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Swimming Lessons


My apartment complex has an outdoor pool. A lot of Asians live in the complex, mostly recent immigrants from China, Thailand and Vietnam, but some second- and third-generation Asian-Americans as well.

I often swim in the morning. The pool is too short for lap swimming, but I enjoy floating with the cool water on my body.

Usually, I swim so early that I'm the only one using the pool, but one morning I was not alone. A cute Asian girl was already in the pool when I got there, obviously trying to teach herself to swim. She had on a day-glow lavender shower cap.

I dove in and swam for a while and then floated on my back, watching her.

I offered advice. Her English was understandable, but it was obvious that she was from somewhere else, evidently somewhere far away. I asked, and she giggled and said "China."

I continued with my advice and sometimes mimed in demonstration.

After a while, I started guiding her hands with mine. Soon she let me hold her to demonstrate how to float, first on her back, and then on her stomach, with my hands on her thighs and under her little breasts without touching them, as she kicked and dog-paddled with her arms. She kept thanking me for my help, but of course I was enjoying touching her, since she was so beautiful and young.

I'm 47. She said that she was 18 and that she'd come to America to go to college. She lived with her Americanized great-aunt and her husband. She said that she wanted to go swim in the ocean. There was no ocean where she lived in China, and the first time she'd seen it was when she flew over it, one her way to America. She was chattering away, nervously, I guess.

As I guided her and advised her in swimming, she let me brush her A-cup breasts several times. Once, while I held her floating with her arms and feet working, I cupped one of her breasts the entire time. Twice, my hand even brushed her pubic mound when I was holding her while she floated. She giggled nervously but said nothing about it.

While she rested, standing almost up to her shoulders in the water, she allowed me to massage her narrow shoulders, the back of her neck, the rest of her back and even her butt. I knew that the Japanese thought of the neck as a kind of erogenous zone akin to the breasts or maybe even the pubic area, one that no stranger or family member should touch, but I didn't know what the Chinese thought of it.

After a half an hour or so, she said that she was getting cold. The pool is unheated, and as I said, it was early morning.

I helped her out of the pool, guiding her to the ladder. Once we were out of the water, I began to dry her all over with my towel. She hadn't known to bring her own. Then I boldly gathered up her stuff and mine as she slipped on her gray sweat shorts over her wet one-piece black bathing-suit.

I kept talking to her. She was very docile, like a lot of Asian girls, and she followed me right into my apartment.

I told her that she should take a shower to wash the chlorine off and guided her into the bathroom. She stood by watching as I turned on the water in the shower and adjusted it.

I turned toward her and looked into her beautiful face. I smiled and reached out and slipped my index finger under the straps of her black one-piece suit at her shoulders and then tugged them down off her thin little shoulders and then over her plumb-sized breasts and then her belly. I caught a glimpse of her quarter-sized chocolate brown nipples, which were pointy and hard and goose-fleshed from the cold water of the pool.

She giggled nervously but made no move to resist, so I slipped the wet suit down over her lower belly, her pubes, her hips and then her legs, pulling down her gym sweat shorts at the same time. She just giggled all the louder and covered her breasts with her left arm and hand and covered her pubes with her right hand. However, she stepped out of her suit and put her left hand on my shoulder to steady herself but quickly covered her breasts with her arm again afterward.

I helped her into the shower and then slipped my own suit off and climbed in after her.

I said that we should wash each others' backs to get off all the chlorine.

Her eyes immediately fell to my big hard, up-jutting cock, and she giggled all the louder and more nervously. I didn't want to scare her, but I couldn't hide it. I've heard that whites have bigger dicks than Asians, and I've been told by American girlfriends that I have pretty "big fat" cock.

She is only about five feet tall and about one-hundred-and-twenty pounds, and I'm six foot three and easily two-fifty.

I washed her back, neck, butt, legs and then her breasts and belly, but I stayed away from her pussy.

I turned around and she giggled while she washed my back and the back of my legs, but she completely avoided my butt.

Then I washed her again, only this time, after I washed the rest of her, I washed her pussy, reaching around her body from behind, and slipped a culled finger into it. She giggled and giggled but didn't stop me. I even half slipped a finger up her butt, which caused her to giggle all the more.

She has a wonderful, girlish, high pitched giggle.

