tagMatureSwimming is Good for You

Swimming is Good for You


We've jumped 20 years out of sequence of my life as the only unusual episode since my experience with the evil Brenda (Blackmailed by Brenda) occurred 17 years earlier than this story while I was married. AS my stories are fact-based I am checking whether the other party in that episode is still alive So, I may jump back 17 years if I can, in a story possibly entitled "Toys for the Teacher". Or I may not!


Swimming is good for you

It had been all my own fault. At 44 years old, I should have known better than to borrow my son's 900cc motorbike anyway and then imagine I could still hammer it round the country lanes at the reckless speed I had used to ride my own motorbike 20 years earlier before I got married to a bike-hating wife who blackmailed me off two wheels with the constant refrain of "do you want our children to grow up without their Dad?". Well, our two kids had come straight away in our marriage, and had grown up, and were now both at Uni. With them away, they could continue their lives, with a Dad, but without a Mum as my wife had finally decided she couldn't continue living with a boring husband, and had walked out a month earlier to re-start her career as a teacher, which she had felt she'd had to give up to bring up the family.

So, anyway, that Sunday afternoon I hauled out the son's bike (he'd left the keys with me) and took off. Now its true you never actually forget how to ride a bike, but after nearly 20 years you can lose judgement, which is how I'd taken a bend in the road far too fast, and ended up halfway up a bank with dislocated shoulder, a couple of cracked ribs and badly twisted leg muscles, plus multiple bruises, cuts and abrasions. At that, as the ambulanceman said, I was lucky to be alive.

Fast forward a few weeks and having been advised that a good way of self therapy was swimming, I had joined a health club which had a fair sized pool. Usually around midday the pool was quiet and I could gently swim up and down in my own time without enthusiastic fitness freaks blasting quick lengths all around me. Occasionally I would be joined by one or two like minded swimmers who, for health (read slimming) were happier without many witnesses.

This particular day, a day like any other, as they say, I had reached one end of the pool and turned round so I was facing the entrance to the pool from the changing rooms. A woman had just come in and was about to climb down the steps into the water. A big woman. Now there's big, and there's big, but this lady was massive! If she was 25 stone that may well have been a considerable underestimate. She was wearing a black one-piece swimsuit which may well have been custom made for her.

Even in black it was obvious the elastic material couldn't hold in the flesh, her belly bulged way out, her huge tits must have been in some kind of underwired support as they were seperated like two mountain peaks, and her bulbous arse cheeks looked like two pregnant women in reverse. The bare flesh of her arms rippled and swayed, her monumental thighs likewise. At a guess she may have been in her late 50's or early 60's, it was difficult to say. She turned at the top of the steps, started to climb down, but gravity took over and she slid off the steps and hit the water. Now I'm not exaggerating when I say the tidal wave reached my end of the pool, because it did.

Being the proper gentleman, I managed not to stare or say anything, and when the surface settled down, I continued my gentle breast stroke up to the far end as she did the same towards me, but a few yards apart. There were just the two of us in the pool, and we continued to swim up and down, taking a break at each end of the pool. All went quietly on until the woman decided to turn over on her back and swim backstroke. That's when I nearly lost the plot, all that could be seen were the three humps thrashing along the water.

If you imagine a hippopotamus, with a great round back, and two huge eye humps partially submerged, you get the picture. Or even a bizarre variety of Lock Ness monster! When this thought hit me, I nearly swallowed a lungful of water trying not to laugh, and the grin on my face stayed with me until I reached my end of the pool. Luckily, as we were going in opposite directions, and her splashing sounds drowned out my spluttering, she didn't notice. Or so I hoped. I climbed out of the pool and went over to the jacuzzi, and settled down in the hot, bubbling water.

I couldn't help but continue to watch her from the corner of my eye as she swam a few more lengths, sometimes breaststroke, occasionally backstroke. I have to admit I was somewhat mesmerised by the spectacle. I was just about to stand up and climb out of the jacuzzi when I realised it wouldn't be a good idea. I had developed a real good hard on, my dick was pushing strongly on the front of my swim shorts.

