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I renewed my membership to the local swimming pool once again this year. It's not that I'm much of a swimmer, I can swim enough to keep from drowning, but that is about it. Exercise, please... yeah, that's what I told my wife but hey, I didn't do it for the exercise. Well not for the exercise by swimming in the pool. Sure I'll take a quick dip from time to time in the heat of a long July day, but I sure as hell ain't exercising when I do that.

No, while I may plop in, cool off and then plop out, I try hard not to exert myself in any way, at least getting in and out of the pool. Afterwards I always returned to the recliner and umbrella. Typically I only had to hang around with my friend Charlie until about ten - ten thirty am before they began showing up. The morning swim classes, each with about five to ten kids with their mother's in tow.

Now these are stay at home moms who spend most of their days talking to tiny little silly people and half their nights waiting on their husbands, who fall asleep in front of the TV. Yeah, these women hunger for an adult conversation, many of them hunger for more. Anyway, Charlie and I just hang out and wait.

Last week for instance. the four year old swimming class was beginning. Now any classes for younger kids typically have the mothers in the water with the brats or sitting alongside the pool. By the time the little monkeys reach four, the moms can wander a bit. Well, they tend toward the sound of adult conversation. Now, while Charlie and I aren't the smoothest operators in the world, these women are desperate for conversation and very often quite a bit more.

Why just last week Charlie and I convinced two of the mothers to come with us for a tour of the men's locker room. We had over the weeks before given them a real line of bull telling them how nice the men's locker room was. Well by the time we made it into the locker room and saw pretty much the same conditions as those that existed in the women's locker room, they understood why they were there.

Charlie moved a bit faster than I did though. Yeah when I finished leading my milf out of the shower room, he already had his milf laid out on the bench with head buried in her pussy. All I had to do was look over at my milf, little Chucky's mother I believe, and say, "Would you care for a fuck."

Well she was out of her robe and bathing suit in just seconds. I had her sit on the bench and then turn. She could then lean back on Charlie's back while I crawled between her legs and ate her pussy. It quickly became a cozy mass of four naked bodies as tongues dipped in pussies, slid over cocks and then went on to nipples. When both women were wet and ready, we had them stand side by side and bend over, supporting themselves on the locker bench. Charlie and I then picked one, moved in behind her and slid our cocks in. After a few quick thrusts, we changed. It was an illuminating experience as we got to feel the difference between each woman.

I finally ended up with little Chucky's mother again but she wanted to get real kinky. I had wanted to keep her for myself but after she explained what she wanted to do, I figured what the hell and went along. He got on her back on one of the benches and then had her friend, I guess she was Suzy's mom, straddle her while bending over so Charlie could come in behind her. She basically had a close up view of the fuck while she was free to lick her friend's pussy or slide her tongue down to Charlie's cock.

I then moved in between her legs and slipped my cock inside her pussy. Now, Chucky's mom had the best view in the house, but I did get to see the fucking and sucking going on in front of me so it was a reasonable sight for me. Anyway, it was no time before the two women were moaning and coming, with Charlie and I not far behind.

When we finished we took just a few seconds to catch our breath before the cocks slid out of the pussies, the cum was licked clean and the women walked back out to pick up their kids, wearing their bathing suits and robes. It was quite an amazing feat.

Now they say word of mouth is the best advertising, but for the rest of last summer Charlie and I stayed very busy, actually too busy, we couldn't keep up with it all. Yeah, that's why I'm telling you this, why don't you come along and sign up for a membership?


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