tagFirst TimeSweeter than Candy

Sweeter than Candy


All characters are pure fiction, and over the age of 18. Any relation from this story or characters to real life would be awesome, but also purely coincidental.


I'm officially an adult now. It's my last year of high school, and life is unsurprisingly shitty. I'm a normal guy with a boring old name: Bruce. But I don't want to think about that, my mind has been focused on this new teacher. Rumor has it the previous teacher Ms. Grant got a sex change operation last week.

I'm not too surprised Ms. Grant got a dick. She did kind of seem like the type to really enjoy a nice pair of tits on a girl, after some intense cunnilingus giving. Allegedly the principal wouldn't let her return to work. Who would want to come back here anyway?

The asshole to decent human being ratio in this school is totally fucked. I'm probably one of the only people here taking class serious anymore, yet not too serious. I take that last phrase back. Fuck the majority of class, I'm just here to graduate then spent the summer at home masturbating.

Although not many people share my train of thought, I have a couple friends. Women like me till they think get to know me, but who gives a fuck? There are not many people in this class I care about. Well except for maybe Candice.

I've always sort of had a thing for Candice. I've never directly spoken to here; as a result, I've come to idolize her. Consequently I idolize her to a point that in my fantasizes, she is humanly impossible. I wish she wasn't so quiet in class sometimes.

She has long dirty blonde hair that drapes down to her ass. Her ass has a really nice shape to it, matches her tits. She is so perfectly proportionate. Human anatomy is damned, her waist was slim as hell, and I've spent hours thinking about it.

She's only 5'3, all her facial features look young and small, and her cheeks are a little fat. Every little curve she had on her body, I've studied and thought of in the dead of night. But I'm totally not a creepy bastard; well ok I might be a little bit of a creepy fuck. She was modest with her attire, but I could tell her chest was the eighth wonder of the world.

"Good morning students, I'm your new teacher! My name is Ms. Sare!" Everything Ms. Sare said seemed to get increasingly more upbeat and preppy. I look around; Likewise, I see other students contemplating the amount of time it would take for loss of blood, from a slit wrist to make them unconscious.

"I will be your new instructor for the remainder of the year! I hope all of you are just as excited as I for this as I am. I hope we can make lots of fun memories. But first I would like to-" Ms. Sare abruptly stops then begins to look in the back of the class at two boys talking to each other.

"I can wait." Ms. Sare said in a more serious tone looking at the back of the class. Wow she sure is controlling. I bet she'd make a great fuck.

"Thank you boys, now first let us all collect our belongings and direct our attention to the projector. I will show everyone the new seats. " After Ms. Sare said this the class became deadly silent.

I think I heard a pin drop. Once she got across the class a loud collective whisper washed over the class. The new seats appeared on the screen, and Ms. Sare pulled something out of the teacher's desk.

"You all have exactly ninety seconds to change seats, starting now!" As Ms. Sare said this everyone stood up and began to rush around the class. My heart began to beat, as my face became warm. I can feel my blood pulsing up to my ears. I stayed seated attempting to read the projector screen. I found my name quick.

I'm seated in the same table, thank fuck. The class was set up with shared tables and two people to a table. I see the name next to mine, it's Candice. There she is, the girl of my wet dreams. I fucking love this class, thank you Ms. Sare. Suddenly my train of thought is interrupted as a large overweight man takes the seat next to mine.

The large man is Oscar, "Chief I think you read that chart wrong." I said to him as he looked at me with a blank stare. I could hear him breathing loudly from his overworked lungs.

"Excuse me, but I think that's my seat." A squeaky voice said from behind him. It was Candice, her voice sounds like post pubescent Minnie mouse. Something about a loud high-pitched voice just does it for me. I tried not to look as she took the seat next to mine.

I quickly glance to the left, I see Candice's gorgeous baby face looking forward towards the projector. I think we were the only two people not engaging in a loud whisper. She looks towards me, we make a moment of eye contact.

Her eyes are a rich deep shade of green, as if her parents had emeralds implanted in her. Her face looked impossibly smooth, although I cannot tell if she has naturally smooth skin. Fuck makeup. We're in the same graduating class, but I heard she was held back twice.

