tagNovels and NovellasSweltings Academy Ch. 08

Sweltings Academy Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Powerless

I can't believe I just masturbated for Coach Marshal's video camera. Oh my God. Have I lost my mind?? Maybe I could have talked myself out of getting in trouble for some of the other stuff, but this is serious. And now I'm handcuffed to his desk for... how long? I don't know. And yet, even though I know the solution he slathered on me this morning has long since evaporated, I am still so aroused. I have an amazing dildo buried in my cunt, but I can't turn it on. This is like torture.

And what just happened is making it worse. The door clicked open. My heart was beating rapidly, and I couldn't even lie to myself that I was afraid. I just wanted it to be Coach Marshal, for him to fuck me.

But it was not Coach Marshal. It was Stan, the janitor, and the first thing I saw was his leer. He must have known I would be here. I couldn't seem to tear my eyes from his face as he slid his eyes over my exposed breasts, my shaved pussy, and the dildo that is lodged there. He stared at the dildo for a little longer than anything else. Then he laughed, and it was a high, nerdy sort of laugh.

He stopped and licked his thin lips. "Well, young lady, it looks like you've gotten yourself into some trouble. You know, girls aren't supposed to masturbate. It's against the rules." He was staring between my legs, his brown eyes riveted to the rubbery toy I can't remove.

I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. "Stan, it's kind of a long story," I explained lamely.

He didn't even look at my face. "Yeah, sure, princess. Look, Coach Marshal asked me to do him a favor, and I'm gonna do it. You aren't the first girl I've found like this in his room, but you've definitely got the best tits." He lunged forward and massaged them inexpertly, but my pussy clenched in response anyway. I had just resigned myself to being groped when he suddenly stopped and pulled my left nipple taut. I gasped in surprise, and he laughed his nerdy laugh again.

"You like it rough, huh? Well, you'll really like this." From nowhere, he produced a small clamp which he pinched around my nipple. I squeaked in surprise, and he laughed again, a laugh that told me he was enjoying the control he had. Then he did the other nipple. I was so shocked that I didn't even fight against him when Stan removed the handcuffs and dragged me to the table next to the door of Coach Marshal's room. Before I regained my senses, Stan cuffed my arms and legs to the table legs with four sets of handcuffs, wrapping the chains around the table legs until the chains were tight enough that I couldn't move my arms or legs, which were both spread wide.

I felt completely exposed and completely helpless. Anyone who walked in would immediately see my crotch. I squirmed in the chains, trying to get free. Stan laughed at me and reached between my legs to activate the dildo. Surprised by the sudden sensation, I screamed short and sharp. Stan slapped his hand over my mouth, muffling the screams I was continuing to make. The dildo felt amazing. Except it was sliding out. Until Stan grabbed it and pounded it in and out of me, although he didn't do it as hard as Coach Marshal would have. To my embarrassment, Stan brought me to orgasm. This nerdy little guy would never be able to forget that he had made me a captive to pleasure under his ministrations, and his smile told me so.

But it wasn't over yet. He whipped out his cock and with two or three strokes of his hand, he spurted his cum all over my body. I think he was aiming for my tits, but some of it landed on my face and some of it landed on my stomach. He laughed while it flew all over me. And to make it worse, I moaned. The sensation of the hot fluid on my skin was amazing.

Then he left, forgetting to lock the door behind him.


I laid on the table for thirty minutes before the door opened again, and to my relief, it was Coach Marshal. But my relief ended when I realized he had his camera with him. He panned across my used, spread-eagled body.

He said, "Why don't you tell me and my camera what happened to you just now."

I knew what he wanted. I swallowed. "Well, sir, Stan found me in your room with the dildo... he tied me up and fucked me with the dildo until I came. Then he jerked off and came all over me." Oh God. It was turning me on to say this in front of the camera. I hope it didn't show.

"And did you like it, Harmony?" he asked maliciously.

I heard myself say, "Yes, sir." YES SIR??? WAS I INSANE???

"And what about those nipple clamps? What do you think of those?" he asked, using his free hand to flick my right nipple. I had a feeling he was zooming in on my tortured breasts.

"They feel good," I moaned, suddenly acutely aware of the pressure there. "I like it rough, and it feels like someone is biting them."

