tagRomanceSweet Valentines Kisses

Sweet Valentines Kisses


You watched the oven intently as the chocolate hardened in the metal shells and you waited for them to be ready for the sweet caramel filling you had prepared. Once that was done they were to be topped with white chocolate. As always the smell was mouth-watering as I waited for your sweet Valentines Kisses to be ready. I looked at you and noticed the stains of sugar and chocolate on your apron. As you eased the heavy tray into the cold room and stood up I came up behind you and circled your waist with my hands. Your ass rested against my groin and it swung back and forth over my cock.

I kissed the back of your bare neck since you had pinned up your hair. I moved my hands up your body to cup your breasts. They fitted wonderfully into my palms and I rubbed at where I knew your nipples lay. As I expected you responded quickly and I smiled and caressed the back of your neck again.

"Stop that I need to concentrate on this tray otherwise I will drop it," you remarked crossly.

"Hmm could I have one of your Valentines Kisses my love?" I responded and though I let you put the tray down I continued to rub my hands against your breasts.

"You are a wicked man you know that don't you and I can deny you very little, "you said but allowed me to continue stroking and caressing your breasts.

I turned your body around so that you faced me and I kissed your upturned mouth. It was soft and inviting, you quickly opened your mouth allowing my tongue to enter and explore. We kissed deeply and passionately as I pushed you onto the flour covered table where you had been working only minutes before. I felt my need and desire for you grow with each second and I pushed the implements from the table onto the floor with a horrendous clatter that meant little to me as I kissed you again and pulled up your skirts to expose your naked pussy as you wore no knickers in this hot weather.

As I did so I felt your fingers undo the buttons on my overalls allowing them to drop to the floor. You exposed my hard cock and took it into your eager hand. With confident fingers you stroked the shaft up and down avoiding the sensitive head. Expertly you excited me but kept me from cuming too soon.

As you caressed me my hand stroked your jaw and with my other hand I slowly stripped your clothing from your breasts. When I had exposed them I looked at them long and passionately enjoying the sight of your womanly curves, the hardness of your nipple. Bending down I took a nipple into my mouth. Your nipple was a mini-volcano that was intensely hot to my tongue and I explored the lovely flesh with my tongue and lips. I heard you groan and you opened your legs wide as you settled back against the rough table. Your hand slipped from my cock but I took it in my hand and guided it to the entrance of your pussy, the lips glistened with your dew.

I looked down at you, your head was framed in the white sugar as though you were an angel with a halo, a breast was free and you pinched and stroked your nipple and your legs were about my waist. I pulled your hips towards me and you slipped easily on the sugar to me. Then I felt the tip of my cock part your lips and with the barest thought I thrust my cock between your wet pussylips.

With each thrust of my cock your curvy hips and ass bucked against me as you thrust towards me. Knowing how you enjoyed it I drove my cock hard and deep into your pussy and heard your cries and groans of pleasure. I grunted and continued my thrusting into you. It was as though a physical madness took us and we fucked hard. I quickly felt your pussy orgasm with my thrusting. Somehow I stopped before I came trying to make the time between us last longer and I pulled my dripping cock out of your hot pussy.

Then holding you firmly by the hips I pulled you off the table and spun your body around. Facing you away from me I pushed you over the table and braced your legs apart. I lifted the lower part of your body from the floor and held my body between them. Using my hands under your thighs to support your body, I thrust my cock into your open pussy again. I saw you squeeze your ass with each thrust of my cock. I felt your pussy muscles squeeze my cock as I drove it into your body. Your feet crossed behind my ass as I thrust in and out of your dripping pussy.

The raw table though lubricated with flour and sugar excited and massaged your sensitive nipples as your body shuddered with each thrust of my cock. Orgasms rolled through your body again and I felt my cock almost ready to blow my load into your pussy. My desire so near I thrust into your pussy even harder.

Then I came. I felt the familiar tightening of my balls and the rush of my cum through my shaft before it shot into your pussy and mixed with your juice. I felt one of your orgasm explode at the same time as mine and we passed into a pleasure unimaginable to those who have never made love to someone you love. Your pussy muscles milked my cock of cum and as the last drop was squeezed from me I felt my cock grow flaccid and it slipped from your pussy.

Drained I let your feet touch the floor and you turned towards me. I pulled you to me and began to lick the sugar from your face, moving lower to lick it from your neck and breasts.

I looked into your face and smiled thinking of the other Valentines kisses that would come this afternoon which I would eat. You caressed my hair and pressed my lips back to your breasts and I began to lick the sweet sugary flesh as you pressed back into the table. I moved lover and knelt between your legs as you sat on the table and I pressed my lips to your cum drenched lips and parted them with my tongue.

The taste of cum flooded my mouth and I easily found your swollen clit as I pulled your lips aside and you groaned with a combination of pain and pleasure. The pain cuming from the overload of pleasure that had coursed through your body. Pleasure that became intolerable as my tongue played across the ridges and valleys of your pussylips and I felt your hands desperately lift my head from your body.

"Too much, I can't take it! Just hold me, please!" you pleaded with me.

Realising that you were satisfied and not wanted to bring you pain I stopped. I kissed you tenderly on your eyebrows and face. Suddenly your hand smacked my bottom.

"That was naughty I hope the Kisses haven't been ruined," you said.

"Oh no your kisses are always perfect," I spoke lustily thinking of other things than chocolate kisses.

Of course later we enjoyed your perfectly made Valentines Kisses.

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