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I'm sitting here in my car, soaking wet and wearing nothing but my boxer briefs with three things on my mind: 1) how the hell did that just happen? 2) why didn't I bring a towel or a change of clothes? and 3) when can I fuck that tight little pussy again?

But I guess I should start a bit earlier in the story...

I met her a couple of months ago, but I had heard about her long before that. See Cat was the talk of the men's locker room. Almost every guy in the club either knew her or knew of her, and everyone wanted her. She was a young college student, around twenty or twenty-one years old, 5'5" with jet black hair and a perfect body. She had unbelievable curves, amazing tits and an ass that begs to be smacked. That was how my buddy at the club, Albert, had repeatedly described her to me. "You gotta see this girl," he said "I'm telling you, she is unreal. So fucking sexy. And the way she looks at you, especially when she catches you checking her out. I'm telling you, man, that girl could get naughty. I almost think she likes me staring at her."

Cat was a swim instructor at the club, and I don't think it was any coincidence that all the male members had suddenly taken an interest in making sure their kids could do a proper breast stroke and tread water for 15 minutes. I'll admit that a few months ago, when our daughter finally showed some interest in taking lessons, I encouraged her, even signed her up myself and told my wife that I would be glad to drive her to the lesson each week. "That's so nice of you honey," I remember her saying, clearly unaware of the fact that according to club legend I would be spending a half hour each week staring at "one of the hottest young pieces of ass I could ever hope to lay eyes on." Again, Albert's words, not mine.

The first afternoon that our daughter was scheduled to take swim lessons, I found myself daydreaming of Cat at work, or at least the Cat that Albert had described for me: long hair, olive skin, big tits and a nice round ass. Time crawled that day as I waited to drive over to the sitter's house to pick up my daughter. All the way to the club, I found myself feeling nervous excitement. "What the hell is wrong with me?" I remember thinking as I pulled into the parking lot, "I'm like a fucking teenager!"

My daughter and I made our way up to the pool bleachers and sat down, looking around the pool. There were club kids horsing around, a couple of guys doing laps and a small class of women's water aerobics going on. But none of that held my attention, because I was focused in on her, and she was even hotter than I had imagined.

After a while, she looked up at me and a huge smile spread across her full lips. Her eyes were bright and painfully sexy. "I'll be with you guys in just a minute," she said, and then resumed helping a young boy practice a swim stroke while his father looked on, or more correctly, while the father looked her up and down from behind. I found it impossible to take my eyes off of her. She was beautiful and sexy and way too young for me. I mean, fuck, she was almost half my age. Clearly I was a dirty old man, but right now I didn't care.

I watched as she said a few words to the kid and his dad, and then they swam away from our side, as Cat made her way towards the edge of the pool closest to where we were sitting. She leaned out, up on her arms, her black hair wet and slicked back and her perfect breasts mashed together by her one-piece swimsuit, forming the best cleavage that I have ever laid eyes on. "You must be Maddie," she said, "and you must be Maddie's dad. I'm Cat. Are you all ready to have some fun?"

"Yes!" I realized I said out loud and much too enthusiastically, before I could stop myself.

She smiled up at me. Damn, her mouth was perfect. "I was talking to Maddie," she laughed, "but its good to know that I have your support too. Did you bring your swim suit?"

"She's wearing it under her shirt and shorts" I said again. I didn't know where to look at her, her eyes, her lips, her cleavage, all of it was incredible. She had to know I was taking her in.

"I was talking to you this time," she said "Are you gonna join us?"

"Me? Uh. . .I didn't know I could. I mean, I didn't know I was supposed to. I don't have my suit with me." I stammered, struggling to piece together a coherent sentence in front of this sexy siren. My daughter, now in just her swimsuit, had made her way to the edge of the pool and had dipped her feet in.

"Well, we don't allow swimming without suits during general swim, sir" she said, again smiling at me, "I guess you'll have to watch for now and you can join us next time."

Her voice was so sexy. I was trying hard not to imagine it urging me on, begging me to push my hardening cock into her young pussy, telling me to smack her ass and pull her long hair and I thrust into her over and over. It wouldn't be kosher to sport a huge boner here at the club pool while my daughter was taking swim lessons, so I tried hard not to focus on all the dirty things running through my mind that I would like to be doing to and doing with Cat.