I bet she's older than me. The timer goes off; the class is still increasing volume. Sare drops the smile then adopts a murderous look then began counting out loud and the class volume dropped rapidly.

"Now that you're with all your new partners, I want everyone to look at the person they are sharing a seat with. This is the person that will help to determine the majority of your grade for the rest of the year. For this first project we will" I stopped listening to Ms. Sare at this point, I now am being practically forced to share time with Candice.

I don't think this could be any better. Moments later Candice and I were staring at several different diagrams and outlines with papers spread out on the table.

"You're smart Bruce. " This was the first non-class related comment Candice said to me. What a great thirteen minutes it has been.

"No not really, I just occasionally do the homework." I respond with as she begins to peer directly into my eyes. I see her beautiful emerald eyes.

"You can call me Candy." she said looking at me with a smile. All the sugary sweet candy in the world doesn't have a thing on her. I simply nodded in response then looked away. She couldn't tell but my heart was banging against my chest.

I'm not sure I remember the last time I felt this nervous. Candy began to shuffle through her pockets and pulled out her phone. She planted it on the table, and then began to swipe at her with her hand. She looks up at me, and slid the phone to me.

I looked down to see it was an empty contact line with my name already filled out, but the phone number line blank. Later that same day during lunch I was sitting down with some friends saying "Guys you won't believe what happened in chemistry today! The new teacher Ms. Sare changed the seats, I sit next to Candice, and she made me give her my number! ".

In response my friend Dan lifts his head from his food, and pulls away his sandwich then says "Wait is that chem with Ms. Grant? I heard she has a dick now. Is that real?" I sighed heavily.

"Dude who gives a flying fuck about Ms. Grant's possible dick!? It's Candice, have you seen how fucking hot she is?" I said this. Dan knew it; I knew it, fuck even that bastard Oscar knew it.

This was one going to be one of those days where I just beat my dick to death. I haven't been able to stop thinking about Candice since I started sitting next to her. I think I want to impregnate her.

Time was flying by today, before I knew it, it was ten o'clock at night, and I was sitting at home alone. I was sitting down in my chair beating the ever living shit out of my dick to the mental image of Candice. She's so nice to me; I wish public decency wasn't a thing people had to adhere to, same with morals.

Fuck I wish she would just let me bend her over in the middle of class. I could picture it all right now. She'd show up at my house, and say some shit line like "I've never been with a man before. You were so nice in class. Let me reward you."

I would grab her by the arms yanking her into my house. I'd wrap my arms around her and start with small kisses on her cheek. I'd work my way down to her neck. She'd start moaning; while under her breathe while beginning to grind her hips against my body.

I'd pull back and get a good look at those perfectly shaped tits then go straight for her mouth. The taste of her tongue would rush into my mouth. I would bite her lips just hard enough to make her squirm for a second.

Then she'd drop down to my knees to unzip my pants. I bet she would attack my hard cock with her tongue practically making out with it, even playing with my balls. Then I'd have her lean against the wall, so I could get the right amount of leverage to fuck her face. Something tells me this girl has never even heard of a gag reflex.

That's where I'd want to cum the most. Right before I orgasm, I would pull my cock out of her throat and rest it against her tongue. I want her to feel my warm thick cum shooting on her tongue before it goes down her throat. As it coats the back of her throat I'd thrust my cock in a few more times.

Making sure I can feel the entrance to her throat against the tip of spent hard cock. I almost fell off my chair when I see my phone got a text from Candice. I quickly get a tissue to wipe off the fantasy-made precum from my hands. The text reads "Pick me up hoee," then she sends me the phone's GPS signal followed by several emojis.

Was this text meant for me? Should I respond, and tell her we barely just met? Or that the thought of picking her up or seeing her anywhere late at night is enough to make multiple parts of my body throb. Fuck that. I start putting on my pants and shoes so fast, the address is close by.

I can run there in under ten minutes then call a car on our way back. I took off running out of my house like a madman; I wouldn't have stopped running if the concrete was paved with glass shards. I can't remember the last time I had a real reason to run this fast. My legs and lungs disappeared from my body, and I was an object of pure lust.

I get to the address, it's a quiet street dimly lit with some loud music playing off in the distance. I see Candice sitting down on the street curb. I think her eyes are closed. "Hey" I said approaching her, out of breath.

