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Sweet Wet Memories


i step beneath the shower's spray, welcoming the warmth that spills over my tired body stresses and cares of the day washing away swirling into the drain at my feet. Beginning to relax, humming a song softly... my hands following the waters paths over my face and hair, down my body.

Gasping as the door slides open You've startled me once more. You move so quietly. You must have been standing there, watching, listening from the grin on Your face. i didn't even know You had returned yet. You step into the shower behind me, closing the door i move forward to allow You into the spray but You pull me back against You.

Your hands now following the water, flowing down my body with it even more soothing than the water yet stimulating, exciting, thrilling at the same time. Each time You touch me is new, awakening, I'll never tire of Your magic touch. Your hands move over me, caressing, arousing, my body swaying beneath them to the rhythm they create. Both hands glide down from my face, my neck, over my breasts, down my stomach, hips, thighs.

i lean back against You, my body arching in response. Feeling You hardening, starting to press between the cheeks of my ass. You lean down and nip me gently on the shoulder. i turn my face for a kiss, tongues searching, breath in ragged tangles, i raise my hands to capture your face, trying to turn toward You. You swiftly capture my hands in Your left hand, trapping my wrists, Your right hand gripping my thigh, not allowing the turn. You bend down again, and nibble along the side of my neck, making me squirm in your grasp. Your captive...

Your hardening cock probing, telling me how much You are enjoying this. My hands stay trapped, Your right hand now sweeping up from my thigh, brushing across the front of my pussy, up to capture a breast, squeezing, kneading, underneath, teasing the nipple, circling it, then rolling it between Your fingers, making me gasp. You play with my breasts, body, nipples, making me squirm faster.

You reach over, getting the sponge. Gently running the rough side down my arm, side, hip, over the cheeks of my ass, backs of my thighs. my body writhing now, pressing back against Your cock, my pussy wet and hungry for a taste of You. You reach down and pull my thighs wider apart, sliding Your cock across my pussy, teasing my clit, but not letting me have You yet. sweet torture....

i moan, moving my hips. my pussy gliding back and forth over You, Your cock beginning to glisten with my dripping juices. You sweep the rough sponge over the front of my thighs, then upwards, sweeping up under each breast, making me moan louder. Finally reach my taut nipples with it, brushing it over them, sending shocks of electric pleasure racing thru me. You reach past me, dropping sponge, turning off water, pulling open door, You step out, bringing me with You, still clasping my wrists, taking me thru the door onto the carpet.

You turn me to face You, pulling me close, kissing me hard. The world dissolves, spinning down and down into Your kiss. i slide down Your body as the water drips from us. You still hold my wrists, my arms stretched up, my mouth finds Your cock, chases it finally sucking it in, deep. my tongue swirls, playing, tasting, teasing. You moan, clutch at my hair, pull my head away.

You lie down, pulling me on top of You, finally releasing my wrists to grip my hips, setting me down on Your swollen cock. Plunging down on You, crying out Your name in my ecstasy. my back arching as You drive deep inside me, my nipples taut, strain towards You. You reach up to run Your palms over them, making me gasp and ride You faster, harder, my hips moving with a life of their own.

You urge me on with Your words, with Your eyes, with Your touch. Riding, rocking, driving, Your hips, groin, cock and balls oiled with the sweet juices of my pussy, that You have created with Your teasing caresses. Slick, glistening, slithering on You. You clasp my hands with Yours, reigning me in, holding me in the moment urging me on faster and faster my hips blur, grind, pump, ride You hard. You hold fast to me as i fly toward the edge, You growl "NOW girl"...

drive Your hips upward as You feel me stiffen, hear me cry out again, trembling, shuddering, gasping for breath as i tumble over the edge, cumming hard over and over with Your cock buried to the hilt inside me. my pussy gripping and releasing You rhythmically, stroking You, pulsing, throbbing, rippling, sucking You, until Your head falls back, You groan my name. And then stiffen, and cum, hot sweet jets of Your cum pulsing into me, filling me, completing my pleasure, completing me knowing You are taking delight in owning me possessing me, using me

lost in the throes of my orgasm, pulsing, panting, moaning syllables that make sense only to us. A rare dialect of Love shared by only two who could translate it. Your body lowers back to the carpet from it's arch into me, riding You down, whimpering, my body exhausted, sways. You pull me down to collapse on You, my tangled damp hair mingling with that of Your chest. Hearing Your heart beating beneath.

i whimper, and You reach up and stroke my tangled locks, murmuring to me, running Your hands over my trembling body, caressing me, relaxing me, bringing me slowly, gently back to earth. And that journey with You, the return, is as full and as wonderful, as our journey to the realm of stars.

The journey there with You, the journey back, the place You take me where i can wrap myself in stars, roll in them as if in a meadow of sweet flowers, gather them to pour over You and i by the armload, and then back again to earth, safe, secure, warm, comfort, Love. You murmur Your words of love to me, i whisper them back, not an echo, but a duet, more lovely than even the greatest violinist could ever wring, than any angel could pluck from a harp. For this music is played on the stringed chambers of our hearts, and beats, pusles, sings throughout our lives. This sweet harmony of our Love.

(i love you Master, with all my heart and soul.)

this is a dream/fantasy/memory i finally managed to set down for You in words. But there are not enough words to describe all i feel for You.

i miss You so, i know i'm always saying that, and i know i have You here with me always, constantly, You're in my heart, taken up residence there. i welcome You there fully and openly as i have no Other. You've become such a part of who i am. This missing is a physical thing now, a longing of every fiber of me. I literally ache for Your touch, Your glance, Your smile, Your laughter. Your presence. i long for Your approval, Your trust.

No, it's not all-consuming, this is not an infatuation that will fade. But it underlies my life, burns and beats deep inside. Can i survive without You? Yes, of course. But it would be only that. Survival, existance. Do i want to survive without You? No. You've shown me what can be, what living is, being really alive. You've taken me to the stars and back, in every way possible. i hate the thought that i could hurt and disappoint You in any way, i'm shamed that i could allow that to happen. To fail You. i would go to the ends of this earth and beyond to prove again to You my love.

i have no plans, no schemes, no designs. i do have hopes, dreams, desires, and deep abiding love for You. i dont see You as a prize or trophy or reward to be earned, or won. You are not a finish line to be reached in a competition, and then go on to the next race, the next conquest, the next challenge. i dont want to "win" You, beat someone else to You. i want to journey with You, see where our paths lead us together. running in sheer joy at times, skipping in delight and fun at others, strolling hand in hand, taking time to enjoy every new discovery. no schedule, no itinerary, just making it up as we go along. adjusting for the changing weather and seasons and moods of our lives.

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