She was a great instructor, very good with Maddie, patient and extremely attentive, but I also noticed the eye contact that we kept making throughout the lesson, even a few times when I know she had just busted me checking out her incredible breasts and hard nipples in that tight suit. But her look back at me was never one of shock or disgust. Instead it was a knowing smirk, and there was something in those eyes of hers, a twinkle in those sexy, seductive eyes, that told me she enjoyed being the object of my desire.

The lesson lasted just over thirty minutes, most of which I spent not focused on my daughter but instead on her swim instructor, thinking mostly about how and when I could get my hands inside that suit of hers. By the time she hopped out of the pool and walked my daughter over to me, I had fucked Cat in my mind in every position I could imagine, made her cum over and over on my hard cock, and covered her with my cum. Father of the year I clearly was not.

The weeks that passed after that, I made sure not to forget my suit, so I could join Maddie and Cat in the pool for her lesson. Cat was amazing and I was smitten. She was smart, funny, and great with Maddie and holy fucking shit she was hot. I did everything I could to "help" during the lessons, which really meant taking every opportunity I could to touch her. It started with accidental bumps and brushes, my arm against hers, our hips or thighs or legs touching ever so slightly while she showed me how to help Maddie.

As the weeks progressed, those accidental touches became more intentional. Cat would put her hand on my arm while she was laughing at some lame joke I made or something dumb I said, or she would put her hand on my back as she instructed me and Maddie on proper technique. We would horse play occasionally, splashing and poking at each other. I was having way more fun that I should have been. Each touch of hers was electric, and the sexual tension between us was impossible to ignore.

And then there was last week, Maddie's last lesson of the summer and a day that she had accomplished one of her goals, swimming the length of the pool without stopping. As we watched her go I stood next to Cat, close enough to feel her thigh on my leg. We were cheering her on and, without thinking, my hand slid around Cat's waist. She said nothing, just looked at me, smiled, then turned back to watch my daughter touch the edge of the far end of the pool. We both cheered and Cat was clapping, but I didn't want to take my hand off her hip. It felt like it was supposed to be there, but I knew I had to pull it back. As I did, I slid it slightly over the top of her ass, and my cock got instantly hard, thinking about the path my hand was traveling. I knew I had to calm down, my daughter was swimming back this way, so I did my best to take my mind off how much I wanted to fuck this hot young girl standing right beside me wearing nothing more than a thin piece of spandex.

"Thanks for all your help, Cat" I said, "Maddie has really enjoyed her lessons. You've been great."

What she said next took me by surprise, and did nothing to help to ease my growing erection. "And what about you? Did you enjoy yourself?" Okay, maybe it wasn't so much what she said, but how she said it, so seductively, dripping with desire. She left no doubt about the fact that when she asked if I enjoyed myself, she meant all the times I had looked her over, undressing her with my eyes, and all the times I had touched her and she had touched me.

"I did," I said, my penis starting to form the thoughts and phrases that escaped my mouth at this point, "in fact, I was hoping I might get a private lesson from you sometime."

"Oh really?" she said, with a smile that I had become accustomed to seeing and knew I was going to miss, "and here I was thinking it was you that might be able to teach me a few things." She just looked at me, biting her bottom lip, as Maddie swam up and hugged her, ending our inappropriate conversation and pulling me back into reality. I was married, I had a kid, and this girl was almost half my age.

Maddie and I said our goodbyes to Cat and I hugged her, which lasted a little longer than normal. I couldn't help it, I loved putting my hands on that body of hers. As we drove home, I couldn't help but feel disappointment in knowing that my weekly rendezvous with Cat had come to an end. In the two months that Maddie had taken lessons, I had really enjoyed spending time with her, getting to know her and laughing with her. But most of all, I had enjoyed knowing that there would be a "next time" and another opportunity for me to find a way to get my cock inside her pussy. It was probably for the best that Maddie's lessons were ending, so that my contact with Cat, and thus my chances of attempting something crazy like that, had also ended. Or so I thought...