Candice looked surprised and said "Brucey? What're you doin' here. I'm waiting for Brenda. I dunno if she can give both us rides." fuck that text was so not meant for me.

"I don't know anything about Brenda, but I got your text. It said to pick you up. I don't know, I sorta thought maybe it was meant for me, and that-" Candice swayed back and forth with her eyes still closed

"Fuck that bitch anyway. Brenda is a dumb hoe! She was so wrong. Wrong again!" She completely interrupted me and ignored me. She seems a little too drunk to be out here I should call someone for her.

"She is a dumb hoe. Brucey! Are you listening to me?" I jumped back a bit as she swayed towards me, and said my name a little too loud.

"Yes candy I'm listening to you. Look you should really be home. Let me call someone for you, where is your phone?" I said as she began to look around. She was wearing a dress, definitely no pockets, but amazingly smooth legs.

"Oh yesssss Brucey my mother fucking phone, can youse help me find it!? I dropped it next to that tree." she then pointed to middle of the street. There were no trees in that direction but there was one behind her. I turn the flashlight on that my phone has and begin looking around.

Candice is mumbling but I don't think she is saying words at this point. Her speech is becoming more and more slurred. After a couple minutes of very gross runs through the dirt with my hands I find her phone.

I turn around quickly "Hey Candy don't say I never did anything...For...You" I slowed down my awkward schtick, because I see Candice has fallen over unconscious in the grass. This whole scene must look so fucking suspicious from a third point of view. I need to call a ride, and get together a story. And after a short awkward drive, I was home.

I am now sitting my room staring at a passed out Candice wearing a dress, on my bed. Mother fuck she is hot. For a passed out drunk or possibly drugged girl, she still looks like she could turn gay men straight.

Maybe that's what I should tell her 'wait candy I swear I love dick. I never even checked you out while you laid on top my bed'. That would be one story for the grandchildren. What am I even saying?

Suddenly Candy begins to sit up she immediately looks around then pays no attention to what is around her and stands up. She almost completely falls over, I am in total shock. Do I help her? She's starting to try and take off her dress.

I should really help her. "Candy no! You can't do that. I don't have any of your clothes for you to wear to bed!" I walked up and tried to stop her hands. She stumbles back and looks at me, but her eyes are so unfocused I doubt she even knows it was me trying to stop her from undressing.

She then with all her drunken strength slaps me hard across the face; it feels like my face has bust open. I didn't even know she was wearing a ring till now. I slowly back up and sit back down, and watch as she struggles to take off her dress. She manages to unzip it, and then pulls it down.

Her big soft pale tits pop out from her dress in a sexy red lace bra. She wiggles her way out of the dress falling with her back on my bed. She's got matching panties on too. I almost don't know what to do.

Why can't my true colors show when it matters? I go over to her, she's passed out again. I pull the dress off her ankles and carry her into bed. I put the covers over her beautiful tiny pornstar-like body. She is so beautiful; I begin to stare at how beautiful her face is.

She has a couple freckles on her left cheek; she must wear a little bit of makeup to cover that up. Her face still does look smooth, where does the makeup begin and where does it end? I look down at my watch; I was staring at her sleep from across the room for five full minutes.

I didn't even notice the time pass. Fuck shit I must look so creepy. I take off my shirt and put on a tank-top shirt. I usually sleep only in boxers, but that probably isn't a good idea for tonight.

I stare up at ceiling, my heart is pounding against the inside of my chest. My face is warm; a woman is sleeping with me, kind of. I am so bragging about all this later. I slept so light it felt, as if i only blinked.

I open my eyes to the sight of Candice hovering over me with one of my kitchen knives. "Whoa Candice calm down!!" I said literally almost pissing myself trying to crawl backwards staring at an almost naked Candice wielding one of my kitchen knives.

"What happened last night? Be careful what you say." Candice is talking like an escaped mental patient that is staring at corpse they can't wait to fuck. I explained last night to her, and how I didn't have a charger for her type of phone thus I couldn't call any of her contacts.

"I swear I did not touch you," I tried to appease her with my response. She then squats down in front of me, so my face is next to hers. She uses her free hand to turn my face, and sees a deep purple bruise with a ring mark.

