tagGroup SexSwim Sex: A Coed Team

Swim Sex: A Coed Team


It's taken me a long time to actually bring myself to write this story… but I figured that some of you out there would enjoy it.

It wasn't until just recently (within the last year) that I noticed myself discreetly checking out other guys in the locker-room, and having wild images flash through my mind. You see, I am on the Varsity Swim team at my university, and I am constantly around naked men. Before now I never thought anything about it, they were just other guys showering and getting changed. But one day I started to look at them a little differently. Until just recently I considered myself straight. I have a girlfriend of 6 months who I care for very much. This is part of the reason that these feelings have caught me off my guard.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Luke, I am 21, 6 ft. with light brown hair, a muscular body, and a swimmer's build. I don't like body hair, so I keep myself clean shaven down there, which is a huge hit with the ladies. I have been seeing my girlfriend now for six months, and we have sex at least once everyday. Robin is 22, 5ft. 7 with shoulder length brown hair, also a swimmer, really lean with abs to kill and legs for days. She can rarely go anywhere without turning heads. She's fucking hot! And she's really horny.

This is where my story starts. It was a Saturday night in our university town and a whole bunch of us were going out to the bars. We had already started drinking at around six o'clock that evening at my house with some close friends. By the time we got in the cabs at 10:45 we were all pretty drunk. We got to the bar and got settled, and the next thing that I know Robin has me up on the dance floor grinding with her. We were really getting into it; she was really getting me hard. Then to my surprise, she reaches over to the guy dancing next to her and pulls him to her ass, and starts grinding with him as well. This sort of behavior was normal for Robin but what surprised me was who she had pulled over…. It was her ex-boyfriend Mike! Mike is 5ft. 8, muscular, dark brown hair and is also on the swim team with us. I have seen Mike naked enough times in the locker room, and I know that this kid is really well hung. He is one of the guys that lately I have found myself checking out. The three of us continued to dance for at least another hour.

I was getting a little too horny dancing with these two, so I decided that I was going to go over to the bar to get a drink. "Robin, Mike, you guys want something to drink" I shouted over the music. "A vodka orange" Robin replied and Mike wanted a rye and coke. I got half way to the bar when I felt a slap on my ass. Shocked I turned around to see Mike standing behind me, "Your ass looks great in those jeans…. I thought that I would help you with the drinks." "Thanks" was all I could utter.

We returned to the dance floor where we downed our drinks and continued to dance. Again, it was the three of us grinding together only now the motions were getting slightly more forward. I felt a finger slip inside the waistband of my Calvin's, not thinking much of it I just assumed that it was Robin. But some weird feeling made me think that it was Mike, and if it was, I wasn't sure that I wanted it to move. I looked down and saw the finger, and then its owner, and sure enough…. It was Mike! I got rock hard as soon as I realized who it was. Possibilities started running through my head. Is he Bi? Would he be into a threesome? Would Robin be into a threesome? Oh, thinking about it only made me harder. I decided to see how far this would really go. With Robin sandwiched in between Mike and I, I reached over to him and placed my finger inside the waistband of his underwear. At least I thought that it was discreet. Robin had seen me, and looked up at me with this devilish smile. I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol acting, or just my primal urge, but I whispered into Robin's ear "I think that I want to try it" and with that she reached behind her and squeezed my cock. I thought that I was going to come right then and there. I looked up and saw Robin whisper something into Mike's ear and in turn saw a smile appear on his face from ear to ear.

What had I gotten myself into? Would I really be able to go through with it? Could I share my girlfriend, particularly with her ex-boyfriend? Would I really be able to go through with touching another guy in a sexual way? Only the hours to come would tell.

Robin grabbed both our hands and we walked over to the corner of the bar where the rest of our friends were sitting. "Luke and I are kinda tired, so we're gonna head home. Mike's gonna share a cab with us" Robin explained to the group. We said our good-byes and then we were out on the street. My stomach was doing somersaults just thinking about what was going to happen. We got right into a cab and headed towards my house. In the back seat Robin sat between the two of us, with a hand on each of our legs. She reached over and kissed me with lots of tongue. Mike reached over and started to kiss her neck, and fondle her left breast. She moaned into my mouth. Robin just loved being the centre of attention.

We arrived at my house, I paid the cabbie and we all proceeded inside. Mike went into the kitchen to make us all some more drinks and Robin and I sat on the couch. She reached over to me and started to rub my cock through my jeans, which was already as hard as a rock and we kissed again. "Uh-hum" Mike had returned with our drinks that we all quickly downed and he sat on the other side of Robin. We resumed the scene in the cab, only this time I had Robin's neck and she was kissing Mike. I slowly reached down and pulled Robin's shirt over her head to reveal her perfect tits in a black lace bra. I reached around to her back and undid the clasp and mike assisted me in removing her bra completely. I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked on it until it was good and hard, I then moved over to the left one. By this time, Mike had already shed his shirt and was rubbing Robin's inner thigh working his way up to her pussy. She reached over to me and pulled my shirt over my head without ever breaking away from Mike's lips.

I got on the floor in between Robin's legs and undid her belt, then her button, and finally her zipper. I then slowly pulled off her jeans knowing very well that she wasn't wearing any underwear. I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy right into my face. Mike had moved his attention to her breasts now sucking on her very erect nipples. She moaned in appreciation. This went on for about ten minutes and then I got my reward, she flooded my mouth with her sweet nectar, and she screamed at the top of her lungs in a powerful orgasm. I was afraid that she was going to wake the neighbors. After she had calmed down a bit, "both of you get those dicks out here NOW!!!!" was all she could say. Mike and I looked at each other and smiled. We were both naked in no time.

