tagBDSMSweetness Ch. 02

Sweetness Ch. 02


Chapter 1 of this story got mistakenly classified into BDSM but since I had intended it to take a darker turn I've left it there. Chapter 2 definitely takes a darker turn and if the feedback is good, Chapter 3 will truly belong in BDSM. Thanks for the input.


Two days ago I'd been innocently if self-consciously living with my step-mom Cindy and her husband Jake for the summer. Then, Jake had come onto me by the pool and Cindy had caught us and my life had turned into a living hell that I didn't know how I'd ever get out of. Somehow that event had led to my current predicament; hands tied behind my back, forced to my knees between two black men who were forcing me to take turns sucking and licking their massive cocks. But, let me backtrack and tell you how it came to this...

I'd started bawling when I'd seen Cindy watching Jake and I from the doorway. She didn't look mad, quite the opposite, but I felt horribly guilty and couldn't believe what I'd just done. Especially now that I had come and was no longer so horny and could see Jake again with clear eyes. He was hairy and overweight and nothing that I was normally attracted to. What had I been thinking?

I'd run into the house and thrown myself into the shower. Finally clean I'd wrapped a towel around me and stepped into my bedroom. All I wanted was to track my Dad down and ask him to buy me a plane ticket home. I made it halfway across the room, intent on getting dressed before I noticed Cindy sitting on a chair at the foot of my bed.

"Hi Megan." She was still smiling and still didn't look angry although I couldn't fathom why.

"I'm so sorry, Cindy. I can't believe what we did. I'll go home right away." I was tearing up again but Cindy just smiled wider.

"Oh Megan," she sighed. "You're not going anywhere. Things are working out just like we'd hoped."

I just stood there blinking, not sure what I was hearing.

"You aren't a little girl anymore, Megan," Cindy continued. "Jake noticed right away and it took him noticing to make me notice but you are a beautiful, sexy woman and you obviously responded to Jake."

"But, I don't know why." I cried out. "I wasn't even attracted to him."

Cindy chuckled again.

"It's okay," she soothed. "That's how we knew this would all work out. Some women are drawn to powerful men and Jake fits that bill."

I just shook my head, feeling dumb, but still unsure where she was going with all of this.

"Megan, my life changed forever when I met Jake. He took control almost immediately and at first I pulled away but before long I craved it. I wasn't happy unless I was making him happy, no matter what he told me to do..." she trailed off, seeming to hesitate and then finished her thought. "And now, Megan, we see that potential in you. I want you to keep an open mind and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

I was sitting on my bed now with my towel still wrapped around me and Cindy crossed the room and sat down next to me. I shrank away but she was surprisingly insistent, hugging me close and stroking my bare arm.

"You liked fucking him didn't you, even though you knew he was manipulating you?"

"No," I lied. "I just got caught up in the moment. I just want to go home now."

"Shhh..." Cindy hushed me. "This is all new but we don't want to lose momentum. Why don't you just lay back and let me relax you."

And then she was pushing me gently back. I started to lay down and then realized that she was seducing me just like Jake had. My own step-mother. I jumped up and turned to face her.

"Stop it, Cindy. I don't want this. You're basically my mother. How could you do this?"

"But, I'm not your mother, Megan. I'm just a woman who fell in love with your father and yes, with you too. I cared for you as a girl and now that you're a woman I still care for you. This is just taking it to the next level."

She'd moved in close again and was stroking my arms with both hands.

"NO!" I exploded and shoved her back. Turning, I wrenched the door open and ran smack into Jake's naked chest. He was wearing his swim trunks again but nothing else.

"Now, that's no way to treat your step-mom, little girl. Not when she's just trying to be sweet to you."

Jake had me in his iron grip and turned me to face Cindy.

"Now, you go apologize and give Cindy a kiss before her feelings get hurt."

I was crying and could barely see as I took a few steps toward Cindy.

"Don't do this," I implored her as I approached. "I don't want this."

I guess I knew on some level that it was all up to Jake but I couldn't turn and face him.

I reached Cindy who had opened her arms to me.

