tagBDSMSweetness This One's Also For You Ch. 01

Sweetness This One's Also For You Ch. 01


This story takes up where my 1st story, ("Sweetness, This One's For You,") leaves off. To all those who read the first, enjoyed it and asked for continuation...here begins the continuing saga of "conversion."

To start the 1st story, I introduced myself, explained who "Sweetness" is, and explained my intent. For those who missed my first story, I repeat that introduction in this 2nd submission, If you have missed my first story, I urge you to go back to it to understand what is transpiring between then and now. For those who read my first story, I apologize for repeating the intro. NOTE: Literotica has that story classified as (H). This one (in its entirety, all chapters), is even hotter!

INTRODUCTION: My name is Michael!

I write for women. For those that are sexually bored, sadly underappreciated in their roles as partner, girlfriend, wife and mother, or frightfully inhibited but hiding a secret insatiable fantasy side...I write for those women that yearn to be in the grasp of sinister men that are mysterious, successful, powerful, erotic...dangerous! Men who are strong and confident enough to take them away...who are strong and confident enough to take what they want. And in this story, that man wants YOU, and wants to take you away in fantasy. You are Sweetness! If you yearn to be the trophy on the arm of a man that fits that description....I write for you and to you I say....

Ahhhh my little pet...so you want to play with "Fire" do you?

You are my "delicacy"....to be savored!!!!!!!!

Well my dear you've professed your agreement to my rules of play...and I am conjuring up all sorts of delightful "deeds."

You first play rule is this...

Recall the significance of the slave collar? Well, to hide your fantasy secrets and take one step back from that level of submission, let us symbolically substitute a silk choker for the collar. You have less than one week to purchase one...a black or red silk choker...nothing fancy...for it is only symbolic. Symbolic to me and symbolic to you.

Whenever I write for you...you'll know in advance...but as you begin to read, you must be wearing your silk choker that signifies to us both my possession of you and that you agree to submit to whatever naughty, nasty schemes I've cooked up for you! Know this however...I have no desire to hurt you but I have every desire to soothe, satisfy and excite you!!

When I give you a directive...you'll occasionally be inclined to simply pretend to comply...DON'T!!! That would only lesson your own excitement level...and my entire being is centered around raising your excitement level...around stimulating your mind as well as your body!

I know you! You don't want to live day-to-day with that sameness...with that dullness...with that shyness...with that inhibition. No, you are hiding too much woman for that boring existence! You need to live on the edge. Your psyche (which you try to hide), is in actuality, truly erotic...uninhibited...and insatiable. I know that and so do you! I am VERY perceptive my dear. Should I suspect that you are pretending to comply....let us just say DON'T!

You've met your match...and I intend to push your buttons!! I own your sweet ass. Your soaking wet, shivering pussy is no longer yours. Now it is MINE. You are mine. To do with as I please! You may play with "Sweet men" in real life...but I'll be the devil incarnate that you so desperately desire for your fantasy life...creating a livable balance.

Oh Yes...you may play the prim and proper, innocent in real life...but you and I know that two animals lurk within you. One is an erotic, sleek, mysterious, panther with an insatiable appetite for passion, mystery, excitement, pleasure and lust. The other is a kitten-like creature with an unbridled submissive desire eager to give yourself over to strength, power and excitement! And I am the persuasive power...the sinister purpose that is your gateway to those ends.

Be prepared!!!! And be compliant! Do you dare?

Hmmmm, I'm lastly imagining your hard, little pink nipples. I'll bet you enjoy having them licked into submission...licked and sucked until you arch your back and groan uncontrollably! Pinched lightly, pleasurably painful but delectably stimulating. Well my dear envision that scene throughout your day. The mind is an incredible thing. Use it...let your imagination run wild my dear.

The choker my dear...DON'T forget...NEVER forget its significance!

Now, read on if you dare. I'll start off slowly, but rest assured, the intensity will build to a final, shattering "climax!" Enjoy, Sweetness.

After our initial rendezvous, an entire week passes in which I neither attend work, nor contact you. Your mind races frantically fearing the rendezvous you found so exciting may not have fully pleased me. Each day when my office remains unattended your despair grows greater and greater. The intrigue that surrounds my interests and occupation remains a mystery to all and a frustration to you. More rumors of my secret mystery-side swirl around the office and amongst you and your friends even as you try to hide the fact that you've given you've hungrily and submissively given your mind, body and soul to me...