That brings me back to earlier today. I was sitting in my office at work when I got a weird text message from a local number I didn't recognize. It said simply "I need your help." I tried hard to figure out who it could be, but I couldn't think of anyone. The number was unfamiliar, and I thought about ignoring it entirely, but instead I wrote back and asked who it was. The message back floored me, "It's Cat, I hope you don't mind, I got your number from Maddie's contact sheet."

Holy shit! I could not believe this was happening. For the past week I had been doing a lot of thinking, trying to figure out how and when I could bump into Cat again at the club and now she's texting me. I was instantly hard. "What do you need help with?" I texted back.

"Do you like the blue or the green?" she texted back, which confused me until I saw that she then texted two pics of her, wearing the same skimpy little bikini and nothing else. She was in a dressing room, sending me pictures. This girl was incredible. The first pic was of her in blue and the second in green. She looked incredible smiling at the camera, her dark skin and hair, her perfect tits, the curve of her hips. At that moment I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone.

"I like them both," I texted her back, "but I've always been partial to green."

I can't adequately describe how I felt when I received her next text. It was an awesome, incredible rush of warmth that spread throughout my body. A mix of excitement, disbelief, embarrassment, anticipation and sheer joy. All that from one little message, that simply read: "Meet me at the pool at 12 tonight if you want to see which one I picked."

I could not believe it, and I read it several times to make sure I was seeing it right before I finally deleted it. But there was no mistaking it, this young, incredibly sexy girl had just invited me to a midnight swim where she would be wearing practically nothing. This was nuts, and yet all I could think about the rest of the day was how I was going to make it to that midnight swim.

That night, my wife went to the club to workout as I helped Maddie with her homework and tried my best to come up with a way to leave the house after everyone was asleep. It was impossible. I didn't see any way around it without raising suspicion. My wife could wake up, find me missing, and I would have no good excuse. Telling her I couldn't pass up the opportunity to fuck the hot girl of my current fantasies was not really going to work. So I put Maddie to bed and sat on the couch, disappointed in myself for my lack of creativity in coming up with a good excuse to be out at midnight.

Just then my wife walked through the door. We said our hellos and she hopped in the shower, then got ready for bed. I sat on the couch, stewing until close to 11 and was almost ready to give up. That's when my luck changed, "Hey, can you bring me some of those Tylenol PMs" I heard my wife say from the bedroom, "I'm having back spasms again."

What?! Did I hear her right? Was my wife basically asking me to drug her so she would sleep like a log, thus allowing me to sneak out of the house and meet our daughter's hot swim instructor? No way this was happening, and yet it was.

I took my wife the pills and joined her in bed, watching the news and some of the late show until I was sure she had fallen asleep. It was 11:45. Shit! Barely time to get to the club if I hurried. No time to think, if I was going to go, I had to go now. I jumped up and threw on my shorts, looking back at my wife to see if she had stirred. She wasn't moving, so I decided to risk it. When would I ever have this chance again?

The excitement was intoxicating as I jumped in my car and pulled out of the driveway, being sure not to turn on my headlights until I had pulled away from the house. I sped all the way to the club, knowing I was cutting it close. I wondered if Cat would actually show, and that if she did show, would she leave if I wasn't there exactly at 12.My fears were relived as soon as I pulled into the lot and saw a car next to the fence. It was the same car I had seen Cat climbing into after Maddie's lessons over the past few months. She was here. Fuck, was this really happening?

I pulled up and got out of my car, but Cat wasn't sitting in hers. I looked through the fence and saw movement in the pool. She was already inside. I didn't see any other way to get in other than to scale the fence, so that's just what I did, looking around first to see if there were any other cars around. I jumped over and walked up towards the pool, Cat was sitting in the shallow end, watching me walk up, smiling as usual. "And here I thought you had chickened out on me."

"This is crazy, Cat" I said, smiling back at her, "so fucking crazy."

