tagBDSMSwimming Lessons Ch. 02

Swimming Lessons Ch. 02


Without even opening my eyes, I rolled over until my elbow bumped into her warm skin. For a few seconds I kept still, wondering if I had woken her up but when I didn't hear her soft voice, I moved closer. My hands found her shoulder, grasped her tenderly and gently pulled her toward me.

"Good morning," I whispered and kissed her neck.

"Good morning," she answered and leaned her head forward, offering more of her neck to me.

I continued to kiss her tender skin but after a few seconds I reached down and gave her a playful smack on her butt.

At least I thought it was playful until she started to scream.

"Son of a..." she yelled and pushed me away.

I was taken by surprise and she escaped my grasp before I could pull her back.

"That hurt," she continued to yell as she got up, rubbing her bruised behind.

I started to laugh. I had completely forgotten about the bruises I had left on her the evening before.

"This was inappropriate on so many levels," I said. "Bend over, I'll give you five with my bare hand and we'll call it even."

"No," she said in the voice of a pouting child. "This isn't fair. I'm tired."

"Alright, ten smacks then."

"You --"

I waved her off. "Fifteen?"

Finally she gave in; not that she could have stopped me. She nodded and moved closer to the bed.

"Yes, Master," she said but her eyes showed that she didn't agree with my decision to punish her.

"I believe I let you off easy," I said. "You didn't greet me properly, you cursed and you pushed me away."

"But I --"

Again I motioned her to shut up.

"Nothing," I said. "There is no excuse, especially for the cursing. You know I don't like my girl to curse or use raunchy language."

"Yes, Master," she said and laid down in front of me.

My first few slaps were gentle and I made sure to place them on the least bruised areas but when she started to lift her hips to meet my hand, that changed.

I brought my hand down hard. She jumped, groaned and then fell back down onto the white sheets.

"Nine," she counted and looked at me.

"That's a good little pain slut," I told her and smiled a little. I really hadn't expected her to get horny from a spanking she didn't agree with. "Good girl."

"Thank you, Master," she said. "Would it be too raunchy for me to ask you to fuck me?"

I nodded. "Fucking is a word I can use but you need to find a nicer one, a more girlie one."

While I was still talking, I rose my hand again and delivered another stinging blow.

"Ten," she grunted. "Master, please make love to me? Please? I want to feel you inside me!"

Instead of answering, I delivered the next blow. This time a low scream came over her lips and her legs twitched up.

"Eleven," she said and slowly lowered her legs back onto the sheets. "Please, Master? I beg you to make love to me. Please? Slam your cock into me and--"

The next slap cut her begging short.

"Cock? Slam? That's not very graceful."

"Twelve," she yelped. "Master! Please! I want you. I need you. I just want you to --"

I delivered the next three blows as fast and hard as I could, then I quickly scooted backwards and leaned against the headboard. Her body was still trembling and she clenched her buttocks several times before she realized I was done.

"Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen," she counted and then took a deep breath. "I just want to fuck you," she moaned. "This is mean. You know I want you and I'm not allowed to tell you?"

I chuckled and motioned her to come closer. "If you need to use words to show me that you want me, then you have already failed," I said. "I'm not trying to be mean but actions speak so much louder than words."

"But Master, I need to --"

"You need to do exactly as I told you," I cut her off. "I don't want a whore that will fuck every guy that ever said hi to her. I want a perfect little girl, one that looks and acts so innocent that everybody will think she is still a virgin. Only I know that under that cute summer dress she is naked, wearing a butt plug in her ass and my cum in her pussy."

Instead of answering she gave me the perfect pouty lips and the most pleading look.

"See, that's so much better than cursing," I said.

"But you said ass."

"Yes, I did. But you won't, understood?"

"Yes, Master," she said, still pouting. For a moment she opened her mouth for another protest, then she slowly turned around and laid on her back. "What would Master like to do?" she asked while she spread her legs until I was staring right at her pussy.

"Nice," I said. "Just because I tell you to be good, doesn't mean you have to act properly in other people's eyes."

