tagErotic CouplingsSweet Valentine Surprise

Sweet Valentine Surprise


Valentine's Day was Saturday this year, but he had to work, so she decided to sleep in. When she woke up around 10:30am she went downstairs, still in her pink flannel jim-jams and wolf slippers, to make herself a cup of tea. On the kitchen counter was a vase filled with daisies - one of her favorite flowers, second only to Dandelions! Next to the vase was her favorite mug (with his goofy face grinning at her) with a teabag already in it and a small red envelope with "Wombat" (his pet name for her) scrawled across the front in his loopy lefty handwriting. She set the chicken-shaped teapot on to boil and moved the flowers and the card to the breakfast nook. She sat down and slipped the note from the envelope, it read "Wahning! Wombat will be walloped with wove fwom Weasel!" She chuckled at the reminder of their third date when she was stung on the tongue by a bee that landed in her ice cream (their favorite part of the Adam Sandler movie 'Bedtime Stories"!) She was about to put the card down when she noticed more writing on the back: Go to your computer and click on "W plus W". The teapot whistled and she made her cup, then went to the office they shared.

Their office was set up with their desks facing each other and their computers on the same side by the wall (sometimes being opposite handed is nice!), when they were both working on something they could look across at each other and send naughty IMs. She sat down at her desk and wiggled the mouse just enough for the screen saver to turn on marching "Weasel <3s Wombat!" in myriad colors across the screen. She wiggled the mouse again and waited for her desktop to come out of sleep. Her desktop background was still the photo of the two of them in "matchey" Medieval Garb at last month's 12th Night, but in the middle was an icon of two hearts labeled "W plus W". She double clicked on it and a Slideshow opened up, the first slide read "A Photographic History of Wombat and Weasel". As the second slide started morphing "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" by Flogging Molly, their song, started playing and images of places they'd been, things they'd done, her face and tongue all puffy from the bee sting, the photo taken by a guy on a gurney in the ER after she got a shot of antihistamine, a photo of all the ticket stubs he saved from all their dates, the song ending with a photo he must have taken this morning of her sprawled all over his side of the bed with her pajama leg shoved up to her knee and the quilt half-off the bed. The final slide stated "Weasel will be home at Noon. There is a gift for you where his socks are supposed to be."

She knew he meant the bottom drawer of his dresser. They had an ongoing "discussion" about where things belong in a dresser, he said the dresser should reflect how you wear your clothing so shirts should be in the top drawer, underwear and pants in the middle and socks in the bottom, whereas she said that socks and underwear go in the top followed by shirts and then pants respectively. She noticed that the clock said 11:13 and ran up the stairs to find her present. She opened the bottom drawer of his dresser and found a large heart shaped box nestled in among his socks. She took the box and nudged the drawer shut with her foot before sitting on the bed to open it. She lifted the lid and noticed an abundance of tissue paper and another note.

The note read "Put this on, press play on the cd player, light the candles on the nightstand and be waiting for me. With Love, Weasel". Under all the tissue paper was a sexy black babydoll with pink ribbon accents. The clock now read 11:28, so she decided to put her hair up and take a very quick shower using his favorite scented Body Wash and leaving her curly hair dry and wild the way he liked it. She heard his car in the driveway just as she was lighting the last candle. She peeked in the cd player and found a burned cd labeled V-day 2009, she pressed play and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Jefferson Starship starts playing, she laughs and hops on the bed leaning up against the pillows and starts singing along.

He carried a brown paper grocery bag into the house, when he heard the music coming from the bathroom his cock twitched with excitement. He'd had a hard time paying attention during that boring fiscal meeting, for some reason his mind kept wandering... He chuckled as she sang the wrong word's to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give you Up", sometimes he wondered if they could be You Tube stars just by video taping her karaoke - she never read the words, she just sang what she thought they were! He stopped outside their bedroom door and kicked off his shoes and socks, before stepping inside. She was more beautiful in that babydoll than he imagined and his cock grew more. Her nipples just peeked through the sheer fabric and her natural bush just barely covered. The pink ribbons accentuating her womanly curves. She was "dancing" along to her singing, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. She must have sensed his presence because her gorgeous brown eyes popped open and her whole face lit up at the sight of him.

He was so sexy in his "manly shade of salmon" button down shirt open at the collar and dark brown slacks, she noticed his sexy man toes peeking out from under his pant legs, and that he was holding a grocery sack. He was just staring at her and she wiggled a bit in time to the music, which had changed to "I'd Rather Be With You" by Joshua Radin, she smiled at the sight of him and that he new how eclectic her music tastes were.

"Weasel? Aren't you a bit over dressed?"

He smiled and set the sack down at his feet. He unbuttoned his shirt for her and lets it drop to the floor, then his pants quickly follow revealing a pair of silky black boxers bedecked in hearts the exact color as her ribbons. She gives him a come hither look and he grabs the sack and sets it down next to the bed. She leans toward it "What's in the bag, lunch? I'm starving." He knows she isn't talking about food. He stops her from looking in the bag with a steamy kiss. Then sits on the bed next to her. He has yet to say anything, just stares at her.

