tagErotic CouplingsSweetness! This One's For You!

Sweetness! This One's For You!


Sweetness; This One’s For You!!!

I write for women! For those that are sexually bored, sadly underappreciated in their roles as girlfriend, wife and mother, or frightfully inhibited, but hiding a secret insatiable fantasy side…I write for those women that yearn to be in the grasp of sinister men that are mysterious, successful, powerful, erotic...bad!! Men who are stong and confident enough to take them away...who are strong and confident enough to take what they want. And in this story, that man wants YOU!!! If you yearn to be the trophy on the arm of a man that fits that description….I write for you and to you I say….

Ahhhh my little pet...so you want to play with "Fire" do you?

You are my "delicacy"....to be savored!!!!!!!!

Well my dear you've professed your agreement to my rules of play...and I am conjuring up all sorts of delightful "deeds."

You first play rule is this...

Recall the significance of the slave collar? Well, to hide your fantasy secrets and take one step back from that level of submission, let us symbolically substitute a silk choker for the collar. You have less than one week to purchase one...a black or red silk choker...nothing fancy...for it is only symbolic!!!! Symbolic to me and symbolic to you.

Whenever I write for you...you'll know in advance...but as you begin to read, you must be wearing your silk choker that signifies to us both my possession of you and that you agree to submit to whatever naughty, nasty schemes I've cooked up for you! Know this however…I have no desire to hurt you but I have every desire to soothe, satisfy and excite you!!

When I give you a directive...you'll occasionally be inclined to simply pretend to comply...DON'T!!! That would only lesson your own excitement level...and my entire being is centered around raising your excitement level…around stimulating your mind as well as your body!

I know you! You don't want to live day-to-day with that sameness...with that dullness...with that shyness…with that inhibition. No, you are hiding too much woman for that boring existence! You need to live on the edge!!! Your psyche (which you try to hide), is in actuality, truly erotic...uninhibited…and insatiable!!!! I know that and so do you! I am VERY perceptive my dear! Should I suspect that you are pretending to comply....let us just say DON'T!!!

You've met your match...and I intend to push your buttons!! On the internet...I own your sweet ass!!! Your soaking wet, shivering pussy is no longer yours. Now it is MINE!!! You are mine! To do with as I please! You may play with "Sweet men" in real life...but I'll be the devil incarnate that you so desperately desire for your fantasy life...creating a livable balance!

Oh Yes…you may play the prim and proper, innocent in real life...but you and I know that two animals lurk within you. One is an erotic, sleek, mysterious, panther with an insatiable appetite for passion, mystery, excitement, pleasure and lust. The other is a kitten-like creature with an unbridled submissive desire eager to give yourself over to strength, power and excitement!!!!!! And I am the persuasive power...the sinister purpose that is your gateway to those ends!

Should you ever choose to contact me…I’ve contemplated many a task for you. I've nearly settled on the first one you'll receive...we'll not chat between that time, and the time you complete your deed. But comply you must for I'll ask you to describe the effect and the results!!! And my dear, when we chat...you are NOT to cum, without asking permission…and don't expect me to give that permission readily!

Be prepared!!!! And be compliant! Do you dare?

Hmmmm, I'm lastly imagining your hard, little pink nipples! I'll bet you enjoy having them licked into submission...licked and sucked until you arch your back and groan uncontrollably!!!! Pinched lightly, pleasurably painful but delectably stimulating! Well my dear envision that scene throughout your day! The mind is an incredible thing! Use it...let your imagination run wild my dear!

The choker my dear...DON'T forget…NEVER forget its significance!!!!

Now, read on if you dare! I’ll start off slowly, but rest assured, the intensity will build to a final, shattering “climax!” Enjoy Sweetness!!!!


What a week it was. A new man came to work where you work on Monday. I was that man! Dressed in a charcoal grey, pinstripe suit, tailor made to fit that lean, athletic build. And exhibiting an unbridled air of confidence, you are intrigued and excited. You’ve heard that I have a secret, mysterious side too, and you’ve fantasized all week about what that could include!

As the week winds down, you’ve taken to dressing ever more alluring. Today, you wore your tight silk blouse...the flesh colored one that is nearly transparent and leaves lots of cleavage clearly visible! Under it, you wore a tight, “push-em-up” bra that accentuated your already, firm tight breasts and ripe, pointy nipples. The skirt you wore was the shortest that you have ever worn to work...a full 6-8 inches above the knee, buttoning up the front.