I helped her out of the shower and dried her off completely and then quickly dried myself. We left our wet suits on the tiled bathroom floor.

We'd left her bag on the table in my little kitchenette. I led her out of the bathroom. She started to go over to her bag, which we'd left on the table in my little kitchenette, but I took her wrist and led her, completely docile, still damp and naked, over to my couch in the living room. I sat and I opened my knees and pulled her toward me, between my splayed knees.

I said, "Sweetie, you're very beautiful." I'd asked her name in the pool but had already forgotten it. I did remember that her first name was a Western name rather than a Chinese one. She told me again later: Julie.

She giggled nervously as I took her little breasts into my big hands and squeezed them and then tugged on her hard little nipples.

I pulled her down on the couch next to me and opened her legs and slipped my finger back inside her warm little pussy. I felt her hymen. I leaned forward and sucked and lightly bit her bubblegum-like nipples.

I later read China has had a kind of sexual revolution, but of course not everyone has taken part in it. It's been largely limited to the elites in the big cities along the coast and in the south. As well, it's usually only couples having sex before marriage.

Her eyes looked excited and I kissed her mouth again. Her lips didn't open, but I reached up and used my hand on her chin to gently open her mouth as I kissed her a second time. My tongue slipped into her mouth as I kissed her. Her breath smelled strange, due doubtless to the difference in our diets, but of course I didn't mind.

I pushed two fingers into her hard and broke her hymen. Her eyes went wide and she sucked in her breath, but that was it. I put her hand on my cock, but she giggled and pulled it away. Then I pushed three fingers into her hard, and she cried out and pushed my hand away, her only act of resistance.

However, she let me push her back and climb on top of her, with her skinny little legs wide open and her butt pulled to the edge of the couch. I kissed her neck and then her mouth as I impaled her with my big hard driving cock. She looked frightened but let me do it to her.

I fucked her gently and shallow at first, but then harder and deeper, with my knees on the carpeted floor and my hands on her hips. She was crying, but she didn't ask me to stop. After a while I started to grunt, and she looked up at me, no longer crying. I brushed the last of her tears away and leaned down and kissed her. She opened her mouth and my tongue slid into her warm, wet mouth.

I was very excited, of course, but I'd jacked off that morning, only little over an hour before, so it took me me a while to cum. I shot my load into her, moaning and crying out.

Afterward, she lay there crying. She was afraid that I'd get her pregnant. I explained that I'd had a vasectomy more than a decade before and then had to explain what a vasectomy was, although once she got the concept she knew the Chinese word for it.

My cock was bloody and she was dripping blood, so I carried her into the shower again and washed her all over again.

She giggled over her still wet bathing suit. Her shorts were damp, but she put them on. I hung up our suits in the shower. It turned out that she had nothing to wear in her bag, so ever the helpful host, a washed both our suits to remove the chlorine but also so that hers would remain good and wet so that she'd have to stay. I didn't even wring it out.

She went over to the couch and then to the kitchenette's sink. She got a wad of dry paper-towel and used it to blot up some of the blood and then did her best to wash what was left with a wad of wet paper-towel.

I just sat there watching her. Afterward, I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. On the bed, under the covers, I put my arm around her shoulders.

She told me that she'd never had a boyfriend. She passively let me kiss her and suck her breasts.

We fell asleep, and when I woke up, she was gone, along with all of her stuff, including her wet bathing suit.

I began to wonder if I should worry that she'd report me to the police as a rapist or something, but of course there was nothing to do about it.

The next morning, she was in the pool again when I got there. Once again she let me hold her in the water and give her advise on swimming and passively let me gather up her belongings as well as mine and followed me back to my apartment, where we showed and then made love in my bed.

She'd brought a tee-shirt and and panties and slipped them on afterward but then giggled while she allowed me to pull her panties off and put them back in her bag again, which I dramatically zipped back up again.. I even put the bag on top of the fridge while she giggled.

She stayed the afternoon and well into the night, explaining that she couldn't work because she was here on a student visa. It was Sunday, and her aunt and uncle were at work until after midnight. They worked in a restaurant on the North Shore, her uncle as a dishwasher and her aunt as a waitress.

Every morning after that, she showed up at my apartment before she went to school, where she was taking two summer classes. The next weekend I took her to the beach, where the early summer New England water was too cold for both of us.

End of part one. Next time, her friend joins us.

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