have never done before. "

His words burned to her soul, and a small tear of joy trickled down her cheek. He then reached for the leather flogger, soft strokes of the tails against her skin at first, warming it, preparing it for what was to come. She tried her best to relax and concentrate on her breathing as the leather bit into her flesh harder and harder. Crying out to Him as the stinging in her breasts and stomach melded into one burning pain. She looked down and saw her skin a criss cross of red welts, and she smiled through the pain. Before she even had time to think of anything else the snicks of the crop on her inner thigh made her breath catch. That tenderest of skin that He was now going to ravage as well. Each whack of the crop becoming harder and harder, but still she didn't call our her safe word, she knew she was enduring more pain tonight than she ever had as a sub.

The endorphins began to kick in and the snicks became harder and faster, sweat trickling down between her breasts as He watched her carefully, looking for the first sign that she had had enough, reminding her to use the safe word if needed, and the slap slap slap of the crop on her thigh going higher and higher. She was beginning to get lightheaded, licking her bottom lip and trying to quench her parched throat. And then the light tapping of the crop on her clit, softly at first, His eyes watching her intensely as each tap became harder, until finally she screamed out with the blast of pain that coursed through her body. Tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks as she bit her bottom lip hard, her body trembling in the restraints as He landed one more hard blow to her clit.

She didn't know how much more she could take at this point, and then suddenly He was there, releasing her ankles and her wrists, lifting her pain racked body into the safety of His arms, His lips pressed against her cheek, whispering softly, "Good girl My sweet one, you did very well. " As He cradled her in His arms He reached for a small glass of water and placed it to her parched lips, tipping her head back and watching as she swallowed. He gave her just enough time to barely recover, and then took her to the sawhorse, securing her ankles once again on the latches at the bottom, stretching her arms wide and placing them in the cuffs attached to the sides.

She had come down from the high on the cross somewhat at this point, and as her stomach pressed into the cool leather of the sawhorse she winced slightly, the welts on her stomach once again flaring into a burning mass of pain. Once again she concentrated on her breathing, sensing that He was far from done with her as His hand slid over her firm ass cheeks. His finger slid teasingly along the crack of her ass as he leaned forward and bit into her earlobe, His voice gruff and husky as His hard cock pressed against her, "I will take this girls ass and cunt this night. "

Her heart raced wildly at His words, her cunt was aching and throbbing for His cock, but instead she felt the first blow of His hand on her ass, a light almost teasing blow as her pain tolerance for spankings was quite high. His hands went from cheek to cheek, turning her ass a bright pink, and then He reached for the wooden paddle. Rubbing the cool wood on her hot skin and then landing it soundly with a loud "whack". She grunted softly with the blow, her body pushing harder into the horse. She could feel the air from His arm as the blows became harder and faster, but she just moaned louder with each swat on her ass. And then a different texture on her ass cheeks, He had switched to the paddle with the rubber padding, the sting more intense than that from the wood as blow after blow landed on her. Her legs were shaking visibly when He finally stopped, her breathing ragged and unsteady as He walked to the front of her, lifting her head up by the hair and commanding her to look at Him. His eyes piercing her as He held up a single tail whip, the braided leather dangling in front of her eyes. "You've never experienced this yet My sweet slut, tonight will be the first. "

A pang of fear shot through her, but she just nodded and whispered, "Yes Sir, whatever You wish Sir", and then the single strand of leather was sliding down her back, tickling her skin, lulling her into a false sense of security. The slap of the single tail on her ass brought tears to her eyes, the searing pain bolting through her body, as He flicked His wrists three times, with each flick the whip landing on her ass a little harder. And then two blows to her upper back... a red X on her back from the bite of the whip. He stepped back to look at her ravaged body, ravaged at His hand, knowing that the extremes of the pain that He had put her through that night she bore out of obedience to Him, but He could tell that she liked the effects at His skilled hands.

And she had never looked more beautiful to Him than she did right at that moment. He quickly walked over to her, and gently smeared a soothing balm on the open flesh where the whip had tore skin. She moaned softly, her body trembling as never before as He lovingly tended to the raw skin on her ass and back. He then reached for her legs and pulled them out farther from her, slipping between them when they were just the right distance. His hands running slowly up her tender inner thighs, lightly pressing against her throbbing clit, still aching from the blows of the crop as His tongue slid slowly along her wetness, tasting her.

A low moan filled the room as His mouth clamped around her sex and His tongue flicked softly at her, her sweet nectar dripping into His mouth with each flick of His tongue. As His tongue slipped into her tight little cunt she screamed out again, the muscles clenching at Him, a million sensations of pain and pleasure mixing in her brain, not knowing which one to concentrate on and then convergence as they became one. Once again her head was light, and He knew it wouldn't be long before she would slip into sub space. He moved quickly from underneath her, placing His hand on the small of her back, and then rubbing His cockhead against her opening slowly. A soft moan from her let Him know that she was barely here, and as His cock plunged into her hot aching cunt, two fingers slid into her ass.

A low guttural moan came from deep within her as He fucked her hard and deep, His fingers matching the rhythm of His cock as He fucked her faster and harder, spreading her walls wide open with his massive thick cock, his large fingers plunging in and out of her ass. With each upward thrust His balls would slap against the bottom of her ass. With His free hand He entangled His fingers in her hair, pulling her head back and making her look into His eyes as He fucked her savagely. As soon as He saw her slip into sub space He plunged His cock deep into one more time and then withdrew His finger and cock at the same time.

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