Yes, you’d dressed so seductively that your boss, Miss Simmons, had given you a written warning about violating the dress code. “Screw her” you thought. She just wants your man. In fact, all the girls in the office had dressed to attract me, even Miss Simmons, only you’d outdone them all! And I had noticed! You caught me stealing a peak at your cleavage and your sinewy legs several times during the day. I even raised an eyebrow, and you’d made eye contact! “He wants me,” you’d thought!

Ironically, at lunch we’d ended-up in an elevator together! Wow how exiting! It was crowded. I was behind you, and you felt my trousered leg against the bareness of your knee and thigh! A chill went up and down your spine. You’d closed your eyes, and taken in that wonderful scent of my cologne and my musky manliness! Oh how exotic. Then, to your surprise, you felt first; my warm breath upon the nape of your neck...that sent goosebumps over your arms and down your legs!

But when I cupped your firm ass in one of my sturdy hands, and placed my rock hard, trouser covered cock against you. “Oh GOD! How BOLD!” you’d thought. That...well, that had buckled your knees, and nearly made you cum right there in the elevator amongst all those people. Your breath grew heavy and your heart was pounding...but just then the door had opened, and everyone rushed out, taking us both with the crowd.

I’d looked you straight in the eye for what seemed like days; nodded approvingly and suggestively, and then confidently strolled off, back to my office....only grinning! This...well, this left you hot and panting. Then I’d stayed in my office for the remainder of the day, leaving you yearning. You wanted me...NOW, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE; and the sooner the better, and you’d told all your friends that you would do anything to get that chance! And rumor has it that the word of that desire got back to me!

When work ended this day, you’d rushed straight home. Falling to your knees on the plush carpet just inside your bedroom, you’d stripped naked, ripping your clothes from that luxurious body, leaving only your jewelry on. Prone face down on the carpet, head down, you reached between your slinky legs, raised your ass high off the floor and slowly, methodically, started to caress your pussy lips with one hand, while pinching and rolling one nipple between the finger and thumb of the other hand.

But you were just TOO excited...in a moment, one, then two fingers were deep inside your slurping pussy, then furiously twirling around your clit momentarily, only to return, deep inside the folds of your soft womenhood the next moment. You didn’t try to contain your passion...groaning and moaning with the pleasure between your legs, and the imagined sight of that man in your lusting mind. Your body shuddered with passion, your legs tensed, you moaned one loud, long moan and then..........

The phone rang...

....deep in private passion, and personal pleasure, you let the answering machine take it. That is until you heard my sultry and mysterious voice!

“Hello Sweetness!” I said in a slow sensuous manner. Then without going into pleasantries I began. “If you’d truly like to spend a night in my company, then Friday is your night. But, be advised, this night may bring you face to face with your inner most desires and outer most fears. Should you choose to attend, however, I guarantee you a night like none you’ve encountered before. You will hear from me again before then. Consider carefully for once you agree, there is no turning back!”

And then, I was gone...a droning buzz from the phone the only reminder of my mysterious message!


Now, in the last chapter...., you were on the floor, after my call, naked and hot...about to resume stroking your warm, wet clit and pussy, thinking of how we had hardly spoken, but how sethingly intense the sexual tension between us already was, when your cell phone rings. This time, there is no hesitation, and even though naked, you rush to answer.

“Hello,” you answer, with an excited, but sheepishly coy and intensely feminine voice.

There is only silence, for what seems like an eternity, and then I speak!

“I have two rules you must obey! First, when out with me...you are never, ever to wear panties. 2nd, you must always wear very short skirts and the highest of heels in order to accentuate your beautiful legs and ass. Do you understand me Sweetness?”

You can only mumble, “uh huh,” as you are first, taken aback by my boldness, but then that sensually erotic vision of you in that state; long, sexy legs; comes into your imagination.

I begin to speak again, “for our night, Friday, you are to wear your hair up off that sexy neck, and on your neck you are to wear a black silk choker. The choker signifies that you agree to whatever I have planned for you. Do you understand?” I ask again.

....you stammer, “OH Michael.....Yes I understand, but....” about to question my intentions, but I interrupt. “Should you decide not to go through with this, I will understand. That, my dear would be a disappointment for both you and I. But know this! If you have the curiosity and sense to attend, I promise you the night of your dreams...provided that you have obeyed my rules.”

