Swift Justice

byErotic Author©

Roxanne was a regular down at the Village Pub. The bartender, Jesse, was getting pretty tired of arguing with her. She was so drunk; she wasn’t able to keep her balance. “Roxanne, you’ve had enough.” he told her for the umpteenth time.

"Who do you think you are? You’re just a bartender. I’m the customer and the customer is always right!” Roxanne exclaimed in her slurred voice. “Fine you piece of shit, I’ll take my money some place where they’ll appreciate my business!” she spat.

Jesse said, “Roxanne, hand over your keys. I’ll call you a cab.” Roxanne took her glass filled with only melting ice and threw the contents in his face.

“I’m outta here!” She yelled at the red faced Jesse. Roxanne grabbed her purse and started for the door.

A couple of patrons in the bar stopped Roxanne before she got out the door where she proceeded to argue with them as well. In the meantime, Jesse called the police. Roxanne started to push and shove the two guys blocking her exit. She slapped one of the men in the face. “Get the fuck out of my way!” she cried.

She got outside the bar and started fumbling for her keys. Roxanne, her long dark hair bouncing as her stride quickened, stumbled and fell down on her knees. The two men she had scuffled with were right behind her.

The police car pulled into the parking lot of the Village Pub just as the men were helping Roxanne to her feet. As the two young officers stepped out of their vehicle, one of them asked, “What’s going on here gentlemen?”

One of the men yelled, “This crazy bitch is drunker than shit and wants to drive to another bar.”

The taller of the two policemen said, “I’m Officer Campbell and this is my partner Officer Burkowicz, we’ll take care of this matter from here.”

“What’s your name young lady?” Officer Burkowicz, the slender blond cop asked, his sharp blue eyes surveying her.

Roxanne replied seriously, “Listen Occifer, I’m fine.” but her intoxication was unmistakable.

Officer Campbell, the more muscular of the two, said, “Please let me see your license Miss”.

Roxanne fumbled into her purse, dropping everything to the ground. “Shit!” she exclaimed.

A joint was lying on the ground along with the other contents of her purse. “What do we have here?” Officer Campbell asked as he picked up the spleef.

Officer Burkowicz picked up Roxanne’s wallet and took out her ID. “Please come with us Miss Winters” he said.

They led Roxanne to the squad car and she tripped and fell again. Some new customers were pulling up to the establishment and observed the two officers with the drunken and very attractive girl wearing jeans and a tight sweater. One of them thought to herself "That tall dark haired cop is hot." in reference to Campbell.

Roxanne was ordered to put her hands on the hood of the car and Officer Campbell frisked her lean yet supple body. She was handcuffed and put into the back of the squad. The officers got in the vehicle and slowly pulled out of the Pub’s parking lot. Roxanne was so messed up that she started to pass out in the back of the squad. She awakened a few moments later, yelled at the two policemen, “What the fuck? I’m a law-abiding citizen occifers!”

“Miss Winters, possession of a controlled substance, and driving under the influence of alcohol wouldn’t be considered law-abiding.” Officer Burkowicz proclaimed.

“Listen, you fucking pig, I’m a taxpayer and I pay your salary!” With this comment she slumped back into her seat and passed out again.

“She’s ornery isn’t she?” Burkowicz asked Campbell. “If she didn’t look so good, I’d book her for possession, public nuisance, DUI and insulting an officer.”

“I hear you partner.” Campbell replied. “What do you think we should do with her?” Campbell lifted his eyebrow, his bright dark eyes sparkling, as he addressed Burkowicz.

“I think we should award her Swift justice.” Burkowicz replied.

Campbell pulled into the Swift Forest Preserve entrance. Burkowicz got out of the car and opened the chained sign that closed the entrance off to the public so that his partner could pull the squad through. Once the car was in, Burkowicz chained the sign back into place. He jumped back into the squad.

The flashers were turned off and they silently crept toward a more secluded section of the forest preserve. Campbell stopped the car and turned off the engine. Roxanne was stirring in the back, still handcuffed. Campbell and Burkowicz exited the vehicle.

They whispered outside for a few moments then Campbell opened the back door of the squad where Roxanne was awakening. “Please step out of the vehicle Miss Winters.” He said. He had to help her out but she managed to stand on her own. “We didn’t give you all the necessary sobriety tests.” He told her flippantly.

“That’s right” his partner chimed in.

Roxanne was confused. She did not recognize her surroundings. “What’s going on?” she asked. “Where am I?”

“Don’t worry, Roxanne, you’re in good hands.” Campbell said as he put his hands on her supple breasts. She was electrified by his touch. Burkowicz came from behind her and put his hands on her firm ass. Her body was responding to their touch.

“What the hell are you doing?” she cried.

Campbell pulled her sweater up revealing no bra and large firm breasts with erect nipples. “You think they’re real, Burk?” Campbell asked.

“We should make sure.” Burkowicz replied as he grabbed a handful from behind. “Hmm this one feels pretty real but judge for yourself.”

