tagBDSMSweets to the Sweet.

Sweets to the Sweet.


She stands, naked looking at the floor, a deep creeping blush rolling along her warm sun kissed skin. Her mind had often traveled to these times as he circled her an ran his eyes along her body. Even as her appraised her silently he was pleasantly shocked at the near flawless silken membrane of her flash. Not too short of skinny; not too dark nor light; not shaven, but trimmed neatly.

His hand raises to run down along the shallow valley in the center of her back, but stops, using the crop instead. She’s tense before the lashes roll along her, lapping her, like so many small sued tongues. A moan threatens to pass her lips, but fails, he’s warned her not to make a sound. After the bath she’ given him, he decided to reward her. As long as she stayed silent. His hands stroke along the drawn muscles of her frame, she shudders, so near to madness that it plies at her as he leans in and his cock twitches against the back of her thigh she nearly faints. Yet, she does not move nor utter a sound and he smiles…she is a treasure indeed.

His left hand comes from her hip to glide warm oiled finger tips along her ribs, to tug at her nipple, then to fully cup her breast consuming it really in his massive hand. He speaks, his voice this and shuddering betraying his own desire as he asks her passing questions. Her eyes, dark and glistening stay locked to the floor when she answers her voice only a whispered “Yes M’Lord” or “Only if it please you Master”.

He chuckles softly against her hair as his hand splays along her stomach, stroking the taut flesh and running the handle of the crop along her inner thigh. Her eyes slip shut and she shudders with a sharp intake of breath. The crop stops its aching ascent ion to her already dripping cunt and he waits. She tenses a moment, and her fingers bound behind her back clench into small balls of fists but she utters not a sound.

“Gooood girl, “ comes the soft growl along her ear and her legs tremble with the sound as it echoes desire that fires inside her. Her only want at this point is to please him, rewards be damned. His smile reward enough for her.” you may speak two words”

Instantly she whispers almost an agonized whimpered “ Please Master”. He smiles and strokes her hair slowly letting his fingers twine to the scalp, even as she tips to his fingers relishing in the feel of him so close, the warm ecstasy of his hands, and the heat of his body.

“Not yet lil one” She shudders, her knees threaten to give way and buckle her to her knees, but she bites her lip hard and straightens them standing stock still again even as his lips brush along her cheek and she reels with the intoxicating feel of them.

Her strength and desire to please him drive him, her spirit yet unbroken, yet the obvious signs f her want dripping down the velvet path of her inner thighs The crop raises yet again and he teases her outer lips running it along them slowly. His hand kneads her breast and she leans on the strength of his arms and closes her eyes licking her lips slowly. Gods how she wants him, desire courses thru her batting her nerve endings and lapping up along her spine and she can not control the panting breath that comes as the handle of the crop flickers over her throbbing clit even as more of the thick sweet flow of her juices roll along her thigh and saturate the crop.

She can feel him behind her the rigid length of his cock presses to her ass and pulsates against the thick curve of it. Instinct causes her to press back and her hips roll slightly and even then he has to moan. She smiles some as he bites at her shoulder growling “ bitch” against the crook of it and he bends her over. “ Grab your ankles”. She does so spreading her thighs wide so that he can see the wanton trail of her own cum rolling along her flesh, his flesh. He doesn’t have to look, he knows her body like it was his own, and even though tonight it was not her limits but his that were pushed, he thrusts into her smiling and peeling apart the tight walls. She does moan this time, and shoves her hips back to match him. He hears the moan and almost as an after thought between hungered thrusts, he smacks her ass with the crop, leaving a small red welt. Her ass writhes to his crotch, nestling along the curve of his hip and stomach pushing his cock deeper into her and back along the hungrily suckling nub of her cervix, His eyes roll up in his head as she clenches around him, and he grasps her hips panting “ Cum…cum for me”.

She thrusts back arching her spine and bucking her hips as sticky sweetness rolls along his cock and drowns his balls. His nails claw into her ass as he bucks and his head falls back growling her name pumping what feels like gallons into her hungry cunt.

Long after he’s cum he continues to thrust and pant her moans spurring him on and he tugs her up to stand, clawing at her breasts. After she’s cum again he lifts her and carries her to the bed and lays with her straddle him, buried again deep with in her quivering walls. He tugs her forward and kisses her slightly and folds her along his thudding chest. “ Do not move girl” he whispers as his eyes close and she smiles whispering “ Yes Master” nestled into his arms both falling asleep with in seconds.

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