"Yes, Master," she said and scooted forward until her pussy pressed against my hand. Instinctively I curled my fingers and the next time she moved, two of them slid deep into her.

"Come be a good girl," I told her and held my fingers out.

She was still breathing heavily but she anyway nodded and managed to slowly turn around.

"Yes, Master," she said and took my fingers into her mouth. For a second she sucked on them, then she started to use her tongue. Slowly her tongue circled my fingers, slid between them and played with the tiny bit of skin between them.

"You had a nice orgasm?"

"Yes, Master. I wish you had fu--" she said. Her eyes closed for a moment but then she opened them again and smiled at me. "I wish I would have had the privilege to satisfy you as well."

I gently patted the top of her head. "That's a good girl," I complimented.

"Thank you, Master," she said. Her smile grew a little bigger and in her eyes I could see her lust.

Knowing that she wanted me made me feel special but I needed to tease her a little longer before I took her again.

"I'm hungry but first we need a shower. We smell like sex."

"I like that smell," she said.

"Me too but it doesn't fit a good, innocent girl."

"Yes, Master," she said and blew me a kiss.

I smiled at her for a moment, then I grabbed her hair and pulled her toward me.

"Good girl," I said once more and then pressed my lips against hers. For a split second we were face to face, her eyes staring right into mine, then she started to melt. Her eyes closed and her lips opened, inviting in my tongue.

After I had rinsed her off, my girl pushed herself down on my cock again. She was waiting for me to pull away but I put my hand on her wet hair and started to guide her forward and backward slowly. After a few strokes, I let go of her hair again and she obediently continued moving.

"I'm starved," I said. I had completely forgotten about dinner after she had worn me out.

My girl nodded and closed her eyes. Her lips felt great but what made her blowjobs so extraordinary was the effort, the attention, she put into them. At first she had been using her hands but when I told her I actually enjoyed watching her struggle to capture my cock with her lips and tongue alone, she had quickly learned to keep her hands behind her back.

I smiled down at her generously and watched her movements. Every time she pulled back she would move until the tip of my cock became visible. Then her tongue would start to circle; sometimes just once, sometimes for what felt like minutes before she thrusted herself down again.

"You're cute," I said and took a hold of her hair again. Immediately I felt her body go limp and she willingly followed my guide as I moved her head faster and faster.

Then I suddenly stopped. Her head was pressed firmly against my crotch and I wanted to remind her not to swallow but I was already too close. I pulled her away until my cock almost slipped from her lips, then I came.

She didn't need a reminder. When I got out of the tub and looked at her, she was kneeling there, her mouth wide open, my cum covering her tongue like a white blanket.

"Dry off, put the red butt plug in and then put on the red dress I bought you the other day. The matching red shoes too."

Even with my cum still in her mouth she managed to make some noises that somehow resembled a proper acknowledgment, then she stood up and took the towel from me.

"Good girl," I said and left the bathroom. I had just cum but my cock showed no signs of going limp. I had never before had such a perfect toy like her and I felt like I was 18 once again. Always horny, always ready.

I threw on a shirt and a pair of dress pants. I could barely pull up the zipper over my hard cock and the tent it made was obvious. With a happy smile on my face I stepped in front of the air conditioner. The icy air pushed against the thin fabric of my pants. After just a few seconds I could feel the cool chill and my cock starting to soften.

After about a minute, I could hear my pet crawl in, look through the suitcases and then getting dressed. I did my best to ignore her. I tried to not even think of the butt plug or how she was inserting it but it was difficult and it took me a few minutes before my cock had shrunk enough and I was finally decent.

I turned around and almost got hard again. Like I had taught her, she was kneeling at the door, her thighs wide apart and her dress pulled up enough that I could see her pussy.

"Good girl," I told her as I walked across the room. Immediately her mouth opened and she showed me the large glob of my cum and her saliva that had formed in her mouth. She had always told me that she enjoyed swallowing cum but that she was so obedient made me smile again.

"Not yet," I told her and motioned her to rise. Then I opened the door and pointed her in the direction of the elevator.