You consider slipping a note under my office door, or leaving a message on my voice mail or e-mail system, but although disappointed and eager for a return engagement, you decide otherwise...deciding to wait out this new example of my secretive, shadowy nature.

But just when you begin to disappointedly believe you've been abandoned, the following message pops up in your e-maisl.

"Sweetness...you need to know that timid women are the best...they leave much to the imagination, and strong men have the confidence to draw them out. And the pleasure, the excitement, the goal and the objective is to find them...and is to convert them in the secrecy of a strong trusting attraction. To convert them into uninhibited, erotic, lusting, frothy, foaming, submitting, beautiful, intensely erotic, passion and pleasure seeking-cum drenchable, cock craving playmates!

The fact that you obediently followed most of my erotic directions, (with the continued exception of failing to go pantiless on my order); the fact that although frightened, you visited my house when invited, (predominantly dressed as I ordered); the fact that you let your inhibitions seep from your timid and subdued psyche while in my presence that evening; and the fact that you were ultimately overcome by your lusting, craving, yearning mind and body tells me that you may truly be convertible.

When you let your inhibitions down, you are excitable and exciting. You are so publicly "kittenish." Yet you wish to be so secretly uninhibited and "erotic." I love it my dear...from now on you shall be "Sweetness," my possession. We shall take this further, and when we do I will once again take you, in no uncertain terms...roughly, fast and furious; hard and ravenous....possessively, passionately and dominantly!

But before I do, you must complete my next naughty task, designed to prove your obedience while also arousing your secret, cravings. Have you the desire to be my obedient, submissive, cock craving, cum devouring Slave of love? Make me proud my dear!

Tonight, after dark, alone and dreaming of me and of your secret desire to be possessed, you are to disrobe...remove every last stitch of clothing from that luxurious body. Then shower and shave that pussy which I now own, and which you merely safe-keep for me. Next, dress in your tallest naughty heels...and nothing else, 'cept for a neck choker or necklace. The necklace my dear signifies your submission to me. The heels signify your naughty desires...

...then my dear...naked and dripping wet from anticipation, your naughty heels clicking on the floor, and your nipples throbbing,...you are to rush to your bedroom and turn off all the lights. Then, obediently and submissively stand before your bedroom window, with curtain closed. Close your eyes, draw a deep breath and activate your imagination. In your mind's vision, see your lips around my long, hard cock...taste me in your mind.

Activate all your senses my dear! Hear my sultry, dominant voice urging you on. Run your tongue over your soft, moist lips and imagine the manly taste of my firm flesh. Imagine you deeply sucking me in and out...imagine my tongue on your clit at the same time...imagine me bringing you to the edge of an erotic uninhibited, dynamic, explosive orgasm...my tongue on your delicate clit and my hands kneading your firm, ripe breasts and bullet hard nipples...

...and when the vision of my jerking cock exploding into your warm, willing mouth and onto your creamy lips comes into your minds eye...when the sensation of my tongue probing the fleshy folds of your drooling womanhood begins to make your knees buckle...then and only then, swiftly open your window shade for one brief moment....count to 10 while you expose yourself to the unseeing outside world! At the count of ten, close the shade....fall to your knees and shout your submission to me.

Get down on your Knees, Sweetness! Place your head down....down onto the plush carpet...then raise your sweet, edible ass high in the air and spread your long sultry legs...then my dear, I give you my permission to pleasure yourself intensely...pleasure yourself for me...and while thinking of me, pleasure your pussy...which I now own but that you merely carry and safe-keep for me...make it drip, make it quiver, make it yearn...make it explode over your fingers. When spent, suck them dry!

Enjoy being my possession...for I enjoy your ongoing conversion. You will be my cock craving, cum-drenched, trophy my dear. And soon! I savor your flavor and it is Sweetness!


Days, later, still no sight of me, you slip the following note under my office door.