My first thought was that this was a reaction to the heat and vibrations from the jacuzzi, and probably this had something to do with it, but I'd been in bubblers before without getting any kind of erection. Nor had I ever been turned on by fat girls, I could only think it must have been the swimsuit, holding in the flesh but giving her all the contours a man would fancy, but multiplied many times! I hunched further down into the hot water, hoping my dick would give up and go back to its usual, water-induced shrinkage!

Just then, a shadow blocked out the lights of the pool, and there she was, holding onto the handrails and climbing weightily in the jacuzzi. To make matters worse, not only was I still in a state of erection, as you might say, but the bloody bubbles stopped, which they did automatically every 5 minutes, and as I was sitting on the upper ledge of the jacuzzi wall the bulge in my swim shorts was clearly visible to her. She wasn't shy of looking, her face may have turned slightly redder, but otherwise she gave no sign of noticing anything.

The fact that with her there at such close quarters my dick, instead of subsiding actually pushed harder inside my shorts, made it obvious to me that for some reason my body was telling me what it wanted to do! I may have made a slight sound deep in my throat, but she had heard it, and looked at me directly. Surprise, followed by a slight smile, flitted briefly across her plump features, and she held her gaze, first on my face, then downwards, where it stopped for a few moments. She looked me in the eye; I imagined I could almost hear her thinking "is it me?"

Sheer madness took hold of me, without thinking what I was doing, or what the consequences could be, I reached over and placed the palm of my right hand over the bulging mound of her left tit. As soon as I'd done that, as realisation struck me, a terror took hold of me which must have been apparent in my eyes, but before I could pull my arm back, or say anything, she had grasped my hand in her meaty right hand and held it strongly against the wet material of her swimsuit.

I glanced up at her face and read hesitation, then determination as she made up her mind. With her free hand she reached out and cupped her fleshy palm over my straining erection. Without a word, her fingers began to massage and caress my bulge as I did the same to her tit. As I gently squeezed I felt her nipple harden through the material, and it exceeded expectations as it became apparent it was as large as I imagined it would be.

Neither of us said a word as we fondled each other. A sudden gust of cold air swirled round the corner wall of the Jacuzzi followed by the sound of the pool door closing. As she turned slightly towards the wall to hide the stiff nipple I sank deep into the water as the bubbles began to burst up through the hot water. Just in time, as three older ladies, of different shape and size came into the pool and lowered themselves into the water.

My dick had retreated enough for me to leave the Jacuzzi and slide into the pool, which felt icy cold after the heat of the Jacuzzi. This helped my dick to quickly shrink, so after a quick length of the pool I climbed out. I glanced over to the Jacuzzi, but it was now vacant. She had made her escape. Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted!

After a refreshing shower, I dried, dressed, and left the premises. The sudden glare of sunlight dazzled me, but I felt a large hand press a piece of paper into my hand. I looked round, knowing what I would see, but she quickly retreated back through the swing doors of the health club. I had sense enough not to follow and walked over to my car. Once inside, I looked at the paper. All it had written was a mobile phone number. Perhaps there might be more fun to come!

I waited a few minutes to see if she came out, but soon decided to go home. Once there, I made myself a cup of tea, sat down to watch some afternoon TV and looked at the paper the big woman had given me. Trying to concentrate on the programme was impossible, so I gave in to temptation, switched off the TV and range the mobile number.

A deep but definitely female voice answered. For a moment I was at a loss. How do I ask an unknown woman if she was the one who had been stroking my dick? Only one way really.

"Hello", I said, "you gave me your number outside the health club. We got quite intimate.

Do you want us to meet?"

A brief pause, then -

"I wasn't sure you'd really want to, well, to see me again."

"I'm phoning your number, so the answer to that is a definite yes."

"I'm at home, now, my address is" and she gave me the street and house number.

I did think she was taking a hell of a chance, not knowing anything about me. Except the hardness my dick was capable of!

"How about now?" I asked, quickly. No point in delaying.

"Well, yes, if you really want to."

"I'll be there in half an hour."