Both the cops were handling her breasts. Roxanne was on the brink of consciousness. She protested, but it made no difference. Campbell unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans then pulled them to her ankles. Her bikini style panties looked like something Victoria’s Secret might offer.

“She’s a saucy one.” Campbell purred.

“I’ll bet her pussy is shaved.” Burkowicz piped in.

“I think it’s shaped in a V.” Campbell responded.

“Bet you her ass, it’s shaved clean.” Burkowicz cried.

“You’re on!” Campbell exclaimed.

Campbell pulled down Roxanne’s sexy panties to reveal a nicely trimmed bush. “Damn it!” Burkowicz complained. Roxanne was protesting and moaning in her drunken state, still handcuffed and unable to resist. Her sweater was hiked up revealing her lush breasts. Her jeans and panties were pulled down around her ankles.

“Now for that sobriety test.” Campbell uttered. He pushed Roxanne to her knees although it didn’t require much effort. He unfastened his trousers and pulled out his rock hard penis. He shoved his long 8 inch member into her mouth. “This is the part where you blow.” He whispered to a semi-conscious Roxanne.

Burkowicz laughed at this. He had removed his own thick 7 inch erection from his pants and was stroking it as he watched his partner fuck their prisoner’s mouth.

“I think she needs to do the test again.” Burk said as he went to switch places with his partner.

“When you're right, you're right!.” Campbell agreed.

Burkowicz started to assault her mouth a bit more forcefully than his partner had.

“Easy, man.” Campbell laughed. “You don’t want her puking all over it, do you?”

Burk eased up and started to moan, as he pumped into Roxanne's velvety mouth.

Campbell was kneeling on the ground with her nipple in his mouth. This elicited a groan from Roxanne. “Now that’s what I call a hummer.” Burk moaned.

Campbell’s hand went to Roxanne’s pussy. He was surprised to find it moist. He inserted a finger and she moaned around Burk’s hard cock. “Oh yeah!” Burk cried.

They lifted Roxanne off the ground and held her between them. Now Burk was sucking on her tits and Campbell was inserting his finger into her moistening snatch as he rubbed his erection on her ass.

Burk slid down to his knees while Campbell helped keep her vertical. He ran his tongue up and down her clit, which caused her to groan loudly. Campbell inserted his now dripping finger into her ass while his partner was feasting on Roxanne’s pussy. It was becoming increasingly wet. Roxanne was moaning and protesting, her body betraying her in this drunken stupor.

“Oh her ass is so tight, man.” Campbell teased. “Too bad you lost, this is gonna be good.”

“Fuck you, man!” Burkowicz retorted. “Her pussy is so wet and I’m gonna suck on those gorgeous tits while I fuck it!”

Roxanne was now naked from the waist down and her sweater was hiked up to reveal her generous breasts. The night was cool and she shivered a little. “We’ll have to warm our prisoner up.” Burk told his partner.

“Let’s turn up the heat!!” Campbell huffed.

Burkowicz spread Roxanne’s legs slightly then inserted his throbbing cock into her. She moaned and cried out. Campbell grabbed her panties and stuck them into her mouth. He then spat onto his own huge cock and entered her ass. She jerked and they heard a muffled scream. “Good thinking.” Burk commented on his partner’s choice of gag.

They started to pump Roxanne’s slender body. Burk was sucking hard on her tits while he fucked her tight wet pussy. Campbell was fucking her ass faster and faster. He was extremely turned on whenever his body touched the handcuffs still on her. They developed a rhythm and Roxanne followed suit. “Man, her ass is so tight, she's gonna make me cum.” Campbell grunted.

“I know; she’s got a first rate pussy, man.” Burk sighed.

The partners felt Roxanne shudder as she orgasmed. Her moans were stifled by the panties in her mouth.

This pushed them both over the edge. “Oh yeah baby yeah, that pussy is so good!” Burk screamed as her climax had her pussy contracting on his cock.

“Her ass is clenching on my cock, I’m gonna cum any second!” Campbell cried.

Both men pulled out at the same time, bent Roxanne over the hood of the squad car and proceeded to cum all over her shapely ass. Their jizz slid down her ass and onto the backs of her thighs.

Burk grabbed some napkins from inside the squad car and wiped her off. Burkowicz and Campbell cleaned her up and dressed her. They removed her handcuffs and put her into the back of the squad car.

Officers Burkowicz and Campbell drove Roxanne home. They used her keys to gain entrance to her house. They left her on her couch. She was completely passed out. They left her purse and keys on the coffee table and let themselves out.

As they were leaving, Burkowicz pulled out the joint that had fallen out of Roxanne’s purse.

Campbell asked “Doesn’t she know that drugs and alcohol can get you into all types of trouble?” as he plucked the joint from Burk's fingers and jumped into the squad.

“Well, this time she got off with a warning, but next time she may not be so lucky.” Burk said in a mockingly serious voice.

Campbell lit up the joint and said, “I guess the evidence just went up in smoke.” They laughed hysterically as they pulled away.

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