She has never been able to stay quiet or sit still for very long and leans over him trying to see into his mysterious sack. He finally says "Hey, that's my sack, sit back and I will share my purchases with you. His eyes twinkle. He reaches into the sack and pulls out a bag of Cherry Tootsie Roll Pops. He opens the bag and pulls out two. She reaches for one. "Uh-uh. Not yet" and he sets them on the nightstand. She nibbles at his ear and teasingly tries to reach across him and snag one, but he snares her wrist with his hand, "Be Good." he warns jokingly.

He reaches into the sack again and pulls out a blindfold. "First, I'm going to remove this," he tugs at her teddy, "then you're going to wear this." He lifts the teddy from her belly while kissing each inch of skin revealed, skipping her pussy and breasts, which he knows she is aching for him to touch. she lifts her arms so he can pull it over her head and he nuzzles her armpits to, causing her to giggle from the tickle. He has her lie down on her back and put the blindfold on. "Lie still. I know this will be a challenge for my Wiggly Wombat, but just pay attention to my touch"

She can hear him rustling in the bag, and the scritch of a small cardboard box being opened. She notices that he smalls amazing, then she feels a tiny cool weight on her forehead-of all places! She thinks, "here I am completely naked but for a blindfold and he is putting things on my face?" Then she feels the same thing on her chin, then her throat, sternum, between her breasts, continuing in a straight line down her body, including one in her belly button. "What is that?" she asks him, but all she hears is his quiet chuckle and "Let My Love Open The Door" by Sondre Lerche coming from the stereo. Then she feels his breath at her forehead and then his tongue snakes out to grab what is placed there, he kisses her nose before she hears crunching. "What are you eating?" she asks him, and he chuckles then pushes something small and hard between her lips, and whispers "Awesome" in her ear, she smiles "I love Conversation Hearts!" and sucks on the tiny lime candy letting it dissolve on her tongue. He continues to lick the candies off her body, then blows gently where his tongue has been causing her to shiver from the coolness. Her nipples harden with excitement as he passes the valley between them, but he ignores them for now, driving her wild with anticipation.

She hears him reach into the sack again and wonders what he has this time, she hears the rustle of plastic wrapping then feels heavier, but tinier weights this time one on each nipple, in her belly button, nestled on top of her clit, and balanced on her upper lip, she smells the cinnamon and just as she feels his breath on her face she darts her tongue up to grab the Red Hot before he can. He kisses her deeply retrieving the candy and "tut tut"s before sucking it off her left nipple - she shudders with excitement and can feel the one on her right nipple roll off onto her inner elbow. He chuckles and pins her arm to the bed with his hand before leaving a trail of kisses down to retrieve the candy. He kisses her again and she tastes the cinnamon on his tongue sucking on his tongue as he withdraws it to suck the candy out of her belly button. She expects him to remove the one from her clit, but he leaves it there. She focuses on the tiny weight down there, wondering if it is dissolving in her juices.

He knows she is thinking about the candy on her clit. He grabs the Tootsie Roll Pops off the night stand and removes the wrappers of both, he sticks them both in his mouth while he runs his hands all over her body except her sensitive and peaked nipples and her "candy clit". He pulls both suckers out of his mouth and rubs them on her nipples. His cock twitches at her moan of pleasure-pain. He put one back in his mouth while he rubs the other on her lips and says "open". She opens her lips and he licks them then slips his tongue inside for a quick kiss before replacing his tongue with the sucker.

She reaches for the blindfold but he holds her arms down. He is driving her crazy, she is so ready. She feels his weight shift, hopefully he is removing his boxers... she feels his legs straddle her knees then feels his breath at her pussy.

He hold the sucker in his right hand then spreads her lips with his left, and darts his tongue in her cleft to fish out the little lump of soggy sugar that used to be a single Red Hot. He stays there sucking and licking her clit. He can tell she's going to come when she grasps his hair, she can't say anything because of the Tootsie Roll Pop in her mouth. It doesn't stop her keening moan when she gushes onto his chin, he switches hands with the sucker and starts rubbing it on her clit, she comes a second time, and a third, then he moves the sucker and thrusts it in and out of her hole. She comes a fourth time, grasping the bedsheets with one hand and removing the sucker from her mouth with the other. She throws the sucker across the room as she yells out "Weeeeeea-sellll!" He removes his sucker and leans down to lick her some more, she anticipates what he's going to do and says "No! I need you in me, NOW!" He pulls the blindfold off her eyes and she looks up at him poised over her, his cock is standing straight and proud. She reaches to touch it and he says "I'll come right now if you do." She says "Come inside me, now!" He thrusts once into her and she comes again. He thrusts two more times before filling her with his seed.

Author's Note: Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you like my first ever submission to Literotica. Please vote for me in the Valentine's Day Contest!

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