She lived just over three miles away. I was in my car and on my way so fast you could have drawn cartoon-like straight lines behind me! I stopped briefly to grab a tube of fanny lube from the supermarket, just in case, then pushed pedal to the metal. Her house was in fact a small cottage on the outskirts of a local village. So, no nosy neighbours! I parked up, walked to the door and knocked loudly.

After a few moments, she opened the door. Hell, she really was big. The doorway literally only just framed her massive bulk, but there was a hesitant smile on her face. She backed away to let me in, closed the door behind us and led the way into the small living room, which looked smaller once she was inside. As she had said nothing I tried to break the ice.

"Didn't you recognise me with my clothes on?" I asked, humorously.

After a few moments, she got the joke, and giggled like a schoolgirl. Her huge tits wobbled under the plain white blouse she was wearing in time with her vast belly. I decided to get to work while she was relaxing. With hands outstretched I moved forward clasping gently the sides of those gorgeous jutting mounds of flesh before moving my hands softly to the peaks.

She obviously only wore an unsupported bra as I could feel the large nipples through both layers of clothing. She gave a little "ooh" as I cupped my palms over the nipples and gently began pressing my fingers into the flesh surrounding those nipples. At first I was disappointed in the lack of response, but then realised she had no idea what to do next.

"Why don't we sit down on the sofa?" I suggested, still manipulating those tits.

I kept my soft grip on her tits as we sank onto the sofa, which creaked as our combined weight settled. As I lowered my head to push my face into the wide valley between her tits, she began to react. Without my asking, she undid the top two buttons of her blouse, I squeezed my face fully into the valley between her tits and began to suck and lick at every inch of very warm flesh available. Her nipples also began to come to life, stiffening and digging into my palms as I continued to knead the flesh surrounding them.

At last she overcame her nervousness as her body began to accept my attentions. Quickly, she unbuttoned the rest of the blouse and shrugged it off, the action pushing her mountainous tits more firmly round my face as she did so. I came up for air and saw why she hadn't needed a supporting bra. Her tits were fully supported by her bulging belly at the top, while folds of flesh spread down and over her thighs, which at that point were encased in a loose and very large, grey skirt.

With quite some effort, I reached round her massive bulk and found the bra strap fastener lodged in a fold of flesh. Unhooking the fasteners allowed those mountainous tits to push the cups of her bra forwards, but I had to hook my fingers over the bra edging to pull it free. This let her tits bulge loosely over her belly. I'd obviously seen big women before, and never found them interesting, but the sight of her bulbous tits on her bare massive belly, and the closeness of all that flesh had my poor dick aching and straining in my summer shorts..

Using both hands, I enclosed one tit and pulled it towards me. The nipple was a light brown colour and with the surrounding aureole must have measured over three inches! Opening my mouth as wide as possible, I clamped my lips over the whole nipple and sucked as hard as I could, managing to reach the nipple end at my throat. She squirmed and twisted, both trying to release herself from this unexpected suction, but also wanting to enjoy more. After a few moments the latter feeling won, and she grasped the back on my head and pulled me hard against her.

All the time I was giving an impression of trying to suck her non existent milk into me, she continually made little whimpering sounds, which stopped as I pulled away. Wanting to get to work on the other nipple, and with both hands fully occupied in holding the tit upright, more or less, I got up off the sofa. I then sat astride her thighs, and reached for the other huge, squashy tit, and gave it the same attention as its twin.

My dick was feeling really painful by now, held down by my shorts and briefs, so reluctantly I released the tit and reached down into my pants to pull my aching member upright, under the waistband and against my stomach. My hand was covered in sticky, slick precum which I slyly wiped on her discarded blouse.

She had seen me dive into my shorts, and for the first time since sitting on the sofa she spoke.

"Can I take your shirt off?" she asked.

I stood up and said.

"Why don't you take off my shorts as well?"

She actually blushed, but as I stood in front of her she eagerly reached over and with slightly shaking hands unbuttoned my shirt, which I let fall to the floor, exposing the top of my dick against my belly, and almost tore my shorts and briefs down over my thighs to my knees. My dick nudged forward in its rigid, swollen state, which she grasped, and began to slide her hand up and down.