And then the phone line goes dead!

With your mind racing, you rush into the shower, and stand under the spray, the flow pulsates over your head and shoulders, and your tensions but not your excitement ease....you think, “I must go to the mall at once and pick out the sexiest outfit I can find.” Hurrying, you rush to dress in short, short cut-offs and a halter top. Then you select the highest heels you own and put them on. “Might as well practice you think.” Then you rush out to a cab you have called.

At the mall, you ask the cabby to drop you off at your favorite clothing store...that’s the one that sells the sexiest outfits...ones that you’ve only dreamed of wearing before. Now however, you rush for the mall entrance and that fantasy clothing store, while realizing that many eyes are on you and those magnificent legs and tight ass, and you wiggle just a little more, before entering....gleefully excited. You think, “God...this is SO NOT LIKE ME! I am so excited!”

In the women’s section, you see a mannequin dressed in a short, frilly skirt, and tight blouse which ties in a bow under the breasts. You search for the outfit on the racks, find it in your size and hurry to the dressing rooms....There, you quickly remove your halter top, easily exposing your stunning breasts.

Then you slide the short, cut-offs over your hips and to the floor and stand dressed only in panties and heels...(nearly the way I want you by the way)....then your mind begins to wander to the sight, sound and smell of me in your imagination! You try on the blouse, delirious, and in a fog, then step into the skirt as the phone in your bag rings again.....

Again it is I. “Hello,” I say. “That was a nice outfit, but not quite what I had in mind Sweetness.”

Shocked, your jaw drops. “He must be here somewhere,” you think.

Then in a sultry, dominant voice I whisper, “Take off that blouse Sweetness.” And you do so…without hesitation...

Now, I say, “slowly remove your skirt and toss it aside....”

You hesitate for an instant, standing alone in the dressing stall, and then proceed....once again, naked except for the panties and heels. A chill comes over you and you cross your arms over your chest. Then I erotically whisper, “now Sweetness, I know that you are not wearing panties, correct?”

You know that you are, and know that I forbid it, and you lie. “Oh Yes, you reply...no panties,” as you hurry to peel them from your sweet, ripe, ass and kick them aside.

Well Sweetness, I say, “Feel your nipples for me...squeeze them just as you want me to do tomorrow.” Eagerly you comply,

“Spread your legs wide Sweetness,” I say. “Then, slowly caress your inner thighs...ahhh Sweetness, lick your lips and pretend to taste my cock...that’s it Sweetness you are doing just fine.”

All the while you comply...standing naked and alone in the dressing room fondling that goddess body...all your nerve endings on fire! “Now Sweetness,” I say, “spread those sweet thighs and feel your wet pussy lips and clit. Close your eyes Sweetness, and slip those long sexy fingers between your soft, wet, slick lips...oh Yes Sweetness, in and out, faster and faster....that’s it Sweetness...now, pull them from your pussy and taste them for me...taste your wetness and imagine my tongue on your clit....”

You hesitate, because you are about to cum, you don’t want to remove the fingers from your aching, throbbing pussy, so you slip the fingers of your second hand through your soaking patch while continuing to stoke your clit with the first hand, then you bring the soaking fingers to your lips, flip the tip of your tongue over them, then suck them deep into your mouth, closing your eyes and fantasizing, and as you moan, and feel the passion rising in your legs, to your spine.....as you stand with your back against the back wall of the dressing stall and moan...as you are about to explode with a torrential orgasm..............

....a woman’s voice calls out! “Is everything alright in there?” she asks.

Stammering you answer, and hurry to grab up your clothing...”Oh yes, I’ll be right out.” Then you whisper, into the phone, “Michael? Michael?”

“Listen to me Sweetness,” I reply. “The skirt and blouse you’ve selected? You are to wear that outfit home, but for our date there is another outfit. Outside, on another rack, is a very tight, white, mesh skirt, very tight and see through...it is oh so short, that your ass cheeks will nearly be exposed....that is the skirt you are to select for our rendezvous....

Then, Sweetness, there is a black satin, bustier, top, that laces up the front, fits tight on your stomach and holds your breasts tight and high...that is the blouse you are to wear for our rendezvous. It will leave your nipples just slightly exposed as well!