"I will go sit down at the table and you will prepare my plate at the buffet," I said while we walked down the hallway. "You know what I like. Then get me something to drink. Once I'm all happy, I will send you to get some food and drink for yourself. When you're done, you sit down and wait. I will tell you when you are allowed to swallow and start eating."

By the time we made it down to the breakfast area, it was pretty obvious that there was something in her mouth. Her chin was lower than normal and her cheeks looked slightly puffy but she still did as I had ordered. While my pet went to get my food and drink, I chose the large table in the corner for us and sat down. I opened the newspaper I had grabbed on the way down and started to read.

I looked up every time my girl came back to my table. The first time she brought me a plate of bacon and eggs, then some toast and finally a glass of milk and another one of orange juice.

"Very good," I said and squeezed her hand gently. "Now you can go get your own breakfast."

I blew her a kiss. She smiled a little and waited patiently until I let go of her hand. Then she turned and walked away. I dropped the newspaper and watched her hips sway with every step. The dress I had bought her did little to conceal her beautiful body but at the same time the gentle red and plain fabric made her look like she was even younger than she really was. She looked so tempting that if I didn't already own her, I would have jumped up to introduce myself right there.

I kept staring in my girl's direction long after her body disappeared behind the wall. In my mind I could see the other men in line at the buffet; how they turned their head, how they smiled and tried to get the attention of my girl. My girl, the one that still had my cum in her mouth.

I started to grin and turned my attention back to the newspaper. The first three pages were nothing more than business reports but when I went on to page four my eyes immediately went for the headline in the middle of the page.

Lawyer robs bank downtown, the headline read. My mind returned to the elevator the night before. The reporter had surely been nice to look at and her smile when she congratulated us had been so sincere, so happy. And then of course there was the reaction of my girl, the way she came, the way she moaned.

I was still sitting there with a stupid grin on my face when my girl returned with her own breakfast. It was much more modest and healthy than mine. She put the plate and glass down, then she sat down across from me, put her hands in her lap and lowered her head. She was trying her best to be good but with her buttocks bruised and the butt plug pressing into her rear, she was still shifting around.

"You've been really good," I told her. "But could you get me a yogurt? Peach."

My girl looked up and started to nod, but then instead of getting up her eyes suddenly opened wide.

"Move and don't swallow," I told her.

Immediately I realized I should have been more quiet; I could feel that there was someone behind me.

And I knew exactly who it was.

"Swallow what?" her voice came from behind me.

I spun around and looked up at the reporter. My skin suddenly felt like it was on fire and it only got worse when my girl walked away. For a moment I felt like she had left me behind but then I calmed down and remembered that she was just following my orders.

"Good morning," I said.

"Good morning," she woman answered and pulled back a chair. "Mind if I join you for breakfast?"

Before I could answer she sat down.

"My name is Alicia by the way."

"Peter," I said and held out my hand. "Nice to meet you."

While I was speaking, I slowly moved my hand trying to cover up the newspaper but my motions only drew her attention to what I had been reading.

"Oh, I reported on that," she said.

"I know," I said and blushed even brighter.

My girl's return broke the awkward silence. Alicia smiled at her and held out her hand.

"I'm Alicia," she said.

Being the polite girl I had ordered her to be, my pet took Alicia's hand and shook it gently.

Alicia smiled but then looked at me questioning.

"She can't talk?" Alicia asked.

"Sure she can, she just..." I said. I hoped the earth would just open up and swallow me. I was usually confident and bold but something about Alicia just made me nervous.

"She just?"

I shrugged and turned to my girl. "You can swallow," I said. There was just no being graceful and shy about it.

My pet quickly did as told and then smiled at our new company.

"Nice to meet you," she said to Alicia.

Alicia smiled back but then she once again turned to me. "I probably don't want to know, do I?"

"Probably not," I said and blew my girl a kiss.

Breakfast was quick and quiet. Alicia tried several times to start a conversation but it wasn't until I was done eating that I really calmed down and found time to analyze my own behavior. I had always wanted to be with two women and that must have been the reason for my nervousness. I was flattered by Alicia's attention but it was too early for my girl to introduce someone else.