Where are you? It's been so difficult...nerve racking to say the least, not to know when (or even if) we will meet again. i pray we will and soon, but realize that my pleasure now rests in your hands...no other can satisfy this woman now! Are you teaching me patience? i feel not teased, but tortured. My body yearns, and my mind follows but feels an even greater despair! i must tell you the thoughts that race through my anxious mind. i yearn to keep them secret, as i am usually quite restrained, but alas, let me just bare my soul to the man I crave and desire...

You don't speak much in person adding to your air of dark and foreboding mystery, so

each time you said something to me at work, especially when you used my name, it would send a sharp shiver that would end up in my dripping pussy. i always envisioned me as your prize possession. i admit it made me even more turned on, just imagining you whispering naughty words into my innocent ears.

i was so flattered when you invited me to your home, and so thrilled to meekly submit to your every directive and desire.*blush* (Well, most every directive and desire...i promise to do better if you will allow me).

Michael! You are too generous with your compliments for me and i feel so unworthy...i am so very glad that i am able to please you, and hope i can continue to do so. Not merely because i want to please you, but also because i want your attentions and to be ordered to my knees, and cum like i did during our rendezvous and after reading your e-mail and obeying your commands.

As i read the e-mail, i tried not to touch myself at all, which was so very hard. Just reading the first few paragraphs...the anticipation of unknown things to come, had me squirming already. i felt my body obeying your words.

Oh Michael...i'm so excited (though a little nervous too!) Your comments about what a strong man can do to a timid woman sent a shiver down my spine. It sounds so very erotic....to be uninhibited and seeking passion, submitting to your desires...but at the same time it

sounds almost shocking too.

To be considered convertible by you...what does that mean? It sounds so deliciously naughty, but a bit scary too. i AM excitable, and i'm simultaneously too demure to want to break propriety by showing it, but at the same time i want nothing less than to burst forth in oozing sexuality. The thought of being possessed by a dangerous and unpredictable man like you makes my pussy clench vainly as I now constantly feel an overwhelming urge to be CRAMMED full, to be so roughly FUCKED.

i was so excited at your commands; i could hear them and feel the emphatic tone of utter dominance, and it of course made me even hotter. i'm a really shy person and i blushed at the thought of being so wantonly exposed in all my desires, but i couldn't help wanting that

sexual craving to be fulfilled. i felt a spark of naughtiness and was horribly embarrassed,

yet also flattered and turned on, when you ordered me to expose myself and when i unbelievably complied!

Expose myself, yes, i did. Feeling the pent-up sexual tension, i wanted so desperately to obey and needed to cum from the combination of excitement, fright, (yes fright), and the vision of you, (us) in my mind! My God Michael, it felt soooo good! i was so excited after, that i was scrambling to get down on my knees and was knocking over things in the process.

i sunk to my knees as my hands went straight for my clit, which was already swollen and moist. i nearly groaned audibly in relief, as i slowly lowered my head, laying my cheek against the ground, very conscious of my ass high up in the air as you ordered. i wiggled my ass in slow circles as my hands furiously worked away at my crotch. i was plunging fingers in and out of my soaked pussy, (your pussy now), pressing and rubbing the slick walls inside, mashing and pulling at my tender clit causing me to gasp at the intensity of all my feelings, and before long i started climbing towards the inevitable, getting more and more excited, and then i reached an INCREDIBLE orgasm as my hips bucked violently, my body falling over on my side as i continued to spasm and moan. Oh, yes Michael. i sucked my long, lithe, cum soaked fingers dry, just as you ordered, imagining that i was sucking our mingled cum from your long rigid cock after i rode you to orgasm.

i got so caught up in my erotic excitement that i wanted to send you a phone message. But my tigerish, ferociously sexy side seeking to express my heightened excitement was suppressed. I hung up, squirming bashfully as I reverted to the reluctant kitten, while still incredulous at my bold act.

Now I feel myself turning pink, partially in embarrassment at letting these carnal feelings

come through and voicing them to you...but I'm also flushing with excitement. Embarrassment,

mortification, pleasure, and a little bit of pain too...it's all swirling together tumultuously in my

mind, seeping into my body and adding to my raging desire.