He moved closer and squeezed one breast. I inhaled sharply and squirmed. The pressure was almost too much. Suddenly, he released me. Then he jerked the dildo from between my legs. "You won't be needing this anymore," he commented, tossing it aside. "I'm about to give you the real thing. Do you want me to give you the real thing?"

"Yes," I whimpered. "Just please, fuck me. I want you so much!" I clenched my body in anticipation.

He put the camera on his desk, and I heard his clothes hit the floor. He climbed on the table on top of me, and the warmth and aggression of him poured into me like an aphrodisiac. I moaned in frustration, unable to touch him because of the handcuffs. He dipped his hips low enough to graze my clit with his stiff rod, but it was more teasing than anything.

Then he reached down and captured both of my tits in his massive hands. With the nipple clamps, this actually hurt a lot. But I didn't care. I wanted him to touch me, and I tried to push myself against him. He chuckled softly and released me. Then he unclamped my nipples. I felt the blood rush back, and when he closed his mouth over my right breast, the soft, warm pressure of his lips brought me to orgasm immediately. He knew, because I felt him laughing against me.

And then, in a smooth, fluid motion, he pressed his cock into my aching, clenching pussy. I screamed his name over and over as he pounded into me, struggling to get free of my chains so I could hold him closer. I was begging him not to stop, and he didn't. Not until I came underneath him five times, and he finally jerked one more time before shooting his load into me with a grunt.

Still inside me, he finally breathed, "Harmony, you have been one fucking amazing sex slave. I think I'm going to keep you. Even after I'm finished with you tonight."

I gulped. "You mean, there's more tonight?"

He laughed. "Yeah, there's a lot more tonight. I'll be completely recovered in a half hour or less, so I've got lots of plans for that gorgeous, responsive body of yours."

I felt blind panic. What else was he going to do??

And the panic didn't go away when there was a knock at the door. The next thing I knew, Mr. Jacobs was looming over me, his eyes hungrily devouring my naked, exposed body. And what scared me the most was that some part of me was looking forward to whatever happened next.

I stared at Mr. Jacobs, surprised that his lecherous gaze could raise such a response in me. Okay, he wasn't repulsive, but he was definitely at least 40. He was balding a little, and he wore glasses... not the sexy ones that Mr. Ash wore, but wire-rimmed spectacles. But something about the way he was staring at me made me shiver. He noticed. I could tell by the look of power that crept into his face.

Then he undid his tie. It was a wide and silky-looking. I soon discovered that it felt silky as well when he wrapped it around my eyes, blindfolding me. I was lost in the dark, completely unable to anticipate what would happen next. I let out a squeak of fright and anticipation, and both men laughed. I felt hands on either side of my waist, hands that weren't big enough to be Coach Marshal's. The thumbs were tracing feather-light circles across my abdomen, and it was excruciating. The tickling sensation made me squirm, and the goosebumps it raised on my skin began to transform into a deeper need. I moaned.

Suddenly I caught a whiff of cologne--not cheap cologne--and felt a warm presence near my neck. A tongue flicked across the tender skin there, and I fought to free my hands, wanting to clutch Mr. Jacobs close to me. His hands began to slide upward, and I wriggled under their teasing ministrations. He captured my earlobe in his mouth and began to suck gently, then with more force. I felt his thumbs grazing the base of my breasts, and my breath caught in my throat. Then he moved his mouth back to the hollow of my throat, kissing me deeply, while his hands closed over my aching breasts. I wanted to scream, but I was completely breathless. What came out was a cross between a cough and a wheeze. Mr. Jacobs released me, and I felt his breath in my ear.

"Young lady, can you explain why you are gasping like a fish out of water?" His voice was like sandpaper inside me, and I shivered. He wasn't velvet like Mr. Ash or whiplike like Coach Marshal, but I think I enjoyed his abrasive voice nearly as much as theirs.

"Sir, it's just that you are teasing me and it's making everything you do feel so amazing. And I want to touch you, but I can't. And I can't see what you're doing. It's driving me crazy." The frustration was evident in my voice, and not being able to see his reaction was just cruel.