I relaxed and looked at Alicia.

"I surely enjoyed your company but its time for me and my girl to go back to our room and relax," I said.

I was hoping that if she was really interested in us, she would take my answer as the politest rejection possible.

"Relaxing? That is best done at the pool. I saw you guys wearing swimsuits yesterday. How about I see you there in fifteen?"

The word fifteen made my girl jump and I never had chance to find polite words to reject her offer.

Alicia took my pet's movements as an agreement and grinned.

"Very good then. You kids behave in the elevator this time!" Alicia said and got up.

"I could almost get jealous," I told my girl when I saw the way she tore off her dress.

"What?" she asked.

I gave her a punitive look and immediately her body slumped.

"Sorry, Master. What could you get jealous about, Master?"

"Nothing really," I said. "I was just trying to make a joke about the way you undressed. Even if you are horny and want me, it takes you longer than this to get naked."

"Oh... I'm sorry?"

I chuckled.

"I was just joking. But she makes you horny, doesn't she?"

My pet started to grin and nodded. "I'm surprised you can't smell me across the room. I'm so horny and somehow I believe she'll find a way to make that worse."

"I have to agree with you on that. So, you ready?"

She grinned even wider. "I wish, but I believe they would want me to be dressed to go out in public."

"Minor detail," I said and walked over to her. With both hands I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her naked body against me.

I was carrying a magazine to conceal my hard cock as we walked down the hallway and entered the pool area. Nobody said a word or gave us strange looks and I was ready to congratulate myself to a job well done, when I noticed Alicia's knowing smile. She saw right through me.

"Oh, Popular Science. Can I see?" she asked but her smirk gave away her real intention.

I walked up to the edge and looked down at her. I had planned to give Alicia a smart-ass answer but now that I was standing over her, there was nothing I could do to keep my eyes out of her cleavage. Her boobs were enormous and I started to wonder how I had missed them before. They were nice and round and their skin was pale but looked so smooth I couldn't help but wonder how they felt if I dug my fingers into them.

"So? Can I see?" Alicia said.

Her voice startled me and I took a quick step backwards.

"We really want to talk about science?" I asked. Quickly I stepped into the hot tub and with one smooth motion slid into the water and and handed her the magazine at the same time.

"That was a good try," Alicia told me and grinned.

"Oh? Try of what?"

"Hiding your hard cock?"

I laughed. "Oh really? And how would you know that?"

Alicia nodded in my girl's direction. "I was young once too, you know."

"You're not old now," I said.

It was Alicia's turn to laugh. "Mid forties," she said. "And I still have awesome boobs."

My eyes dropped to her chest again.

"It's alright, stare," Alicia said and pushed herself out of the water a few inches.

"I... I am impressed," I stammered. I had a hard time pulling myself away but I managed when I reminded myself that my girl was still standing there.

"Come here," I said.

"Yes, Master."

I smiled at my girl as she slowly came closer.

"Master? That's kinky. Does he spank you?" Alicia said.

I didn't bother turning my head in her direction but instead kept watching how my pet stepped into the water and then slid onto the bench beside me.

"Not often enough," my girl said.

"I did before breakfast," I said. I didn't even realize I had opened my mouth until I heard my own voice echo in the room.

"Oh? Is that why she was shifting around so much?"

"Something like that," I said and laid my arm around my girl. I pulled her closer and she laid her head down on my shoulder.

"That's good," Alicia said and slowly got up. She bent forward enough that I got a good view of her cleavage. "I'm hot. How about we cool off in the pool?"

"I'd love to," I said, my eyes still glued to her chest. "But my pet here is afraid of the water. So if we get in the pool, you need to behave."

I could tell that she didn't like my answer but then nodded anyway and got out of the hot tub. "What are you waiting for?"

"My erection to go away," I said truthfully and immediately that knowing smile returned to Alicia's face.

"I could recommend something," she said but before I could answer she dove into the pool.

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