For a second I though everything was going to be alright as she enveloped me in her arms, her head nestled against my shoulder and her arms wrapped around my waist. I allowed myself to wrap my own arms around her neck, thinking maybe she was just comforting me and was about to tell me it was all okay, just a misunderstanding, when I felt her fingers at the edges of my towel where I'd tucked it in under my arm. The fabric loosened with a quick pluck and fell to my feet before I could grab it. And, quicker than I thought possible, her arms were around my waist again, holding me tight.

"It's okay, Megan," she assured me after all. "Just relax and enjoy this."

"Noooo..." I groaned, crying again and suddenly Jake pulled me roughly from her grasp.

He whipped me around to face him.

"Look, sweetness," his voice was dangerously low. "I'm losing my patience. Your step-mother is trying to romance you when all I really want is to see her fuck you. You can do it her way or my way but somehow I think you'll enjoy her way better for now."

"I can't," I shook my head and tried to twist away. "I just can't," I sobbed. They couldn't be so heartless could they?

I got my answer a moment later when Jake smacked me across the face, hard.

I'd never been hit before in my life and it silenced me and took my breath away all at the same time.

I glanced to Cindy, expecting to see her jump in and protect me. Instead I caught her smiling to herself and unzipping the short skirt she was wearing.

This caused a renewed panic in me and I made the mistake of trying to pull away from Jake again.

This time he sat hard on the chair by the door and pulled me across his lap.

His hand rained down on my ass so hard and so fast I couldn't have counted the strokes if I'd tried. I cried all the harder of course but eventually stopped struggling and the blows became slower and more thoughful as he began to pause in between to caress the aching flesh of my ass.

Across the room Cindy was naked and leaning back spread eagle on my bed. Her body was tight and toned and tan all over. Her pussy shaved bare, her body better than most women ten years her junior. She lazily played with her pussy while she watched Jake beat me.

This finally seemed to catch his attention.

"Now, look what you're doing to your poor step-mommy, sweetness" he said, turning me to face her full on.

"You've got Cindy all hot and bothered and you're still over here being a bad little slut."

He pulled me up by my hair and positioned me so that I was sitting on his lap but facing away from him. Both of his big hands went to my breasts, pinching and playing with me thick nipples.

"Now, what's gonna happen here sweetness is that you are going to go play with step-mommy Cindy so that Daddy can watch. You're going to do anything Cindy wants you to and you're going to let her do anything she wants to you. No crying, no begging, no nothing except enthusiasm to be fucking such a beautiful woman."

He rolled my nipples between his big fingers especially hard.

"Do you understand, Megan?"

"But... I..." I started to stammer a response and then trailed off in a muted scream as his fingers crushed my sensitive nipples.

"Now, I don't like to have to give you the rules more than once, sweetness. I will twist your nipples until you feel like they are going to twist right off and then I'll start on that ass again but this time with my leather belt. So, once again, and let me remind you that the answer is a simple yes, do you understand what is about to happen here?"

"Yes." My answer was meek but it was sincere. I knew there was no way out of this now and I couldn't stand another crushing blow to my throbbing nipples and I coudn't begin to imagine being beat with a leather belt. I was going to have to live through this scenario and then find a way to get out of the house afterwards.

"Good girl, Megan," and he pushed me roughly up from his lap. "Now, I believe you owe your step-mother that apology we discussed and a big old kiss."

Cindy beckoned me toward the open space between her legs.

"Come here Megan, I won't bite," then she giggled. "Well, not yet anyway."

I crawled up on my knees in front of her and remembering Jake's words I managed a soft, "I'm sorry Cindy," to appease her.

"That's alright sugar," she said taking my face between her hands. "I just wish you wouldn't have fought it so hard."

And then, she kissed me the way I never could have imagined I would ever be kissed by her.

Her tongue moved insistently between my lips until it found mine and she kissed me softly and intently, rubbing her lips along mine, and alternating with her tongue, even nibbling and sucking lightly on my lips.

At the same time her fingerips moved softly down my face and neck, over my shoulders and then over the full tops of my breasts. I winced as she neared my sore nipples but she simply grazed over them with the lightest of touches, making them pucker into rock hard nubs and sending a fluttery little shock into my pussy.

I wanted to deny it to myself but I knew what I'd felt and my body was betraying my mind. I was turned on physically even though I was still shocked mentally by the whole situation.