He didn't speak. Without any warning, he thrust his cock into my pussy. I screamed in surprise and pleasure. I was still soaking wet from everything Coach Marshal had done to me today, but even if I hadn't been, Mr. Jacobs's little teasing routine would have had me ready for him. He grunted when he was all the way inside me. He stayed buried in me like that for a moment, and he growled, "Fuck, I knew you would be underneath me like this one day."

Without thinking, completely out of control, I moaned, "Yes, sir, you feel so good, I've always wanted you to do this to me." Oh God. Was that true? I tried to think about it, to rationalize whether I was just telling him what he wanted to hear or whether the sexual torture I'd endured today had made me aware of things I never knew I felt. But all thought was ended when he pulled back and began pumping in and out like a piston. I tightened around him, wanting to pull him deeper inside me, but completely unable to move. He talked more than any man who had fucked me, and it was turning me on intensely.

"Yeah, baby, you feel amazing," he grunted. "I know you want me to let you go, but I'm not going to. You look amazing while you're so helpless. I'm going to fuck you and fuck you until I feel like stopping. I almost did it last week in class when you ran away from me. I almost did it right there in front of the whole class. God, your pussy is so fucking amazing."

Then I lost track of what he was saying because I was cumming again, harder than I had all day. Just thinking of him taking me in front of the entire class was sending me over the edge. I clenched myself around him over and over again, groaning with the force of my orgasm. Somehow my arms and legs were freed, because eventually I was wrapped around him, pulling him deeper inside me. He wasn't fucking me hard, but his teasing gentle firmness was bringing me over the edge again and again. I finally ended up riding him, pushing him flat on his back and pounding myself up and down on his cock. He was talking, encouraging me, but I have no idea what he was saying. It was only after Mr. Jacobs tensed and released his cum into me that I realized that Coach Marshal was standing behind me, holding my upper body, ruthlessly crushing my tits in his palms. I felt another wave of ecstasy crash through me, and I reached my arms over my head to wrap around Coach Marshal's neck. He pushed himself against me, and I realized he was hard again. Mr. Jacobs was spent, for now. But Coach Marshal wasn't finished with me.

Mr. Jacobs pulled out of me and wriggled back, leaving me in Coach Marshal's embrace. Coach Marshal released my right breast, dropping his hand to push me hard against him. His cock was pulsing against my ass, and the pressure was intense enough that I writhed against him. He chuckled and abruptly released me. I fell forward onto my hands and knees, my face inches from Mr. Jacobs' cock. I was breathing heavily. Coach Marshal squeezed my ass, massaging the flesh the same way he massaged my tits. I pressed back into his hands, moaning. Then he raised his hand and spanked me, something which was incredibly stimulating every time he did it. The slap of his skin against mine tore through the room ten times, and I was bucking against him, trying to position my pussy over his cock, wanting him to take me from behind.

After he brought his left hand down on my tingling flesh again, I suddenly felt something pressing against my asshole. I gasped in surprise, and it took me a moment to realize that it was his finger and he wanted to put it inside me.

"Oh God, please don't do that, Coach Marshal," I whimpered, feeling sudden terror. He wriggled his finger in response, and I felt my muscles contract around him instinctively.

"Why not?" he asked. "You're going to like it." The tip of his finger was inside me, and it felt so weird. He must have used some kind of lubrication because it felt damp. But it tickled, and I knew nothing belonged there.

"No, I won't," I said, fighting panic as he pressed his finger further inside. Actually, this wasn't as scary as I had always thought it would have been. But I wasn't supposed to let anyone touch me this way. Somehow I knew it.

"Yes, you will." He pulled his finger back slightly, relieving some pressure, and when he pressed it back in again, I gasped in surprised pleasure. "See?" he asked triumphantly. "Now just imagine what it's going to feel like when I've got my cock up that ass of yours."

"No..." I whispered in horror as he continued to work his finger farther inside me. I wasn't sure if I was more horrified at Coach Marshal's intentions or at my own reaction. I looked desperately at Mr. Jacobs, hoping he would rescue me, but one glance at his half-erect cock and wild eyes told me that he wanted this to happen as much as Coach Marshal did.

Mr. Jacobs noticed me looking at him, and he smiled maliciously at me. "Come on Harmony," he rolled his eyes. "We all know what kind of girl you really are. Girls like you love it up the ass. Just let yourself enjoy it." I felt a surge of wetness between my legs at his words, but I would have never let him know.