Now i find myself wanting, needing, begging for even more, growing more and more horny! Growing bolder, yet seeking to demonstrate both my submissiveness and my heretofore hidden cravings for your cock! *blush* i always blush with embarrassment whenever i say the word 'cock', it sounds so dirty...mmmm but i like it...i want it! Yet, i feel so guilty! i feel like such an insatiable slut, it's embarrassing! i can't help it though...the thought of my actually being your Sweetness (words can't describe how flattered i am!)..being ordered to expose and pleasure myself, and complying submissively *shudder*

*blush* Again i'm embarrassed at myself...i admit only to you, that I secretly DESIRE domination, I secretly envisio rough fantasies, some non-consent and bdsm thrown in for spice, yet ultimately, I love the newfound feelings of (me!) being unable to fend off my rising feelings of lust. i love having my animalistic side being forcibly drawn from me, even as i try to resist. ...what could be next? i care not, i willingly desire whatever you have planned, and shall faithfully obey.

i breathlessly await your next commands and our next rendezvous, Please!!!!!!

submissively yours, Sweetness.

However, I am still no where to be found for the entire week after and the week after as well. Yes, for nearly a month, my office remains unoccupied and no one seems to have any idea where I am, or when I will return...or even if I will return for that matter.

Finally, after waiting greater than three weeks but what seems like an eternity, you finally resist the urge to wait at home any longer and you make plans to spend some time with girlfriends. Arriving home from a day of shopping, you enter your home and realize that you have a message on your answering machine.

"Hello Sweetness," the message starts and you recognize that it is me, "I have an eventful evening planned for us for this Friday evening," the message continues. "I know you'll want to attend. Be prepared for surprises," it concludes, before the phone line buzzes and you shut it off.

By now, you are starting to expect the unpredictable out of me, but each hint of an upcoming rendezvous fascinates your imagination. What will you wear? How should you look? Where will you go? How will the evening transpire? All those thoughts rush through your mind.

You fondly begin to recall our last rendezvous, and your body begins to throb and your eyes begin to glow with exhilaration and relief. How satisfying. How soothing to hear my voice and my suggestive nature. Immediately, you know...you just know that there is no stopping now. You've had a taste, a sampling of that man, that dangerous man, and now he possesses you, mind, body and soul! And you want more, MUCH, MUCH More!!! You begin to wonder just how naughty you can be and how far I will lead you astray! Then you chuckle to yourself thinking, "Hmmm you can't lead the willing, now can you!"

And then you hear my voice in your mind, "you are so very willing, aren't you Sweetness! And you want to be so naughty don't you?"

"Damn", you think, as you shake your head and bring your hands to your temples, "I can't seem to get him out of my mind!"

Suddenly, your doorbell rings, and you break out of that concentrated, yearning, to rush for the door, hoping that it is I! You fairly run to the door, STOP abruptly just before it, and straighten up, looking at your sexy reflection in the mirror in the hallway to the left.

You lean forward, toss your hair down over your forehead, and then throw your head back, finally shaking your head side-to-side, to give yourself that wild, erotic, tigress look you know I love so well. Then you slowly lick and wet your pouty lips with your long, thin, ruby red tongue, pull down your skin-tight cleavage revealing sweater; down taunt over your ripe breasts and throbbing, bullet hard nipples, then hike your tight, mid-thigh-length-skirt a bit higher and reach for the door!

Then you hesitate, for you remember, my rules...NO PANTIES! So you step back, reach under your skirt and rip your thin, black, slit-soaked, panties down over your bare, creamy thighs, down over your shapely knees, down over your curvaceous calves, stepping out of them by lifting first one high-heeled foot and then the other. This time you'll be compliant you think.

Then you throw them into the closet on the right. NOW, finally, you release the lock and the heavy deadbolt, and widely grinning, you swing the door wide open...to see...

...the UPS package delivery driver holding a package out for you.

"Are you Sweetness," he asks, looking you up and down and nervously trying to compose himself, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, while he inadvertently gazes upon your shapely legs, then your firm breasts, and finally, your ultra beautiful face!

You take the package from him, sign the necessary paperwork, and disappointedly close the door behind you, disappointed that is, until you see that the package is from me! "This must be the surprise, Michael, hinted at," you think aloud and begin to glow with girlish excitement once again as you rush to the parlor and fall on your knees on the deep, plush carpet and greedily prepare to open the package.

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