Now I'm not built like a porn star, but never had a complaint about my size which I guess is on the good side of average. Even so, her fat hand covered more than half of my length, which gave enough leeway for a decent amount of stroking. I just stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the moment and letting her get the feel of a hard and hot dick in her hand. I reckon she was enjoying it also, as her face was intent on my dick, and her thighs were beginning to twitch fairly noticeably.

She stopped, and looked up at me.

"Shall we go into my bedroom?" she suggested.

"Good idea," I replied.

AS she struggled to get up from the sofa, I helped her rise by reaching forward, grasping as much of her tits as I could fit into both hands, and pulling gently but firmly. Always the gentleman, me! I let my shorts drop to the floor, steeped out of them and kicked off my trainers. As she led the way I followed, totally naked, watching her unbelievably great arse cheeks bulging under her skirt as she moved and seeing the front half of each flabby tit cascading over her forearms as she wobbled through the door.

Her bedroom had a kingsize double bed, which I guess she needed anyway. She stopped and turned around, and stood there waiting for me. So far, I had managed to control my natural desire to shoot my load, and felt I wanted to get on with things while I still had some control left. I knelt down in front of her, unfastened the top button of her skirt, unzipped it and pulled it down to the floor. Her panties were loose and slack, and hit the floor with her skirt.

You've got the idea now how hughe she was, so won't be surprised to imagine the rolls of belly fat drooped down over her upper thighs and hid her pubes and fanny completely.

"Please, just sit on the bed" I told her, which she did, quickly. "Now, can you lie back?" I asked.

AS she did so, the fleshy thighs squashed together, so although I could now see the thick mass of her pubes, it was impossible to see any thing else in that area. I first lifted one great leg and moved it to one side to rest over my shoulder, then the other in the opposite side. Bloody hell, those legs were so heavy! She obligingly heaved herself further onto the bed so her knees were now suspended on my shoulders.

Trying to get inside her from that position would be impossible.

"I'm going to spread your legs as wide as I can, and I want you to grab hold of each knee with your hand," I told her.

With difficulty, she managed to follow that. I reached forward and by sheer brute forc dragged her towards me so her arse was just at the edge of the bed. This helped, as the flesh of her arse cheeks was squashed up and away from me, so as I got both hands on the underside of her belly, and pushed the fleshy mound up towards her face, I could at last see the fat lips of her fanny, peeping from between her thick bush. At last, we were getting somewhere. No wonder she was sex-starved!

Before burying my face into her fanny, I glanced up and could see her huge tits now spread out on each side of her. The whole vision was so weirdly erotic, Nothing like I had ever experienced in my life before. But, oddly, instead of turning me off, it made me feel furiously hot! I just had to fuck the hell out of her!

There was enough sanity left in me to make sure she was wet enough. I didn't want to rip off my foreskin on a tight AND dry fanny! I literally dived forward, thrust my face into her groin and planted my lips on hers. My tongue disappeared between the fat fanny lips, and I licked up and down as fast as I could, each upward stroke finding her swelling clitty.

By now, she was gasping and squealing as I tormented that long-disused vagina. She was squirming and juddering under my attentions, her meaty thighs nearly blinding me as she locked and unlocked her thighs. Her belly continually bucked up and down so hard I though my nose might break! But it had the desired effect. Her fanny began to open and I could feel the heat and wetness as my tongue darted in and out of the opening.

By now, I had long passed the point of being a considerate lover. All I wanted was to feel my dick fully and tightly inside her, shooting my cum as hard as I could! I stood up, pushing her hands against her knees until her legs were as far wide as they could go. The tip of my dick felt the heat of her partly open fanny, and I thrust inside her. Not gently, and bit by bit, as I had intended originally, but hard, fast and full, until out pubic bones slammed together.

As I hit the end of the canal, she screamed, but bucked hard against me. Ram, ram, ram, as quick and hard as I could, enjoying the sensation as she responded by arching her back as well as she could and forcing herself onto me. It couldn't last long. We were both totally breathless, gasping and grunting, and she screeched as she came for the first time in years. I shot my cum into her almost at the same time, and we both experienced the agony of a long awaited climax.

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