Finally, Sweetness, in the shoe department, there is a pair of 4 inch, open toed, ankle-strap black heels. Purchase those for our evening, and wear a frilly pair of anklet socks as well! And remember Sweetness; on your way home tonight, wear the outfit you’ve already selected...and NO Panties Sweetness!” Then the phone line goes quiet once again.

Nearly panting with excitement, you rush to dress, pulling on the cutoffs once again, and hurry to find the outfit and MY GOD it is thrilling...how fine you’ll look! You purchase all the accessories and hurry to buy the two outfits. Then, you hurry to the mall restroom and change into the sexy number you selected....out of your cutoffs...then you rush to the cab. You want so badly to get home, and try on that outfit in the privacy of your home so you can masturbate and finally cum to the thoughts of me and your special night! In your imagination, you can feel the head of my cock between your red lipstick covered lips and the taste of my precum, oozing onto your tongue. The mind is an incredible thing!

You hail the cab, and a middle aged cabby swifty picks you up. You climb in the back, and start to straighten up, before seeing him in the mirror gazing at you, enjoying those sexy, sexy legs. Then you realize you’ve again worn the panties, and chuckle just a little...

The cell phone rings again, and you hurry to answer. Again it is I...

“Sweetness,” I say, “I saw that you again wore the panties as you left the mall...you disobeyed me Sweetness. I don’t think we can continue with our plans due to your continued disobedience!”

“Oh no,” you cry, “I simply forgot...I would never ...I won’t ever disobey again,” I promise!”

The cabby catches you pouting and pleading and sits up straight...I myself love a pouty woman, and although you do not know it now, I am thrilled by your little girl innocence.

You squirm to pull the hem of the short skirt over your thigh...so as not to be exposed to the cabby.

“Sweetness,” I say, “I will give you one last chance to comply, before canceling our evening.” Remove your panties now,” I order!

“Here?” you question! (The cabby looks back unsure of what we are discussing, but thrilled by your intense sex appeal).

“Yes,” I reply. “Now! And that is not all! Once you’ve removed the panties, unbutton your blouse and hike up your skirt....”

“But, Michael....” you whimper....and the phone goes dead!

Damn you think, “he’s angry and I’ve blown it!”

Then the phone rings again...and you scurry to grab it and answer.....”Michael!” you pout into the phone.

“Now Sweetness! Do it now, time is short....”

Swiftly, not wanting to disappoint again...not wanting to risk losing what you’ve already come so far for...you rip the panties down over your knees.......

“Throw them on the front seat to get his attention,” I order....

You hesitate for one moment, then feel the rush of excitement in your body...and begin to get into it...the thrill of the exhibition! You throw the soaking panties with your female scent, so alluring and erotic, up front. The cabby sees them and sits up fast...turns to see....stammers a few words, nearly collides with a parked car, and comes to his senses momentarily! You are shocked and shy, but aroused and willing and you’ve given him the thrill of his lifetime. Then, as he watches in amazement, in the mirror, you deliberately begin to unbutton the blouse, and slowly open it, slowly uncovering first one and then both breasts like a young, erotic stripper!

“Now,” I say, “spread your legs, and hike up your skirt......go ahead Sweetness...spread those soft, wet pussy lips. Pretend that I am kneeling before you, licking and sucking at your pussy ready to part your lips and put my rock-hard cock deep inside of you....”

You are SO ready to cum now...the cabby is watching in the mirror and gasping, nearly breathless at the sight of naughty you! The fingers of one of your hands are all over your nipples. The fingers of the other hand, are in your sweet pie.....you’re eyes are closed, your head back and your mouth open, your tongue licking your lips, as you groan and moan...and just as you are again ready to cum...just as you are about to explode in enjoyment and ecstasy................

a police car siren, goes off behind you! And you scamper to quickly cover yourself...

“Not now Sweetness,” I order! “For you will be MINE! Save yourself for me...no orgasms until our night!” And then I hang up!


On the night of our date, you first take a warm, bubble bath, with aromatic bath oils, and while doing so, you get the urge to shave your pussy slick...just how you know I want you. You slowly shave your long legs, silky and smooth. Next, you lather up your fine, sweet pussy and carefully and skillfully draw the feminine safety razor over your soft, lips and lower stomach until your skin glistens there. Next, you climb from the bath and towel off, slowly pressing the warm, terry cloth towel to your slick pussy, then over your legs to your feet, up again, up your thighs and over your breasts, shaking and drying your long silken hair last...

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