"I believe you." Candice says handing me my kitchen knife.

"The bathroom is down the hall to the left, there are towels in there. Take anything from my dresser or closet to wear, I'll be in the kitchen. "I stated quickly, I didn't even wait for a response before I rushed out of the room.

I began cooking breakfast. At least forty five minutes passed before I saw her enter the dining room wearing only one of my button up shirts. I was still wearing pants and a tank top. "Hey" I said quietly while sitting down.

"Hey" she repeated back at me weakly with a sad face, while taking a seat. We ate, we talked, she explained how she walked in on one of her friends getting fucked by the guy she liked over the bathroom sink at Brenda's party. Eventually we made our way over to the couch hours had passed.

She thought I was funny and I was showing her some of the books I own. "What about this one?" Candice said pulling a brown and black hard cover book form the shelf to the right of the couch.

"That? That's about this guy who kills some junkie on accident. It's complicated; I don't think you'd be into it." I explained to her in between sips of water from my cup. She puts the book back while arching her back showing off her ass.

She quickly turns around "Oh? So you already know what I like?" She said in a soft tone with a slight grin. She began to slide over the couch to me; the inside of my chest is officially bruised from an overactive heart.

"Yes I do Candy." I said getting closer to her. Her chest is now only centimeters away from mine. She brings her face close to me. Her lips are about to be on mine, when she pulls back suddenly, and brings her lips to the side of my face that isn't bruised.

"Well let's see if I know what you like." she whispered into my ear while picking up one of her legs to drape it over me. Her breath was so warm, her voice was so soft, quiet, yet her lips were so close to ears I heard her clear as day. She is now sitting on my lap hovering over my now rock hard cock.

She kisses me, softly, then not so softly, her tongue was rubbing the side of my mouth. Began to sway back and forth, I could feel her pussy rubbing on the bulge in front of my pants. My hands are on her hips, I slide a hand up to grab one of her perfect tits.

They're so fucking huge, she puts her hand over mine, almost drunken with lust. She's now helping me play with her tits, as I moved my other hand to grab her hot ass. She pulls back and looks at me up and down quickly then starts to unbutton her shirt.

I can't wait. I rip open the shirt. I could hear the fabric rip and tear. She does a quick loud scream "Oh you're strong! " she whispers back into my ear. She then takes off the shirt and unclips her bra.

She holds her bra in front of herself for a moment, almost to as if she knew I had to prepare myself. She lowered her arm and her big round tits fall out of her bra. I immediately begin to run my hands all over them while aggressively kissing on her neck. "Ahhh fuck that's good!" She whispered back into my ear.

Fuck her voice is so sexy, so fucking perfect. I slowly start kissing lower and lower till my mouth is over her nipple. I suck softly and rub my tongue up and down her nipple. I pull my face back, I wasn't even breathing. I didn't notice.

She then pulls back, arches her ass, and scoots back. She unwraps her legs and lowers herself off the couch, she was soon at face level with my throbbing hard cock. I scoot up more as she unbuttons me quickly.

Then she slowly unzips my pants, while maintaining eye contact. Those emerald eyes looked so soft, I didn't even notice she already had my pants around my ankles. She brought her face close to my underwear then yanked down my underwear, my throbbing hard cock busted out against her cheek.

"This is really really nice Brucey." I could feel her breath against my cock as she spoke. This is so much better than I could've ever imagined. She wrapped her right hand around it tugging up and down slightly while licking the tip. My cock was quickly covered in precum mixed with saliva.

She then slowly took me into her mouth, she felt so warm. Her mouth was so wet and I could feel her sucking and she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was tugging up and down on my cock with her right while still sucking on me.

Her lips felt so smooth wrapped around my Cock, she looks back up at me and I see those emerald eyes. I watch her eyes as her face bobs up and down on my lap. Her mouth is only getting hotter and wetter with each movement. She took off her right hand, took my hand, and then placed it on the back of her head.

I was holding her hair; I could feel how silky it was as she moved back and forth. "Oh candy I'm close!" I pull her head closer and jerk back a bit. I can feel my cock at the entrance of her throat as I begin to release shots of cum.

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