"Maybe" she said, as she walked over to the steps and then slowly stepped out of the pool, "but how else was I gonna find out if you liked my suit?" She moved towards me, a complete vision of sexiness in the green swimsuit from the picture. It looked incredible on her dark skin, so much better than in the photo. She didn't waste any time, walking straight over to me, her hand sliding down my stomach to the bulge in my shorts, her hand wrapping around my cock through the thin short material. "And it seems like I made the right choice."

I couldn't hold back. All those months of being sexually frustrated, wanting to touch this sexy creature, all of it came rushing over me at once and I had to have her right here, right now. I didn't think, instead I wrapped my hands around her ass as my mouth attacked hers, kissing her hard, desperately, my tongue fighting with hers, biting her lip, sucking on it. My hands moved from her ass up her back, and then around and over her tits, grabbing them hard. They felt more incredible than I had imagined. She moaned into my mouth as she unbuttoned my shorts and put her hand inside my boxer briefs, grabbing my cock. The feeling of her hand on my cock sent waves of electricity through me.

"You don't know how much I've wanted your hands on my tits," she said as I kissed her neck and shoulders. I couldn't believe it, this hot little piece of ass wanted my hands on her tits. I moved my mouth down towards her chest and started to pull her top to the side to reveal her nipples so I could cover them with my lips, but she caught me quickly. "Uh uh" she said, catching me off guard and spinning me into the pool, clothes and all.

"What the fuck?" I said, laughing as I came up from under the water.

"I wanted you to be as wet as you've made me these past few months" she said, laughing and jumping in after me. She swam right up to me, and we resumed our kissing.

Cat was an incredible kisser, and I couldn't get enough of her lips, but I needed to get my mouth on those tits of hers. I reached around and untied her top, throwing it to the side before grabbing one of them in my hand and feeding it into my mouth. I flicked her hard nipple with my tongue, rolling it around in my mouth and nibbling on it, while my other hand slipped inside the back of her bottoms, finding her bare ass. Cat was using her free hands to pull off my shorts and boxer briefs under water. "Don't stop, your mouth feels so good," she said, as she pulled my shorts and boxer briefs off and tossed them to the side of the pool. I pulled my shirt off before reaching down and pulling her bikini bottoms off. I was naked in the club pool with Cat, running my hands and mouth all over her sexy body. This was incredible.

"I want to eat your pussy," I said to her as I backed her over to the corner of the pool and lifted her out of the water. She spread her legs for me as I swam between them, placing kisses all over the inside of her thighs, teasing her, before running my tongue up her lips and sucking her clit into my mouth.

"Oh fuck, suck that clit, baby" she moaned, arching her back and forcing more of her pussy into my mouth, "that feels so good."

Cat was playing with her tits, pulling on her nipples as I buried my face into her pussy. I kept running my tongue up and down her wet lips, pushing it inside her, then back to her clit, rolling it around and flicking it as I pushed first one, then two fingers inside her. I kissed my way up her stomach to her tits, sucking on her nipples again before kissing my way up to her mouth, letting her taste her pussy off my lips. "I need to fuck you Cat," I said, "I've wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you."

I pulled her down into the pool, her legs under my arms, her feet over my shoulders. Pressing her against the corner of the pool, I lined my throbbing cock up against her entrance and ran my swollen head up and down her pussy, kissing her neck, up to her ear. "Tell me you need it baby girl," I whispered into it, "tell me you need this cock. It's yours if you want it."

"Please fuck me," she moaned back, trying to force my cock inside her. I couldn't resist it any longer, and slammed my cock all the way inside her soaking wet pussy. I can't describe how incredible it felt to fill her tight pussy with my cock, to feel it gripping me as I fucked her right there in the club pool where she had been teaching my daughter to swim. In all my life, it was the hottest, tightest pussy I have ever felt, and I knew from the first time I pushed inside it that I would never be able to get enough of it.

I fucked her hard and deep in that position, pressing her against the wall of the pool, kissing her as I thrust my cock deeply into her pussy. I would thrust my cock in deep, filling her fully before pulling it almost all the way out, just so I could slide it back in, over and over. By her cries, I could tell she was close to cumming and that only served to make me fuck her harder. "Cum for me Cat," I said, "I need you to cum hard for me. Show me what a good little cum slut you can be for me. Cum for me, good girl."

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