Swim Team Ch. 07


Dana again closed her eyes and basked in the combined sensations of Mike's cock inside her and Gina's fingers dancing over and around her pussy. She didn't open them when Gina's hand moved away for a moment before lifting Dana's thigh slightly. Gina's hand slipped under Dana's thigh and soon returned to caressing Mike's cock and Dana's pussy simultaneously.

After a few minutes like this Dana moaned excitedly as Gina's hand shifted position yet again. This time Gina's fingers dipped below Mike's cock and onto the sensitive skin between her pussy and asshole. Dana hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs apart even wider trying to create more room for Gina's teasing. Either sensing or feeling what was happening Mike also shifted his position to allow Gina more room.

As Dana hoped Gina's fingers continued slipping down until her fingertips massaged and danced across Dana's asshole. Dana's asshole was already very wet from her own excited pussy juices and Gina's fingers were also well lubricated. Gina soon positioned one finger directly at the entrance to Dana's asshole and it slipped inside Dana with surprising ease.

Dana moaned wildly at the feeling of Mike's cock inside her pussy and Gina's finger up her ass. Gina kept her finger inside Dana's ass for a few moments before she slipped it back out. Gina retrieved a bottle of lubricant from Dana's bedside dresser and quickly returned to Dana's side. Gina squeezed some lubricant on her fingers and massaged it all over and around Dana's asshole before she reapplied more to her fingers.

This was clearly driving Mike wild as his eyes burned with lust and his fuck intensified. This time when Gina's fingers returned to Dana's asshole she quickly let one easily slide into Dana's tight hole. Gina finger fucked her for a short time as Dana moaned and gasped excitedly.

Dana's moans reached a new volume when Gina slowly pushed a second finger inside her ass. Dana's ass stretched to fit the new width and Dana savored the way Gina's fingers made her feel incredibly full. Soon Gina finger fucked Dana's ass with two fingers as Mike continued fucking her soaking wet pussy.

"I love feeling your cock in her pussy with my fingers," Gina gasped to Mike. Dana opened her eyes and saw Mike and Gina meet in a wild kiss as they both continued fucking her. The idea that Gina could feel Mike's cock in her pussy from inside her ass was kinky and exciting.

After Mike and Gina parted their kiss they both turned back to Dana and focused on fucking her. Very quickly the tempo of their fucks fell into a matching rhythm so they pushed in and out of her in unison. The feeling of Mike's cock filling her pussy and Gina's fingers filling her ass at the same time was amazing. As they pushed inside her Dana could feel his cock and her fingers rubbing together through the thin barrier between her pussy and asshole and that sensation drove her wild.

Mike's thrusts quickly grew faster and more excited and Gina continued matching his pace right up to the point when Mike cried out and started cumming. As he came Gina kept her fingers pushed as far as they could go in Dana's ass. The feeling of Mike's throbbing cock buried in her pussy while his cum filled her and Gina's fingers in her ass was more than Dana needed to trigger her own orgasm.

Dana's orgasm rapidly overtook her and her body shook under its power. Mike was still cumming when Dana's pussy exploded into her own orgasm. The sensation of their mutual orgasms combined with Gina's fingers was mind blowing and Dana came long and hard.

Only after both of their orgasms finished did Mike finally pull his cock out. Gina kept her fingers in Dana's ass for a short while longer before she too pulled them out.

Dana immediately wanted to repay Gina for such a wonderful surprise and strong orgasm. She sat up and paused only to trade an excited, wanton kiss with Mike before she guided Gina onto the bed so the younger woman was lying on her back.

Mike immediately joined Dana and soon they both teased and explored Gina's excited body. Dana started at Gina's neck by giving her a long series of soft kisses. She gradually worked her way down Gina's collarbones to her shoulders. As she did this Mike eagerly sucked and licked at Gina's tits and eventually Dana joined her son there.

Gina groaned deeply as Dana sucked and licked at one of her tits while Mike did the same to the other. Gina's nipple quickly grew rock hard and soon Dana focused nearly all of her attention on it. Only her desire to make Gina cum and to feel the younger woman's body as her pleasure overtook her eventually pulled Dana away from her tits.

Dana slowly kissed her way down Gina's stomach to her pussy while Mike continued teasing Gina's tits. Dana could easily smell Gina's wild excitement well before she reached out her tongue and savored Gina's heavy wetness. Dana slowly played her tongue over Gina's pussy and drank in her warm juices.

A few moments later Mike shifted his position and joined his mom between Gina's legs. Dana moved aside to make room for him and they both moved their mouths to Gina's pussy. Gina gasped and writhed in pleasure as their tongues reached her pussy at the same time and they licked and teased her together.

They continued their teasing and licking until Gina was clearly on the verge of cumming. Just when she thought Gina was ready Dana slipped her tongue toward Gina's clit and easily found it. Her tongue danced over Gina's clit as Gina cried out. Mike followed her lead and soon Dana's tongue rubbed against Mike's as they both licked Gina's excited clit.

This was the final straw for Gina and she burst into a long and powerful orgasm. She clutched at the sheets and her body trembled as waves of pleasure washed over her for what seemed like many long minutes. Only after she had finally finished her orgasm did Dana and Mike crawl up and lay down on either side of Gina. Dana caressed Gina's soft, satisfied body and occasionally reached over to fondle her son.

She dozed happily with her lovers before they eventually got up and got dressed. As it was such a hot day they didn't bother to put on much clothing. They relaxed in the apartment for the rest of the day until after dinner when they all met back in Dana's bedroom for a repeat of the afternoon's fuck. This time Mike fucked Dana doggie style while Gina finger fucked her ass. When they finished and Mike had recovered Dana and Gina switched places so Dana could finger fuck Gina's tight ass while Mike fucked her long and hard. They didn't go to sleep until after Gina and Dana ended the night in a slow 69 position as Mike excitedly watched.

The rest of the summer passed happily. One of the great surprises for Dana about this new situation was how much she liked Gina. Over the summer with Gina around all the time they had lots of opportunities to talk and really become friends. In addition to a wild lover Dana also felt like she had gained a good friend.

Dana also enjoyed watching Mike and Gina grow closer as the summer progressed. They really did make a great couple and they seemed to have a genuine friendship and respect at the heart of their relationship.

As a mom, Dana was thrilled to see her son seemingly falling in love with a great girl. This normal, wholesome feeling was balanced by the incredible lust she felt toward both of them. They spent many hot, sweaty nights fucking and sucking each other to incredible new heights of intensity throughout the rest of the summer.

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