"Have you ever tasted a pussy, Megan?" Cindy asked, trailing her lips to my earlobe and nipping it gently.

"No, never," I stammered, my heart beating fast.

"Well, I want you to taste mine. First I want to feel you suck on my nipples and then I want you to make me come with your tongue."

With both hands now, she gently but firmly pushed my head down until I was level with her beautiful,round breasts. Her nipples were smaller than mine and soft and pink looking. Gently, I reached my tongue out to taste one. It felt odd, but not unpleasant and I sucked it into my mouth, barely compressing it at first and then growing bolder and sucking harder as Cindy moaned and writhed beneath me, pushing my head hard into her, encouraging me to suck harder. I moved from one breast to the other and glanced up to see Cindy throwing her head back and closing her eyes. I still wanted to be anywhere but here and I was burning with shame and embarrassment, especially knowing that Jake was behind us, watching. Yet, part of me felt satisfied that Cindy was obviously turned on.

At her urging, I reluctantly trailed my mouth and tongue down over her stomach and settled myself lying flat between her legs. To get the balance I neede on the narrow bed I hung one leg off the side of the bed and I realized as I tasted her for the first time that this afforded Jake a perfect birds eye view of my open pussy.

Cindy was wet and salty. I licked her slit tentatively at first, concentrating on the small hard nub of her clit, thinking I wanted this over as quickly as possible. Soon, though, she began guiding me lower, pushing my head down manually. I took the hint and licked her from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her clit. I repeated this a few times and then, thinking about what I liked, experimentally I poked my tongue into her tight pussy a little on the next pass.

"Oh shit, Megan," she murmured, "are you sure you've never done this before?"

"mmm-hmmm" was my muffled response and I found myself oddly proud but still embarrassed that she had complimented me.

"Is sweetness doing a good job on your pussy, there, hon?" Jake's voice surprised me, I'd been doing a good job of blocking him out for awhile now.

"She is doing an awesome job, baby. Are you enjoying the view?"

"Oh, I'm enjoying it alright," Jake chuckled.

I don't know how long I continued to lick my step-mother but after what seemed like forever with her writhing under me, she suddenly inserted her manicured hand over her clit and stopped me from licking her.

"That was awesome, Megan," she purred as she pushed me up onto all fours. "But, Mommy wants to have a little taste of her baby before she comes."

I let her position me and found myself facing Jake at the foot of the bed. I was on all fours and Cindy moved in behind me.

I felt her breath on my ass first and then a cold, wet touch directly on my tight little asshole.

I jumped like a cat but she stayed right with me and pulled back into position.

"Next time you lick Mommy's pussy, sweetness, you'll have to remember that she loves her ass licked as much as her clit so I'm gonna show you how great it feels."

My cheeks burned and I kept my head lowered so that I didn't have to see Jake sitting a couple of feet from me. I'd already glanced his way long enough to see that he'd gotten rid of his shorts and was lazily stroking his cock while he watched us.

Cindy circled my tight hole with her tongue until I could feel her spit running down onto my pussy then darted her tongue as deep into my ass as she could. I was disappointed in myself to find that I was starting to enjoy it.

Eventually, she began moving lower, dividing her attentions between my asshole, dripping wet pussy, and my clit which was so engorged it felt like it was poking out like a little dick.

She made me come by sucking on my clit and I couldn't help but throw my head back as my body shook with convulsions. I opened my eyes as I finally came back to myself only to find Jake staring at me intently.

I looked down again and wondered what Cindy would make me do next. She surprised me by pushing me to a sitting position and then pausing briefly to whisper in Jake's ear she left the bed. I nervously glanced his way but he just watched me and continued to lazily jerk his cock.

Cindy returned in a moment with a small bottle. I read the label as she got closer and realized it was a sexual lubricant.

"Megan," she said, handing me the bottle. I want you to get your fingers nice and slippery and then I want you to use two of them to get my asshole nice and slippery for Daddy."

My hands shook, but I couldn't help but admit that I was glad it was her ass and not mine.

She leaned over in front of me, her legs spread wide, and I massaged the slick lube into her tight ass.

I felt the bed give as Jake sat down next to me but there was nowhere I could go. His arm wrapped around me and one hand began kneading and playing with my breasts.

I worked my fingers deep into Cindy's ass and finally she pulled away and picked the lube up again.