I had seen Mike naked at least a thousand times over our years together on the team, but never had I seen him hard. He was 7 ½ inches long, cut and very thick. My mouth watered just looking at it. I am no slouch in that department either, I am 8 ½ inches long, but not quite as thick as Mike. I have never had any complaints though.

Robin reached out and grabbed a cock in each hand. She took my tool into her expert mouth first while she jacked Mike off. After a few minutes, she switched. Then she got up, grabbed hold of both cocks and led us both to my bedroom.

She jumped onto the bed and spread her legs giving us that 'come hither' look. Mike and I were standing side by side with our cocks sticking straight out and basically finding our present situation hard to realize. What happened next kind of shocked me, although I did enjoy it. Mike reached over, grabbed my cock, stroked it a couple of times and then said "go fuck her brains out", heh, who was I to argue. I positioned myself in between Robin's legs and inserted my schlong into her, she gasped as I entered her. Mike found his position at Robin's mouth where he proceeded to fuck her face. Watching my buddy, her ex-boyfriend, fucking my girlfriend's face was a little too much for me to handle and I started to fill her pussy with gallons of come. I think that Mike could tell that I was coming and he too started to come into Robin's mouth. When he was finished unloading into her mouth, she reached up and grabbed behind my neck and pulled me down to her lips and French kissed me. I got quite the surprise! Mike's come came flooding into my mouth, and to my surprise I didn't spit it out. I actually liked the taste. This night was really starting to get interesting.

I looked at Mike and he just smiled at me, "like that?" he said, "well there's plenty more where that came from", all I could do was smile back. I was still hard, and by the looks of it, so was Mike. He and I traded places, he fucked her pussy and I fucked her face. When we both had come, Robin pulled the same trick on Mike, and he got a nice taste of my spunk. I told him to slide on up to Robin's mouth and she would clean him up. As he did that, I slid down to Rob's pussy and saw both Mike's and my cum just oozing out of her pussy. I couldn't help myself. I dove in and cleaned her right up. This was a little too much for Robin to handle and she added to the mixture in a shuddering orgasm. When I had finished cleaning her out, I came up for air and was met by a French kiss from Mike. Our tongues, danced around in my mouth, and mixed with the remnants of our cum.

We all got up and went into the kitchen naked and got another drink. Then we started to fondle each other again and returned to the bedroom. "I want one of you in my ass, and the other in my pussy, and I want it now!" This shocked me cause before now, every time I had brought up anal sex with Robin, she had acted so disgusted with the idea. But whatever, if she wants it now, who was I to argue. The three of us lay on the bed in the spoon position. I reached into my night table and grabbed a tube of lub and rubbed it on Robin's asshole. Mike then entered her pussy and started to build pace. I inserted one, then two, then three fingers into Robin's 'virgin' ass. I then lubbed up my cock and replaced my fingers with my cock. She was very tight back there, and I was loving every minute of it. Mike and I were working up a rhythm. I then reached over across Robin and put my hand on Mike's ass and was pulling both him and me into Robin at the same time. She screamed out in pleasure, and Mike in turn grabbed my ass and did the same thing. Doing this, it didn't take Robin long to cum. Mike pulled out of Robin's pussy without having cum yet and stuck into her mouth. It was only in there for about 3 second's before I got the nerve to reach over and pull it out of her mouth, and stick it in mine. The feeling was incredible. So warm and big. After a bit "Ah, that's it Luke! Suck me. Fuck you're good…. Ah… I'm gonna cum…. Ah" and he flooded my mouth with his spunk. It was really salty and had a weird texture, but I really liked it. I didn't let any of it escape. Two seconds later I was filling Robin's ass with my own cream.

The three of us, completely satisfied feel asleep in each other's arms.

I awoke the next morning to someone sucking my cock. I looked down and saw Mike's head bouncing up and down on my prick. Robin was nowhere in sight, and then I remembered that she had to work. Oh well, Mike and I could play.

Mike was really enjoying what he was doing, so I decided to reward him. I moaned and then started to fill his mouth with my cum. It was too much for him to swallow and it started to leak out the corners of his mouth. He sucked me until I was dry. I pulled him up next to me and kissed him. His rock hard cock was rubbing against my leg, so I slid down and devoured his meat until he filled my mouth with his spunk. Exhausted, I rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. But Mike reached over, grabbed my cock and started stroking it until it was hard again. "I want you to do me a favor. I want you to fuck me!" Who was I to say no, especially since this was a huge fantasy of mine. And who better to fuck, then your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.

Mike got on all fours and pointed his ass directly at me. I crouched down behind him and started to eat his ass. He loved it, and to tell you the truth, so was I! He was pushing his ass farther back into my mouth to get my tongue further up his ass. So I once again reached into my bedside table and pulled out my tube of lube. I lubed up both my cock and his ass, and then placed the head of my cock at his backdoor. I slowly pushed until my head slid past the rim of his ass. He was really sweating and grinding his teeth in pain, but I asked him if he wanted to keep going and all he could say was "fuck me damn it! Fill my ass!" so I did. I picked up the pace, until I was full fledged fucking him. He really loved it. I reached around and grabbed his cock and started stroking it. Within ten minutes he was cumming in my hand. As soon as that happened I released my load into his waiting ass. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and cleaned off his cum. We fell asleep like that with my dick still in his ass and my hand cupping his spent cock.

My girlfriend had to work all day, so Mike and I played all day. When we awoke, he fucked my brains out. We fucked and sucked for the whole day. What a way to spend a weekend eh?

Robin and I are still together, we sometime see Mike for some fun. But I see Mike a lot more, for some male "bonding" time.

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