Coach Marshal abruptly pulled out his finger, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I shouldn't have. The next thing I felt was his cock pressing into my ass. He was grunting as he worked to push his huge rod into my virgin asshole, and the pressure was so intense that it actually felt good. I screamed in surprised pleasure, and he knew I wanted him there because what I yelled was, "YES!" He laughed as he violated me, grunting laughs that raised chillbumps all over my skin. Finally he was completely inside me, and he began a series of small thrusts that brought my breath in squeaking gasps.

Mr. Jacobs knelt in front of me. He grabbed my face and pushed his hardening cock against my lips. Without conscious thought, I took him into my mouth and began sucking hard, licking and exploring every inch of him. Unlike the other men I had known, he completely fit into my mouth, and my nose was pressed against his body as I explored him. His hands were buried in my hair, and the combination of his cock in my mouth and Coach Marshal's in my ass was driving me insane. Suddenly, Mr. Jacobs grabbed my head and held it still. He started forcefully thrusting his rod into my mouth, harder than he had fucked my pussy earlier. It felt amazing, and I would have been begging him not to stop except he was muffling me with his thrusting prick. Coach Marshal reached underneath me to rub my clit as he continued his gentle, tiny thrusts into my ass, and I lost control again, drenching his hand with the wetness of another intense orgasm.

"I think she's ready," Coach Marshal commented. Mr. Jacobs looked eagerly at Coach Marshal and pulled out of my mouth. Then Mr. Jacobs stretched out on the table, positioning himself so that he was partially underneath me. I looked down and saw his pole standing proudly just beneath my belly button. Then Coach Marshal gave a firm thrust into my ass that actually scooted me forward a few inches. Mr. Jacobs' cock was straining just underneath my pussy. Without stopping to think, I lowered myself onto him as best I could. He groaned with the pressure and so did I. Having two cocks so close together in my body was amazing and terrifying.

Then they began to pulse in and out of me, struggling to find a rhythm. First Mr. Jacobs would tear into my tender cunt, then Coach Marshal would ream my ass. I would have fallen off the table with the pleasure of it if Coach Marshal had not been standing behind me, holding me. I was flailing wildly as they penetrated me, not sure who to press against. Then they synchronized their fucking, thrusting in and out at the exact same time. The friction was so intense that tears of pleasure began streaming down my cheeks as I begged them to do it harder.

"Do what harder?" Coach Marshal asked, as his balls slapped against my ass.

"Fuck me up the ass, do it hard," I grunted. "You were right, this is amazing!"

Coach Marshal leaned my upper body slightly forward so he could get a better angle and started pounding me as hard as he usually pounds my pussy. Mr. Jacobs started thrusting as hard as Coach Marshal, and after five of these intense thrusts, we all came at exactly the same time in a mass of screaming, entangled bodies.

Our pulses gradually slowed. Coach Marshal was the first to break the silence. "Holy shit," he cursed softly. "I have never enjoyed fucking a whore up the ass like that." He gently pulled out and pulled me off Mr. Jacobs' softening cock. Coach Marshal's eyes were glinting as he regarded me. "I have plans for you, little girl. Plans that begin tomorrow morning at 9:00."

I looked in horror at my two teachers, feeling disgusted at myself for allowing them to use me this way. What was Coach Marshal going to do to me tomorrow? Maybe I didn't want to know. I dropped my eyes to the floor, trying to hide my fear, and mumbled, "Yes sir. May I go now?"

His laugh was chilling, as if he knew that I feared him and didn't care. Because he also knew that I wanted him more than I feared him, or at least as much. "Yes, Harmony, you can go. After you thank Mr. Jacobs for pleasuring you."

I blushed bright red, turning to the extremely self-satisfied math teacher. "Mr. Jacobs, thank you for making me cum over and over again. You are an awesome lover."

He smirked and replied, "You are an amazing little whore. Let me know when you want me to do it again."

Coach Marshal laughed and nodded at me. "You've been a very good little slut today. See that you do the same tomorrow."

I hurriedly pulled on my clothes and raced from the room, hoping I would wake tomorrow to find it had all been a horrible dream.

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