"Now, you'll need to get Daddy nice and slippery," she said and handed the bottle to me once again.

I hesitated for a moment but knew there was nothing I could do. I turned sideways facing Jake and poured a big dollop of the oil onto my palm. I worked the oil into his already rock hard cock and was surprised to find that Cindy had pressed herself up against me from behind and began massaging my tits as I worked Jake's cock.

"You have such big beautiful, breasts, Megan," she murmured in my ear.

"Jake, doesn't she have beautiful tits?" she asked him a little louder.

"Mmmmm, that she does," said Jake.

He pushed my hand away from my cock and leaned down in front of me.

As Cindy massaged my tits, she began holding them out in points from my body, as if offering him my nipples.

He began sucking them greedily, one after the other, as she continued to stroke and push them toward him. He got rougher and rougher as she pulled and prodded them harder and faster, capturing the tender nubs with his teeth and holding them out where she'd extended them even as she let go and the weight of my breast would pull them slowly from his mouth.

"God, they just look so luscious," Cindy moaned, moving to join Jake in front of me.

"Stand up, Megan," she ordered.

Her and Jake sat side by side now and she pulled me close in front of them, spreading my legs until my nipples were level with their faces.

At once Jake resumed sucking one nipple while Cindy began on the other. They both used their hands to squeeze and lift and distort my breasts and they both sucked and licked and grazed their teeth on my now painfully sensitive nipples.

Occassionally they would try to share a nipple, kissing and tonguing each other around it.

During one kiss, they finally broke away from my tits and concentrated on each other. Still, Jake held a firm grasp on my left ass cheek and Cindy absentmindedly stroked my thigh.

I couldn't help but watch as they kissed deeply, as Jake moved down and ravished Cindy's breasts the way they both just had done to mine.

I wasn't sure what to do with myself so I tried to stay still and out of the equation but it wasn't meant to be.

They did push me back briefly as Cindy rose and positioned herself on Jake's lap. She faced away from him and toward me and it took me a minute to interpret their awkward squirming for what it was. Cindy was settling herself, onto Jake's cock. And not her pussy, but her lubed up asshole.

Jack supported her legs, holding her wide open as his cock slipped deep into Cindy's ass. His legs were also slightly spread and his balls were hanging heavily between them.

"Get on your knees, sweetness," he commanded.

When I did, and he could finally reach me he pulled my head in against Cindy's pussy.

"I'm going to fuck your step-mommy's ass, sweetness, and while I do I want your mouth on us at all times. You can suck my balls, you can lick my dick as I fuck Cindy, or you can suck her pussy but I want you busy down there, you understand?"

I almost audibly gulped but I nodded and ran my tongue up Cindy's slit and found her hard little nub to suck on and lick.

"Oh god, Jake, she truly is a perfect little slut for us," Cindy moaned and then squealed as Jake lifted her and impaled her back onto his cock. And then he was slowly but steadily pumping away.

It was hard to keep up with him but eventually I reached a rythm and was able to alternate between sucking his balls and then moving swiftly up to lick Cindy's clit before moving down to him again.

When Jake came he yelled at me not to move. He pulled out but kept his dick pressed hard up against Cindy, his seed spurting up over her entire cunt, over the fleshy mound where her bush would have been and a huge dollop made it onto the underside of her breast with droplets everywhere in between.

When he'd stopped jerking and spasming he took a deep breath and then leaned back on the bed on his elbows, pulling Cindy back with him so she was basically spread eagle across him.

"Now sweetness, look at that beautiful mess I left for you."

I shook my head and wrinkled my nose but his glare was enough to stop me from saying more.

"Start at her asshole and clean her up, sweetness."

A wave of disbelief washed over me as I realized what he expected me to do.

I looked up at Cindy but she simply looked intrigued and a bit tired.

I settled down on my knees and darted my tongue out against her ass. Warm come flooded into my mouth and I gagged a little swallowing it.

"Lick it all up, my little whore in training," Jake urged.

And I did. I licked Cindy's asshole until it was clean and dry and then I worked my way up her moist pussy, across her belly, and finally sucked the glob from her breast.

"Good girl," Jake chuckled, pushing Cindy up and off of him.

"Now, clean me."

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